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Jennifer Aniston's Bikini is White Hot

Jennifer Aniston's Bikini is White Hot

Jennifer Aniston soaks up the sun at a swimming pool by a Florida hotel lounge on Saturday.

Aniston, 39, was taking a break from filming her new movie, Marley & Me.

And don’t forget–Jen will be the “surprise” guest star on tonight’s season finale of Oprah‘s Big Give, airing Sunday @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC.

“I wouldn’t miss it … This is such an amazing, fantastic thing, to see all of these people compete to outgive each other,” Aniston says in the finale.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston‘s white hot bikini…

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jennifer aniston bikini white hot 01
jennifer aniston bikini white hot 02
jennifer aniston bikini white hot 03
jennifer aniston bikini white hot 04
jennifer aniston bikini white hot 05
jennifer aniston bikini white hot 06
jennifer aniston bikini white hot 07
jennifer aniston bikini white hot 08
jennifer aniston bikini white hot 09
jennifer aniston bikini white hot 10
jennifer aniston bikini white hot 11
jennifer aniston bikini white hot 12
jennifer aniston bikini white hot 13
jennifer aniston bikini white hot 14
jennifer aniston bikini white hot 15

Credit: Kadena; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Helena

    Let’s just wait for the troll with several accounts to come and call her ‘Chinnifer Maniston’, which is rather pathetic.

    So many angry people on the internet.

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    the horse face again

  • http://msn penny

    Uhh Stop Hating!
    Luv Herr

  • Dieter

    I really love her fat ass – wonderful !!! now if she would smoke a little cigarette cause when it come´s to this I have very strong principles: WHO SMOKES GETS IT STRAIGHT IN THE ASS – noone (eihter man or woman has ever complained so far)

  • Stay Sto

    One of the best bodies in Hollywood! I LOVE her! Plus, I hear she is one of the nicest too!

    You go girl…shooooooot, we all wish we could look so good in a bikini.

  • Cellulite Ass

    her a*ss is full of cellulite.

    she should try some cellulite cream.

  • Cellulite Ass

    pic #1 … CELLULITE !!!!!

  • LJ

    She has great body. And so what if she has cellulite..everyone will have cellulite someday..

  • Regina

    If she has cellulite, then why is it not visible in 3, 9 and 12? I’s just her bending over and it looks like she has cellulite…

    Now attempt to think of another insult for Aniston, because you don’t do that enough…

  • Cellulite Ass

    cellulite is sign of old age and stored fat … can’t stop the clock.

    … possibly some cosmetic surgery will help for faster results.

  • Cellulite Ass

    Pic #7 … CELLULITE!

  • Regina

    #10, you’re like a robot, I just proved to you that she does not have cellulite and you continue. I bet you’re really fat, anyway.


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    I am born again.

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    An airbag saved my life.

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  • Tara

    hot hot hot body!!!! and everybody wants to be jen aniston, love love love! she is the coolest american girl, and that is all good!!!!!!

  • Arab.Aquarius
  • Bella666

    Wow, she wears sunglasses to hide her eyes!

  • yasbella


  • dan

    she’s got AWESOME legs!!!

  • lynvee

    hasn’t Jennifer any other passion in life except to wear bikinis? At her age it’s awful to be exposing herself. Why can’t she engage herself in some activities that would help her grow into a better person?

  • Mario

    Age is settling in with her. Her ass is WIDE and her boobs are saggy

  • noname

    Because she’s certainly crying about her haters’s real cellulite.

  • Ceci

    She is aweome…Love her

  • missheloise

    She is really beautiful!
    I love Jennifer Aniston… she’s my favorite!
    We honnestly cannot say that she has cellulite, please…

  • Grana

    Some people here hating on Jen are really pathetic.

  • someone

    She has a great body, if I looked that good, and was in Miami, I would wear a bikini all the time…I will be waiting for the release of this movie, Im a big Jen fan, and think Owen is hot! Im not a big OPRAH fan, but will be watching tonight to see what all the stars give.

  • Karen

    With all that money, it’d be nice if she did more than just show up to watch people give money away, or lay out in the sun all the damn time.

  • Jennifer

    I love that people want to criticize that perfect butt, when the average Amercan woman is a 5’4″ size 10. REAL butt’s are not perfectly smooth from hip to knee! Any that are have been photoshopped. And people wonder why women are obsessed

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Jared for the pictures. Do you know any of the other folks in them. I’m wondering if the older man is John Aniston. Jen looks great. Nice to see her relaxing. They’re working pretty long hours on Marley & Me. Thanks again.

