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Happy Birthday, Suri Cruise!

Happy Birthday, Suri Cruise!

Suri Turns Two!

Suri Cruise turns 2 today and celebrates with a custom four-tier cake in Los Angeles along with parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

The wedding style cake adorned by yellow butterflies and dots was reportedly $5,000 and made by a local specialty shop.

ANY GUESSES who’s stopping by? The Beckhams? Will Smith? Ex-wife Nicole Kidman?

Happy Birthday Suri Cruise!

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66 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Suri Cruise!”

  1. 1
    heeelio Says:

    Damn that cake for a 2 year old?

  2. 2
    kayla Says:

    what a cute cake. I’mmsure it’s expensive, but I seriously doubt it cost $5,000! Where did you get that info, Jared?
    Anyway, Happy Birhtday Suri!

  3. 3
    Courtney Says:

    Such a CUTE CUTE CUTE baby!!

    Her and Shiloh are sure something!!

    (plz check out my celeb site/blog, click my name)

  4. 4
    Ava Says:

    Oh please. Happy Birthday to the little girl, but I doubt the cake was more than $500. My mom could make it for $50 and probably more delicious too!

  5. 5
    beach_ball Says:

    yeah, a 5000$ cake, that’s what every 2year old wants!
    she barely knows she exist… well she probably thinks she’s a special alien daughter of Xenu or some crazy story like that…

  6. 6
    vANESSA -brasil Says:

    Ouuh que fofa(cute)


  7. 7
    sus Says:

    she is the cutest baby in hollywood thats fore sure that cake look very good happy birstday all the best vishes fore you pretty baby

  8. 8
    angiefan Says:

    Happy birthday Suri. She’s such a cutie!!!

  9. 9
    jade Says:

    Happy Birthday, beautiful little Suri!

  10. 10
    required Says:

    I bet L. Ron Hubbard’s poster will be there.
    They can all salute it together!

  11. 11
    kp Says:

    no way that cake is more than 500!

  12. 12
    lulu Says:

    5000 dollar for a cake, that’s crazy !

  13. 13
    Coco Canada Says:

    How cute! Yellow butterflies! Happy Birthday Suri!!

  14. 14
    damn Says:

    ewww, ITAWY.

  15. 15
    Street pooch w/jetpack racoon Says:

    Happy Birthday !

  16. 16
    LovelyChocolate Says:

    I’d like to say happy birthday to the beautiful baby, Suri! Yay. I’m going to the party, wooo.

  17. 17
    tom c Says:

    Cheap wedding cakes these days are $300, so i don’t doubt that cake is $5000 especially from Beverly Hills.

  18. 18
    lola Says:

    Cutest baby celeb but give this child peace. Stop following her around like Princess Di.

  19. 19
    911 Says:


  20. 20
    Holly Says:

    I want photos and videos. Happy B-Day Suri.

  21. 21
    AnYmOuS Says:

    that cake probably cost what the baker wanted to charge, big deal, why would you worry about the cost of the cake? and don’t say you’re not worried, because, the fact you brought it up? give everyone a break, usually when someone brings up something like that, it is because they are “jealous.” that is a fact, sorry charlie.

  22. 22
    the real tita Says:

    Okay, unless it’s a cake made of real gold butterflies and dots, how could it possibly cost that much?

    Happy birthday, Suri.

  23. 23
    American Says:

    Don’t say such an awful thing, #!5

  24. 24
    Tanda Says:

    WTF???? $5000 for a cake she probably won’t even eat. She definitely won’t remember it. WTH is wrong with these wealthy celebrities? It’s no surprise they go broke.

  25. 25
    lynn Says:

    If they hadnt paid what the man asked for the cake. the next day the tabloids would be reporting how Tom and His wife wouldnt pay or they complained about he cost. Most people think if you are rich you should not question people that do work for you. I always wonder if people call the news people and tell Stars are always overcharged because they dont complain most times. They are usually the ones taken advantaged of.

  26. 26
    isabella Says:

    What a nasty bunch of people writing comments. Shame on you. How can you be so ugly about a beautiful child. I’m sorry your life is so bitter, does it make you feel better to tear others down?

  27. 27
    so true Lynn Says:

    I saw on Oprah NBA players and the greatest athletes talking how the media and people do take advantage of them. Among their guests Jordan and Charles Barkeley. They expect you to pay all their outings and meals too. Free loaders I must say.

    Wishing Suri a Happy Birthday.

  28. 28
    Tia Says:

    Beautiful happy baby and wonderful family but I wish they would leave her alone not follow her every move like Princess Di.

  29. 29
    heaven Says:

    All the bad things piranhas say to this stars and their babies will only reverse and hurt them in the long run. It will happen to them personally, their loved-ones or their own innocent babies.

  30. 30
    chow Says:

    Time to celebrate Suri!!!! She’s my favorite Hollywood baby and she looks so beautiful. Her beauty is unique plus she is surrounded by many baby blondes but she is a dark-haired beauty.

  31. 31
    ? Says:

    $5000.00 !! I wish I had made her the cake. It would have taken one day to make and less then $50.00 in ingredients. But I would still have charged $5000.00 if they were willing to pay.

