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Orlando Bloom Joins The Red Circle?

Orlando Bloom Joins The Red Circle?

Orlando Bloom and his perfectly tousled hair shoot more scenes for the starry anthology New York, I Love You on Wednesday in New York City.

Fiji water ad, anyone?

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed yesterday that Orly might be joining the cast of The Red Circle as directed by Johnnie To.

15+ pictures inside of potential Red Circle star Orlando Bloom

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orlando bloom the red circle 01
orlando bloom the red circle 02
orlando bloom the red circle 03
orlando bloom the red circle 04
orlando bloom the red circle 05
orlando bloom the red circle 06
orlando bloom the red circle 07
orlando bloom the red circle 08
orlando bloom the red circle 09
orlando bloom the red circle 10
orlando bloom the red circle 11
orlando bloom the red circle 12
orlando bloom the red circle 13
orlando bloom the red circle 14
orlando bloom the red circle 15
orlando bloom the red circle 16
orlando bloom the red circle 17
orlando bloom the red circle 18

Credit: Doug Meszler, Anthony Dixon; Photos: WENN, Splash News Online
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  • Frofro

    What? No comments yet? You ladies are SLOWWWWW!!!

  • Frofro

    If his hair could only look any more finger-running-through delicious and sexy.

  • Yup

    I love the fact that his old bodyguard buddy is back with him.
    And I would love to run my fingers through ttat hair. :-)
    He looks great!

  • @ Jared

    What is with your obsession with Orlando Bloom?
    Didn’t you already confirm that Orlando was in The Red Circle about 30 posts ago?

  • Yup

    I will just sit back and wait for the hate to fly about that poor little innocent puppy in the picture.

    Ha! Frofro, I’ll fight you for that hair!

  • Frofro


    Damn! He gets me with that tossled look every time! I say we both just b**ch slap Miranda and both take him at once!

  • Frofro

    I hate it when he looks scruffy yummy cause thats about the time that I forget that I’ve already moved past the “crush” stage on the boy ages ago! I hate being reminded that he’s way too yummy!

  • Yup

    Well, based on the rumors, he has enough to go around….;-)

    You distract him, and I’ll grab his ankles. Once he’s down he won’t stand a chance.

  • Frofro

    Oh my….theres a CSI episode in there somewhere! LOL!

  • Yup


  • Valeekiita

    yo soy de chile y me intereza.
    alguien me puedes alludar

  • catherine

    i didn’t know that he smokes :(

  • Amanda


  • Frofro

    @ Valeekiita

    ayudar? – de que?

  • Amanda

    I didn’t know he smoked either. Usually it’s a major turn-off, but for him.. I’ll let it slide.

  • catherine

    Oh haha I’m letting it slide too. He’s just too cute.

  • Frofro

    Si qiere saber de que es escrita de Orlando aqui, dice que es possible que Orlando va a aparecer en The Red Circle, pero no esta firme de hoy.

  • Project Alice

    Wow another Orlando post, good on you Jared! You know people say McDreamy has the most awesome hair but I think Orlando’s is better. /fangirl moment.

  • legs


  • meji

    It looks like this segment is going to be a comedy, and he’s playing a barmy character which is something I’ve always wanted to see. The hair is utterly brilliant!

  • Jaded

    I love that hair too. Frofro, Yup, can I join you? The three of us will burst through the door, do that Charlie’s Angels pose, grab him and go some place quiet… :D

  • dolly

    tell him to stop smoking, please!! he is ruining his health!….crazy boy…but i love him…

  • Helena

    Another shítty project for Orly!

  • curious

    He is smoking,so what? Smoking kill him less than his gf.
    Thank god he is back for work!

  • Karmakey

    Love the touseled hair, and this bit in the movie gets more and more interesting. Just when I think he can’t get any hotter, yum!

  • creativegirl

    Okay JARED –

    This non-stop parade of Orlando Bloom posts has sunk into my subconcious apparently because I’ve dreamt about him the last two nights and I don’t even like him that much!

  • bark


    It doesn’t look like the same dog if that is what you are thinking.
    It also doesn’t make sense that he would have brought him to sit in a trailer all day when he has a home there.
    It probably belongs to the person walking it there. Those ugly things are everywhere now. They must be the ‘it’ dog to have. I saw a picture of Giselle with one recently.

  • http://n/a Ali

    #7 I know – damnit! I thought I was over my crush on him too! But he’s just too friggin’ hot. It’s almost annoying how good looking he is! That bastard :)

  • Leslie

    The funny thing about him smoking is he talks about healthy living, eats organic food, does Yoga then defeats the purpose by sucking on those cancer sticks. He looks terrible by the way. I’m suprised by how quickly his looks faded, like a 4 year span.

  • I love orly

    He looks great!
    No matter what I love him!!!

  • I love orly

    Amiga de Chile yo te puedo ayudar!
    Soy mexicana pero el idioma es el mismo! =)

  • Roo

    By the look of those photo’s listed above, Bloomy looks like a mess. Now granted it could be for the role but still very reminiscent of the last while, no wonder he got the part!

    Nice to see he realized cigarettes go in your mouth and not on your wrist…

  • kid brother

    LMAO at the second thumbnail pic. His hair is standing up on his head the same way my little brother’s used to when we’d wrestle as kids. So cute!

