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Chace Crawford's Gossip Girls

Chace Crawford's Gossip Girls

Gossip Girl hunk Chace Crawford takes on the ladies, shooting some scenes with gal pals Jessica Szohr and Blake Lively on the film set in Long Island City, New York City on Friday.

The GG gang stopped by The Early Show Friday morning to promote new episodes starting THIS Monday April 21st!

And for those of you used to watching Gossip Girl on, get ready to fire up the tubes. The CW is looking to bump up its ratings by dropping its online streaming.

45+ pictures of Chace Crawford and his gossip girls…

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chace crawford gossip girl 01
chace crawford gossip girl 02
chace crawford gossip girl 03
chace crawford gossip girl 04
chace crawford gossip girl 05
chace crawford gossip girl 06
chace crawford gossip girl 07
chace crawford gossip girl 08
chace crawford gossip girl 09
chace crawford gossip girl 10
chace crawford gossip girl 11
chace crawford gossip girl 12
chace crawford gossip girl 13
chace crawford gossip girl 14
chace crawford gossip girl 15
chace crawford gossip girl 16
chace crawford gossip girl 17
chace crawford gossip girl 18
chace crawford gossip girl 19
chace crawford gossip girl 20
chace crawford gossip girl 21
chace crawford gossip girl 22
chace crawford gossip girl 23
chace crawford gossip girl 24
chace crawford gossip girl 25
chace crawford gossip girl 26
chace crawford gossip girl 27
chace crawford gossip girl 28
chace crawford gossip girl 29
chace crawford gossip girl 30
chace crawford gossip girl 31
chace crawford gossip girl 32
chace crawford gossip girl 33
chace crawford gossip girl 34
chace crawford gossip girl 35
chace crawford gossip girl 36
chace crawford gossip girl 37
chace crawford gossip girl 38
chace crawford gossip girl 39
chace crawford gossip girl 40
chace crawford gossip girl 41
chace crawford gossip girl 42
chace crawford gossip girl 43
chace crawford gossip girl 44
chace crawford gossip girl 45
chace crawford gossip girl 46

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  • milk

    THIS Monday April 21st!
    i can’t wait more

  • Lisa

    I just can’t see or believe Jessica Szohr to be this “brooklyn girl”, she doesn’t have a typical “brooklyn accent” , she speaks like the upper east side kids and she looks like them too.

  • frt


  • heeelio

    does any one know where she got the sweater!?

  • michelle

    Chace is so hot!!!!

  • Emma


  • Emma

    nevermind lol

  • kristina

    what dress is blake wearing?
    like the designer!
    its so prettyyyyyyyyy!

  • kay

    NATE AND VANESSA eeek. soo excited! i love her. i think jessica szohr is amazing. but of course, so is blake!

  • kay

    oh and Vanessa’s sweater is from H&M. her outfit would be MUCH better without that tacky jean skirt

  • sara

    Blake looks gorgeous! I love her dress and necklaces. Ugh, Nate and Vanessa together is just wrong. Hate that storyline.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    blake – hot.

    jessica – hot.

  • crazygurl

    Omg chace is so cute i hope him and blair get back together. they’re o cute together luv all they’re outfit uch fahionita’s!

  • Lucy

    Vanessa rules. If you read the book, you’ll know there will be more of her to come.

    And i like this twist with her and Nate hooking up maybe finally Dan will open up to his feelings for her because towards the end of the book, Dan realises Vanessa is the love of his life.

    But we’ll never know as the TV version is a bit twisted.

  • Mrs.JoeJonas

    I can’t wait for this show to come back in 3 days omg .It’s going to be amazing,I wonder who the gay character is going to be. Hopefully not Dan!

  • Mrs.JoeJonas

    I can’t wait for this show to come back in 3 days omg .It’s going to be amazing,I wonder who the gay character is going to be. Hopefully not Dan!

