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Evan Rachel Wood Gets the Woody Allen Treatment

Evan Rachel Wood Gets the Woody Allen Treatment

Evan Rachel Wood shoots scenes for her new romantic comedy in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood on Friday.

Woody Allen is directing it and details are under wraps. It’s temporarily called “Woody Allen‘s Summer Project”.

The film also stars Patricia Clarkson, Ed Begley Jr. and Larry David. The Tudors’ Henry Cavill is also rumored to be part of the cast.

And ERW reportedly said the following recently…

Says Rachel Evan, “People always call out, ‘Hi Rachel.’ I hate it. I’m not Rachel. That’s my middle name. They’re all dyslexic. Can’t they see Evan comes before Rachel?

Wood ‘n Woody!

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Credit: DiSciullo; Photos: INFdaily, Bauergriffinonline
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  • Helena

    She looks so great here! Compare to the The Life Before Her Eyes premiere.
    Evan DID state that she dyed her hair was black for The Fighter, another film, which she just finished filming…

  • Regina

    What’s up with the ‘Rachel’ statement. Who the hell is silly enough to call her Rachel? Really, only Asians are allowed to get away with that (they always have their names backwards like Zhang Ziyi and Gong Li!).

    Apparently Evan Rachel Wood’s character dates Larry David. That reminds me of the storyline in Manhattan.

  • kay

    is she still dating psychopath- i mean- marilyn manson?

  • jess

    vote for #17
    it’s the last day!

  • gia

    did she dye her hair back to blonde or is it a wig?

  • Just Jared

    Pretty sure it’s a wig.

  • gossipgirl

    well then its a great wig… shes better blonde

  • http://msn penny


  • Pernille

    I don’t like her so much. She seems unsympathetic.. She’s not that well known an actress and she should appreciate the fans she actually has, IMO

  • emilie

    she looks good in these pictures
    much better than when she was at that premiere a few days ago

  • michelle

    I used to be such a big fan of hers when she was younger. It’s sickening that she dates Marilyn Manson. So gross. She definitely looks better as a blonde. It makes her look more normal.

  • Regina

    She’s not well known as an actress? Where have you been?

  • michelle

    Normal has nothing to do with it. There is no such thing as normal. I just think the Goth look is so outdated for an adult. It’s too “I won’t grow up” if you know what I mean. The look screams ” I’m being rebellious!.”

    As far as her name goes, yeah that would suck if you were constantly being called the wrong name. I have even heard people on t.v. call her Rachel. It would make me mad too!!!!
    Especially if I had a cool adrogenous name like Evan!
    Evan is strong, Rachel is girly.

  • michelle

    Oh, I meant to say, that I love her anyway. I don’t care who she dates, and Natalie Portman’s boyfriend is pretty gross too, but nobody says jack. And what about Brittany Murphy and Katherine Mcphee? Both with way older middle aged guys.

  • Pernille

    Oh my god relax.. she’s more famous for dating marilyn manson than anything else

  • RC

    She’s too pretty for Manson but *shrugs shoulders* if she’s happy with him, who are we to judge. Best of luck to her. She’s a great actress and I have always been a fan!!!

    Aww Henry Cavil? OMFG! The young hottie on Count of Monte Cristo and Stardust. I am looking forward to see this film :D

  • suzy

    Rachel might be her middle name but it is still part of her name. She should be happy she has people Who recognise her. It’s better calling her Rachel than being called a different random name that is not even connected to her like Mary – Kate or would she prefer ‘that girl from thirteen?’

  • http://ew manson

    Manson still is and always will be a pee- do -phillleeeeee!!!

  • Ana

    Henry Cavill isn’t rumored to star. He officially signed on last month. It was in Variety. Emma Thompson was rumored, but I guess she backed out and they got Patricia Clarkson instead.

    No one cares about you Rachel! More Cavill pics please, Jared!

  • Missheloise

    She is so cute like that, “natural”, with her skin not white-white! She should leave Marilyn Manson!!

  • _nika

    duh shes known. wheres henry cavill pics?


    She looks nice and normal here.

  • RC

    WE WANT HENRY!!! LOL. I would want to see Henry around here. He is smothering with hotness!

  • dakides

    her name is EVAN… idiots… and btw she’s very talented!

  • RC

    I think the reason why some calls her “Rachel” is becasue Evan is a guys name?

  • oh hai

    Henry wont be in NY filming till May. Hold your horses girls.

  • Regina

    I know loads of Evan fans are concerned with who she’s dating, but people, let it be (no pun intended), it’s her life.

  • girl

    she looks great in these pictures. i can’t believe she looked like such a freak just a couple of days ago with the over done foundation and the brown wig.

  • Helena

    It wasn’t a brown wig, she dyed her hair for an upcoming movie called The Wrestler.

  • ck

    Instead of Rachel, I will call her the chick defiled by Marilyn Manson

  • shannon

    she looks so much better like this than her aattempt to look like Dita she should stick to being a blonde

  • Rae

    She looks so pretty here. It seems so stupid that such a naturally pretty girl would insist on making herself look bad with lots of makeup and overly styled hair.

  • Mika

    If she didn’t want people calling her Rachel then perhaps her professional name be shouldn’t be Evan *Rachel* Wood? Lots of people & other celebrities have middle names, but not everyone includes their long winded names on movie credits now do they? She damn well knows there isn’t another actress by the name of Evan Wood, but she probably knows Evan Rachel Wood is not only more memorable but also very pretentious. What a hypocrete.

  • kp

    couldn’t agree more with you rae. i almost didn’t recognize her!

  • gypsy marie

    Your lucky they know half your name! If it wasn’t for your boyfriend you’d never make into the tabloids or be recognized on the street.

  • rolling eyes

    her in a romantic movie…. I never saw that coming.

    This chic does not like to do the normal movies, she likes to do the ones that supposedly “artsy” which is really code for sex drug, naked bodies doing drugs while having sex… and the like

    How refreshing advant garde of her to do a romantic comedy (rolling eyes)
    —the girl’s annoying…done!

  • Face

    Then go by “Evan Wood” if you’re that annoyed by it. Simple but then it does sound like a male name.

    The recent pictures of her at premieres are frightening, she’s transforming into a copy of Dita Von Teese. She looks so much better on set!

  • Luella

    She goes by Evan ‘Rachel’ Wood, so that when she first started acting people wouldn’t think she was a guy if they saw her name in the credits, because Evan Wood would most likely be a guy’s name.

    She’s probably safe to drop the Rachel part if she wants now. I’m sure most people have realised she is not a guy.

  • missy

    I can’t wait to see this film. Woody Allen, Evan & Larry David? Man this is sure to be hilarious! so many jews together! lol
    And I LOVE Evan by the way, fuck you all bashers