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Mariah's Sights Set on Leona Lewis

Mariah's Sights Set on Leona Lewis

While Leona Lewis‘ album has hit number one, Mariah Carey‘s album is predicted to have one of the biggest opening weeks of any album in recent years.

Leona‘s album Spirit has sold 205,000 copies this week in the U.S.

Mariah‘s new album E=MC2 opened with sales of 154,000 in the first day.

Mariah was this week’s music mentor and theme for the American Idol contestants.

WHO DO YOU THINK is the better singer?

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  • molly


  • Isa

    Mariah’s Mariah, you know.
    Mariah rocks.

    Leona’s not bad. Although to be fair, Bleeding Love’s all I’ve heard her sing, so I don’t know.

  • Isa

    Mariah’s Mariah, you know.
    Mariah rocks.

    Leona’s not bad. Although to be fair, Bleeding Love’s all I’ve heard her sing, so I don’t know.

  • ME

    Leona, but Mariah’s had the longer career so far so she deserves to sell more than Leona.

  • Miapocca

    Better singer hahaha…Mariah has a range that no singer can touch , plus she writes and arranges her own music , so you cant touch that..even is leona sells a lot more, she will need to sell zillions more to make the amount mariah does on one album…

    hahaha…I never heard leona anyway, who the heck is she???

  • Helena

    Leona Lewis has the better voice now, I don’t know what happened to Mariah’s, but it ain’t that good anymore.

  • Maria

    leona for sure
    her voice is so much richer than mariah’s

  • xxxxx

    mariah is an amazing singer but her songs just doesnt do it for me. bleeding love and better in time on the other hand are amazing

  • christina


  • Honesty

    Leona obviously! Mariah is just passed it now! Move over Mariah!

  • frida27

    Mariah…is Mariah….of course, Mariah Carey is the number One!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    mariah in her prime.

    to bad her prime was yearssssss ago. not to mention her image is trash.

  • Pleidiol wyf i’m gwlad


  • lily

    They are both good but Leona!

  • rita

    I love Leona; she’s a breath of fresh air these days, but seriously, how can she compare to the diva that is Mariah?! Female singers have always looked up to ones like Mariah and Whitney, so please!

    Are all the repliers on JustJared too young to ignore Mariah’s greatness? Ok so the girl’s bit crazy but listen to her numerous albums!

  • http://SIMPLYBRAD M


  • rita

    SO ignore her crazy antics; Mariah’s the greatest!

  • ace

    its obviously mariah. mariah songs cant be sung by any others except herself. its those kind where its just magical. it was made for her and only she can sing it well. leaona still has a long way too go to beat mariah voice. even if she sell plenty of album sales. mariah proves that she is the better singer. the voice is beyong comparison. like that of whitney.

  • um

    Leona is prettier and has a richer voice. mariah is passable looks wise but has vocal range (do people really care about that?)and is a good songwriter. last night on American idol. mariah did not impress. She never had any stage presence, ever. I’d say it’s about even between Mariah and Leona.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    lol @ people comparing the old (diva) mariah to leona. compare the present (crazy) mariah to leona.

    its painfully hilarious watching mariah try to hit those high notes like she use to. lmaoo

  • booyay

    leona for sure, you only have to watch the x factor clips to see her live singing is amazing.

  • http://justajred geana

    Leona is a new comer…Mariah has been in the bussines for decades…so…of course Mariah!!!!!!!

  • well

    Mariah has done too many covers for my taste. Her fist album is one of the greatest ever. That’s the voice that I like, not the whistling teapot voice that she has now. Leona has years to catch up.

    How does Mariah compare with Aretha Franklin?

  • jing

    leona is a copy of houston and carey. Im not impressed.

  • Danii

    I prefer leona…i like her songs…especially better in time, take a bow and bleeding love……to me she is much better…i like her very much..besides i never like too much mariah…i don’t know why…

  • Mario

    Leona Lewis is so sexy form head to toe! IDK if any of you ever heard this song from her, but I recommend “Angel”. Buy the CD or get it off form iTunes. (LEGAL MUSIC IS DOPE!) It Sounds similar to Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable”

  • jj lover

    i was having a conversation with my mum the other day comparing the two artists and i have to say mariah all the way! she can rap hehe

  • Kimberly


  • OMG

    EVERYONE is retarded for comparing Mariah’s voice to Leona’s. Yeah, Mariah’s vocal style has changed but come on, Leona’s influenced by Mariah’s early albums. This is ridiculous. Jared, why would you even start a topic like this. You too seem retarded.

