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Ashley Tisdale is a Teen Witch

Ashley Tisdale is a Teen Witch

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Ashley Tisdale is in negotiations to star in a remake of the 1989 movie Teen Witch, for United Artists.

Ashley is also looking into a one-year production deal with FremantleMedia North America, the company behind American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and the Price is Right. Ashley may also executive produce an untitled mall-set show based on her previous experiences working in a mall.

Ashley would play Louise Miller in Teen Witch, a movie about an unpopular girl who discovers that she’s a descendant of witches – and possesses powers. A new script will be written for the remake.

The third installment of Disney’s moneymaking High School Musical is in preproduction, which Ashley will soon be working on, and is currently working on her second album.

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  • Helena

    HAHA, oh my she’s such a joke.

  • Regina

    Stop with the remakes and I dislike this girl. So I’m avoiding.

  • Sarah

    Whata…! I’m sure that her second album isn’t gonna be a huge sucess I mean she’s not that famous

  • summer

    love Ashley! Way better than Vanessa – eww!

    Seriously cannot wait till HSM3 comes out : )

    Hope Ash’s new album is better than her last,

  • summer
  • rien

    Hollywood def needs a new idea.

    So, dear Hollywood Big Guys Come on guys, you are BIG GUYS, take a risk, for God’s sake!!!!! I am bored – written with a big B that can be interpreted as BURIED – with all your remakes!!!!!!!!

  • Cindy

    Lots of hopefuls for Ashley. You go, girl!

  • _nika

    good to know, another movie to avoid.
    thats what happens when you sell your soul to disney, can´t get rid of it lol.

  • lulu

    Her nose look so unnatural. her old nose although not perfect but look better on her face.

    It’s really kinda weird, She, A. Simpson , Maniston , Micahel jackson have the exact replica of nose , Can’t blame them the nose came from the same plastic surgeon .

  • sHEEMA

    Ugh, she’ll ruin the remake, she’s useless

  • na!

    I love ashley!
    But #4… Ashley will never be better than Vanessa!
    V is the best! And the most beautiful girl in the whole world!!

    I love both!! VASHLEY ROCKS!!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]


    robyn lively was so hot back in the day, but her sister blake lively’s even hotter.

  • http://i princess

    i love you ashley better than nessa who is stupid girl she just wonderful

  • mimi

    Good for Ashley! She is actually the more talented in the HSM productions and should be getting the credit she deserves, not Vanessa hudgens.

  • http://justjared saahirah

    ASHLEY TISDALE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marion

    Yay go Ashley!!
    Glad to know she has new projects already!

    To all the haters, you’ll see what this girl’s made of real soon =)

  • http://justjared saahirah

    ASHLEY TISDALE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://justjared saahirah


  • http://justjared saahirah

    hey ashley tis

  • http://justjared saahirah


  • http://justjared saahirah


  • jess



  • legs

    her nose is distracting. haha

  • Nikka

    I love ashley!. You deserve this!

  • Jennifer W

    i like ashley but i hope her new album will be better this time and good luck on everything.

  • kate

    Ashley’s Pretty!!
    I Hope to see Ashley as the teen witch! ..]
    I would really love to watch this movie if ever she’ll play this role.

    AT Rocks!!!

  • jake

    Ashley is soooo much better that vanessa!.

  • ♥XAndra♥

    Cool!,..More AT,….can’t wait!! U Rock Ash!! Ü ♥♥♥

  • Jenna

    What is wrong with the people?!?
    Go to this website
    and type “Ashley Tisdale”
    All I want to say is
    New Nose or Old nose I DONT CARE
    New Hair or Old Hair I DONT CARE
    Skinny Body or Fat Body I DONT CARE
    Fake Tan or Real Tan I DONT CARE
    It’s her life! Let her judge it!
    Do you think that she will magicly transfer her new nose into her old nose just because I couple of NON-SUPPORTERS don’t like the new one?
    Do you think she’s going to stuff her self with chocolet and candy just because a couple of people say she’s to skinny?
    Do you think she’s going to dye her hair blonde again and make it long just like before because a couple of people don’t like her hair now?
    Do you think she’s going to stop getting a tan because some people think it’s fake?
    Let me guess
    I don’t think she care’s what people think it’s her life!
    She like’s it and that’s all that matter’s!
    Keep your comment’s to your self!
    Say something nice or dont say ANYTHING!

