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Miranda Kerr is a Dream Angel

Miranda Kerr is a Dream Angel

Miranda Kerr (in Matthew Williamson) launches the new Dream Angels Demi Bra at the Victoria Secret Store in NYC’s Herald Square on Thursday.

Said the 24-year-old Victoria’s Secret angel, “The wonderful thing about this bra is that it’s really comfortable because it has this memory lining. It contours to your curves as to the perfect fit. It’s romantic, it’s comfortable. It’s a great bra, I love it.”

Miranda also helped celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Victoria’s Secret Angels clothing retrospective.

Said the future Mrs. Orlando Bloom, “At the Herald Square store in New York, Victoria’s Secret is unveiling the last 10 years of angel history. You can go down to the store and customers can see some of the things that have happened over the last 10 years. Like, the first ever wings that were worn on the fashion show back in 1998. Or the angel wings that Heidi [Klum] wore that were 12 feet long–the hugest wings in history. A football signed by Adriana [Lima] that was signed at the Super Bowl.”

30+ pictures inside of dream angel Miranda Kerr

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miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 01
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 02
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 03
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 04
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 05
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 06
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 07
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 08
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 09
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 10
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 11
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 12
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 13
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 14
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 15
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 16
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 17
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 18
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 19
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 20
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 21
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 22
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 23
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 24
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 25
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 26
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 27
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 28
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 29
miranda kerr dream angels demi bra 30

Photos: Brad Barket/Getty
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  • Yasmine

    its uncomfortable?? why woould she say that about it?

  • Yasmine

    ‘The wonderful thing about this bra is that it’s really comfortable because it has this memory lining. It contours to your curves as to the perfect fit. It’s romantic, it’s uncomfortable. It’s a great bra, I love it.”


  • Red

    Hugest- yeah good thing she’s hot.

  • hahaha

    they gave her the cheap line to market.
    They couldn’t trust her with the good stuff??

  • um…

    …she said its uncomfortable? or is that JJ’s typo? lol

  • Just Jared

    Comfortable!! Sorry. Thanks, ladies!

  • cabbage patch

    Her cheeks look really big here. Where are those cabbage patch doll
    pictures that were posted here before for comparison?

  • arg

    you know how ppl get pissed off

    everytime miley cyrus does the peace sign?

    yeah, well i love miranda kerr

    but the blowing kisses is getting tired

  • Its funny how the ppl who hire the models for Victoria Secret,

    stress that the models be curvacious (or however u spell it)

    Miranda rocks, but shes not that…well..curvy

  • gildy

    mrs orlando bloom

    are you kidding????????????


  • @10

    I think Jared is trying to get a rise out of people. I think any of those random chicks he had in the back of the car the other night stand an equal chance of becoming the next Mrs.Bloom.

  • KC

    That dress is hideous

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]


  • blah

    what about those ankle boots with that black mini?
    I don’t get that at all.

  • Jaded

    /me ducks and desperately runs away to find cover before the haters arrive (and there are scores of them) and start throwing bricks.

  • ducati

    The future Mrs. Orlando Bloom. OMG this place is going to be a war zone. I am very surprise that we don’t have any pictures of the loving couple together going in and out of her apartment.

  • & The Hits Just Keep On Coming

    The future Mrs. Orlando Bloom? Looks like Jared knows how to get hits. See what you idiots have done? You’ve turned some silly random model into a blog star. Shame on you.

  • Just The Dirt

    Yes the blowing kissing thing is getting old and scary when Jenna Jameson does it.
    Miranda is pretty, but not one of my favorites

  • J


  • fiona

    This girl is stupid looking and gross. ORLANDO is too much of a player to marry anyone anything soon. Jared you really know how to piss people off. She is just using ORLANDO to further her pathetic career and boy is it working. BEAUTIFUL ORLANDO, WAKE UP and smell the Aussie!

  • _nika

    shes even more famous now, I wonder why..

  • HMMM

    i wouldn’t put it past the model to drop a hint to the effect that they might be getting married. She loves the attention, and after all he has been her big meal ticket. They have been together since early last year, of course she was still in love with her boyfriend at the time, but hey he doesn’t seem to mind sharing, And she is so versatile. In love with one guy she has been with for two years in September, and deeply in love with another at the same time. The girl can juggle the balls(pun intended) Look at the stuff she has gotten because of him. Maybe not classy stuff, but more than she had before. That ring finger of hers must be itchy.

  • LOL

    She just can’t stop the posing. I love it they way she flashes the dimples and goes in to the classic model pose just for the paps. God she is so loving this, and it is way too obvious how much she does. She is good for a laugh

  • Molly
  • urmybff

    shes so pretty! i love seeing models come in and what they do with their future! like Kimora lee simmons has done SO much! especially with the baby phat and her KLS line, its incredible, at least shes got some business smarts

  • pob

    How pathetic thst she stands there thinking she is cool holding a BRA! LMAO How sad she looks.

    Oh and marrying him, he is too free for that , they have only been together properly since October, not long enough, he certainly aint in love.

  • here’s a thought…

    STOP commenting on her and she won’t get the PR attention she obviously craves.

  • @hmmm

    guess orlando doesn’t mind, cos he hasn’t dumped her, so he must be fine with her

  • pob

    Yep 27 lets do rthat lets boycott the b!tch lets seriously do that, lets all go back to the last OB thread..

    off i go

  • Jaded

    @27 It could work for a while, but then a bunch of shippers come with 4-6 comments in a row, saying “omg she is so purr-tyyy and sweeeeet” and we all know that it’s gonna piss the heck out of a dozen commenters.

