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Chace Crawford: A Girl Has to Ring My Bell

Chace Crawford: A Girl Has to Ring My Bell

Chace Crawford and Penn Badgley stop by the CW11 Morning Show on Thursday morning in New York City.

The Gossip Girl hotties chatted a bit about running into each other in Europe, the gay character on Gossip Girl and how life is in the public eye.

When asked to describe his perfect companion, Chace answered, “I don’t have any real guidelines for any particular girl. If they ring your bell, they ring your bell.”

Carrie Underwood apparently doesn’t ring Chace‘s cell!

And when the two of them were asked what they would take with them on a deserted island, Chace joked, “The Gossip Girl book series.”

And to top off the interview, one of the news anchors commented on how sexy Penn and Chace‘s hair looked. She said, “I dig their hair. I was, like, appreciating it as a woman. I like that whole manly thing.” HAHAHA!

Watch Penn and Chace‘s appearance on the CW11 Morning Show here or here.

75+ screencaps inside of Chace Crawford and Penn Badgley

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  • michelle

    LOVE GG!! ^ ^

  • andra

    haha..they’re so cute ;))

  • mrsefron


  • Orange Clockwork

    Too bad Chase is gay.

  • Ha!

    “That whole manly thing”??? I’m completely missing the manly thing. Metrosexual is not manly.

    Chase looks like a gay guy I work with at Crate and Barrel. My gaydar is going off.

  • intel

    Chace is just tooo pretty. I agree with Ha!, metro is not manly. He is cute as hell, but I’m getting the gay vibe too.

  • sasha

    i miss adam and ben, they were much sexier.

  • boopy boo

    i want both of their ccoks inside me. one in my mouth and one in my a$5.

  • chakir


    i love them !!!

  • Yo mama

    Um, Chase is so freakin’ gay. Wait until it comes out that he’s gay (just like Luke MacFarlane) in six months and all you doubters will be proven wrong. Everyone at the show, both in front of and behind the scenes, knows about his love of d-i-c-k. Wake up America!

  • booyay

    penn is so hot

  • wow

    awww! Chace is soooo CUTE!!

    All the girls LOVE him
    All the gays LOVE him!!

    wow chace, your fanbase is huge!!

  • farhana

    GG rocks!!

    Chace is soooo hot,hot, HOT!!!!!!!!


    Carrie Underwood said, she was willing to share chace with JC..she didn’t mind seeing chace and JC in her bed, and would of been chace’s cover all her life, if only chace gave her some sex once in a while.

    Poor Carrie, chace denied her that pleasure although she was soooo DESPERATE!!

  • OMG

    omg!! chace!! hot hot hot *faints*

  • OMG

    #14, jason

    you are soooo right!!!

  • kelly

    Full Marks to #14 Jason .

  • mia

    I love chace! he’s HOT!!

  • tia


  • missblair

    I love chace. I wish it was chace and ed

  • trapid

    omg the gossip boys are hot.

    chace is the cutest though.

  • anonymous

    They asked penn if he was comfortable watching the sex scenes. lol

  • kristen

    I love chace.

    I think penn and blake are dating, he said she was beautiful…

  • anonymous

    chace is soo CUTE!

  • anonymous

    Chace has a good sense of humor. “I’ll take the gossip girl book with me”..hahah

  • kelly

    # Jason,

    Loved your comment.

    If chace is gay, it explains why he even dated carrie underwood in the first place.
    I mean she is the most UGLIEST and DUMB woman in hollywood.

    Definitely not Chace’s Choice…Maybe just a cover for a while.



    Carrie Underwood is a DUMB UGLY COUNTRY GIRL. Thats exactly why chace chose her for cover. you know..that silly country girl would NEVER tell the media that the man she is living with sleeps with another man in her own bedroom.
    She was the PERFECT IDIOT for cover

    But Chace had to dump her cause JC had a problem, he wanted Chace exclusively with him

  • anonymous

    Chace is STRAIGHT, and not GAY.

    BUT i do agree with you..Carrie Underwood is DESPERATE !! She tried Hard and is still trying to be with chace..

    Im glad chace Dumped her for good!

  • taylor

    I Love Chace! *kisses*

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    penn should keep the longer hair, he looks like a geek when it short.

  • tawi-tawi

    i love Chace’s haircut…just love it!

  • crina

    Penn doesn’t know what sophomore is like?

  • tori

    Chace is straight, please stop this nonsense.

    and yes, he dumped carrie for good. glad he did that..although i dont understand why he dated her in the first place.

  • yay

    Love Chace!

  • andré

    penn badgley gotta be the sexier man on earth.
    blake and him are the sexiest couple ever.
    buut..i don’t..i get a gay vibe from him.

  • lovechace

    I love chace! yayy he’s single.
    glad he dumped the ugly hick carrie underwood.

    hopefully, we will see him with some really beautiful and smart girl soon.

  • me

    Chace you should wear more blues- you look soo cute in them. awww

  • t

    Penn is so fricken hot and got such a sexy ass voice. He and Blake are a hot couple!

  • anonymous

    wow! so many pictures!!! thanks jared!

    I loved the 4th picture ( top row). Chace is soo CUTE!!

  • kelly

    @ jason

    I don’t think chace is gay, but I do agree, if he IS gay…then carrie was the purrfect idiot for cover.

    I gave him 0 points for dating an ugly idiot like carrie, but
    by dumping her over text message-he scores full 100 points!!

  • jess

    Chace is soo CUTE!! *faints*

  • jess

    I think Chace’s Voice is SEXY!!

  • Molly

    They’re not bad looking men. Though, Chase looks a bit too femme for my taste.

  • urmybff

    ehh, their ok. i wonder what Kimora thinks about that show, im so excited for hers, do you think she’ll have her boyfriend on the show?

  • loraine

    those penn and serena scenes are sooo boring. even the s*x scenes are boring.
    most boring couple!

  • simone

    Chace is the HOTTEST

  • Linda

    They’re so cute, and Chace is one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen. I’m so glad that he’s rid of Country Hick Fuglywood–he always was far too good for that desperate, clingy idiot. Hopefully now he’ll be able to find someone as hot as he is. April 21st isn’t getting here fast enough–I can’t wait for the new GG episodes!

  • O.M.G.




    omfggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg pennnn is so freakinnn hott and sexyy<3333333333

  • Kary

    Wutz up w all the Chace Haterz? it’s always the same thing… Chace is gay, blah blah blah… can’t u guyz come up w something else… get over it, he’s not gay… just cuz he’s WAAAY TOOO Hott, people hate on him…

    and as retarded as this sounds, people hate Chace cuz he’s TOO perfect…

    that’s actually wut people put,”He’s way too good looking, he’s way too perfect” n they start hating…

    Poor Chace, he’s the sweetest/dorkiest/HOTTEST guy alive… followed by Ed WestWick hahaha….

    LOOVE THESE 2 to death…

    people should just stop hating…

    P.S. serena/dan BOOREE me like crazy!!!!!

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