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Heidi Montag Wants Butt Implants

Heidi Montag Wants Butt Implants

The Hills‘ resident feminist hero Heidi Montag seems to be addicted to plastic surgery.

Last year, the 21-year-old fashion designer admitted to rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. Later on in the year, Heidi showed off a new pair of lips.

But she’s not done yet, according to Life & Style. Ms. Montag is considering getting a new pair of Hills. She’s considering butt implants!

Watch the report about Heidi‘s asspirations at on E! News.

And for a review of Heidi‘s new fashion line, check out

Says the mag, “It’s bad. So bad.”

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    OMG! what doesnt she have???


  • SARA

    OMG, she’s crazy… she’s totally fake, she haven’t a truly beauty…

  • Letsmusic

    She’s completely out of her f*cking mind…

  • kors

    Reality stars are such a big joke.

  • bejeebus

    you know what? go for it you stupid attention wh0re!god,
    this is one truly useless biatch. i hope her @ss gets infected and explodes.

  • MovieMadness

    Come on now…Anything that has to be implanted in your body just doesn’t sound right especially for vanity reasons. However I think I’ve gotten used to breast implants. Now butt implants… that is a whole nother story

  • http://msn penny

    Luv Herr!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    jesus christ jared, enough’s enough lmao

  • kay

    she WOULD

  • nanda

    she shoulg get a brain implant

  • jess



  • poikj

    i HATE her.. eww.

  • laura

    Nobody cares. Next.

  • boopy boo

    she should have a bomb implanted in her head. i would be glad to push the the button to make that cnts head explode.

  • ..


  • Fiona

    y do u keep callng her a hero?????????
    she is the lat person that should EVER be called a hero…shame on u jj!!!!!!!!

  • Helena

    She’s fug anyway, so she can fug herself up as much as she wants now.

  • Regina

    LMAO, these comments make me laugh. I agree everyone else, either get a brain transplant or get a bomb implant. Either way! I prefer the bomb, though.

  • tinseltown

    im feeling happy without miley crysu posts=)

  • ..

    ew. If anything, a butt-implant will probably make it worse not better.

  • ewwww

    that girls a fxckingg crazzyy piece of sh*t

  • Lucy

    i think she needs a BRAIN IMPLANT !!!!!

  • Stephanie

    wow, look at Spencer lurking in the corner there…what a creep.

  • Jessica

    hey now it will actually be literal when i say “fake ass bitch!”

  • tequila

    they NY mag article got it right..Heidi is Paris Hilton 2.0.

  • andrea

    wow. slutttt. hoe.. she’s such a wannabe… she has no talent. is fucking ugly and needs to get a life. and butt implants on her is not at all wise.. she’s so tiny and she would like even sluttier..

  • legs

    so she’s obviously fake. lol

  • sdfjkl

    What a fake. None of her body is real. How sad and pathetic.

  • kate

    does she have anything that ISNT fake?

  • jesse


  • Totallyzanessa4evr

    WHY LORD WHY? we have such a******* in this world. next she’ll be having stomach implants, so her stomach will be thinner

  • lexi

    this fucking retard needs to go away

  • pickle

    omg @ butt implant.
    i got an anchor blue pamphlet in the mail and she was on the cover. apparently her clothes are going to be sold at ANCHOR BLUE.

  • Rae

    Ha at NYMag. They wrote what I was thinking.

  • smell

    She is the most beautiful woman. Just curious, is she happy? I saw her profile on a celebrity site called ‘richkiss . com’. the profile is attractive, classic, hot with many nice photos there. Many celebs have found romance, date, friends etc. there. Is she dating someone rich there?

  • Alison

    This girl and her boyfriend are so painful. Butt implants? How about a brain transplant first?

  • OMG

    she is SAD! she’s only 21 and she wants all this fake stuff on her body…really, really SAD! she must be really unhappy with the way she was born with…when she actually grows old i’m pretty sure she’ll look like crap because of all the fake stuff LOL


    When will this Filthy HORSE face slagg go away?

    She is ugly, unattractive, dumb, and talentless.. Why is this Seabiscuit famous??

  • rien

    I thought she had “butt implant” already. Or she forgets? Ah, that’s why everybody says she needs “brain implant”. Oh, she will need a lot of volume to fill in the hole there….

  • Funny article

    that article was so funny. her clothes are fug & you could go to forever 21 or h&m & get stuff that is more presentable & probably cheaper. I must say that heidi does have a great body & probably only someone w/ her body can fit into those clothes. w/ that said, why did they make the stuff so tacky. you can still make cute sexy sutff w/o making stuff only a street walker would wear. i kinda feel bad for heidi. nothing is working out for her & you know she is regretting the fall out w/ lc. let’s see… getting invited to great places, doing all the fun hills photo shoots & pr, living in a mini mansion, potentially having something to do after the hills -or- staying at home in my rented apartment w/ spencer because i have no friends & being broke after the hills because i spent all my $$ at chanel & don’t have a real job.

  • katie

    wow she is officially going overboard with the surgery

  • spare me


    and I want Heidi Montag and her stupid gayface fake boyfriend to GO AWAY. How can we both get what we want?

    Wait, how about just me? I don’t care what she wants.

  • Christ on a bike

    Could her clothing line be any uglier? The clothes are cheap and look like they were rejected by K-Mart and Frederick’s of Hollywood as “too tacky”.

  • niene

    urgh i hate her. she’s like so fake. she’s a freakin’ evil plastic barbiedoll.

  • Jughed

    I’m in favor of it. Even tho she’s had a lot of “work” done, none of it has been too drastic. I’d expect her “butt implants” would reflect her conservative expectations as well.

  • jane


  • marina

    She is not Paris Hilton 2, yes Paris is an attention seejkr, but at least the girl, has not implanted boobs or ass, she is flat, and she seems happy about it and really does not seem to want to look as if she had balloons under her skin. I give her that. This heidi chik, on the other hand…

  • cindyyyyy(:

    that’s ….pathetic. I’m sorry, but, Heidi wouldn’t, isn’t and will never be my hero. She’s so stupid to get BUTT implants. Be happy with what God gave you, jesus.
    I agree w/ Marina. Paris hilton is flatter than the girls in my grade, but, she doesn’t decide to get breast implants. She’s got nothing to show, but she’s fine. But, something’s wrong with Heidi. Why can’t she accept herself for what she has recieved?

  • jackie0

    i agree with muber 10 …she soo fucken dumbbb

  • c

    there is nothing remotely attractive about this girl, too skinny, fake tits, a face of a man, and now a fake ass? come on. if there were a hills would do much better without heidi and her pelvis headed boyfriend. lauren made all these losers into so called ‘stars’ and look what they’ve done to her in return. laurens a sweetie.