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Katie Holmes Loves Billy Elliot

Katie Holmes Loves Billy Elliot

Katie Holmes leaving a bank building on Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills on Thursday carrying a few books, her Blackberry and a Billy Elliot DVD.

Maybe it’s a birthday gift for baby Suri? She turns 2-years-old tomorrow (Friday)!!!!!


BTW, Billy Elliot is the greatest movie ever!!! In the film, Jamie Bell plays a talented young boy who becomes torn between his unexpected love of dance and the disintegration of his family.

Billy Elliot the Musical is scheduled to open on Broadway at the Imperial Theater on September 17. Woohoo!!!

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  • Orange Clockwork

    She looks awful. Just AWFUL. 1st BTW.

  • zoya


  • kaka

    1st on a topic i dont care about?

  • kathy

    she looks natural

  • Angi

    I’m not sure that I like her latest haircut. It seems to make her face very long and skinny. No disrespect intended, just an opinion. :)

  • so sad

    she looks awful, dazed, glazed over
    what is wrong?
    Katie, please get help!

  • cheeky

    WOW ! What has tiny tom done to her! SHE LOOKS AWFUL!!

  • Nicole

    Why does she always look like a freaking zombie??

  • Suzie

    She doesn’t look awful…she has no ounce of makeup on. She looks a lot better than some of those stars that are actually brave enough to go out without makeup.

  • @9

    It’s not the lack of make-up that’s making her look so awful, it’s the look in her eyes…vacant, zombie, dazed…that’s why she looks so awful

  • YES

    She looks fine with no fake-up (makeup)! I’m sure she’s had enough of Tom thumb’s obsessive control and is ready to cash out or crap out on her pre-nup policy , take the money and run!

  • Ceci

    Yes she has the courage to go out without makeup on. #9 is right. Why are you all guys after this family all the time? They didn’t harm you anyway so why always keep commenting such negative comments??

  • Xenu

    I wanna see Tom. Where has that stud muffin been hiding?

  • Kathy-Katie-Suri

    I am waiting to see a thread about baby Suri’s birthday.

  • Kathy-Katie-Suri

    Kathy is Katie’s mom and Katie is Suri’s mom

  • tic

    She looks doesn’t look good. Starving herself maybe. She will look like a skeleton soon.

  • karena

    She looks fantastic. I don’t think she looks vacant at all. I always prefer stars when they go natural and she looks lovely; her outfit is very cool. Just saying.

    Happy birthday, Suri! :)

  • ace tomato

    I think she looks natural, too. And she looks her AGE. I can’t remember the last time I saw a picture of Katie Holmes where she didn’t look like Anna Wintour’s 42 year old sister.

    She’s a cute girl. It’s nice to see the girl in her.

  • Kathy-Katie-Suri







  • tom c

    She looks haggard, old, and wrinkly.

  • nmj

    Who cares about her? She’s a zombie.
    Billy Elliot is an awesome movie! What ever happened to Jaimie Bell?

  • American

    Jamie Bell was recently in that awful movie Jumper.

  • nmj

    Oh…. well, he’s young.

  • solaris

    Jamie Bell is the only thing that good for the Jumper!

    I hope KH will learn something from Billy Elliot. REBEL, Kathy, REBEL!! Ring a bell, Schatz? REBEL, FIND YOUR OWN WAY……

  • anonymousse

    she has just changed the way she deals with the public. it took her too long to realize that it’s best to live your life privately.

  • pr person

    Holy Crap!!

    Sorry, but that is the first thing that came to mind. What has happened to Katie Holmes?!

  • cheeky

    SORRY to the TomKat fans.. Katie looks like a mid 40′s housewife instead of a young Hollywood A-lister. She looks like she is depressed. Comes from marrying a CONTROL FREAK that is tiny tom.

  • wow

    she looks really tired, like her life has been sucked out of her. maybe she’s overwhelmed with suri, but what happened? get help katieee! is it me, or does she look really skinny? when i saw this pictures, dazed and confused came to mind.

  • Halli

    She reminds me of that drug commercial.

    This is your brain

    This is your brain when you do drugs. SPLAT

    Run away from Xenu Katie, he’s sucked the youth from you! Run away before its too late and take Suri with you.

  • zoe

    i thought the haircut was cute now, i just dont like it. or maybe its just the bad picture. katie looks like a little kid here but at least she’s smiling. she’s not wearing make- up right?

    happy b-day suri!

  • iconic

    She looks adorable on other sites but typical JJ picking bad images to go with the tabloids. Good picks on the movies Katie adding Mary Poppins, Sound of Music and Bedknobs and Broomsticks.
    Those were my films growing up too.

    Happy Birthday Suri and congrats more good news for Tom’s studio.

  • Manette


  • smiles

    Absolutely a doll and pretty obvious her hair is the same but just tucked on her ears last time.

  • curious

    Katie is the fairest of all. A natural beauty and still manages to look lovely and confident with zero makeup. Many stars look old and freaky without makeup.

    Jared I like you and grateful for the hard work you do that’s why Im not plugging the other paparazzis sites and videos of Katie looking so chic and gorgeous. Do you purposely pick average TomKat photos so your idols Brangelina are not overshadowed?

  • Amber

    Amazing tastes in movies too having Ned Kelly and the 1971 Willy Wonka among her musical and broadway collections.

    Her tastes perfect for such a classy special lady like her. I miss her,Suri and Tom. God bless them and Happy Birthday to Suri.

  • knight

    cuteness overload

  • dean

    Beautiful Katie……..

  • legs

    there is something wrong about her and i can’t figure it out yet. maybe the hair? or maybe it’s just a bad picture. but i like her simple clothes and i agree # 30, atleast she smiled.

  • anon

    she looks like a baby herself , so beautiful , it is a shame this much beauty and younghood to be with someone as old as tom.

  • pingy_ponga

    She dosent look right!

  • dedaas

    HAppy birthday SURI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • di

    Finally! She looks natural and not like a propped-up doll!

  • Lui

    She really looks like crap. The smile for the cameras is just part of the deal, but her looks cry the truth out loud.

  • april

    sorry lui but she looks fab and happy and natural im glad tom and katie finally told the truth to everybody and denied the lies looks like all tabs were wrong ok said 20,000 party looks like movie night to me keep being happy katie long live the cruises

  • lopnh

    she looks like crap..

  • JIm

    are she died?

  • bejeebus

    she looks like a strung out psychiatric patient.


    She looks cute here.

  • Jim

    To all you nuts saying she looks awful, SHE DOES’T LOOK AWFUL, she looks cute, she just needs to gain weight.

  • Janene

    I hope she was at that bank opening me an account. I am waiting for her call to tell me.