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Vanessa Hudgens Gets Sneaky

Vanessa Hudgens Gets Sneaky

Just got official word that Vanessa Hudgens‘ upcoming album, Identified, is due out on Tuesday, June 24.

Mark your calendars!

And put on your dancing shoes, the brand new single, “Sneakernight,” will be available on iTunes on Tuesday, May 20.

Vanessa was recently featured in the latest issue of GQ.

To listen to “Sneakernights” and to check out the lyrics, click here!

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  • narf

    Steph, I had forgotten a certain someone even existed until now. I couldn’t for the life of me remeber the name before now. Goes to show how much of an impression they have on people huh?

    Anyway, here’s something I know you will enjoy girlie.

  • Steph

    True Narf, I for one think of my Feline Friend from time to time… always knowing he/she is around… Lurking…. YIKES LOL

    How’s your day my friend? Hope it’s well… 27 days left Gang!!!! Woohoooo!!!

  • narf

    My day is a little crazy Steph, but having Wasington and La to look forward to helps.

    27 days, yippee!

  • narf

    How’s your day going Steph?

  • kgg

    Hi Steph and Narf! I see the feline is back causing problems. He must admire us or why else would he imitate us……lol Maybe we should give him a ball of yarn to play with and he’ll go away……..brohahahahahaha!

  • Steph

    Hi Kgg! More so a slab of meat!!!! LOL

    Day’s going good, about to go for a walk w/my friend… How’s your day going?

    Narf, stay cool :)

  • kgg

    Steph – Day is going well…..about to get ready for work and leaving in about an hour. Hope you had a nice walk!

  • Steph

    Kgg, Thanks… Cya at the bellfry :)

  • Narf

    Wouldn’t it be crazy if Jared was Tony the Tiger!?!? YIKES!!!

  • Steph

    Jared, Are you Tony the Tiger???? LOL

  • Karen

    You know, I thought about the Jared aspect too. No offense, Jared, but maybe someone wants to keep Vanessa’s thread going. Since we have had no current news on our HSM gang someone may want to hear from us “old-timers” since it will give them some connection to our “kids”. LOL

    As for the feline, how would he/she know anything was ever said about them if they hadn’t been at least lurking? And I seriously doubt that he/she could keep from posting SOMETHING that long if they had been lurking—the temptation would be to great?

    Talk later.

  • narf

    # 309 is not me.

    I don’t think Jared would say the nasty things to us that a certain stray does.

    I think Jared likes us, don’t you Jared?

  • nati brasil

    muita saudade de zanessaaaaaaaaaaa

    i love zanessa

  • go sox

    I see the imposter is stil at it. I just hope all of our Zanessa fans know any comments that are negative will NEVER be me!!

    Hi to everyone! Sorry I’ve been crazy busy, but I think we’re getting somewhere with the wedding plans! At least the place. I would love to know if there are any other moms out there who planned a daughter’s wedding and stayed sane!!

  • sara

    Hey go sox- I’m not a mom, but I’m getting married in October of 2009 and I think my mother and I have each cried no less than a dozen times! (unfortunately those weren’t tears of joy either and most were mine, haha)

    It’s overwhelming at times, but I try to remember she’s done this herself and for my older sister. I don’t even have a dress yet! It will either be 1 of 2 things: an amazingly fun adevnture or HELL! I guess it’s just give a little, take a little?


  • sara

    Vanessa got voted #26 in Fhm’s sexiest women of the world in 2008:

  • martina

    where is zanessa?
    it’s over?

    please, respond


  • martina


  • sara

    There’s some AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS new shots of V from her GQ outtakes. I kind of wish they’d used the one of her in the denim shorts. breathtaking :)

  • Karen

    Thanks for the link, Sara. I got to say that I still like the pic Jared chose the best, though. LOL It just looks more like her to me.

  • sara

    np Karen :)

    Your right it does look like her more in the 1st, but there’s just something I love about that indoor one-maybe the lighting? Either way, all 3 are GREAT shots. Kudos to the photographer, job well done.

  • 1fã

    i love vanessa
    i love zanessa

  • Vannie

    I miss Zanessa but i wish thy are still together
    GOD Bless Zanessa and all the supporters.

