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Hayden Panettiere's Bra: Orange Ya Glad To See Me?

Hayden Panettiere's Bra: Orange Ya Glad To See Me?

Hayden Panettiere slips into a tank, an orange bra, and a pair of denim short shorts while shooting scenes for her new movie, I Love You, Beth Cooper, on Wednesday in Vancouver, Canada.

I Love You, Beth Cooper is set on graduation night at Buffalo Glenn High School. In it, “the class nerd” says that he’s in love with popular cheerleader Beth Cooper (Panettiere) during his graduation speech. After making this statement, events happen that change their lives forever.

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Photos: V/Flynetonline
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  • j

    thats cool

  • ~

    Haydens looking good

  • kara

    She is not fat but she should avoid wearing shorts

  • Kristin

    hayden is curvy, she looks like a real woman to me ,finally someone who is popular and isn’t a sack of bones

  • Cindylover1969

    “she should avoid wearing shorts”

    Correction: she should avoid wearing anything. :)

  • Ceci

    She is looking hot in this tank top

  • Ceci

    And she could wear Capri pants instead of shorts

  • r

    Visited the set today and saw her outfit being carried by on some hangers. Vancouver was COLD today; poor girl :(

  • Ceci

    Hayden’s is having a womanly look day by day…

  • Rae

    This isn’t skanky at all… It doesn’t matter what size you are you have to wear things that flatter and this outfit does not at all. Besides the skankiness of it.

  • krissy

    i think she looks great, but she always plays the cheerleader?

  • – Celebrity

    She looks good and simple on that attire. One thing I notice, the cellulites were gone. Applause for her, now she has the guts to wear shorts

  • me me me

    agreed rae.

    and wearing shorts has nothing to do with guts, please.

  • tr

    it was for a movie, people

  • mac

    Ugh. She looks like trailer trash.

  • rex

    Whatever happened to real actresses? Davis, Loren, Garbo… This girl is not a ‘movie star’ but a prototype of stereotypical American cheapness.

  • eddie jones

    Well I guess it’s pretty obvious why she’s been dressing like she’s 40, she’s a whale, skip the fast food honey.

  • legs

    yikes to her legs

  • ral

    she looks older than her age, too much make up !

  • Karine

    Geez, they are remaking “Can’t Hardly Wait” so soon? It hasn’t even been 10 years!

  • ivermom

    I think shorts would be fine……..maybe just wear some that are not so tight!

  • el

    “Well I guess it’s pretty obvious why she’s been dressing like she’s 40, she’s a whale, skip the fast food honey.”

    What is it with people and obsessing over weight? Hayden is NOT fat, I’ve seen many people that are and she’s not one of them.

    She’s just a healthy 18 year old who’s a perfect size; she’s not stick thin and she’s not huge. Kudos to her ’cause I think she looks good in this outfit, and she’s showing people that you don’t have to be thin to look good!

    No wonder you have girls desperate to become a size zero, it seems the normal mentality nowadays to want to be skinny. What’s attractive about a bag of bones?

  • Jay

    I’m looking for the fat and I just don’t see it. You go, Hayden. I may not think she’s much of an actor or a singer, but she is definitely how normal eighteen-year-old girls should look like.

  • oh snap!


  • flan

    she’s such a fat fat fatty

    eurgh put that butt away

  • Ha!

    The shorts may not be flattering, but she is by no means fat. You guys realize that she is probably wearing what wardrobe picked out for her, right? Rip on them, not her.

  • sek

    It’s for a movie people, the wardrobe stylist picked it out. I love Hayden and she is NOT fat jeez

  • K

    Um…wow….I’d fire whoever picked that outfit for her immediately. I get that it’s for a movie, but damn, whoever does the costumes SUCKS. She’s a “normal” body type, but the too tight, too short clothes make her look bigger.

    But if I was her, I’d still stay away from whatever she’s been eating so much of. The backs of her thighs look terrible. *shudders*

  • tony


  • T

    hayden is gorgeous. I would kill for her body. And shes also a very talented actress. a girls body is nobodys buisness but their own. It is the worst thing in the world to have somebody else judging you by the way you look. so just stop with the rude comments.

  • LALA

    ya, last i check she is heterosexual (not trying to impress any girls, who are attracted to svelt shapes) & most dudes love a girl w/ a figure like hers (not a stick). she definitely has a fantastic little package & she is just as pretty as can be.

  • Molly

    She is never going to shake the cheerleader image at this rate.

  • anonymus

    I remember watching Ally McBeal years ago and i knew this girl would be something in the future..and here she is :)

  • ilovethecolouryellow

    Love you Hayden.. this outfit looks great on you… and who is anyone to judge people about other peoples bodies any way… she’s not fat.. like not even close… and she’s a great actress and singer… she’s been acting forever… for all those who think she can’t act… ha.. i’d like to see you try…

    Love… your biggest fan(L)

  • kim


  • K

    #34 That outfit wouldn’t look great on anyone. Period. But on a girl with the body of a 12 year old boy it looks terrible. And she may not be fat, but she definitely isn’t thin.

    And just because she’s been acting forever doesn’t mean she can actually do it. The same goes for singing. She’s a better actress than a singer though. I will give her that.

  • Face

    Seriously …
    she’s been a cheerleader THREE times and she’s only 18. Way to really branch out there. Bring It On 3, Heroes, and now this?

  • msraq

    she has cellulite………..

  • teresa

    where in vancouver is this movie shooting?


    She’ll be a porker soon .

  • rob

    i think she looks good. i wanna bang her ass and give her a facial.

  • banana

    why is she wearing pantyhose like they make you wear when you work at hooters??? that proves they think her thighs are to big doesnt it??? i dont know she is to big in my opinion. not fat at all def not fat. but she needs to lose some. it looks like shes going to bust a gut if she breaths. i think she has on spanx too.

  • x-becky-may-x

    wtf is wrong with some of you people whats the point in saying mean stuff about her weight? shes a great actress and role model so there really is no point she obviously isn’t bothered by how much she weighs so why should anyone else be when it has NOTHING to do with them it’s not like your opinions matter to her anyway!

  • Gil

    Man some of you people are morons. there is nothing wrong with her body, her legs look ok to me. most of us are tired of seeing you rail thin anorexic eat a salad then run to the bathroom poke and chokers. you always have to bash people, id like to see what you people look like. post some pics so we can tare you sure we could find something to hurt your feelings with. and to say she has a body of a 12 year old boy is fucking rediculous, if your 12 year old boy has a body like that something is wrong. grow up people, get alife and stop bashing other people. Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, shallow minds discuss people, which are you? well you’ve already answered that one.

  • Unknown

    to all you people who think hayden panettiere needs to lose weight and cant act, i’d just like to say your a total fucking idiot, are you actually out of your mind????? she looks amazing, she has a great figure and is an awesome actress, and that outfit looks amazing on her. So stop criticising her and maybe stop being shallow coz ur jealous of her

  • Carla Victory

    What a great body, she is really flexible!