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Miley Cyrus' Bra is Green With Envy

Miley Cyrus' Bra is Green With Envy

Miley Cyrus is back at it again with some rather revealing shots of herself pulling up her top and in the arms of a young friend (boyfriend?).

The 15-year-old Hannah Montana star sure is growing up fast! Maybe a little too fast?

Remember the last batch of Myspace photos with Miley posing her in panties?

All these pics can’t be Photoshopped, right? RIGHT?

Just Jared on Facebook
miley cyrus bra 01
miley cyrus bra 02
miley cyrus bra 03
miley cyrus bra 08
miley cyrus bra 11
miley cyrus bra 16

Credit: disneychannel
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  • sAM

    Well, can’t say these are great.. but I’m still behind her 100%

    All teenagers make mistakes.. and realize later on that they made stupid decisions.. Miley is just going through that stage right now, in the public eye unfortunately.

  • ashley


  • sona

    Yes, because those pictures and THIS lovely picture are the PERFECT photographic evidence of a good role model.

  • Trang

    you guys need to stop posting those personal pictures of Miley! its so rude of how you guys are posting pictures that are personal to Miley. Stop!

  • xx-stella-xx

    omg wat is rong with her she goes round claimin shes such a goody 2 shoes and look at wat she does. shame

  • Tara

    #30 If this is deemed as ‘normal’ behavior for a teenager, then I will gratefully not call my friends or myself normal. Sorry, this is just not acceptable.

    Well said!!!

    I am PROUD to say that I’m not ‘normal’ either!

  • suzy

    I don’t care what she does in her private life but she should stop taking pictures like that and putting them up on myspace, because that is like asking for trouble as the internet is not private and it’s called the world wide web for a reason. As She is going around preaching purity and how she is a ‘good girl’ she should stop taking deliberately risqué pictures and putting them on myspace. So the lesson this third or is it fourth time is put down your digital camera Miley and don’t post pictures on the internet.

  • legs

    is she like gonna send it to playboy? lol.

  • http://losmochis jenniifeR):

    Miley you going?


  • sona

    Oh puhlease Trang. She lets these leak HERSELF because she’s a little attention whore! If she didn’t want “personal” photos of herself out there, she’d stop taking them!

  • Natx3





  • goz

    oh my gooooooood! this are new and they must have been taken recently! god she’s a hoe! wow!
    paris much?

  • http://losmochis jenniifeR):

    Miley you going?


  • heidi ann


  • trish

    im 15 and i know alot of 15 years old people and they dont take picture like this… next britney without talent!!!!!!!!!!

  • me


    SHE NEVER PUT ANY OF HER PICTURES ON MYSPACE- they were leaked by SOMEONE she knows.

    Anyway, I still love the girl, she’s amazing.. BUT she should just try and be more careful.

  • dee

    Okay, one; THAT IS MILEY. That is not a look alike.
    two; I photoshop pictures. I have friends who have gone to school for graphics and photography. THESE are not photoshopped.
    three; I’m nineteen. I have never posed in pictures like this, and neither have my friends. We’ve taken pictures with our boyfriends, but NOT like this.
    four; I don’t have a problem with teen girls TAKING these pictures, but do not post them on the web. Keep THESE in a photo album or something.
    I agree w/ sona.


    a “normal” 15 year old girl doesn’t take pictures like this
    i concider me and my friends normal 16 year olds and we don’t have pics like this

    anyone and i mean anyone, i don’t care if your famous or not, who takes pics like this is a slut!!

    MILEY IS A SLUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thebitch
  • ano

    fotos escandalosas de mile aqui

  • annaG

    i love miley
    but hasnt she learned that these sort of things are gonna come out on the internet. come onnn girl.

  • the compound is calling

    Miley and those young girls who are like her should just go join up with those religious freaks with multiple wives and mind control and be with them since they are sooo hot to show off their body to promote sex. She did say she does everything for….

  • http://???? Andrea

    Men she’s so stuped

  • m.i.a.

    stupid slut.

  • Jessica

    #30 you are so right.

    you would think somebody would put a stop to this.
    but my gosh, are her parents paying any attention
    to what shes been doing.

    and how can anybody think shes a good role model?
    before, when 15 year old girls took pictures like these,
    it would be a bad thing, not a new reason to support somebody.