  32. 32
    Rattlesnake Says:

    I’ve got pixs if anyone is interested !

  33. 33
    Ceci Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Suri…May you get all the happiness in your life…

  34. 34
    CG Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Suri Sweetheart!!!

    May your life fills with as beautiful things as those butterflies…you are as innocent as a flower may you always be like that…LOVE

  35. 35
    jing Says:

    HA! That cake is overpriced, unless it has gold in it.
    Those are easy to make if you just know how to use marzipan.

  36. 36
    karen Says:

    There are pix from the party at

  37. 37
    dedaas Says:

    hAppy birthday, suri!

  38. 38
    Nathalie Says:

    Over the top cake. And she is far from being the most beautiful celeb baby, she has an ugly nose which will grow to be like her brainwashed father’s.

  39. 39
    kenza Says:

    Ohhh she’s very cutie lol
    Happy birthday Suri !!!

  40. 40
    kenza Says:

    Happy Birthday Suri !

  41. 41
    Lara Says:

    oh, Suri is soooo cute! she and her cake! HAHAHAHA!

  42. 42
    legs Says:

    happy birthday suri.
    your cake is so expensive. haha.

  43. 43
    jami Says:

    #21- Who would be jealous of a $5000 cake????? You must be joking right?

    I think it is disgusting that the Cruises would pay that amount for a cake for their daughter’s 2nd bday! We know you have endless amounts of money, so give some of that damn money to charity and get a less expensive cake. I can’t see any reason ANY cake would warrant the cost of $5000. It is not laced in diamonds is it??

  44. 44
    eli Says:


  45. 45
    Furby Says:

    Haha I thought in the picture that he was eating that cake xD

  46. 46
    bELINDA Says:

    Katie Holmes should be MAKING a cake for her daughter’s 2nd birthday! I’m sure she has a HUGE kitchen and every piece of kitchen equipment that money can buy. I don’t care how rich she is, a mother should do that for her child. Maybe she wouldn’t be so depressed if she got busy doing something productive.

  47. 47
    [☆F a m o u s☆] Says:

    people would rather see tom buy her a bag of potato chips.

  48. 48
    anonymous win Says:

    what a ridiculous waste of $$$
    but then tom is used to wasting his $$$
    first cults, now caek

    find out what tom and katie are really involved in

  49. 49
    mrs channing tatum Says:

    shes so cute

  50. 50
    Anonymous Says:

    Wow…$5000 for a 2 year old’s cake? I’m sure she’d have loved a cake from Vons just as Happy Birthday Suri!

  51. 51 Says:

    I want a cake like that!


  52. 52
    nooooooooo Says:

    With a crazy dad and a braindead mom, suri will be dumber than Paris Hilton.

  53. 53
    yeah Right Says:

    I don’t doubt that the cake cost $5000.00 it has nothing to do with who her parents are and everything to do with who the baker is. My aunt is a chef and she’ll charge anywhere from $250-$1000 for a cake and she ‘s ‘nobody’. So imagine what a famous baker would charge. Not a big deal really. I care less about the amount of the cake and more about the child’s well being. And as they are willing to spend 5K on a cake, would her parents be willing to help out the less fortunate that inhabit this world…heck! This country.

  54. 54
    me Says:

    I suppose her “parents” think that spending $5000 on a cake will offset the mental abuse they are inflicting on her through their cult worship.

  55. 55
    jess Says:

    vote for #17 at

  56. 56
    diane Says:

    Happy birthday cutie Suri you are pretty like your mommy

  57. 57
    cASEY Says:

    Love, love, love seeing this adorable little girl! I can imagine she looks a great deal like Katie when she was young (though one can see Tom in her, too)!

    Cute idea for a birthday cake and, yes, at least they paid for it!

  58. 58
    dancer Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY little one.

  59. 59
    girl Says:

    Natalie who is ugly you or the most beautiful baby in hollywood? You are so cruel, not honest, not fair and vicous.

  60. 60
    dahlia Says:

    To: “the real tita”

    >>>Okay, unless it’s a cake made of real gold butterflies and dots, how could it possibly cost that much?<<<

    Here’s a little lesson in market-driven economics, tita. A cake from a specialty bakery in Beverly Hills costs whatever the status-obsessed idiots in Hollywood are willing to pay.

  61. 61
    california girl Says:

    $5000 dollars for a CAKE?? I’m not even going to ask how much the PARTY costed…..

  62. 62
    Sophia Says:

    Indulge, Suri. She’s just the cutest, love her and the whole family.

  63. 63
    ana Says:

    5000$ for a cake? They fooled them

  64. 64
    bejeebus Says:

    i hope that sweet old man put a file inside the cake for suri to use in her big escape!

  65. 65
    Bozi Says:

    $5,000 for THAT cake?!!! They got ripped off.

  66. 66
    Caroline Delpierro Says:

    It’s natural to have a party expensive. DUH isn’t it obvious? Tom Cruise and Katir Holmes is right?..
    About I’m so proud for Suri

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