  • seeing is believing

    Seeing these photo’s remind me of Orlando’s favorite comparison, Johnny Depp.

    The hair, the cigarette, the glasses, the I’m too cool, everything is Zen attitude.

    Then there are the relationships:
    1. Winona Ryder, well known at time they were dating, since faded
    2. Kate Moss, unknown at time, now SUPERMODEL
    3. Vanessa Paradis, unknown till Johnny and still keeps quiet which is just fine

    1. Kate Bosworth, well known at time they were dating, since fading?
    2. Miranda Kerr, unknown at time, to be decided
    3. ????????

    I’d say OB is the Hollywood Machine’s JD carbon copy . He is well on his way to trashing hotel rooms before true enlightenment arrives. Buddha boy though he had us fooled, go smoke another cancer stick you JD FRAUD!

  • funny

    I find it so amusing that people will ascribe so many virtues to someone just because they look nice. It makes me sad that we are so superficial that we automatically think pretty people are kind, wonderful, and good hearted, and ugly people are mean and nasty. I can get by with so much using my looks, that I made a decision not to. When it all comes too easy it can really make a person shallow.

    Not that I don’t like to look at him he is very very pretty, but I have doubts that he has all of the virtues attributed to him.
    There is an old saying the face you have until you are 45 is what God gave you, after that it is what you make of it, I guess with plastic surgery that may not be true anymore.

  • puff

    I wonder do these people have any idea what smoking does to their looks? I know the model he hangs out with smokes too. It is really bad for their skin, their teeth, their smell, not to mention what it does to their health. People who have smoked for a long time skins begin to look gray and clogged. I guess they don’t care about what it will make them look like, cause they are living in the moment, But some years for now the moment is gonna look nasty. Smoking is a major turn off to me

  • kanuck

    his look is reminding me of heath ledger

  • curious

    To Puff
    I am not advertising smoking or smokelifestyle,but i am smoking for 13 years now i am 30,and my skin,teef and all my look is more that OK,cause everyone gives me 25-27,not my 30 (almost 31 actually).
    So let the guy live his life,what ever he prefer in it. He entertein’s us, so let say thak for it.


    What no sightings of him and whatshername? An intimate dinner for two, strolling along holding hands, walking the rat dog, or sucking face. She is missing opportunties here, she better get busy and call some stuff in, or get him out for pictures. They are in the same city after all that means major setups to come.

  • @funny

    ~Mother Nature gives you the face you have at 20. You get the face you’ve earned at 40.~ That’s the saying as I recall it.

    Don’t think Orlando’s going to look good at 40.

  • @38

    It is every one’s choice to smoke, but for someone whose looks are a major part of their career it isn’t a good idea. I have family that have smoked for years and when they get older, the teeth stains, the ugly skin and the huffing and puffing isn’t attractive, It takes a while., but it really does serious damage to looks, and health. When you are about fifty tell me how you look then. But hey it is your choice

  • @40

    Pretty ones never age that well, those delicate defined features really show age when gravity hits. He already has some eye wrinkles. But he has the money for nips and tucks so he will just begin to look very surprised at about 40.

  • nina

    Make me sick Jared, calling chipmunk face the future Mrs. Bloom. She may be using him to further her career but that ho is already married to herself! ORLANDO, ORLANDO LET ME RUN MY FINGERS THRU THAT GLORIOUS HAIR OF YOURS. YOU ARE SOOO BEAUTIFUL!

  • @43

    Where did he call her Mrs. Bloom? That is a bit presumptive I would think. I think she is more of a sure thing than a wife. After all most people don’t want their wife cheating on them when something better for their career’s come along

  • @44

    new thread for miranda bra showing.

  • http://justjared Grace

    I just thought of something everyone read about that sighting earlier this week could that have been a set up by her pr team to make everything seem on the up and up. We could find out they weren’t there to begin with.

  • @46

    I think people have suggested that many times in the threads.
    It sounded to perfect and like a pr phone in. Same with the doggie photos at the airport. Its always a possibility with this one.

  • @Grace

    That sighting earlier this week was definitely sent in by her or her PR. It was the 3rd or 4th sighting sent in to eonline, doubtful a coincidence. And they’re always a little too descriptive, especially if you compare it to the gawker sighting of Orlando alone which was a much simpler description of just him walking down the street. I’m just surprised that it didn’t say something like they “held hands and gazed adoringly into each other’s eyes”. Maybe her PR have seen all the comments and caught on to how fake and obviously planted the last few sightings have sounded.

  • pob

    everyone stay here please lets not go over to her thread, lets not give ehr the attention and give orlando the most for something desevred his work and his work alone!!

  • curious

    #49 to pob
    Yeah,i agree with u.Let stay here. No PR for cabbage girl. I posted there and i’ll copy my comment here.
    Mrs.Bloom? Hmm interesting and what Orlando thing about it? (I wonder if he even know about it) He said that he want children, but does she want them? They are not good for her career. And even if they’ll marry after b6-7 months of “relationship” i don/t think that this marriage will be for long. Oh i forgot she doesn’t need a hasband, she needs his surname as a lucky ticket. And what does he need?