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Vanessa Hudgens Gets Sneaky

Vanessa Hudgens Gets Sneaky

Just got official word that Vanessa Hudgens‘ upcoming album, Identified, is due out on Tuesday, June 24.

Mark your calendars!

And put on your dancing shoes, the brand new single, “Sneakernight,” will be available on iTunes on Tuesday, May 20.

Vanessa was recently featured in the latest issue of GQ.

To listen to “Sneakernights” and to check out the lyrics, click here!

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  • go sox

    You are right on point Troy!!! I have been pleading with Jared to take Vanessa’s name off the front page of Just Jared and to replace it with Chace Crawford or anyone else from Gossip Girls. Noone cares about Vanessa anymore. Heck! I remember when Jared posted articles on Vanessa almost every day! Now it is like once a month! Maybe this will be the LAST. ONE. EVER!!!

  • kgg

    Troy and Go Sox, you are even worse than Steph and Narf the other day! If you aren’t interested in Vanessa any more you should just stop posting negative comments on this site and find some other way to occupy your time. It really hurts me to see a long time Vanessa fan suddenly turn on her. Vanessa may be experiencing a dry spell right now as far as her career goes but that doesn’t mean you shoudl get all nasty! Just take your bad vibe elsewhere. I am not your friend no more.

  • karen

    Right on KGG! I am sick and tired of Narf and Steph monopolizing every post on Vanessa and Zac and worse still now that they are getting all nasty. They should just stop posting if they don’t have anything nice to say.

  • troy

    I cannot believe that Boji thinks that those dirty pictures of Miley Cyrus and her skanky boyfriend vindicate Vanessa! Miley was just posing looking naughty with her boyfriend but she was fully clothed. Vanessa was n*ude people! It is like night and day! Black and white! Summer and winter!

  • karen

    Talk to the hand because the face isn’t listening Troy!!!

  • Boji

    hah hah you are right my fine friend!! Vanessa: Bad Naughty Girl.

    Miley: Nice girl! Hopefully Miley will learn from Vanessa’s mistake or her career will be over almost as quickly as Vanessa’s!!!

  • becky

    Hey Everyone! Sorry to see you are all still stuck on Vanessa! Everyone who is anybody is posting on the Gossip Girl’s posts. Don’t be square….be there….not here!

  • other troy

    Troy! you are going to give Troys everywhere a bad name! I am going to have to change my name to Other Karen! She seems to be the only person left on this site who still likes Vanessa! YIKES!!!

  • karen

    Go Sox!!! Great to see you are back! I am happy to see Narf and Steph and Troy didn’t scare you off with all their mindless rambling on and on with the same old shtickl. All of them were boring me out of my mind! Come save me! HELP!

  • zanessa

    i love zanessa

  • Steph

    Oh, boy, our impersonator is back… The thing is, these posts are not even humorous. What’s funny is, this impersonator takes the time to type all this, it’s flattering really :) It makes me happy to know that we’ve affected your life so much that you spent some of your valuable time on us… after all, time is precious. And we were in your thoughts, which means we’ve affected you that much, LOL. That means to Narf, Troy, Karen, Kgg, Go Sox, Becky, Other Troy, Boji & I have been doing a great job on these Zac and Vanessa threads :) Pats on the backs guys :) THANKS IMPERSONATOR

  • rosielee9

    I for one stil ejoy loking at this site for news of Zac and Vanessa.

    And as for not having newson Vanessa every day it’slogic that JJ can’t post what is’nt avaiable, Vanessahas ben working on one movie, sortingout her album and now is working on HSM3 so she is not going to be around for a while that does’nt mean that she’s yesturday’s news, it just means that shes been working.

    And if people are fed with her then that’s your right,just move onto someone else that you are interested in and don’t bother to post nasty or uncalled for comments on a thread about her.

    No one is in the news 24/7 but that does’nt mean that people have lost interest. And Disney are doing a great job of keeping the gang out of the public eye in Utah, but for me that’s great that they canall have some together time and work in peace, and we’ll no doubt get lots of pictures of Vanessa whenal the promotion work starts for her various projects and that’s good enough for me.

  • troy

    I think what really impresses me is how the impersonator is able to so flawlessly mimic of how go sox, kgg, Karen, and I all post. For a minute there I had to question if I actually post that garbage. *end of sarcasm*

  • taty

    she’s so beautiful and talented!!!

  • go sox ( the real one)

    WOW…..I guess I should feel somehow “honored” that someone would impersonate me. Sorry…..nice try, though. We’ve got a lot more integrity and character than that.

  • yet

    Vanessa is the best alll!!!!!!!

  • Naomi

    Someone has his/her panties in a twist over Vanessa and some of the regular posters on her threads! You actually went out of your way to type a number of comments impersonating them. Talk about obsession! Why are you not in the Gossip Girl thread with the people who are something? Why should it bother you that inspite of everything, Vanessa is still one of the most popular celebs on JJ? Or is it really giving you physical pain that despite your wishes to the contrary, her career is just taking off?

    A better way to utilise your time is to go to the gossip girl thread and support your favourite stars and promote their shows. Leave other stars to their fans cause you’re never going to change their minds.