  • Steve ship

    Mariah is a horrible singer.

  • Jesssss


    Mariah Carey is old news and boooooring.

  • Jenny

    mariah can’t sing anymore, where do her voice go? she was pure garbage last night on idol, jennifer lopez can’t sing her ass out of a paper bag and she did better on idol last year than mariah..leona is the new and better improved version of mariah. mariah is the past and a few years left and leona is the future.

  • .

    I don’t see anything special about Leona.

  • Marta

    I can’t stand both of them

  • Liz

    Leona Lewis.

  • zanessa_1

    Leona all the way . Leona has a very very amazing voice and her vocal range is fantastic. And i’ve heard all her songs and they are brill. I no mariah has been a singer for a lot longer then leona but you have 2 starts sum where rite?Leona doesnt relli know what a gr8 voice she has and she’s relli humble. She IS NOT like 1 of these arragant celebs. GO LEONA

  • Jenny

    Zanessa, i totally agree with you. I like mariah(the music), i can’t stand mariah(the woman), her attitude stinks, she acts like her fart doesn’t smell and just so fake. I hope Leona doesn’t change, she’s very sweet. Mariah needs a plate of humbleness in her life and a damn stylist, sick of her lil hooker dress.

  • sarah

    LEONA LEONA LEONA LEONA….DEFFO!!! no doubt about it! amriah may sell more bt leona will ALWAYS be better!!!

  • tessa

    they’re both shit….
    AI’s crap as well.

  • Ely

    Lets be honest. Mariah is not the same singer she was before. She doesnt use her voice to its full potential anymore, pretty much cause she feels she doesnt have to, being that she is already the star she needs to be. The first years of Mariahs career were just amazing. Now all she does is squeal, move her huge hands around, and wears skimpy outfits to get attention. Remember when she first came out? She’d wear a pair of jeans and a black top, and the voice did all the work.

    Now Leona. I see a star over this chicks head. She sings amazingly. I hope she stays true to her talent and keeps singing the way she does; she’ll get far.

    Let the best player (singer) win; in this case Leona. Great voice, talent, and she’s still young. She can make the best of what she got. Mariah on the other hand is not using her talents right. Instead of singing about being touched like some 20 year old singer, sing and act your age man

  • ace

    those who think leona is better are probably deaf. leona is trying to be as big as mariah and whitney. so shld mariah win. leona is new. new and bad. she still has a long way to go to be mariah and probably wun reach mariah standard. usually stars like this are only for a short while unlike the experienced ones.nobody in the world can sing like mariah. isit mariah fault that her management want her to sing songs that do not showcase her vocal quality to the maximum potential yesterday on idol. u can just listen when she is coaching she sounds breathtaking just singing and coaching the idols impromptu. unlike leona. she is just a few hits wonder.she will be gone soon.

  • Mrs Miller

    I’ve known of Leona Lewis since she was on The X Factor (the British answer to American Idol), and from what I’ve seen of her, she seems like a nice girl. She doesn’t have all those diva demands like Mariah has, and she’s a way more down-to-earth person

  • Jenny

    I think Mriah should be the better singer. I watched Leona sings on Ellen show and I wasn’t that impressed.
    Love the new Mariah CD.

  • Natasha

    Leona, I’ve never really liked Mariah though some I’m probably bias!

  • stephanie

    they are both good, its just that mariahs had alot more time in the game and a lot more expirience

  • xxx

    That style of singing is over and outdated. It belongs on cruise ships now.

  • Doc

    who cares who’s been aroung longer…it’s about the better singer…i will go with leona…i like mariah more though…ive been a fan of her for YEARS.

  • Doc

    @ JING

    i thought i was the only one that though leona was a mariah/whitney hybrid.

  • Brian

    Leona!! Mariah’s voice is awful these days. For all you haters on Leona, check out Ms. Carey’s performances on SNL, The Hills, and Idol. She does not have it anymore and Leona’s voice is so fluid and beautiful and not rushed. Mariah has now resorted to lip-syncing because she knows her voice is nothing like it used to be. Leona does not have to strain to hit a note like Mariah does these days! Mariah your time has come and gone and Leona will be the one on top in the next decade!! Ferocious!!

  • LALA

    lewis is fantastic, but i am partial to carey. carey is up there w/ streisand & franklin, maybe not in terms of style but in vocal ability & achievements. takes alot more than a debut album to compare to that-lewis needs more time.