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Miley Cyrus to Pen Autography

Miley Cyrus to Pen Autography

A Miley Cyrus autobiography is in the works, but (surprise!) Miley is not the one who will actually be writing it.

Say wha-aaaaaat?

OK! reports that the 15-year-old tween queen signed a multimillion-dollar deal with Disney Books and a ghostwriter will be the one to put Miley‘s life down on paper.

“The plan is to move her away from Hannah Montana,” an insider says. “She’s outgrown it.”

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92 Responses to “Miley Cyrus to Pen Autography”

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  1. 76
    viv Says:

    what the hell shes only 15 who writes a frecken biography when your 15 is she dieing soon gosh .

  2. 77
    emily Says:

    WOW! If they take her away from Hannah Montana then Disney Channel won’t ever be the same.

  3. 78
    eatsleepjonas Says:

    doesnt AUTOBIOGRAPHY mean that the author writes about themselves?!?!So basically its just a biography…shes 15.theres not much to write about even though shes this popular

  4. 79
    Alyssa Says:

    Who needs life experience to write about their life? Check out the table of contents:

  5. 80
    Romi Says:

    But if it ain’t written by yourself it ain’t an autobiography, right?

  6. 81
    Edward's lover Says:

    she’s out grown it?! she only 15 not 30 even tho she thinks she’s older than that but she isnt she needs to realize that i dont think she’ll get another chance like that! i doubt she’ll even get a part in a movie cuz of the pictures she’s taking! her dad is like 500 years old and he’s still in the show you dont see him saying “oh i’ve out grown it”. i hope she moves to tenessee again or however you spell that!!!!!!!!!! i have always hated her and knew she was a spoiled brat who thinks she can get everythin she wants……she should go die in a hole im sure nobody would notice or care :)

  7. 82
    cbm Says:

    i think that she should keep being in Hannah Montana because she just started on the show and now there saying shes out growing it shes only 15 she hasn’t had time to out grow it.

    So keep being in Hannah Montana because I love it and it’s my favorite show and it’s a really good show.

  8. 83
    Kindra Marie Says:

    i think thats bull. not about the books, but hannah montana. even if they wanted her to, miley wouldn’t leave the show on only the third season. plus, why would they want her to? she made them millions, and they wouldn’t give that up. she knows she’d let down millions of fans, and miley is not like that. she’s not leaving hannah montana, i refuse to believe it, and they won’t make her. i’d effing boycot disney if they cancelled “hannah”

  9. 84
    MiLeY CyRuS fAn #1 Says:

    i think that she should not outgrow Hannah Montana cause some people only like Hannah Montana.

  10. 85
    Aya Says:

    she’s outgrown hannah Montana. What kind of sick joke is that. DO they NOT realize that to some little kids, HM is like their LIFE?!?!?!?!?! my sister loves her. I miss HM’s old self. He cute, 13 year old self. Fame is getting to that girl. and she needs to take some people’s advice to slow down and take a look at herself in a mirror. i swear.

  11. 86
    yeahumok Says:

    ok, to the people who are saying “oh she was so ugly then” and crap..yeah..ok, she was a kid. She was like, what, 8 or 9. 8 year old kids don’t look like gorgeous movie stars..they look like kids.

  12. 87
    Aleyna Says:

    awkey this pic of milerz is really UGLY !!

  13. 88
    Aleyna Says:

    awkey this pic of milerz is really UGLY !!

  14. 89
    sarah Says:

    lmao she had braces!!?? why the eff is her teeth still jacked up :O

  15. 90
    kenny Says:

    If someone else writes it then it wouldn’t be an autobiography it would just be a biography.

  16. 91
    demi Says:

    a llora per che cuesto me piace molto soy fans

  17. 92
    demi Says:


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