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Madonna's Hard Candy is Just Dandy

Madonna's Hard Candy is Just Dandy

Madonna catches a departing flight to New York from London’s Heathrow airport on Sunday.

The Material Mom toted around a Louis Vuitton shoulder bag and held hands with her 11-year-old daughter, Lourdes.

Madonna is expected to make a guest appearance on NBC morning show, The Today Show, on Friday, April 25. Her new album, Hard Candy, will be released the following Tuesday, April 29!!

It was announced earlier today that Madge has scored her thirteenth British number one single with “Four Minutes (To Save The World).”

For Entertainment Weekly‘s early review of Hard Candy, visit They gave the album a B+ and calls it a “crowd-pleaser of a CD.”

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  • Hey

    oh my god, please lourdes, you have a full-on unibrow. fuckingg shave it.

  • Yum!

    Why does that kid still have ONE eyebrow??? Seriously, she is old enough to get it fixed. Madonna must really me a masochist to let her daughter be made fun of forever walking around like Bert from Sesame Street!!

  • ferosh

    oh my gosh please shave that dang unibrow, it’s hideous.

  • smallville


  • Candles

    OMG Madonna! Do something about your daughter’s eyebrow FFS!

  • yes

    Lourdes is so freaking ugly with that unibrow of hers! Come on, Maddona, please shave that hairy caterpillar off!

  • Yum!

    Since when does the word M-A-S-O-C-H-I-S-T get blocked out on this site? Jeez Jared, lighten up a bit.

  • yes

    blah blah blah. i cant stand looking at that unibrow any longer.

  • lia

    forget the unibrow, what about her mustache?! Poor girl, you know she gets teased about it.

  • yes

    haha i know that mustache too! her whole face is just one big hairy bomb. thats unfortunate.

  • m.i.a.

    ohhh wow. uni uni uni uni uni uni moley moley moley moley moley brow.

  • m.i.a.

    and why does maddona’s kid look like she’s from india? i thought madge was from detriot–yes? so why the heck does her kid look like a hairy indian?

  • m.i.a.

    la la lalalalal

  • just me…

    I realy hate Madonna!!!

    There’s no more insane and vulgar like she is!!!

    At 50 years…She must be ashamed of herself!!!

  • http://msn penny

    Uhh MonoBrow!

  • kenza

    i hate her daughter !

  • paramorejunkie

    wow maddona’s daughter needs to get her eye brows fixed

  • carly

    how come madonna’s daughter has a unibrow and a mustache? could she secretly be a man?

  • Paula

    Wow, you all are so freakin’ harsh on an 11 year old. Most likely, rather than being teased, she is envied for having such a famous and successful mom. And Lourdes is a beauty once you look past the excess hair. But c’mon, who wants to start plucking or waxing at age 11?

  • / aBBIE

    Ew the girl is UGLY!! shave the mustache off!!

  • Roadwork

    theres alot of stupid girls who respond on this site. Stupid Girls.



  • lopnh

    this is FUCKIN UGLY

  • mc

    who’s that guy very last picture… he acts like he is Star with a mouth open…
    Madonna is sooooooo HOT.. can hardly wait to see her at Dupai… yep. right.. my private party…
    Loudes is so sexy.. look at the most of Miss Universe, they all look like her… of course, got to shave that hair…
    either way, love eyes, full lips….
    Just love them!!!

  • barron797

    madonna is a mean mom. i’m sure lourdes wants to get rid of her unibrow and mustache but her mom won’t let her…until she’s a certain age….maybe when she will let her wear makeup.

    madonna, you’re getting too old to act like you’re 25. you’re embarassing. you’re almost 50 for crying out loud. not only that, you have to leverage off of JT’s fame to sell records. pathetic.

  • lili

    i can see she’s a pretty girl beneath all those facial hair… do something!!

  • loli

    a cute picture of Lourdes as a baby with her mom:

  • http://vanashbrenique sam

    I really don’t mean to be harsh but….Lourdes please wax your moustache and eyebrows.C’mon she’s 11 years old, I think she’s old enough to start waxing.
    But she is really lucky. Lourdes has a superstar mom that makes awesome music! :D

  • me

    who cares if she’s old enough or not, if Madonna is waiting till she’s like 13, 14 like high school age it’s gonna be like a full mustache above her eyes.