  • Chocolate Babe

    Martina, Zac and Vanessa are shooting High School Musical 3, in Utah !
    Are they still togetha ? Mmmh , don’t know …

  • Chocolate Babe

    And, yeah, thanks Sara for the link, the pictures are amazing ! Ans so is Vanessa …

  • Chocolate Babe

    I mean ‘and’ so is V ^^

  • Pit

    AOL has a nice article about Vanessa on their Entertainment Page today AND she is included in the FHM 100 sexiest women list they have up too today so she is getting double time on there today!! You go girl!!

  • Karen

    Just because we have no recent pictures of Vanessa and Zac together out in the public doesn’t mean they are not together. We have no indication they are not. The last candid picture we have of Vanessa was taken with Ashley right after they arrived in Utah and she has her ring, her diamond earrings and locket
    (both believed to be given to her by Zac) on in the picture. The last picture we have of Zac is when he arrived at the JFK airport and was getting a connecting flight to Salt Lake City to join the others cast members of HSM. So, that does not indicate a problem with Zac and Vanessa. ALSO, it has been reported on a couple other fansites—I believe one being VABM, or there is a link to the information—-that both Zac and Vanessa were seen at their hotel in Salt Lake City and they were TOGETHER. Does that make everyone feel a little better now?

    As my friend Narf has said on different occasions, she may not have seen certain members of her family for a few weeks who are married but it doesn’t mean they are not still together. Some things we don’t have to have a picture of everyday to be able to know that it is so. I just love how some of you say things like “I wish they were still together”, why do you think they aren’t just because you don’t have a picture. They’ve been away from each other for over 2 months making movies in different countries they couldn’t have pictures taken together. So, now that they are able to be with each other again, let them have time to enjoy each other and reconnect.


    i love vanessa

    i love zanessaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • MAA
  • Nay

    I HATE this picture she looks awful, she looks ill!!!

  • tee

    thanks for the links sara, and congrats on your upcoming wedding. Just take a deep breath it will all turn out find in the end. I know how frustrating the planning can be. I was wondering if Vanessa was on the list from the time I heard of it 26 is not bad at all.

  • Wendy

    MAA…Thank you so much for finding that for us!!!! I wish it was 3:33 instead of 33 seconds….can’t get enough of OUR GIRL!!!! One in a million she is!!!!!!

  • go sox

    sara, thanks for the encouraging words!! There are so many things to think about planning a wedding, and I’m just glad I have such a great relationship with my daughter. I’m sure it could bring out the worst in people if there are issues!!

    And thanks for the link to the Vanessa pics! They’re such mature but sweet shots of her. Loved them!

  • Chocolate Babe

    Thanks MAA, she’s cute !

  • rosielee9

    Hi Karen hope your well.

    There good points that you mentioned we’ve not seen them together because of their schedules and when those involve filming in different countries then it’s impossible to get photo’s of them together. But you only have to loo at the pictures and video’s from Palm Springs to see how happy and together they were and we have heard nothing to say otherwise.

    As you say she had her ring on when she left withAshley and when we have so far on ly seen the one photo of them at rehersals she had it on then along with the other jewlllery that Zac has supposedly given to her.

    And I for one am glad that we are’nt getting any photo’s of them together as you said Karen they have been apart for 2 months and so deserve like any other couple that have been apart for a while to catch up with each other and reconnect, and if they can do that amongst friends and without the press being in their face’s then good for them.
    We will no doubt see them in public when they are ready and when filming allows them any days off, which to be honest I can’t imagine will be for a while, but then we’ll have all the promotion work for HSM3 to lookforward to, and no doubt once they are both back in L.A. and back home we will get some shot’s, as the saying goes ‘ everything comes to those who wait’ and we’ve waited this long so a few more weeks or even months won’t hurt.

    And as you say it’s not unusal not to see friends and member’s of your family for ages but that does’nt mean that any couples in those circles are not together anymore just becuase you don’t see them every week or even every month.

    Apparently Zac did say while he was in London that he could’nt wait to go and start filming HSM and was really lookinforward to it .

    It’s nice though that they have given the cast so much privacy this time I’m sure that they all appreciate it but especially Zac and Vanessa considering how much the press hound them at time’s, and what a better way to spend your time working with your partner and spending time in a nice hotel by the sound of it after a hard day’s work.

