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Miley Cyrus to Pen Autography

Miley Cyrus to Pen Autography

A Miley Cyrus autobiography is in the works, but (surprise!) Miley is not the one who will actually be writing it.

Say wha-aaaaaat?

OK! reports that the 15-year-old tween queen signed a multimillion-dollar deal with Disney Books and a ghostwriter will be the one to put Miley‘s life down on paper.

“The plan is to move her away from Hannah Montana,” an insider says. “She’s outgrown it.”

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  • IM perfect

    She still got those ugly teeth.

  • Rachel

    I love Miley Cyrus, she’s an amzing girl. I think ‘Hannah Montana’ shouldn’t stop for about another year at least. I mean ‘Lizzie Maguire’ and ‘Thats so Raven’ were on Disney Channel for about seven years. So I am pretty sure since ‘Hannah Montana’ is such a huge hit that it shouldn’t be cancelled. I may only be a 13 year old child but I am pretty smart and im not saying this against Miley because I am a huge fan but I think she begged to become famous because she was probably poor. I will go on a protest if they cancel Hannah Montana, I will make sure my idol has her show keep on a rolling. It’s not fair for her fans if the ‘Hannah Montana’ show gets cancelled. I don’t care what anyone says about how Miley doesn’t write her own musc because she does with the help of some freinds. She is an amazing person and she should not just throw her career down the drain. I might become an actress or a model. The reason why is because I got this thing in the mail to come and take acting classes and to model for a $500 modeling scholership. I cant wait, its happening May 3rd, yay for me. Please help me fulfill my dreams like the amazing and beautiful Miley Cyrus. I would love it if you, Jared could minchin me to a friend or something about acting. Your a friend on my Myspace! Keep on rockin ya’ll!


  • legs

    is that braces??? haha.

  • bex

    Isn’t she a little young to be writing an autobiography. Shouldn’t she be writing papers in a high school somewhere like normal 15 year olds? I get that she isn’t like many other girls her age, but I would imagine that she has many more years ahead of her and hasn’t really experienced anything worthy of writing an autobiography. I say, wait a while and see what happens. And I hate to say it, but I think she is at a point where her fans will outgrow Hannah Montana before she outgrows playing her. She may never get away from that image.

  • mmmmhm

    ….i love miley and all
    but a autobiography?

    no one wants to read about her perfect life and how great it is being famous….ya know?


  • wow

    um, she has outgrown hannah montana? that’s why she’s famous, in the first place! and last time i checked, she was still 15 years old. i think she should enjoy her success and stop acting, dressing like she’s 25.

  • Dylan

    They shouldn’t move her away from hannah montana so fast and not much really happens when you’re 15. Life doesn’t started until after college.

    Hard to believe she started Hannah Montana when she was 12! o__o

  • amy

    MILEY HAS NOT OUT GROWN HANNAH MONTANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How old is that pic? She looks like she was 11 in that pic!! Wow!

  • jessica

    ugly forever!

  • http://deleted andrea v

    egotistical little bitch.
    shes 15, and shes not even A-list. and shes PAYING someone to write her autobiography. stupid stupid little girl.
    shes got the typical hollywood problems, man. GET A LIFE, MILEY.

  • michelle

    so she isnt writing it?
    or did i read that wrong
    because if she isn’t then it isn’t an autobiography
    it is just a BIography.
    she’s stupid.

    and she has outgrown hannah montana?
    i could see it now
    she is one of those spoiled stars that are going to say “i don’t need disney anymore”
    meanwhile they are the ones who even GOT her famous.

    what a loser..

    and she hasn’t dont that much in 15 years lol
    she has done SO much
    but to write a book?
    wait until you’re older and have more stuff to say.

    she’s so dumb.

  • danielle

    you are wakooo you know that sned me mail and we will fight it out on there just leave celebs alone you are just jelous god mann!!

  • stepphhhh

    with no hannah montana

    shes gonna
    be a gurl with no damn money haha

  • me

    She looks………………
    yonger :)

  • Mikala

    Seriously…grown out of Hannah Montana? Thats the only reasons she’s famous, and the fact that her father was a star before her. She has noooo idea what shes going to end up like and its pretty sad.