  • melanie

    Chace It’s the best
    Chace is so hot

    chace I love you

  • bee

    Jessica = love. period.
    && Blake is so cute.. && Chace is just *drool now THAT is a cute white boy.. i really don’t see what’s so cute about Zac Efron aside from his eyes.. Chace is :thud:

    gaaaah GG is finally back on in three days!!
    i’m interested to see how they’re gonna play the whole Nate/Vanessa storyline.. i bet all the fans of the book are gonna be even more pissed.. i’ve never read them myself, but i’ve heard from a lot of them that they can’t stand the show cause it’s a lot different than the book itself..

    anyways.. thanks Jared..

  • R

    yay blake!

    now the same person with 5 different SNs can shut up.

  • wicked wench

    THANK-YOU JARED! I have been missing this CHASE CRAWFORD eye candy. Now, if you could get a few shots of Chase talking to Orlando (who is also in NY), I could die a happy woman.

  • anoa

    my niece is such a dork she didnt no that s ment serena and b meant blair she always thought it was a nickname gossip girl gave to them as bitch and slut

  • Ju

    i wish i was in their place lol

    chace is such a hottie

  • odierox

    so chace and jessica together on the show?what was all the kissing abt we read a few weeks ago?i hope they don’t end up together.

  • tatiana

    I’m LOVING Nate and Vanessa together! I do hope they end up together, because Nate needs a girl that he’s had to go after himself, not one who was handed to him on a silver platter like Blair. Also not the completely unobtainable girlfriend’s best friend. Come on, kid! Brooklyn for the win.

  • james

    She’s soo pretty and really talented

  • lorna

    They all look good!!!
    blake is really pretty , I love her dress and her hair , she has a beautiful smile !
    Jessica has beautiful eyes , Im so jealous , and chace is always hot ! but I like penn better :D

  • mariah

    Where’s penn ? I love him ,and Blake looks gorgeous .
    JJ ,post more pictures of GG and Blake pleaseee !!!

  • laurie

    I LOVE GG :D
    blake is pretty and chace is hot !!!!!

  • omfg

    chace! oh chace! omfg chace!


  • cate

    I love Chace. He is so ADORABLE.

    I know they are going to play the blair nate, blair chuck, nate serena, nate vanessa and more options if the show has to run 6 yrs.

    but i dont know why i cry whenever i see nate with vanessa. he’s supposed to be with blair. *cries*

  • moimoiu

    I love blake and i want her dress !!!!

  • gg

    I just love chace. he’s the cutest. love his blue eyes, his smile, his voice….the list goes on….haha

    blake is pretty.

    vanessa is pretty.

    the entire cast is beautiful. but CHACE is the BEST.

  • cameron

    awww chace!!

    ps: why does vanessa wear such ugly shoes? pink and green. eww

  • ashy

    # 30 agree with you.

    i cry when i see nate give flowers and kisses vanessa. he was never so sweet to blair.

  • ashy

    blake and vanessa: very pretty.

  • ashy

    I like chace’s blue sweater.

  • little star

    love chace

  • anonymous

    ^ me too.

    love love love chace!

  • paprika

    and dan & serena are sooooo cute together :)

  • andré

    chace’s hair is just so hideous and ridiculous.
    i can’t stand it.

    blake is the hottest woman.

  • Linda

    Unbelievably gorgeous people, especially Chace. He is just beyond perfect. Great pics of all of them! And I’m loving the idea of Nate/Vanessa–they’d be cute together, and also, it would get Nate out of the way so Blair and Chuck can be together. They’re much more perfectly matched than Nate/Blair.

  • nelly

    I would turn lesbian for Blake , This girl is Hot !!!

  • patata


  • BigVannfan

    haha. for a second i thought that was ZANESSA! lol
    i wish it was:/

  • jess
  • jess
  • mary

    i dont think removing gossip girl from their site is gonna bump up the ratings b/c i’m just gonna go dl instead.

  • Karen

    I am so excited for new episodes this Monday of Gossip Girl .

  • Kary

    CHAACEE!!! i LOOOVEE him!!!


    but i HATE the Nate/vanessa crap…

    i only want Nate w Blair=(!!! or i’d evn take him w Serena….

    but no jenifer.vanessa.etc!!!! GROSS!!!

  • xxxxx

    blair and nate are going to end up together. i seriously cant believe that this thing with vanessa can be more than a fling. i refuse to accept it. it pains me to say this but even serena would be better

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