  • sara

    Your welcome everyone :)

    Tee- Thank you for the congratulations! I think a lot of people say I’m too young to be married (I’ll be 21 in October of ’08 so by next year I’ll be turning 22 a week after my wedding). It has only been stressful trying to figure out color schemes and flowers. My mom has a green thumb so she’s kind of taking charge so I just let her… all flowers are pretty and I’m kind of clueless about types and species (is that even right? species of flowers? lol)

    I’m NOT saying Zanessa will be engaged anytime soon, but stranger things have happened and I most certainly am really happy. My parents got married around my age too. I know Zanessa could break up- even solid marriages break up after many years. I’m just rooting for them both to be happy whether that means together or not.

    go sox- I’m glad you and your daughter are close. It will help ease unecessary stress! When is she getting married? I’m the first of my friends to get married so I don’t have them to kind of ask for help because we’re all just like “how do you plan all this??”

  • rosielee9

    Hi Sara and first of all congratulations on your forthcoming marriage and I hope that it all goes.

    I don’t think age has anything to do with it if it feels right and you fel ready to make that kind of commitment then go for it.

    Like you I don’t think Zac and Vanessa wil get engaged anytime soon and if you beleive a lot of the magazine’s that are out their recent seperation has’nt help their relactionship and has put a big strain on it, coupled with the fact that Zac has’nt been wearing his ring they make it sound as if things are reall bad betwen them.

    But they faced seperation early on in their relactionship due to different work commitments and seemed to cope okay, and have coped with other things to and seem to have just got stronger each year and so I for one don’t pay much atention to the mags, but am like a lotof people and hope that Zac and Vanessa do make it but only time will tell, but I don’t think that they are too young to know what they want.

    In the one magazine it said that hopefuly the magaic of HSM3 wil put the spark back in their relacionship and that the rest of the cast are rooting for them, as that’s where they fell in love to start with. The only thing that made me question that was when they said that th eother cast members has said that considring that they don’t alk about each other to the press.

    Whatever happens I like always wish Zac and Vanessa the best in whatever they do seperate or as a couple how ever long it may last after all t is scared to Zac and Vanesa does’nt like talking about her personal life and so I’m sure that they will keep the chemisry going, as zac once said ‘when two people know howto comunicate the chemistry will always be there’.

    And it’s rare to find a true love so young but not impossible and if the two involved cherish, work and let it grow naturally then it’s not to say it won’t last.

  • go sox

    sara, it’ll be August, ’09, but it sounds like we’re way behind you!! She’s also the first of her friends getting married, but her bridesmaids are having a blast with it!! They threw a fabulous engagement party for them and the entire wedding party got to meet each other and have fun.

    I’m also a fan of getting married younger than 30, IF you find the right person!!! I was 22, had my children young, had lots of energy running around with them, and had a GREAT guy who enjoyed it all with me!! Now our kids are older, and we’re still young enough to put them through college, throw a wedding, and have 15 years left to work, and enjoy our lives after our kids move out!! My kids also had great-grandparents that they loved and enjoyed, and still have fairly young grandparents. When you get married late, and have children late, your kids miss having that. But, sometimes you don’t meet “the one” until later, so it doesn’t always work out.

    I guess my point is, when you know you’re with someone, who is good to you, adores you, who you’re attracted to, are best friends with, and enjoys the things you do in life, then it’s right!!

    One more thing…..I just looked at that list of the “sexiest women” and cheers to Vanessa!! At #26, she is ahead of lots of gorgeous, sexy women, and it’s great to see her recognized with all of them!!!

  • suzana

    i love zanessa

  • Karen


    Here’s what I think about all those doomsayer magazines—no I don’t think I will say exactly what I think about them other than the fact they just want to sell their product any way they can. Plus, I’m sure once we start getting some interviews and news about the movie and filming those same magazines will then be having stories about how their love was rekindled and how they realized how much they loved each other while working together on the movie again. They have no other news to print about them as they are obviously being allowed to have some privacy—-as are all the cast since there have been no pictures of any of them—so the ragazines have to fabricate their “news”. And their fabrications are always opened to more fabrications—the ones that will no doubt show up as I spoke about. Zac hasn’t been seen wearing his ring since his surgery and we’ve have pictures of him and Vanessa together since that but Zac was working everyday even then on 17 Again so he probably wasn’t wearing it—except when he went to Palm Springs with Vanessa. And he may have even lost it during the surgery situation.

    go sox—always enjoy your true love stories. It’s fact that nobody can discount.

