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Leo & Bar's Big Apple Bike Ride

Leo & Bar's Big Apple Bike Ride

Environmentally-friendly couple Leonardo DiCaprio and model girlfriend Bar Refaeli take a bike ride through Manhattan on Saturday afternoon.

Leo, 33, recently purchased a “green” apartment in NYC. The $3-million Riverhouse overlooks Hudson River and boasts low emission paints, a 24-hour fresh filtered air system, a water treatment facility and rotating solar panels. The David Rockwell-designed high-rise will be open for occupancy this summer.

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76 Responses to “Leo & Bar's Big Apple Bike Ride”

  1. 1
    bolishopin Says:

    leonardo has homework haha

  2. 2
    Ceci Says:

    FIRST!!! Hmmm…She looks a bit like Leonardo.

  3. 3
    zanessfan! Says:

    he is looking old now he was so hot in titanic :(

  4. 4
    penny Says:


  5. 5
    celebaddict Says:

    Leo is a wonderfully talented actor, and he and Bar make a great looking couple.

  6. 6
    American Says:

    He’s 33? Whoa!

  7. 7
    Dieter Says:

    I love Bar´s hot German ass !!!

  8. 8
    Johanne Says:

    I love Leo… he`s such a great person <3

  9. 9
    tami Says:

    He’s annyoing!

  10. 10
    #7 Says:

    she not german shes isralein

  11. 11
    me Says:

    If i was as loaded as Leo, i’d also buy a
    3 million dollars environmentally friendly appartement with a swimming pool, lol!

  12. 12
    kelly Says:

    I bet this time he called the papz, so they’ll take pictures of him riding a bike.
    When he uses his private jet, he certainly won’t call the papz!

  13. 13
    sam Says:

    beautifulll couplee <3333
    leo and bar are perfect for each other!! ( just like zac and vanessa <333333)
    loveee leo’s movies and bar’s prettiness

  14. 14
    rebel Says:

    WOW Leonardo DiCaprio is 33? Time flies, when you’re having fun I guess..

  15. 15
    Helena Says:

    #3, judging by your name, you’re as superficial as they come.

  16. 16
    Regina Says:

    Kind of a shame that scánky, talentless Rihanna gets more comments than him. That’s today’s celebrity world for you.

  17. 17
    no-nick Says:

    Nice and normal looking couple.

  18. 18
    anon Says:

    she is pretty. dicaprio looks like he hasn’t been getting enough sleep.

  19. 19
    mrs channing tatum Says:

    hes so hot
    shes a *****

  20. 20
    lilly Says:

    Well, I love Leo, he is my favorite actor but he looks old and worn-out and I`m sorry but both of them look downright miserable which is kind of usual. They have been dating for a while but when I see pictures of them I still have a hard time to believe that they are a couple. These ones are no exception. I don`t like this girl at all.

  21. 21
    ihb Says:

    Leo looks horrible and I still cannot stand Bar… I`ve just read that Leo still keeps calling Giselle because he misses her. I wonder if it`s true. I hope I loved them together.

  22. 22
    Ingrid Says:

    So when is he going to start filming Shutter Island again? He’s been in NYC for a while.

  23. 23
    Dieter Says:

    she looks german, just like gisele an leo – most german girl´s have hot asses an take it up the pooper (heidi k. for exampleY)

  24. 24
    Lindsay Says:

    Leo is absolutly lovely, i just cant wait to see some new movies that hes in, i feel like i havent seen a new leo flick in forever!

  25. 25
    don Says:

    giselle and her are the plainest and manish girls alive in my opinion

    they have no beauty or poise without makeup, respectively

  26. 26
    lilly Says:

    I think he is working on Shutter Island, I read an article that this ( or last ) week they were filming the movie on an island in Mass. Probably Leo comes to NY during breaks, it`s not a big distance to come only for a couple of days.
    He needs some sleep/rest, he is so pale and looks so tired.

  27. 27
    Ingrid Says:

    Thanks #26, I don’t live in the US, so I don’t know the distances.

  28. 28
    safia patel Says:

    Leo was so fit when he was in romeo and juliet now he is ewwwwwwwwwwwww

  29. 29
    Dieter Says:

    I just wanke´d on Bar´s hot ass !!!!

  30. 30
    lilly Says:

    gosh, I just tried to make my point clear, dear #27 and I don`t feel that it was very offensive.

  31. 31
    MLW Says:

    I love Leo DiCaprio. I don’t know why there are so many people saying he’s ugly or looks miserable etc. These are papped pics. He’s not posing for them. He doesn’t go around smiling all the time.

    As for his girlfriend.. does it really matter if she’s “hot” or not… if he’s happy with her that’s all that counts.

  32. 32
    princess Says:

    Im starting to like bar more and more as they stay together and times goes,And Leo looks hot! <3

    Leonardo is the best and nicest actor in hollywood,I really admire him and im a big fan.

  33. 33
    Karena Says:

    They’re a great couple. Thanks, Jared. I always look forward to Leo and by association, Bar. Go, green! :)

  34. 34
    jsy Says:

    Hot or not, dating long time or not, I personally don`t like Bar but I really like Leo, can`t wait to see his new movies.

