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Hayden and Rachel Get the Andy Garcia Treatment

Hayden and Rachel Get the Andy Garcia Treatment

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson keep close to each other on the set of their new movie, New York, I Love You, on Thursday afternoon in the Big Apple.

Rachel and Hayden (both 26) both shot their scenes near Walkers restaurant on North Moore St. in Tribeca.

Academy Award-nominated actor Andy Garcia is directing this segment of New York, I Love You. Garcia, 52, joked that he was meeting the Pope for dinner tonight!

10+ pictures inside of Hayden and Rachel getting the Andy Garcia treatment…

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hayden rachel andy garcia 01
hayden rachel andy garcia 02
hayden rachel andy garcia 03
hayden rachel andy garcia 04
hayden rachel andy garcia 05
hayden rachel andy garcia 06
hayden rachel andy garcia 07
hayden rachel andy garcia 08
hayden rachel andy garcia 09
hayden rachel andy garcia 10

Credit: Roger Wong, Lawrence Schwartzwald; Photos: INFdaily, Splash News Online
Posted to: Hayden Christensen, Rachel Bilson

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  • dan

    FIRST !!

  • Frøy….


  • Ceci


  • Ceci

    Both of them are very goodlooking and Charismatic.

  • ck

    I’ve seen so many pics of these two making this movie I feel like I’ve seen it already ;)

  • ally


  • ally

    soz i mean 6th!!!!!

  • kay

    so basically everyone in hollywood is in this movie

  • Molly

    I can’t imagine this movie… There are so many characters. It’s like Love Actually times ten!

  • urmybff

    new couples are so cute!! its always fun to start out and see where it takes you! i wish we could see more of kimora and new boyfriend! im so use to russell, but change can be good!

  • Laura

    LOVE RACHEL. SO happy to get all these new photos and news.

    No comment on Gayden.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    this movie looks bad.

  • rebel

    seriously, i love them and i’m sure that movie is gonna be awesome, but has EVERYONE to star in New York, I Love You?

  • luna

    Rachel is Amazing!

  • Ryan

    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful

  • Katey

    Are they dating?
    -That’s what everyone is saying!

  • Lila

    Wow Rachel looks stunning there!
    Thanks Jared!

  • Rachel

    if this is as good as Paris, Je T’Aime, it will be amazing.

  • marta

    so cute and so beautiful

  • irina

    I love her dress

  • all that

    any one of you can look that beautiful too if you had profesisonals make you over. look at her pics without makeup..(LAX) she looks normal, plain without all the eye liner.

  • all that

    do the math, rahcel wears a new outfit everyday, this includes shoes, purse, scarf, each day is about average $1000 so thats 36500 a years!! not including other events, nigthwear….she is high maintenance, not good for farmboy hayden who wears the same jeans all the time.she is sucking the life out of him

  • Neos

    @ Laura, leave it to you with to come up with the retarded comment, I expected nothing less from you. LOL

  • Lila

    I think makeup can improve someone’s, but i don’t think it turn sb ugly to beautiful

  • Katey
  • Katey
  • Laura

    Neos, glad to know I don’t disappoint. :] I have every right to my opinion.

  • Kx3 Mommy

    Yay Rachel! To all the haters, if she’s a bad actress as you say, why is she getting all these movie deals? Rachel’s amazingly beautiful and talented…my favorite celeb by far.

  • Neos

    Is it your opinion or is the term “Gayden” from that fat slug PerezHilton, how original?! Now that Hayden’s with Rachel, you bash him, how pathetically sad!

  • rachellove

    lovely <3

  • Neos

    @ Laura, I guess those special ed classes you attended didn’ t go to waste.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    fug + fug = ?

  • Laura

    This is the last comment I’m gonna make on this cos I’m not gonna get into a pathetic argument over something as simple as me stating my opinion. Yes, it was my opinion. And no, I don’t just dislike Hayden because he’s dating Rachel. To be honest, you’re the pathetic one bashing somebody who you know absolutely nothing about for stating their opinion on somebody in the public eye.

    Have a nice day though! :]

  • meagan

    #28– All these movie deals? All? This one makes only her third movie. Count them. Three. And this one is apparently one that again was just handed to her because she was in Jumper with Hayden. This girl has never had to work for anything. Look at her upcoming schedule. It’s blank.

  • Neos

    @ Laura, didn’t dispute where you got that term? Like I said before Perez deserves a special place in hell reserved for fat & ugly people! Your opinion, um right?! You quote that obese tuboflard and you call me pathetic?!

    This must be the first no comment, comment, LOL.

  • Isis9

    He seems so much happier to be working now, and in New York– one of the biggest, greatest, most cosmopolitan cities in the world. What is this B.S. about him loving the farm so much (considering he’s hardly ever on it) and liking solitude (WHAT SOLITUDE? He’s with Rachel all the time?) He certainly seems to love NY and the big city (although I think he might hate LA.) I’m starting to wonder if a single word that he says about himself is true.

    And I’m beginning to feel sorry for those pet pigs. Hope someone is feeding them since their owner has abandoned them.

  • jenny

    love the black dress.

  • me me me

    gotta love that outfit.

  • me me me

    gotta love that outfit.

  • legs

    i like adam garcia. :)

  • Jassie

    Are there any photos of Andy Garcia please? I would love to see him. Thanks!

  • voice of reason

    @ #36
    Hayden has always said he loves NY, after all half his family including his much beloved Grandma lives there.

    As for the pigs I’m sure someone would be looking after them so don’t worry. He does love the farm but Actors have to travel for the job, so I’m sure his family looks after things when he is not there.

  • k

    Has anyone noticed that she has something hanging from her left leg just where the dress ends?? I wonder what that is.

  • roe

    They’re at it again!!!
    Ever get to feel being SICK & NAUSEOUS whenever you them?!

  • roe


    They’re at it again!!!
    Ever get to feel being SICK & NAUSEOUS whenever you see them over & over again?!

  • finn

    This site also posted Jake Gyllenhall & Jessical Biel’s movie on the same day. But the movie, Jake & Jessica are all plunk out on just ONE thread in contrast to these Junkper duo who even got their OWN seperate threads aside from their movie. Just way TOO OBVIOUS on who’s celebs/pairs do make this site’s bank account “fat”!

  • isnt_it

    @ #28 : if she’s a bad actress as you say, why is she getting all
    these movie deals?

    Ever heard of the word “nepotism”?!
    Still clueless?!
    Let me just simply “itemized” it for you…

    Jumper – Doug Liman (OC producer)
    Chuck – Josh Schwartz (OC director)
    NILY – Hayden Christensen (Jumper co-star & fishy-looking BFF)

    She surely knows how to pick “friends from high places” and thats all about it…

  • I know who you really are.

    @ 42

    I noticed that in almost every single post you are always in here giving your two cents. please shut up. You’re not the voice of reason. You’re just some crazy bitch who lives alone in Oz that obsesses over hayden. You’re pathetic. And before you go blaming Raven for this post. It’s not her, but someone else who knows your true colors. Just think about it. Psycho!

  • Lila

    @ #47

    Like any of these people would compromise their careers for Rachel…

    If you say that assuming she is a bad actress, than Hayden must be someone’s protegé too, cause most people say he´s a bad actor!

  • linsy

    Her style is great