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Vanessa Hudgens Gets Sneaky

Vanessa Hudgens Gets Sneaky

Just got official word that Vanessa Hudgens‘ upcoming album, Identified, is due out on Tuesday, June 24.

Mark your calendars!

And put on your dancing shoes, the brand new single, “Sneakernight,” will be available on iTunes on Tuesday, May 20.

Vanessa was recently featured in the latest issue of GQ.

To listen to “Sneakernights” and to check out the lyrics, click here!

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  • zanessa’s fan

    Vanessa is THE BEST!!!!!
    ZANESSA 4EVER !!!!

  • nicole

    i think you and zac make a good couple and you and sharpay are like the bestest friends anyone would want and i have got a mate just like that and shes called alanis and s’hes really nice and bony

  • zanessa’s fan


  • cá hdgs

    hdgs , lov u :&
    diva forever .

    eu te amo demais , diva.

    BRAZIL :&



  • Soff

    so perfect

  • Boji

    Just want to add that now that there are some racy pics of miley lying on top of her bf, pandemonium has broken loose. I’m sure they were leaked out by a 3rd party just as Vanessa’s was. I find the photos no different from hers. I don’t have much else to add and I won’t be judgemental here as the photos were meant to be private.

  • beta

    i love vanessaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    i love zanessaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • narf

    Right you are Boji!

  • diva

    vanessa minha diva
    i love vanessa

  • Boji

    Narf, thanks for your support. I do feel for miley. She has a right to have some bf/gf private moments.As I said in my post under her thread, celebrity kids tend to grow up real fast given their exposure and environment. So she is not your normal 15+ yr old. Everywhere she goes, she’s always surrounded by adults and mingles with them. I would add on 5yrs to her age.She’s also expected to answer adult questions and give adult (mature) answers. So it’s just an image she’s portraying and not her true self. I feel she’s still discovering herself

    I somehow feel Vanessa is vindicated by that thread of Miley’s.

  • dada

    i love you vanessa!!!

  • dada

    vanessa is the best

  • dada

    vanessa rock!!!

  • dada

    vanessa gorgeous!!

  • dada

    i miss vanessa so much!!!

  • dada

    can’t wait 4 her album!!!

  • dada

    love vanessa

  • dada

    vanessa, you’re my idol!!

  • dada

    i miss zanessa!!!!!

  • Vannie

    vanessa did the good job in her past.
    i wish miley the best!!
    i miss Zanessa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rodrigo

    i love vanessaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • berta

    omg i love vanessa shes a hottie in the potty (lol i just made that up

  • Cystalgirlll

    YAY!!!! I’m gonna buy it! i have the first one but her voice sounds a little odd in it. I hope this one is beta! I havent listened to Sneakernight yet but i’m gonna check it out now! hehehe

  • .

    SNEAKER NIGHT IS BULLSHITT. her alnum is gonna suck ballls. cant wait to see her drop in her career again. :) such an unwating girl teaching little kids to strip in front of the camera…….tsk tsk. kids stick with ashley tisdale.

  • Other Troy

    I marked my calendar and I am positive that June 24th is going to be a great day for me! So how is everyone here at JJ?? Havent gone on in a while, is everyone behaving?

  • LISA

    sneaker night is buLllshit!!!!!!

  • LISA

    SHITTTTTTT> thats what slutnessa is

  • carlie

    ughh. not slutnessa hudbitch!!!!

  • noneofyourbusiness


  • noneofyourbusiness


  • noneofyourbusiness


  • troy

    #225-#232 *Excluding #227 of course* Saying the same crass, unimaginative, ugly things repeatedly under different names is not funny or clever. In fact it just goes to show how you have absolutely noithing to say at all.

    All I have to say is I definitely have June 24 marked on my calender.

  • narf

    Well, I see spring Vacation has started and boredom has set in. I can also tell that certain people will never learn how to think for themselves. They still just repeat everything that has already been said.

    Shall we say parrots or lemmings?