  35. 35
    jennifer Says:

    you want that Leo has the same face he have ten years ago, that’s impossible, he always look handsome but I think he’s better now, I think he is filming his new movie so he looks tired, nothing more. And I always love him because what matter to me is that he’s an amazing and talented actor and a great and adorable person and handsome forever. I love Leo and Bar, I think they are a beautiful couple, she’s too luck to have Leo, good luck for them, go!!!!!!!!!!!1

  36. 36
    Kate Says:

    Leo is only dating Bar cause he has low self esteem and of course she loves fame. They’re great for each other!

  37. 37
    jennifer Says:

    Kate I feel sorry for you if think this, it’s sad, Leo likes Bar because she’s a very down-to-earth girl he said that in a interview, Leo and Bar Rocks, I love them and Jared please more pics of them together here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. 38
    jsy Says:

    #37, let other people express their opinion even if it is negative. I personally agree with Kate ( on Bar ) but at the same time I accept that yours is different. By the way I never heard Leo talking about Bar in an interview it is kind of unusual of him so could you give me the link so I can read it?

  39. 39
    Rita Says:

    It’s always nice to see pictures of this lovely couple ! I realize that Bar is spending Passover with her man. How cool!

  40. 40
    anonymus Says:

    lovely? they never look lovely together. Leo should get some serious rest.

  41. 41
    Adoring Fan Says:

    Love these two beautiful people.

  42. 42
    ktm Says:

    someone seems to have a lot of screen names here…

  43. 43
    Kate Says:

    Yes he’s dating Bar because he has low self esteem. She probably says “yes Leo” to everything he says. They wont last but Im sure he will just pick up another model.

  44. 44
    Tony T Says:

    oh my, she’s hot. Why though does she never smile?
    Not a couple that will be together for much loger. Don’t fit.
    I’m not sure about the self esteem comments. Why shouldn’t Leonardo have self esteem?

  45. 45
    ihb Says:

    I`m with Kate even though I`m not sure it`s low self esteem. And yeah, a smile once in a while wouldn`t kill anyone.

  46. 46
    She's a sell-out Says:

    Um, maybe instead of buying (consuming) yet another property, he could have donated that 3 million into envionmental research, or subsidized 3 million in Prious’s for the economically disadvanted. Now he’ll have even more reason to fly needlessly between west coast and east coast properties in a private jet…environmentalist my a$$.

  47. 47
    john Says:

    she seems to be not as showy as most people, but in my opinion a very plain and homely girl

    i agree, mabye he should donate more
    he is a good actor

  48. 48
    ihb Says:

    When she is with Leo she is just as low-key and camera shy as he is but when he is not around Bar is showy.
    “yes Leo” I like that.
    Correct me if I`m wrong but doesn`t Leo have his own foundation concentrating on environmental issues? He did a lot to raise awareness, much more than other people in his position do or ever did.

  49. 49
    snaz Says:

    #30 I think you took #27′s comment the wrong way that’s the downside of text no inflection I’m sure she was being nice…..
    Anyhow I don’t think I’ve ever seen bar smile….bad teeth, bad day????

  50. 50
    lilly Says:

    Well, I kind of have/had the feeling that she was sarcastic. If I`m wrong, I`m sorry.

  51. 51
    anti-Bar Says:

    Bar defintely doesn’t look German. She looks like an Israeli Jewish girl. But Bar’s attitude is similiar to a German because she couldn’t bother to go home to Israel to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Passover. This after she was photographed Christmas shopping with Leo in December. Did she already convert?

    Bar is a self-hating Jew who hates Israel. She might as well be a German. This is why Bar is hated in Israel and they want her to stay away.

    Leo looks miserable like he always does when he’s with Bar. He always looks way happy when he’s hanging out with his friends but not with her. He should dump Bar’s ass soon because she is no good.

  52. 52
    megan Says:

    she is not real with Leo ,she loves attention

  53. 53
    Tony T Says:

    # 51
    not too fond of Germans, eh?

  54. 54
    rita Says:

    Well for the ones who think Bar never looks happy when with Leo…. here is a proof of the contrary.

    The little guy next to Bar is her little brother.

  55. 55
    Tony T Says:

    Nice pictures, they look a little put together though.
    Anyway, a beautiful woman. I’d like to meet her.

  56. 56
    lilly Says:

    Well, they don`t even sit together at that game and Leo doesn`t look that happy to me. Yet again I have the feeling they were `put together` on the same picture for some reason, no connection at all. What little boy are you talking about?

  57. 57
    ihb Says:

    I personally don`t care whether Bar looks happy with Leo or not. What I care about is whether Leo looks happy around Bar and he never does. I think that`s the main reason why I don`t like Bar.

  58. 58
    rita Says:

    You guys who suffer a solid dose of jealousy are totally pathetic! Please go and find yourself something else to do than trying to analyse how and why Leo looks as he does in front of paparazzi. It only makes you sound idiot and extremely insecure.

