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Gossip Girl Covers New York Magazine

Gossip Girl Covers New York Magazine

The stars of Gossip Girl are white hot on the latest cover of New York Magazine.

Pictured clockwise from top left: Taylor Momsen, Penn Badgley, Blake Lively, Chace Crawford, Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr.


And let me just add:


Gossip Girl returns with an all new episode TOMORROW, Monday @ 8PM ET/PT on The CW.

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  • dan-yell

    im not really obsessed with this show…..i mean,i like it,but im not obsessed….but im still really excited for tomorrow night!i think not having it has made me more appreciative of it and showed me how much I love it.

    i personally think its better than one tree hill,but hey,thats my opinon.
    i watched like the first 3 episodes of the first season and thought some of them wernt that great at acting and it was boring,so i stoped watching oth.

    but gossip girl is so addicting its crazy!

  • yaya

    i think this cover is hot. it does look lik the one tree hill thing thou but still they all look hot. and about taylor at least this is some done professionally not like shes taking pictures of her self in her underwear granted she is younger then the rest of the cast but she is still a main character.

  • tiffany

    wow..i love how the girl who plays so close infront of penn’s butt…and it looks like taylor is kneeing her…but i do agree with the taylor thing, put some pants on! ED AND LEIGHTON!! love love!!

  • anoa

    aaaaaaaaahhhhhh i love it i want an issue

  • Courtney

    Never seen the show, I just saw VH1 make fun of it on Best Week Ever and thats about it haha.

    Whats the show like? Is it like The OC? Because I cant take another one of those again.

  • xoxo

    i love Ed and Leighton…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amanda

    Gossip Girl is the best show ever. What a joke!!!

  • Laura

    Ed Westwick is soooo HOT!

  • lul

    i cant believe Taylor is just 14

  • Bbw

    i agree with cover everr! and of course bestt show everr!omgg! leighton & ed are sooo cutee! i think they should be togetherr!

  • aNNY

    Penn looks like he has breasts LOL

  • Jacob

    They’re MUCH hotter than the cast of HSM! And more talented too.

  • Katy

    i love the show
    and they all look hot!
    but seriously oth already did this like how many years ago

  • No Name

    I agree with number 4. Taylor should NOT be posing in her underwear at 14.

  • yeahyeah

    Oth may have done it years ago, but this is wayyyy hotter and more controversial. oth started out as a good show but now… who cares? the OTH storylines are just getting way too ridiculous. Besides, still in its first season and GG is already the most talked about show in town.

  • mia

    What a rip off of One tree hills season 1 cover shot, Gossip Girl should just go die. Stupid show.

  • Ouch!

    Best show ever FOR 10 YEARD OLDS!!!!

    And that cover has already been done a billion times.

    I’m interested in the other articles though! LOL

  • Birdie

    Ooooooh CHACE

  • Molly b

    I cant wait for the new ep’s to come out.. its too bad that they are not sowing them on the internet though, becuase I live in Aus and on FOX8 they are just starting from the start so we wont be seeing the new ones anytime soon. =[

  • Molly b

    Oh and taylor should not be in her underwear.. shes only 14/15, but oh well

  • ivy

    Hm…it’s almost the same as the ONE TREE HILL poster….and i prefer it.This is a bit…too much i think.Besides One tree hill is better show anyway :)

  • maxine




  • gangster


  • samr

    the hottest thing EVER, i can’t waaaait for the new episodes

  • adam

    The bad thing about Gossip Girl is that nobody of the girls are good looking. The Girls on The OC/OTH are way hotter.

  • denise

    that is one sexy cast!

  • loren

    love ed! ed & leighton =D

  • loren

    love ed! ed & leighton =D

  • John

    The complete opposite of the best show ever.

  • Tj

    Taylor Momsen is the only attractive cast member.

    They aint got Sophia Bush.

  • rolling eyes

    I feel sorry for Jessica Szhor, she’s the only one with an a** directly in her face. LOL thats a bit unfair.

    Actually what;s funnier is that Blake is a lot more covered up than that Taylor M who’s 14 and Blake is 20

    does anyone else not see that as weird?

  • crazyofchad

    leighton and taylor are b*i*t*c*h*e*s
    Blake is sooooooooo pretty , her dress is beautiful


  • _nika

    this show is not the best show ever, is the new york magazine blind!?
    good show!? yes, best show show ever!? NO. lets be honest.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    little jenny needs to put some clothes on. lol

  • Elow

    FUCK OFF, Leightonnnnn isssss BEAUTIFULL NOT A BITCH !
    ed is so hot !!!

  • Natasha

    I love that cover


    And there’s Chuck/Blair action in the corner ;)

  • Isabella

    Well it might be similar to OTH, but Friends did it first, so instead of Penn’s butt in Jessica’s face it was Jennifer’s butt in front of Matthew Perry’s butt.

    The only difference in this one is they are in they PJs and all in white. Friends and OTH had their clothes on. This one is more current and Taylor should have more clothes on!!

  • jj

    why are they all in there under wear

  • jj

    why are they all in there under wear

  • Helena

    Too much like Friends and Taylor’s outfit is too revealing for her age.

  • Leighton fan

    Hot cover – with hotties everywhere!

  • Lucas

    That cover is the SEX!

  • christina

    hmmm.. this layout looks soo familiar!! no duh!! ONE TREE HILL SEASON 1 promo photos!!!

  • Mrs.JoeJonas

    Penn looks odd to me in the photo

  • Gossip girl

    Seriously Taylor ur only 14! Put some clothes on!
    LOVE THE COVER…kinda

  • GossipGirl4lyf

    Oh my gosh! I can’t believe my parnets won’t let me watch “Gossip Girl”, so wut I have to do is sneak. But the bad part is: my room is right next to the pc and kitchen. Ugh!!!! I love the show so so so so much. I think Blair and Chuck should be together. Then Nate and Serena should be together. S & N belong together! Not Dan and Serena! I have read almost all their books. But I left it on the living room floor and my dad saw it and read the back and he took it from me and now I am not allowed to read them.

    ily Nate and Chuck!

  • tonya


  • tonya
  • jess


  • Blake

    Love it!