  • LOL

    If it was my daughter I would be far more proud if she was holding a college degree, than a bra, but some people don’t care what makes them famous. But when all is said and done, who will leave more of an impact on the world. The girl with the degree that teaches and inspires kids, or the underwear model that men wank off to. Gee that’s a hard one to figure

  • @Jared

    LMAO! Oh brother, do you know how to wind up the wackos or what??!!! You’re way too evil LOL!

  • @JARED

    What in the hell makes you think we are all “ladies”. That is a good way to get a knee in the balls, calling “women” ladies. God what decade were you born in? Maybe you should take some classes on how to operate in today’s culture. Ladies have tea, with white gloves and hats. Women, kick ass. See the difference.

    Underwear model, not a woman, but a girl. Girls giggle, Women, once again kick ass!

  • Take it to the bridge

    I love you Miranda

  • curious

    Mrs.Bloom? Hmm interesting and what Orlando thing about it? (I wonder if he even know about it) He said that he want children, but does she want them? They are not good for her career. And even if they’ll marry after b6-7 months of “relationship” i don/t think that this marriage will be for long. Oh i forgot she doesn’t need a hasband, she needs his surname as a lucky ticket. And what does he need?
    Btw, Jared why u don/t let me to post? It is the 3d try. We have a cesure about MK? Since when?

  • http://justjared voiceofreason

    @ 31 There’s no reason Miranda couldn’t do something positive with her fame. Holding a bra does not condemn her to stupidity and selfishness, and having a degree is no guarantee of becoming an inspirational success. Your argument is dependent on the truth being either x or y and since you don’t like x than it must be y. This sort of reasoning doesn’t allow for any other possibilities. I’m not a huge fan of Miranda but I don’t fault her for how she makes her money nor do I believe her profession is a measure of her intelligence.

  • @ducati

    That’s because he’s staying at a hotel near W 42nd. Don’t let the hype or JJ’s attempts to get a rise out of people fool you.

  • @36

    But so far that is her only success. Modeling underwear. Not really much to brag about but she seems to think so.
    Until she surprises us and actually does something positive there
    is nothing else there.

  • mossy

    she IS cute! and her body is to die for. yeah yeah, here come the, “to die for, from anorexia!” comments. i think people started to hate her when they saw pictures of her with that dou che brandon davis.

  • @31

    well if you want to be scientific about the whole thing then let us extrapolate, as one does with data that is not fully tested.

    Take one dedicated school teacher and figure the number of students they impact each year over the course of a career. The number must be pretty high I would think.

    Take one underwear model whose shelf life is maybe 20 years (since she started when she was barely an adolescent), I am sure many see her, have fantasys about her, but what type of difference will she make in most peoples life. They want to be like her, famous, with a famous boyfriend, but will looking at her make them better people?

    Then compare what effect those two careers will have on society as a whole. I think the teacher will probably make the most real difference in peoples lives

    If you don’t know what extrapolate means then look it up.

  • FINA

    hmm… i smell jealousy. from ass kickin’ women. she’s a model, DUH, of course she’s gonna pose. and yes, she’s only a model, but a pretty successful one at that, a vs contract is one of the most coveted in the industry. bottom line is, people (including the ass kickin’ women) love to judge based on what? tabloid rumor. or even rumors started by themselves. now that’s pathetic.

  • O.M.G.


  • californiagirl

    You guys know he puts Orlando Bloom’s name in these posts simply so they will turn up on a google search, right? Seriously, who’s googling the unknown model?

  • Why Jared

    Hey curious, Jared won’t post my remarks either…

    Either b/c I didn’t mention Bloom or b/c I was directly asking Miranda to lose those damn ankle boots!

  • ellen

    I like Miranda Kerr I think she looks beautiful and I do believe her relationship with Orlando is real but for God sake please don’t tell me that VS contract is something wanted by all the models. Girls, it is not. Can you see Gemma Ward wanting to be VS’s? NO. VS’s is like McDonalds among other designers.
    Of course it is a nice store nice stuff but we shouldn’t compare a commercial model like Miranda to a real catwalk model like Gemma Ward. It’s a different level.

    But one shouldn’t condemn any of them because such models like Miranda are also needed for the less sophisticated clients. It’s like with the movies. Both ‘ The Butterfly and Divingbell’ and ‘Scary Movie 2,3,4′ are needed.

  • bras and panties

    I think most women I know that are worthy of respect would be embarrassed to be holding up bras and panties in public.

    You almost want to feel sorry for her since she looks no different than the girls that you try to ignore when you walk into a department store that attack you with perfume. Only in this case its underwear.

  • Ha!

    She’s so weird looking. Kind of in a creepy way.

  • Why Jared

    Oh I see it did work this time…

    Well again this is for Miranda, winter is over! Please lose those boots, maybe forever! I am sure you now have money at your disposal so please go buy some other shoes, a variety of styles, not the same shoe in other colours. Thanks:)


    Hos is this fugly girl pretty?

    She is ugly as hell with that damn buttaface!!!

  • FINA

    where is gemma ward now? she had her time in the sun but she was quickly replaced, even gained some weight. good for her. a vs contract may not be a prada campaign but it pays much better. compared to a few seasons of high fashion ad campaigns then disappearing (this has happened to many one time IT girls in modeling), a vs contract ensures longevity, exposure, and big bucks.