  • liz86000

    OMG!! Does that little girl of 11 years old wear DIAMONDS??? And BIG ones???

  • Natx3

    Omfg her daughter needs a waxing job ASAP!
    Wow i feel bad for her! She must get made fun of A LOT at school!
    Seriously wax the dang thing!!!!!!!

  • it

    omg when she was baby have mustache too


  • Sophia


  • ?

    madge should at least take care of the space between the brows for that kid.

  • RC

    The girl has pretty eyes though. Unfortunately, the uni-brow just has to go. Well not unless she’s trying to make a new fashion statement.

  • cubanita

    Lourdes is a beautiful girl in need of some grooming. If she’s old enough for LV handbags, she’s old enough to have a little waxing done at the salon.

  • / aBBIE

    She’s not ugly, but the mustache and unibrow have to go!!

  • katie

    ummm her daughter has a unibrowwwww

  • Helena

    This site is full of bĂ­tchy school tweens who think they know what is perfect and think everyone must look perfect. Grow up. Jared wash them with your hose pipe!

  • Alexandria

    Would electrolysis get rid of it permanently? What a pain to have to keep shaving it for years. I guess this sort of thing is not a priority to an 11 year old girl. It’s not a case of Madonna not letting her do it. If Lourdes wanted it done, it would be. Soon enough she’ll want to get rid of it but she’s not even a teenager yet.

  • spfxgirl

    Come on you guys.. She is a little girl. She is far too young to have any waxing done at the stage. This is what is wrong with society today.. Little girls don’t get to be little girls anymore. They have so much preasure put upon them to look the correct way. now and it’s all wrong. Who cares if Lourdes has a monobrow or facial hair.. as long as she is well looked after and is a happy kid that’s the main thing.Having facial hair at the age doesn’t make you a bad person or weird. Its normal. Iam so sure when she is at an age where she can have it taken off she will… Don’t be so cruel..

    All i want to know is why Maddona never wears her wedding ring????
    I have been a big Maddona fan since the begining. Her music back in the eighties was awsome. This doesn’t mean to say that i agree with everything she does.. especially Kabalah. Oh and i share her birthday

  • emily

    her daughter would be so gorgeous…
    if she had two eyesbrows.

  • case closed

    waxing and shaving will only make the hair grow back thicker,
    maybe Madonna is waiting until she thinks her daughter is
    ready for electrolysis treatment to permanently remove the hair,
    due to Lourdes heritage i image she has quite a problem.wts
    she is a beautiful girl

  • angeline

    I agree. The girl’s beautiful, but that unibrow of hers destroys it =) She looks like a very sweet girl, though. Considering I’m her age, I want to hang out w/ her.

  • teacup

    trust me in a few years time you’ll all be saying the complete opposite, her daughter is gorgeous. I reckon she’ll model when she’s older.
    And do what she has a unibrow shes only 11 losers.

  • right

    I think her daughter is just lovely and at her age the last thing she should be concerned about is how she looks. There are so many more important things to worry about.

  • grace

    ok Lourdes is 11 and has a uni-brow…gross….she really needs to shave that thing…and she needs to shave her upper lip!…other that that i would say shes a very pretty girl

  • tiger

    Shame on Madonna for subjecting her child to this sort of public scrutiny. Imagine how cruel children her own age are from the comments made here. Eleven is old enough to take care of that for her. Is Madonna afraid her daughter will be more attractive? I can’t understand a mother that isn’t in touch with that age and the pressures that come with it. I am sure she can afford electrolysis and take care of that problem for her daughter. The cruel comments she probably gets can cut deep to a child that age.Too bad Madonna isn’t in touch with it for the sake of her child.

  • LoReTta

    lourdes is so pretty but look 2 her eyebrows reallllyyyy disgusting shave itt!!(K) luv ya lourds. im not goiingg to tell him ! babee u know what i meann! lov ya!(K)(K)

  • LoReTta

    lourdes is so pretty but look 2 her eyebrows reallllyyyy disgusting shave itt!!(K) luv ya lourds. im not goiingg to tell him ! babee u know what i meann! lov ya!(K)(K)