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Gossip Girl Covers New York Magazine

Gossip Girl Covers New York Magazine

The stars of Gossip Girl are white hot on the latest cover of New York Magazine.

Pictured clockwise from top left: Taylor Momsen, Penn Badgley, Blake Lively, Chace Crawford, Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr.


And let me just add:


Gossip Girl returns with an all new episode TOMORROW, Monday @ 8PM ET/PT on The CW.

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131 Responses to “Gossip Girl Covers New York Magazine”

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  1. 101
    jess Says:

    Covers a rip off of One Tree Hills first season.
    Except the cast of One Tree Hill are fully clothed.
    One tree Hills is so much better tho.

  2. 102
    O.M.G. Says:


  3. 103
    Buzz Nutjob Says:

    yeah, best … show … ever. like there havent been 100 other shows about who’s ******* who this week, and who will be ******* someone else next week. have we really become so accustomed to crap tv that we are going to pour accolades over redundant garbage like this?

  4. 104
    Sarah Says:

    It’s a good show but Best Show Ever is a bit of an exaggeration. I agree Taylor is a bit young to be on the cover in her underwear. Plus Courtney is right. They totally ripped off the photo from One Tree Hill season 1 when they were on the bed laying like that. All though OTH cast had all their clothes on. GG is a good show but like the promotional videos for it make it seem like it’s all about sex. Anyways good show but One Tree Hill is better and it’s dumb that the CW advertises this one more.

  5. 105
    Sarah Says:

    Mia , Ivy, Melis, Courtney, Christina, Tonya, and Jess all made good points. One Tree Hill rip off and One Tree Hill is the best show on tv in my opinion.

  6. 106
    ydzonline. com Says:


  7. 107
    jane Says:

    New York Magazine : rocks!

    That’s really awesome

  8. 108
    jane Says:

    New York Magazine : rocks! The cover is so artistic

    That’s really awesome

  9. 109
    missheloise Says:

    Oh My God! This cover is so hot! Very nice!!!

  10. 110
    HAWT DAMN CHACE... Says:

    Gossip Girl is one sexxy show! There’s so much talk about Chace being gay, bi-sexual, manwhore etc .. etc.. who gives a ****, when you’re that hawt you can do whatever, whenever with whoever!!! When you’re that fine, the love needs to be spread about very thinly, so everyone can get a piece of his fine hawt ass!!! Be sure to pass my way Chace, with your serious HAWTNESS & baby blues. He makes Zac Efron look fugly and you know that aint happening anytime soon!!!

  11. 111
    emma-australia Says:

    Sorry Jared, but the best show was The OC :D

  12. 112
    jorja Says:

    i love them!!!!!!!
    gossip girl is a really excellent show :)

  13. 113
    msmadden Says:

    I love queen bee!haha.she is sooo beautiful!and ofcourse mr.bass looks great

  14. 114
    blundht Says:

    The fact that a little girl is shown posing provocatively in her underwear is disgusting anf frankly I am amazed that most people seem to completely disregard it. Other than that I say BS! This show is ****! It is completely inane and dumb. I tried to watch it a few times, I really did, and I liekd the OC before although they are both outside my age sphere, but this one sucks major ass. I do not get why people say it is good. All the characters are so damn underdeveloped, and the dumb fun stuff is too dumb to enjoy. I am not even into the clothes and the styling. What a waste of time.

  15. 115
    Hey blundht.. Says:

    Who cares if she’s posing in her underwear, as she sees it, her parents, agent and manager, publicity is publicity whether it’s good or bad. They most probably state it as a good career move, look at Brooke Shields, didn’t harm her career. These days anything goes, just ask Chace Crawford’s pillow!

  16. 116
    lee Says:

    hahah looks like taylor is kicking jessica in the head

  17. 117
    Maude Says:

    To Emilie # 38

    I agree with you, I live in Quebec to and I dont understand why it`s not on CTV anymore.I also dont know why we cant have acces to CW… Fox played it before the strike but not anymore. I am maybe wrong but i tought the show had great rating since it was the first show to be renewed for another season….At least I hope it will come back next year on CTV with the 5 episodes we missed . I also dont understant why we are the only province who cant have acces to CW… It really sucks…

    Sorry for my bad english, I am french I understand it, can talk not so bad but as for writing I have a lot to learn.

  18. 118
    Misty Says:

    The cover is hot and this is the best show ever. LEIGHTON AND ED!! I also don’t think Taylor should be in her bra and panties because she is turning 15 later this year and that is a young age.

  19. 119
    Latina Says:

    I luv this show! but taylor is young and shouldnt be in those clothes

  20. 120
    paige Says:

    y is tayolor in her underwear ?!? shes 14/15… thats so innapropriate!

  21. 121
    :) Says:

    Isn’t Taylor Momsen a little too young to be posing like that?

  22. 122
    shamrocks Says:


  23. 123
    gossipgirlfan Says:

    whoa.. looks like one tree hill

  24. 124
    daniiii Says:


  25. 125
    maggie_mae Says:

    they’re my new bestfriendssss….

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