  • zanessa110

    hey narf! ive missed you! wahts up? yep, spring vacation.

  • Karen

    Now, I am going to probably get flack for being unkind or unloving, etc, but it amazes me how people can’t get the basics of the English language. AND I mean it this way: I’m not complaining about people who’s first language is not English and doesn’t it everything they write correct I applaud anyone who knows a second language well enough to make yourself known so I’m not being a teacher here BUT the thing that amazes me is whether you are from an English speaking country or not some of you can find a way to degrade yourself by LEARNING how to write SMUT and profanity and HOW to use it. All of you who think that is grown-up or cool spend all that effort to show what kind of level you are on. I could say you are really low-class and I will be bombarded with insulting someone but coming across as low-class has nothing to do with economics. It has everything to do with the way you think and self-respect—which when it comes to the latter many of you seem not to have in the least. If any of you want to tell me I’m wrong on this, then go major in sociology, come back and we’ll talk. Many of you who Troy was referring to aren’t even half-way through high school and it shows. And you are too young to even know how embarrassed you should be. ( BTW, some of you can’t even spell you cuss words right.)

  • narf

    Well said troy and Karen!

  • narf

    Hey Zanessa110, I started to respond to you before, but my boss paged me.

    I have missed you too. How have you been? Any plans for this wekk off?

    I will catch your answer when i get home as they are timing how long we are on the internet these days.

    Talk to you later.

    Hi to all Zanessa’s Angels and supporters. :)

  • zanessa110

    yeah narf, well im gonna go to the beach today, to walk my dog. and my sisters birthday is on wednesday, so well probably go out have you been?

  • cbm

    Are you really back with Zac?

  • cbm

    I can’t wait to hear Sneakernights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cbm

    Ican’t wait to hear Sneakernights!!!!

  • Steph


    Don’t even worry about needing to say what you want to say on these threads…. after all it’s freedom of speech and we are here to defend our Stars…

    Whoever has a problem with us defending against these “Teens” or what have you, has to realize that we are not the cause of their misbehaviour on these sites… Bottomline is… why are they even so mean on these sites and posting ludicrous, hateful, judgemental and crass posts, not to mention the cursing? Why aren’t their parents detecting what site they’re in and what they’re posting? How do we even know they’re teens? Their behaviour are just symptoms of a strained relationship at home. Regardless of what we say to them, it doesn’t fix the actual problem nor did we start it. It’s not as if we curse back or subject ourselves to their level. We’re merely just defending the sordid posts…

    But people should NEVER judge what we do or say here. “Let him/her who has no sins throw the first stone is my motto”.

  • Steph

    Karen, Good post, I agree with you :) Unfortunately, these people of “Low Class” status have to be subject to the public… I sure hope they don’t behave this way or say things like this to people outside of the internet. I doubt it… people like these are cowardice up front.

  • http://jareddrakebell the hott chick

    vanessa hudgens u are so pretty and cool !!!!! please leave zac for drake bell he is so hotttttt!!!!!! and i know that!!!

  • Karen

    #245–the hott chick”

    I know I am going to regret this but, just HOW do you know that Drake Bell is so hot? AND if you actually know first hand, for sure, you know what I mean kind of “KNOW” then maybe, just MAYBE Vanessa doesn’t want that kind of guy. Maybe she prefers a guy like Zac Efron who believes a relationship is something scared. Maybe she wants a guy who loves her and one she can trust.

  • narf

    I am great Zanessa110, thanks.

    All of your plans sound great, have fun.

    Steph is right Karen, say what you want. Don’t worry about the critics.

  • jen

    hell naw zac is wayyyy better than drake v and z r together not with drake

  • daiane

    i love vanessa
    i love zanessa

  • troy

    O.M.G. Did you see those naughty pictures of Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend that just hit the internet! Soon she’ll be posting n*u*de like Vanessa!

    AND WHY does Vanessa still get her name in the headline on Just Jared when she is yesterday’s news?!? She has done NOTHING since HSM at all! She doesn’t deserve to be in the headline on Just Jared!