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Jude Law & Jeremy Gilley's Dinner Date

Jude Law & Jeremy Gilley's Dinner Date

Jude Law grabs dinner with British filmmaker Jeremy Gilley at Claridge’s Hotel in Lonson on Friday.

Last year, Jude and Jeremy traveled to war-town Afghanistan to help promote the United Nation’s annual Peace One Day (POD), their annual day of worldwide cease-fire and nonviolence envisioned by Jeremy.

The pair were also spotted at the POD concert later in the year.

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Credit: Focus Pictures, YDimage; Photos: WENN, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • meamelia

    he’s getting uglier by day..sigh..

  • Danz

    That’s one crazy hairline. Looks like a capital M.

  • Daphne

    I’m not crazy about the hair but he’s beautiful and that outfit is very stylish. Love love love him!

  • Joe biggity

    btich is bald!

  • Sexy grrrl

    That’s not Jude Law, that’s Phil Collins. I can tell by the bald head and ugly face.

  • canadagirl

    war “town” afghanistan? don’t you mean war torn?

  • anyy

    What happened to him? His career is fading with his hairline

  • Reg

    Holy Cow! I’ve heard that men that cheat on their wives go bald. Here’s living proof

  • angie

    Oh wow, sexy grrrrrrrrrrl (I’m sure), are you kidding me? He does NOT look like Phil Collins HAHAHAHAHA.


    I have to admit, this is not the best I have seen of him. Yet, what can I say, but that ,I adore this man!! The hair thing is temporal and for a movie. Everything else is still there. So am I still smitten? HELL YEAH!!!

    Mimi Prism
    Godbless & Godspeed!

  • angie

    And Reg, you’re an idiot…he DIDN’T cheat on his wife! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Lots of stupid people around tonight I see.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]


  • Daphne

    I hear ya, Angie and Mimi. These are not flattering pics but he’s still THE MAN. I am sure there are people out there (some of whom *ahem* have posted here) who would like any excuse to dump on him. I guess it makes them feel better about themselves. There’s a whole lot more to the man than his hairline. Sheesh.

    I am still waiting for Blueberry Nights to come to my town. Sigh… that’s what you get when your fave actor likes making art films.

  • mel

    People sure are behaving ugly here! Jude’s pretty cool, way too cool for the ugly attitudes.

  • Karena

    I love his outfit. So lovely, so Jude. :)

  • nunny

    wat happen to jude
    he looks very different


    Indeed Daphne, this is not some kids chanel creation, this is a MAN,
    who knows what he wants, and problably gives a rat ***,
    about what others think, It takes a hell of a man to go againts his good looks and in my book that’s HOT!! I still want him to have his way with me any day, WHOO HOO! He, he!

    Mimi Prism
    Godbless & Godspeed!

  • ace tomato

    I never did find Jude Law attractive, and I believe it is too late. That boat set sail.

  • anom

    BS! He can be totally bald and even more continuing a big star! Bruce Willis lost his hair but not his audience!


    i don’t know if jude still has work on repossesion mambo’cause that’s why he shaved his head but once he lets the hair grow back he’ll be the old jude. about 7 years ago he shaved his head and looked the same way….then he lets it grow and he gets back to his “holiday ” look. he’s not going to keep it this way forever…..

  • Halli

    He was SO BEAUTIFUL in The Talented Mr. Ripley. But I think with a bit of a tan, getting in shape and growing out his hair so his surly mop can cover up the bald spots properly, he’ll be back to his old self. Its all an illusion! haha

  • Arab.Aquarius

    c’mon people, it’s common and natural. Not all people are lucky to maintain full hair as they get older. And I applaud him for having the courage to wear it proud and not resort to constantly wearing hats or having a ridiculous looking hair-piece. Maybe after a while he should just shave it all.

    having receding hair does make a person look older and less attractive, but hes not the only one.

  • elle

    He is still
    sexy no matters what the other says.I like his style with clothes,and his hair my god someone like it someone not.

  • sweetannie

    He looks good no matter what he does. His face is sooo pretty.

  • sheryl

    I can’t remember when I’ve been so bored with a topic. He took some unflattering pics…big freakin’ deal! Jude is not about these pics…he’s way more than that…a gorgeous, intelligent, talented man. He’s not Dickie Greenleaf anymore…why would he be, that was 10 years ago! Anyone that can’t deal with that, just get out your Talented Mr. Ripley DVD and pretend it’s still 1999. If you’re a fan of Jude’s hair, then sorry, you’re liable to be disappointed from time to time…deal with it. If you’re a fan of JUDE, however, then sit back and wait to see what he does next. He’ll never win, though…either he’s accused of being a “pretty boy” that constantly looks in the mirror to make sure everything is in place or he’s not pretty enough anymore to suit everyone’s taste and non-thinkers delight in proclaiming he’s “lost it.” Lost WHAT? Maybe you’ve lost it, but he hasn’t lost anything. I think he makes it abundantly clear that he doesn’t give a shit what the fickle, aesthetically obsessed sheep think about him or what he should do with his hair, and he’s not interested in being Dickie Greenleaf all his life. He continues to be a very handsome man.

    Personally, I do like his hair longer…but that’s not all I love about Jude. Sorry for the long post….sheer boredom just made me lose it.