  • Danz

    This woman is almost 40 and confident enough to go out in a white bikini and she’s being criticized for a minute amount of cellulite?
    I guess the people who have something bad to say about her must think they’re pretty close to perfect. More like perfectly delusional.

  • LMAO
  • dawn

    She is no more sexy than the other woman in the pictures but……Jen get the edge because of the pity party. It always amazes me that no one else has tried it. I guess it is call dignity.

    She has a good body with Kelly Clarkson’s face. Stop going overboard.

  • Allison


  • angelica

    Hi guys, Haven’t u noticed that when aniston and brad split up she is always exposing her body…u know why, because that ugly bitch wants to have a man…it has gone now 3 yrs and she hasn’t found sombody yet….she’s almost 40 she should cover her self up…it’s awful to see her like that, coz that means that she’s soooooooooooooo desperate.

  • bunny

    Wow!!! it’s Jen!!!!. Good to see Jen enjoying the sun. Thanks for the pics Jared.

  • celebaddict

    Jennifer has a fabulous body, she’s not uber skinny or overweight and she looks toned and healthy.
    I wish I looked as good, I’d wear a bikini too!

  • K

    She is absolutely beautiful. That white bikini looks awesome on her. She’s just so natural and breath taking. She’s probably relaxing before her Oprah appearance. I can totally understand why she spends most of her down time at the beach…. it’s relaxing and calm. I think going to the beach and reading a good book is time well spent. How can you not love her?

  • Nicole

    Yeah, her body’s ALL she’s got, and it’s not looking so hot anymore.

  • Catty

    My my there are alot of catty women on here. So unhappy with yourself that you have to sit here and critizice her because she is sunbathing. All you you saying she needs to cover up because of her age are just mad because you are probably old and a porker so you can’t wear bathing suits. She isn’t doing any harm to anyone by being out at the pool, geez!


    Proof of Maniston’s silicone ball cheek implants – side by side. enjoy.

  • nichtmehr

    i guess she really doesn’t do anything other than hanging by the pool. so boring.

  • faniston

    she should use something more appropriate for her age. she could be a grandma already.Lol

  • go sox

    CLINIQUA, you are pathetic. Why is this woman such a threat to you? Go back to your J-P thread and leave this girl alone. She’s done nothing to you, but you certainly enjoy spreading your nasty comments about her around. People like you and your other J-P friends need to chill and stop being so nasty. Honestly, you’re embarassing to Jolie and Pitt. They’re much better people than you are.

  • realgirl

    Jen is awesome. She’s someone I would choose as a friend. She seems like a genuine person, caring and loyal to those she loves. I can’t even imagine what she had to endure during the period of time when her X husband was cheating on her with the crazy AJ. Those 2 were romping in their trailers while Jen was more than likely in the dark about the whole thing. And then a few months later AJ is knocked up? Pretty twisted. He’ll regret it someday soon, trust me. As for Jen, she’s a survivor, and she seems happier now than ever!

  • #6 #7 #11


    you do realize EVERYONE has a little cellulite eh?

  • Besane

    For a 40-yr old it is a great body, and ‘the world’, as Ms. Aniston likes to put it, now understands why she did not want to ruin it for the ‘world’ by having a baby. Well good for her. But wouldn’t anyone ask, out of all the fab-40 Hollywood stars, why is it only Jennifer Aniston who gets photographed ‘candidly’?

    I don’t think a real movie stars like Zeta Jones, Renee Z, who are the same age as Aniston, would die before their butt crack pictures are taken. They are way classier than this sitcom star who made her money by wearing a thin bra on TV selling her protruding nipples for ten years. I always say, why doesn’t she go for Playboy spread? That’s a way to get noticed for a more prominent movie role.


    NICE BOD 4 a 40 y.o.

  • One Sexy Hot Ass

    Close-Up of the sexy and hot ass!!! ENJOY!!!

    … :lol:

  • Vshizzle

    All of you people commenting on her…I bet you are all fat trolls with snot coming out of your noses and pimples ooozing. JEALOUS.

    She is lovely, talented and a classy woman. I pity all of you. She has done nothing obscene. She is trying to relax and the photogs are hounding her at all moments….Give it a rest. Please.

  • bet

    what a body . that make people to go and exercise . special for some of the haters who sit here day and day out with thier slopy body and critizing her.

    The crime of jen commited in hater book. crime# 1.She is using free sun to tan.. crime #2,she look perfect that is crime too.Crime #3, She has a body that does not look anroxia like some hollywood women out there. crime# 4, she has perfect ass, not flat like some hollywood out there. And crime #5, she is not slopy fat like the hater out here sitting and critiz ing her. I am sorry for my commen. Wow a lot of crime.