  • Steph

    Go sox, that’s so sweet and good luck on your daughter’s wedding plans. Did I ever tell you how beautiful she is… she’s going to make one beautiful bride… and that groom is hers is a hunk! LOL, still would like to meet his Bro, :) LOL

    Hi Karen, and all other Angels!

  • loren_la

    can’t wait for the cd
    vanessa is so awesome

  • sara

    rosielee9- Thanks for the well wishes and I’m with you on a lot of what you said. I can’t speculate too much about Zac/Vanessa since their relationship is between the two of them, but that’s why I try to just root for overall happiness rather than “stay together forever!” or “oh gosh I hope things are okay between the two!” Overall happiness seems to be something worth rooting for. At least to me it does.

    go sox- I agree with your sentiments of getting married under 30 (and as you also said- IF you find the right person). I loved hearing how you were able to keep up with your kids, because I’d like to be able to do the same. I look at someone like a Donald Trump and wonder how in the world he chases after a baby boy (and maybe he doesn’t, I don’t know the Trumps personally obviously) but thanks for sharing your story. It made me smile!



  • rosielee9


    I too agree that the relactionship is between Zac and Vanessa which is one of the reasons I like them and are rooting for them it’s nice to see a young couple who want to build on something that started as friends and see where it goes, and they don’t like flaunting it all over the press and they seem to be taking it one day at a time which is good.

    And Vanesa has said that Zac knows how to make her laugh and makes her happy which is two of the best things in a relactionship I think if the other person take’s the time to care about your feelings and shows it then it’s a good start.


    Hope your well.

    That’s very true as you say once w do start geting pictures then the mag’s will no doubt change their stories it’s just at the moment everytime I go into my local shop either Zac or Vanessa are on the front of a magazine and all they can say is how much trouble their relactionship is in which does make me smile and think ‘ how would you know’ seeings as neither talk to the press about their relactionship in great detail so I tend not to take to much notice.

    I’m also sure that they don’t need to work on a movie together either to know how much they love each other after being together for over two year’s I’m sure that they know what their feelings are to one another but will just enjoy the time being with their friends and also being with each other away from the public eye, I’m glad that the security is so good for all of them to be able to get on with their job.

    Zac could well have lost his ring but again I don’t pay to much attention to that as like you say he did’nt have it on anyway when he’s filming and doing 3 films back to back it is abit pointless wearing it, but he wore it to Palm Springs and they were together after his surgery so that to me shows how much they were together ring or no ring.

    Speak to you again soon I hope Karen, take care

    Oh and well done to Vanessa for getting number 25 in the poll that was a very good position considering some of the other one’s who was on the list, but she is a very attractive young lady.

  • juli

    vanessa cute

  • go sox

    Steph, thanks! She’s been a great daughter too. It’s been easy to be her mother. One available brother, extremely good-looking……lives in Florida. Good job, very smart. Will check him out for you!!

    sara, you made me smile too! Brought back lots of memories of how excited I was to get married and be with my guy!! And it’s still fun now!!

    Karen, we all have great stories to share when someone here needs some encouragement!! We’re here for each other! Yours are inspiring too!

    And Rosielee9, I agree Zac and Vanessa have had a great foundation in their relationship, with friendship and humor! Hollywood is the wild card, though, that we don’t have to deal with in our lives. I hope they stay real to each other. We need a romance to root for out here!!!

  • Steph

    Go Sox, It must feel so great to see how well your daughter turned out. It makes everything so worth it, your marriage, child birth, growing pains, the flu, doctors appointments, boys… talking back even, LOL. What a lasting joy and accomplishment that is! :) Congratulations again! I’m excited for you and your family.

    And, wow! Brother sounds awesome :)

  • Chocolate Babe

    Hey, does anybody know if the WHOLE HSM Cast will go to Paris for the French Premiere of HSM 3 ? It’s really important, thanks !