  • heidi ann

    omg! miley used to be my idol :s

  • ali

    she needs to get it together before she gets a name for herself in hollywood as somebody parents dont want there kids to idolize

  • Cyd

    Dude, what a little ho! U cnt just say that ppl make mistakes cause these r definetly recent, u can tell by the hair. And u definatly cnt say that nobody’s perfect because she could ttly avoid taking these pics. i’m the same age as her and i don’t do this! Not a good role model!!!!!!!! I support Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Hilary Duff all the way!

  • fofo

    wut a fucking slutt bichass mother fucker u need to grow up and who the fuck is that ugly ass boy ok. they should kick her off disney becasue she is not a good rolemodel for little children. if they see wut she does on the internet then they will do it. and i dont think that wut there parents want them to do.

  • anonymous

    Way to go miley.

    You’ve finally succeeded in becoming “daddys little slut”

  • ashley

    whatever. shes beeing a teenage girl, wethere theyre photo shopped or not idc. i mean yeah shes famous and little girls could be seeing it but im sure she didnt take them to put them on the internet. shes living her life normally. lay off

  • allison

    fuck she a slut freacking stupide ….

  • Ally

    she’s a $lu*.
    she doesn’t need the fans anymore,
    she’s got that ugly @$$ guy.
    i used to look up to her..

  • jordana

    its not like i am a HUGE fan or anything,
    but these arent SO terrible.
    This maybe her boyfriend, so shes not doing anything terrible…when shes lifting up her shirt its like wearing a bakini NOTHiNG MAJOR.
    Then when shes showing her bra…yeah thats a little “riskay” but again nothing so terrible.
    People need to give the poor girl a break.

  • amy


  • Yawn

    Saying that all teens do this is incorrect. This should never be said ever.

    Smart and savvy young woman avoid myspace and facebook like the plague. They know discretions and are protecting their future. Smart women don’t leave any paper or picture trail.

    Miley was talking way too much these days anyway.

  • Paige

    i know these pictures are a little slutty but give her a break. she is 15 not 7. In hollywood you grow up too fast anyway and i’m pretty sure everyone would much rather her be taking a little revealing pictures than doing drugs, drinking, and getting pregnet like all the other stars.


  • Naomi

    I started to like her…hah no more..

    And that guy is fugly.

  • michelle

    wow what a slut.
    no offense, but i’m so like bipolar when it comes to her. one day i like her and then the next day i don’t…idk haha

  • hag

    she knows this will leak and will be feasted on the net and i bet she’s loving the attention. such a biatch.

  • squid

    normal? i suppose. but still annoying as f*ck

  • bee

    I agree with Marissa. A lot of girls her age do this whether they are famous or not. Miley and Vanessa both didn’t do this for attention. The pictures were personal and its unfortunate that they got released. I don’t think she is doing this for more attention or to end her career, if she wanted her career to be over then she wouldn’t be doing anything right now. Just calm down people, this happens to many teens and there are more people out there who do things that are worse. just let her be

  • Bah

    ok, she’s a star and sehe couldn’t give these exemples to the little kids… but damn.. she’s 15. and it’s normal ;/ she’s enoying her life!
    come’on guys!
    she shouldn’t take pics in those times i know, xD… you never know if someone’s putting it into the internet,

  • kathy

    that little Miley is turning out to be a little w h o r e

  • kylie

    and people think vanessa hudgens is bad.
    she accually learned from her mistake.
    miss miley is at it again!!

  • Malia

    Hmmm . . . Where are her parents?

    Guess they don’t care what she does as long as the money is rolling in.

  • anna

    ugghh… I keep trying to think the best of her. i guess she is just a stupid teen who doesn’t know any better. or maybe she was drunk. it is one thing to do that just to be silly which is still wrong,but to take a picture of it?

    miley you really disappoint me.

  • DrZen

    where do these photos come from
    coz if its from myspace, ho has the url thingme

    shes hot

  • Marissa

    so she’s a whore, a slut o anything just because of these pictures? come on, people.
    This may be her boyfriend.. and.. who cares? she’s not naked or anything. some people over react a little bit too much.

    i am sure.. she’s growing up faster than most of the teenagers her age.. but you can’t cahnge that. and.. if you believe it or not. It’s not that odd anymore.. to take pictures like that.