  • kymberly :)

    WOW!!! ashley is certainly a busy girl! she’s been doing so much movies latley and she’s working on HER SECOND album! YOU GO ASHLEY! To all haters, shut up and leave her alone! there’s nothing wrong with ashley! And stop with the nose, that news is so old! just learn to get over her new nose, like you did to get over with vanessa hudgens naked pics! Don’t hate on vanessa as well! Why does everyone have to put ashley and vanessa in a competition, when they are nothing like each other and most importantly of all they are best best BEST FREINDS with each other!!!!! The reasons why people hate on ashley and vanessa is because they jealous of their fame, looks, personality etc! ASHLEY AND VANESSA ROCK!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • kymberly :)

    i also agree with jenna! #29 YOU GO GIRL!!!

  • kaley

    ashley’s last album was amazing, best album i have and that’s because i like every song of it. And all the haters are probaly vanessa fans and are jealous that ashley gets more movies, ashley has 3 and vanessa just 1

  • i-love-you-ashley

    hi,ashley i love you so much
    and you are not a “teen witch”
    you are so sweet
    and i love you ¤¤¤¤¤ from denmark

  • mirlinda


  • Ash

    Robyn Lively (the original Teen Witch) is married to Bart Johnson who plays Troy’s dad in High School Musical. She is also the older sister to Blake Lively from Gossip Girl.

  • amy

    CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds cool! I’m gonna see it! Can’t wait for her album too!

  • Nia

    yeah! I agree with you #30! People should just stop critisising Ashley. They don’t realise that she has talent too.

  • kathastic

    its the “quality” of the movies which count, not the amount which an actor does

  • BabyVSupporter

    Why does everyone always have to have a competition between vanessa and ashley. They’re both beautiful, talented, amazing and so much more. There are many fans of ashley who say that they hate vanessa because her fans bash ashely but look at yourself. You all are bashing vanessa too for no reason. The naked pics aren’t any of your business. It’s vanessa’s, not yours. SO just leave her alone. Be the mature one and don’t bash vanessa.

  • Vietnam’s fan

    We just want to say we love Ashley

    And we don’t care about the haters

    Her new nose looks fabulous! At least, it’s good for her health

    Her New Album will be released in Fall, can’t wait!!!

    We always love you, Ashley and all her fans around the world.

  • sami

    Ya dont mess with Ashley :) -sami xoxo

  • Olivia

    I’ve never seen the original Teen Witch but I know Blake Lively’s sister starred in the original movie.

  • purplepixiegirl

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo really they need to stop with the remakes already… LEAVE “TEEN WITCH” ALONE… that movie was great in its cheesieness… I MEAN really what’s next… a legend of Billie Jean or better yet, hell why don’t they just remake Fast Times at Ridgemont high too….. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  • athena

    Hey Number 1…she may be a joke…but she’s a joke making LOTS of Mula…nose and all…

  • Ryanne;Brasil!

    I LOVE her!
    she’s perfect!(yy)
    thank you justjared to keep posting things about her! \o/
    õ/ ;*

  • ashfan


  • Tyra

    NO!!!!!! I love that movie, she’ll ruin it! Leave it alone and let it remain in the 80s!

  • Tyra

    She is so unattractive. PLEASE DON’T…

  • anonymous

    i hope they don’t remake teen witch. they’re gonna ruin all the 80s movies. America is running out of new ideas.

  • Here’s The Deal


    UGH, they’re ruining a great movie! Would it kill them to stop with the remakes? It’ll never even be close to the original anyway….it never is.