    Anyway, Jude, I love you, keep bringing it, sweetie. I hope My Blueberry Nights comes to my city very soon. :)


    Shave it off or do the comb over! No need to keep combing that patch forward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    #22 Arab Aquarius:

    I agree with your post! I also applaud him for not feeling that he has to wear hats or a hairpiece all the time. I love you, Jude, the natural, real, 35 year old Jude.

  • Sandy

    Sheryl thank you for saying it all for me. I just want to make sure everyone knows I agree with you TOTALLY and would like to add my
    two cents. It’s a well known and documented fact that this is one
    ‘pretty boy’ who is not vain. Look at the pictures taken the day before
    and see how handsome he looks with the haircut. Of course, it’s not
    the hair. It’s obvious he had quite a few drinks – he’s entitled once in
    a while to relax and let loose and enjoy himself. He didn’t make a fool of himself and except for the faces (which anyone who imbibes too
    much tends to make (you should see the one I took on my honeymoon when I got absolutely potted ,with one eye open and one eye closed (I’m still laughing at it and always will) Let the guy live. Life is not a bowl of cherries – there’s dissappoikntment, death and all sorts of things that can darken your day with heavy clouds. But there;s alwaysa sunny tomorrow and good things to come. Let’s dwell on that. I’,m thinking ahead to MY BLUEBERY NIGHTS which I wil be seeing in the next 24 hours. And I know I will enjoy it. So no matter what the hairdo is Jude is a guarantee of happiness to me. I will never lose sleep over his hair. (He looks good bald too.)

  • sheryl

    ” @ 04/20/2008 at 11:08 am

    Shave it off or do the comb over! No need to keep combing that patch forward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    What’s the difference between combing “over” versus combing “forward?” It looks perfectly fine when he grows it out and combs it forward. If that’s how he wants to fix it, c’est la vie. But if he wants to shave it off, c’est la vie to that, too.


    i wonder when the documentary that jeremy gilley made with jude will be released. i hope we’ll be able to see it in the cinema or at least as an hbo special.

  • Daphne

    Sandy, Hear hear!

    You’re so lucky to have MBN around your area. Be sure to post once you have seen it (but don’t give too much details because I haven’t seen it and am still waiting until I can see it in its entirety).

  • sheryl

    “DOLORES CRAEG @ 04/20/2008 at 12:14 pm

    i wonder when the documentary that jeremy gilley made with jude will be released. i hope we’ll be able to see it in the cinema or at least as an hbo special.”

    Dolores, I was wondering the same thing.

  • Pole

    I think he looks pretty much like himself?! He has NEVER been happy with the paparazzi and he’s probably had a few drinks so why expect him to look like Dickie Greenleaf. The hair is probably for Mambo and it’s really not that bad IMO. His outfit looks great and I love the shoes just like I love Mr. Law – thinning hair or not :)

  • Jude’s lady

    I still want to know who gets to sleep with him now.

    I love this man.


    jude’s lady.,
    ….you are not alone…we all wonder the same thing and then wonder why it can’t be us…..who are the women who attract him these days…….whoever they are they must have an angel on their shoulders….yeah right and his name is jude.


    “I still want to know who gets to sleep with him now.”

    Jude’s lady:

    I think we all wonder this even if we don’t admit it. I’m sure he has sexual partners that are kept out of the limelight, but I don’t think he is in love right now. I wish he were!

  • sharyllee

    Hair or no Hair, He is always hotttie..Love him!!! very handsome.
    I cant wait to see My Blueberry Pies movie in Phoenix…

  • Jude’s lady

    “we all wonder the same thing and then wonder why it can’t be us”

    You read my mind. : ) I feel silly now because of course everybody wonders the same thing.

  • sheryl

    Jude’s lady, no need to feel silly for asking LOL! That’s definitely the million dollar question. He certainly does a wonderful job of keeping his private life private…great for him, bad for us!! LOL

  • erica

    I will still hit it (HARD) !


    i would like to help Jude finish undoing that tie. Yummm

  • jami

    Oh, he looks great no matter what…not that many men can say that!
    Hi face is timeless and the talent is abundant!


  • sweetannie

    Sheryl nr 35. I agree with everything you said.

  • ElenaBelle

    R.I.P Hairline!


    i love the look jude gets when he’s had a little too much wine. it’s always rhe same expression….his eyes look alittle off kilter.jude you deserve to relax like all of us. we njust wish we could relax with you…..

  • kim

    Jude is for the grown and sexy people, hair not an issue when you pass the age of 12.


    HE,HE! !! That ‘s too funny and friggin brilliant Ms. Kim!!! And of course, OH, soooo true!

    Mimi Prism

  • Daphne

    Hehe, so true Kim!

  • SD

    Daphne wrote:
    Sandy, I agree 100%. I actually don’t see anything special about Brits, and the more I know of their society, the more I dislike them as whole. I suppose I got my antipathy from their despicable media — society gets the media it deserves, and that doesn’t speak well for the Brits.

    whereas in the usa:
    “It’s easier to be myself here. I can go out wearing whatever the hell I want, no matter how ridiculous it looks. If I do that in America, people look at me like I’m insane. There are aspects of the British press which are incredibly intrusive, but then you’ll go to a premiere and someone will ask permission to take a photo, and when you say, “That’s enough”, they’ll back off. In the States, you go to a restaurant and there are people lined up outside with 8x10s of you. Or they just follow you with a video camera. I had someone deliberately rear-end my car a few years ago in L.A., and there was a video camera: they were videoing my reaction. Luckily, I was in a good mood.”
    land of the free

  • amelie

    are americans really like this?