  • Ann

    wowwwww shes uglyyyyyy

  • tgmc

    i really wanna get that biography!!!!!!!!!!!!……..and she is NOT growing out of HM

  • alex

    mileys eyes in the top picture look ALL FREAKY!!!!! hahaha
    vampire-ish hmmm

    outgrown disney eh??

    well have a nice trip HANNAH!!!

    break a leg!…..(literaly)

    oh well

    have a nice and remember


  • ashlynn

    woah.. her teeth looked jacked up,
    thank god for the dentist lmfao

  • Miley

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    ugly that was something that now no no boys!!! The master a monton but these photos
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  • chrisf

    she is seriously sinfully ugly….how is she even capable of this type of attention…and i bet that hideous upper lip smells!

  • zara

    #25- stuff u! I’m 16 and I love hannah Montana and I don’t care what people say and #28 ur so right! Miley is a mega superstar so she has obv got more stuff to write bout in her life plus the normal teenage stuff

  • cristina

    Sorry, but i dint understand… write what???

  • far

    wow, a 17page book.

    with probably a coloring book included.

  • rebecca

    hate her. she is an ugly bitch. also, an autobiography at 15? yeah….

  • http://justjared viv

    what the hell shes only 15 who writes a frecken biography when your 15 is she dieing soon gosh .

  • emily

    WOW! If they take her away from Hannah Montana then Disney Channel won’t ever be the same.

  • eatsleepjonas

    doesnt AUTOBIOGRAPHY mean that the author writes about themselves?!?!So basically its just a biography…shes 15.theres not much to write about even though shes this popular

  • Alyssa

    Who needs life experience to write about their life? Check out the table of contents:

  • Romi

    But if it ain’t written by yourself it ain’t an autobiography, right?

  • Edward’s lover

    she’s out grown it?! she only 15 not 30 even tho she thinks she’s older than that but she isnt she needs to realize that i dont think she’ll get another chance like that! i doubt she’ll even get a part in a movie cuz of the pictures she’s taking! her dad is like 500 years old and he’s still in the show you dont see him saying “oh i’ve out grown it”. i hope she moves to tenessee again or however you spell that!!!!!!!!!! i have always hated her and knew she was a spoiled brat who thinks she can get everythin she wants……she should go die in a hole im sure nobody would notice or care :)

  • cbm

    i think that she should keep being in Hannah Montana because she just started on the show and now there saying shes out growing it shes only 15 she hasn’t had time to out grow it.

    So keep being in Hannah Montana because I love it and it’s my favorite show and it’s a really good show.

  • Kindra Marie

    i think thats bull. not about the books, but hannah montana. even if they wanted her to, miley wouldn’t leave the show on only the third season. plus, why would they want her to? she made them millions, and they wouldn’t give that up. she knows she’d let down millions of fans, and miley is not like that. she’s not leaving hannah montana, i refuse to believe it, and they won’t make her. i’d effing boycot disney if they cancelled “hannah”

  • MiLeY CyRuS fAn #1

    i think that she should not outgrow Hannah Montana cause some people only like Hannah Montana.

  • Aya

    she’s outgrown hannah Montana. What kind of sick joke is that. DO they NOT realize that to some little kids, HM is like their LIFE?!?!?!?!?! my sister loves her. I miss HM’s old self. He cute, 13 year old self. Fame is getting to that girl. and she needs to take some people’s advice to slow down and take a look at herself in a mirror. i swear.

  • yeahumok

    ok, to the people who are saying “oh she was so ugly then” and crap..yeah..ok, she was a kid. She was like, what, 8 or 9. 8 year old kids don’t look like gorgeous movie stars..they look like kids.

  • Aleyna

    awkey this pic of milerz is really UGLY !!

  • Aleyna

    awkey this pic of milerz is really UGLY !!

  • sarah

    lmao she had braces!!?? why the eff is her teeth still jacked up :O

  • kenny

    If someone else writes it then it wouldn’t be an autobiography it would just be a biography.

  • http://020397 demi

    a llora per che cuesto me piace molto soy fans

  • http://020397 demi