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Rumer Willis @ Hot Hollywood Party 2008

Rumer Willis @ Hot Hollywood Party 2008

Rumer Willis rocks out new hair extensions and a nose ring at the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Hottest Style Makers Party held at Eva Longoria‘s Beso restaurant on Thursday in Hollywood.’

According to the Associated Press, rapper Eve talked her way into the VIP area despite a capacity crowd. Rumer didn’t have the same success and fled with pals when the doorman turned her away.


WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rumer’s new locks and nose ring?

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Photos: Frazer Harrison/Getty
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  • http://sdf dfdf

    FIRST!!!!!!!!!!! :d

  • http://sdf dfdf

    SHE’S UGLY BY THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Catherine


  • m

    shes a butterface.

  • Cara

    She is NOT a very pretty girl.

  • Amanda *brazil*

    I can´t believe she has such a beautiful mother with this ugly look.

  • Helena

    She needs to stop trying.

  • bejeebus

    i’m sad for her and her potato head. she really wants to be pretty and there’s just no use in trying so hard b/c it will never happen.

    *bejeebus wipes tear from cheek*….and realizes that it’s from laughing and not from crying.


    Looks like she’s in drag. :(
    Short hair is better 4 her.

  • ace tomato

    Wow. I have to agree with bejeebus. This girl is truly not attractive in ways hair extensions and cleavage won’t ever fix.

    She needs to give up on trying to be some kind of bombshell, which is painful to watch, and go for being an interesting person.

    If she wants to be an actress, fine, be an actress and be good at it. But you aren’t ever going to be a beauty.

  • peach

    Let’s hope she has acting talent.

  • kasia

    She’s just ugly, ugly, ugly…i mean realy ugly. I think that she is the only person i can call ugly … but have a nice figure though…

  • Ava

    I have to agree with helena, it’s just wrong looking! It’s not pretty!

  • galpal

    She can only get attention because of who her parents are.

  • steph

    It’s unfortunate really cus she has really nice eyebrows and gorgeous eyes. That’s about it though.

  • Suz

    Afraid I have to agree with the comments. She is not a very physically attractive person and she seems as useless and vapid as Parasite Hilton-which will always detract from any possible sense of attractiveness. But, I do think the hair extensions suit her. However, she needs to stop worrying about how she looks and concentrate on university, charities or SOMETHING other than showing up where she is not actually welcome.

  • my2cents

    she should stop lining the inside of her lower eyelids – it only makes her eyes look smaller, she should line the outer area to accentuate her eyes, make them look bigger.

  • Laurien

    What’s wrong with her face, she looks very weird. And the hair issn’t making it work for her. Can’t she just be simple and chique instead of wrong clothes and wrong haircuttes.

  • bejeebus

    ace tomato,
    who knows? there may be some sort of talent somewhere inside her but it seems she spends so much time trying to fit in with the hollywood pretty girls that she’s probably doesn’t have and time left to try and cultivate that potential “talent”. she could waste all her formative years this way instead of growing intellectually or artistically and then….the worst sort of feeling in the world….REGRET…..and all the lovely baggage that comes with it. i can see it all now. maybe they will make an “E True Hollywood Story” about her some day. that should gratify her a bit. LOL

  • legs

    i agree, there is something wrong about her.

  • Jimmy r.

    she’s rather unattractive only because she’s trying so hard to be attractive. Her features are no worse than any other girl’s face but somehow it’s the trying to stick out to be a hottie calls attention to the fact her face is ewww.
    She reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker. The more one tries so hard to appear sexy the effect is the opposite.

  • isabella

    Wow what a man face. She is just ugly. Demi is gorgeous what the hell happned to her?

  • sama

    um, disgustingly ew?

  • kathryn

    geez shes still ugly and im so sick of those lil hollywood ‘actresse’ wearing the same thing to events u know the same tight strapless herve leger dress with hooker platforms can someone plz be differnt

  • nika

    damn they slam the door on her, I guess having famous parents doesn´t work for everyone.

  • Corinne

    Are we sure Demi Moore and Bruce Willis are her parents ? hard to tell when you’re looking at her…
    (If I remimber correctly she and her sis’ were pretty young girls)

    Her face is way to long and kind square at the same time, it’s really weird.

    But she should forget about dark extension for sure ! she should try something that will soften her look..if possible

    Concerning her way in into the VIP Club it’s not the first time she doesn’t make her way in..she should be used to it by now.

  • robbie

    How dare she try to be famous. The gall!

  • Pauline

    She kinda has a great body and beautiful eyes.
    Well, that’s it. I mean, she could be pretty, but she’s not harmonious.

  • Yawn

    she looks just like her mom and has her mom’s voice.

  • julie

    I think she looks like her dad. But she is trying too hard to be something she is not. It is painful to see.

  • Me

    fug! shes so ugly is makes me angry. I cant stand looking at her.

    She is just fug. Oh and please keep in mind her mom has had plastic surgery before she became famous so Rumers FUG is def in her genes.

    Please Jared for out EYES sake stop posting pics of her.

  • Me

    fug! shes so ugly is makes me angry. I cant stand looking at her.

    She is just fug. Oh and please keep in mind her mom has had plastic surgery before she became famous so Rumers FUG is def in her genes.

    Please Jared for out EYES sake stop posting pics of her.

  • linda

    She has a chin like Jay Leno…………..not a good look on a female

  • +++

    OMG. she is getting uglier as day gone by.

  • Nicole

    All of those girls look like they took Bruce Willis’ head and tried to stretch Demi Moore’s face over it! Daddy had strong bone structure.

  • alvin

    Why does she get photographed??? I don’t get it. The only thing she’s known for is that she’s a daughter of celebrities. She’s got no acting, singing or promoting perfume career. The only thing Rumer Willis has done for herself is trying to getting into the bars as an underage girl. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but for god’s sake, Paris Hilton has done more for herself than she has.

  • lurking

    She sure does have odd features. One thing for sure she’s unique and in Hollywood, she can STAND OUT among the blond hair, blue eyes, fake boobs types. She can play her distintive look to her advantage. Good luck girl, you gonna need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    If she wanted to be a serious actress she would go and study acting like Meryl Streep or Phillip Seymour Hoffman, she chooses to be a typical Hollywood party child.
    She is not photogenic, all her acting roles are in stuff produced by her family.

  • joss

    she looks horrible here, she looks better with a short do

  • Lu!

    It’s so sad… she has a good body, bur her dad’s face

  • peg

    is that jay leno? big ol’ horse-face!

  • Lu!

    by the way… her name is sooo horrible too!!!!

  • miss t

    this girl is absolutely hideous. and because of that, i genuinely feel bad for her. it must be so hard to be that ugly!

  • American

    You’re all awful. As if any of your are winning modeling contracts for your striking good looks.

  • abha

    her parents are so beautiful but she’s ugly

  • Erica

    she is one exampleof a beautiful mother who produced a ugly child…
    unlike vanessa hudgens is the product of a ordinary looking filipino mother, a homely white guy produced a lovely child….
    that’s how genetics are…. sometimes the more mixed the more beautiful they come out…

  • denise

    her hair looks disgusting!

  • American

    Stop calling other people ugly you all

  • itis

    If she had intelligence and was doing cool stuff for the world and with her life…..her and looks would be completely accepted and deemed interesting. The fact that she is uneducated and aspires only to be paris hilton is what accentuates her physical un-attractiveness.

  • maure

    I don’t care, she’s ugly, no matter what you say.
    It’s not because she’s not the usual beauty, her all face is like WEIRD.
    Potato head ^^,