  59. 59
    ihb Says:

    to Rita
    Why don`t you go and check out some pictures how Leo looked in front of paparazzi while he dated Giselle? After seeing those you might be able to understand what is my problem. He certainly wasn`t shy about showing his affection and it wasn`t hard to believe that he had anything to do with the girl he was pictured with.
    It`s easy calling other people names who don`t agree with you, that`s really mature and certainly not pathetic…

  60. 60
    rita Says:

    OHH now I get it… thanks for your help ihb. The Gisele Bundchen fans can not get over with the fact that Leo DiCaprio is with someone else. Now all this bahing makes sense! Thanks!

  61. 61
    ihb Says:

    Rita ( or should I say Sasha? )
    At least on my part this is not about Giselle. I liked her with Leo but I don`t consider myself a fan. What I`m trying to point out but you don`t get is that Leo was different before. He was more affectionate with his ex and several times in front of the paparazzi. And that`s why I liked them together because you could tell how much they loved each other. That changed a lot, I read that he is intentionally trying to avoid being seen affectionate with Bar in public and you can definitely see that on their pictures. And I don`t think it`s only because of the paparazzi because he was their target when he was with Giselle. I know that Leo has been dating Bar for a while now so obviously they are not as `cold` towards each other as you ( or I would say ) I can see on the pics, they are a couple, that`s a fact but to me something is off… We can debate over this forever I think we will never agree.

  62. 62
    Tony T Says:

    May be he is “cold” to Bar in front of the cameras because he wants to protect her and their privacy and not give the paparazzi any chance to make money on him. Something he might not have thought of when he was with Giselle?

  63. 63
    ihb Says:

    Hard to believe but who knows?

  64. 64
    jennifer Says:

    JYS, the interview is from the newspaper “News of the World”, of Sunday Green Issue july 2007 and he said that: “Bar is a wonderful human being and I like someone down-to-earth”, I’am just expressing my opinion too, I like them, and Rita thank you for the pics are great and Bar’s brother is too cute, nice that them took him in the game. I agree with you they are really a lovely couple, I see and I have a lot of pics of Leo and Bar together and they are passionate and cute

  65. 65
    bling Says:

    #42 yes, someone definitely has a lot of screen names here. Kind of funny! I don`t like neither Leo nor Bar, they look awkward together.

  66. 66
    anti-bar Says:

    Hey Jennifer, Bar is a horrible human being and a spoiled brat. Leo’s ***** was talking if he actually said those comments. Ask anyone in Israel and the people who know Bar say that she’s is a cold-blooded ***** who treats people like crap even though she’s trash.

    Bar is hated in Israel and all over because of her elitist attitude and bigotry toward her own people and country. Bar is an evil *****!

  67. 67
    acne_Bar_o_Soap Says:

    Lets See…With all that is Mentioned here: {The $3-million Riverhouse overlooks Hudson River and boasts low emission paints, a 24-hour fresh filtered air system, a water treatment facility and rotating solar panels}…..I just hope LEONARDO gets some HEATER System…He looks positively COLD on this particular afternoon.

    Ain’t They Feeding you enough on Set….there BOY??

  68. 68
    tal Says:

    i am from Israel so i can say that we really don’t like her here. we all agree that she is really really beautiful girl but her actions makes her so hated.
    in Israel it is mandatory for girls to “donate” 2 years after high school the the Israeli army. almost every israeli do it (including me) she decided that it is no good for her so she married her parents friend (around 50 years old) to avoid this.
    Also she said in some interviewes that she doesn’t like Israel because of the paparazzi and many other things. this are only a few examples why we dont like her. we feel that the only thing she wants is fame

    p.s- sorry for my English (:

  69. 69
    jsy Says:

    Your English is fine.
    It seems that Bar likes the paparazzi here in the U.S. and apparently the ones from Israel are not good enough for her career. Yes, she is beautiful, probably that`s the only positive thing about her…

  70. 70
    ihb2verymuch Says:

    Bar and Leo dont look right together. He always looks bored.

  71. 71
    loveleo Says:

    I think Leo is great but I agree it’s weird he’s dating Bar. He does always look bored with her. He is obviously smart, not just cute, so why is he dating someone so much younger, probably because she has said she doesn’t want to get married and neither does he.

  72. 72
    vanessa Says:

    Leo isnt happy with bar its obivous and bar is dating him for one thing:FAME!!!!!!!
    and fyi kate why should he have klow self esteem when he can get any woman he desires!!!!!!!!!
    im not gonna deny it he looked way happier with gisele and its also obvious that Leo hasnt found the one….so i just hope he does whats right and i just want him to be happy.

  73. 73
    Soff Says:

    love leo!
    so hot!
    hate his girlfriend ¬¬

  74. 74
    catalina munteanu Says:

    just get rid of that Jew now! he does not deserve a Jew..they have no homeland !!!!

  75. 75
    sofia Says:

    I think catalina munteanu it’s an idiot

  76. 76
    zooni Says:

    leo is so hot.he looked better in titanic but i think he still looks hot.she doesnt look that good.i think they dont make a good couple.she looks like a spolied concieded type of person.i wish he would date me.

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