  • zanessa

    zanessa I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


    I love vanessa
    you go,girl

  • Karen

    Posts #250 through #260 goes to show what happens when someone stops their medication—all the personalities come out at once.

  • zacvan

    i love vanessaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    ilove zanessaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Steph

    Thank you Naomi :)

    Karen, LMAO!!!!! #269 – so funny :) Nub ya!



  • http://none es

    Beauti-ful talent-less.
    the girl can act but she cant sing. lol my friend played this song and i hated it. oh well i love vanessa anyway :p

  • debora

    she`s so beautiful and talented
    i love baby v
    i love zanessa

  • go sox

    Thanks, Naomi!! So glad people recognize the slime when it hits us!

  • Hsm fan

    I hope Vanessa do more large screen movies, because she is a very good actress. I know she will be great doing action pack movie or drama or sci-fi.

  • Soff

    here, from Argentina, I say: VANESSA HUDGENS, YOU ARE MY LIFE


    i love yOU NESSA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • go sox (the real one)

    Hey everyone! 275 was NOT me. I think Naomi is a freak. And I am tired of Steph and Narf monopolizing every Vanessa post. I wish they would just get booted by Jared.

  • peggy

    vuh-ness rocks.
    can’t wait for her album!(:

  • narf

    Hey Steph, I need Vanessa as my stylist.

    She always looks great, even on her worst days.

  • Steph

    hey narf :) Yes, she’s so beautiful… no matter what she wears. Even when she down-dresses, she looks great. I wish I looked like that w/out make up!

  • kgg

    Narf and Steph, Just wanted to tell you both that you are the best and no imposter is going to drive us away from our favorite threads, no matter what. Vanessa is beautiful, feisty, funny and always looks great. Can’t wait for her album to drop…i’m so buying it. She’s awesome!

  • narf

    Right you are KGG, no imposter can ever taint the unity of the regulars on any of Zac or Vanessa’s threads. I wonder if they will ever get that through their heads.

    I tell you, between all the movies I will be going to see, the albums I going to buy, and then the DVD’s of the movies I see, Vanessa and the rest are going to have me putting in a lot of OT to afford it all.

  • narf

    Steph, what say we track Vanessa down and get some of her secrets?

  • Steph

    Yes, Vanessa’s secrets, LOL. I love that idea.

    It’s funny, so many haters have wanted us off this site for so long… but we’re not going anywhere… as a matter of fact, we’ve outlived alot of them on this site, LOL. :)

    Kgg, you are one awesome regular yourself girlie :) You up for OT to buy all the HSM parapharnelia’s?

  • kgg

    Yes, Steph, saving my cash for sure! Also, can’t wait to go to L.A. with you guys so we can haunt some of their favorite places like Robeks, Paty’s, Aroma Cafe and others. Then have to purchase V’s new album, go to V’s concert here, see Zac’s17 Again, and then of course, HSM3. Hmmmmm……I’ll be working mucho hours of OT…lol Loving how these two are so talented and awesome.

  • narf

    Hey KGG and Steph, maybe we should pool our money and share all of this stuff. We can start a Zanessa’s Angels library for the whole gang. What say you ladies?

    KGG, can’t wait for LA either.

  • Steph

    LA’s going to be a blast!

    Yes, maybe start a museum full of their stuff… LOL

    BTW, Didn’t you guys think that Zac did such a remarkable thing for Connor (may he rest in peace)? In the midst of all the trouble in the world and how busy he is, he took the time to make someone happy.

  • kgg

    Steph and Narf, yes I think Zac did a great thing for Connor and it’s good to see that he and Vanessa are always willing to go the extra mile to help those in need or to fulfill a dying wish. You just gotta love them. I’m wishing them much continued success now and in the future. They are turning into a pair of awesome adults and kudos to their parents for bringing them up right.

  • narf

    Yes, what Zac did was amazing. We can all learn some great things from him and Vanessa.

    Well Steph and KGG, it’s time for me to hit the hay and dream of LA. I will catch you ladies manana.

    Good Night to all.

  • Steph

    Good night Narf and Kgg :) Good night to all ZA’s and all supporters…. Good night imposter :P

  • kgg

    Good night Steph and Narf, sleep well and we’ll talk tomorrow. Bon soir!

  • Tony the tiger

    Good night to you too Steph!

  • Tony the tiger

    And Narf…..I heard you were making fake posts to make people think I was up to my old tricks and that Steph hadn’t reformed me with her kind words and maganimous spirit last Christmas so I was compelled to return to protect my reformed reputation. You really need to get a life!

  • tatyana

    i love sneakernights
    i love vanessa e zac

  • dada

    ooooii!!! shut up!!! troy,steph and the other shits!!! i dont know wat the hell are you doing here!!! if u hate vanessa, get your ass out of here!!

    go vanessa!!!

  • Steph

    Heeeeeeeee’ssssss Baaaaaaccccckkkkk! LMAO!!!!

    A person who feels the need to vindicate themselves is just outright Pathetic… as it seems you lurk these threads as much as we do… you yourself need to get a life! :)



    i love vanessa
    eu acho esta menina lindaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    e adoro o seu namorado tambem

  • sydney

    ı love vanessa
    she is so beautiful and nice
    ı hope we see vanessa with zac
    ı miss zanessa