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Miley Cyrus' Bra is Green With Envy

Miley Cyrus' Bra is Green With Envy

Miley Cyrus is back at it again with some rather revealing shots of herself pulling up her top and in the arms of a young friend (boyfriend?).

The 15-year-old Hannah Montana star sure is growing up fast! Maybe a little too fast?

Remember the last batch of Myspace photos with Miley posing her in panties?

All these pics can’t be Photoshopped, right? RIGHT?

Just Jared on Facebook
miley cyrus bra 01
miley cyrus bra 02
miley cyrus bra 03
miley cyrus bra 08
miley cyrus bra 11
miley cyrus bra 16

Credit: disneychannel
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  • jentry

    please take these off its not right for you to do this!
    please she made a mistake!

    take them off!

  • Melissa

    omg i just love miley… she’s my idol and her green bra wont stop making her not my idol she’s the best… the pictures are really cute well i think f u if u think she’s a whore

  • m.i.a.

    i agree with yawn. i love and agree with exactly every word he/she said! =)

  • what!

    She’s 15! Obviously her parents are bad at parenting.

    Next thing you know, she’ll be pregnant and act like it’s very “normal” like Jamie Lynn Spears.

    The problem isn’t pictures. It’s that she’s portrayed as a certain image to a very young audience. If she had been doing sex scenes in movies since age 13, no one would blink, but these? well….

  • baby bri

    she’s a vanessa hudgens wannabe

  • m.i.a.

    miley is a disappointment to this entire face of the earth. hmm, such a shame.

  • m.i.a.

    miley is a disappointment to this entire face of the earth. hmm, such a shame.

  • miley_lover4ever

    these pics are not bad shes a teen!!! its not like shes naked!!

    OMG!!!!! I SEE HER BRA!!!!omg omg i can believe it SIKE!! NOT A BIG DEAL AT ALL!!!

  • sarah

    She is so stupid and im sick of her. Everyone says that shes like Vanessa but she not. Vanessa learnt from her mistake and hasnt done it agian because she realized that she is a role model and needs to make good decisions and this is like the 3rd time miley had done ths .Anyway, people werent meant to see those pictures of V, but i think Miley does this FOR attention.
    I love you V!!!!
    Miley, if you wanna do well in life, do some thinking and stop doing stupid things. God didnt create us to show off our bodies, he wants us to respect them. What do you learn at church? why do you bother going?

  • m.i.a.

    does she even have any fans left? who would be a fan of THAT? i sure hope people at least in their right mind know that THAT is something you don’t want to look up to. at. all. period.

  • ugh

    What the hell is she doing. It’s one thing when it’s a private matter but she isn’t even trying to keep these to herself. IF she want privacy than letting them out to friends or letting them be posted on myspace etc. is not the way to go. Not to mention she is very famous right now and MANY people look up to her. She shouldn’t even take them considering the level scrutiny. This isn’t something that is a part of her past , before she was famous, or whatever, this is now and you would think she would be careful to not project this image. Its one thing to be revealing, because a bikini is just as revealing but its another when it actually suggestive. Yea a lot of kids her age do this but not all of them are looked up to or in the public eye or from disney or claiming jesus is their savior or even claiming to be such a good girl. She’s 15 and a damn major figure in children’s lives. It sick that she has reached a level of power in which she can do this shit and no one stops her. Who the hell took these photos anyway, bceasue she clearly isn’t taking them herself this time.

    Also vanessa has nothing to do with this, yes what she did wasn’t what you want kids at that age to do, but that really was her private life. Those pictures got out without her consent, she didn’t just post them on myspace etc. Not mention she atleast learned from it and those weren’t taken when she became some role model or famous.She was no where near any fame at that point.

    And before people start claiming how much better other disney stars or whoever else is so much better than miley, this is all about image. You don’t what they do in their personal life or what they support. They could be taking these same photos but are just better at keeping it to themselves.

    oh Btw taking suggestive pictures does not make someone a slut or whore. This is no evidence of her just sleeping around or sleeping around for money. People just love to throw those words around don’t they.

  • wowwww

    i LOVEEEEE all of the ‘support’ comments from the miley fans who feel dumb as shit now. are you kidding me? coming from the girl who goes around preaching about her purity ring and acting like she’s some huge bible humper, i’m thinking her giving the camera some ~bedroom eyes~ while showing off her lacy bra are a LITTLE bit hypocritical. i dont care how many ‘normal’ 15 year olds do this, this bitch isnt ‘normal’ and if she even had a FEW brain cells she could figure out a] not to take pictures like that and b] if you do take pictures like that, not to put them on the internet. but clearly shes an idiot

    damn, i can smell the crabs just crawling out of her.

  • Kelly

    LMAO @ #54

  • m.i.a.

    i cant wait till she’s pregggers! hahaha jaime lynn here she comes! lolol

  • Marissa

    how come that dienychannel is the credit for these pictures?

  • jeanne

    what happened to her…

    all kids say she a “good role model”

    now she’s just going to follow the steps of britney and lindsay.

  • emileee


    including me, tons of teens
    take pictures like that. most, even worse.

  • sara

    haha, stop defending her miley LUV3RZ
    shes not like every other teen who has slutty pictures on their myspaces
    shes supposed to be a role model
    im 15 and when i see girls my age pose like that, everyone calls them a slut, because normal teenagers DO NOT do that!!!!

  • Sarah

    People should stop saying that what she’s doing isn’t wrong. It sure enough isn’t right. There are so many little kids looking up to her. And for the people saying that they did this at 15, answer this: were you not sexually active? Would you take pictures of yourself knowing that somehow, it could potentially ruin your reputation and career?

  • Morgan

    Does she want to end her career?

    Honestly, people keep saying ‘She’s 15, it’s normal! I took em’ with my boyfriend. It’s just her bra, she has clothes on!’

    Honestly? I seriously need to explain why this is all wrong?

    It seems Britney Spears is finally getting her act together and now look whose losing their mind…good sweet innocent Miley Cyrus.

    She is just asking for attention…and to get out her contract with disney.

    Isn’t she christian? I thought it was against their religion to do crap like this.


  • abby

    ok why are peple bringing vanessa into this……yea she took naked pics but it was along time ago and she wasnt even famoused at the time…and she didnt put them on the interenet….NOW mileys just doin it for the attention…youd think shed learn by now..oh well sucks for her

  • halijonas.

    wow, okay. so if this is the norm then im not normal. my bra and underwear and body, stay undercover when i take pictures. she use to be a good model and person but not now. shes going to be somebodies whore when she becomes legal. i understand shes an average kid but known more. but this IS NOT what ‘normal’ people do. :D

  • kelly

    u call Vanessa bad, wow shocker, at least she wasn’t 15 and she didnt do it for media attention, or publitcity, miley is a bitich. its obvious that her parents are horrible when it comes to parenting skills

    i am not a fan or hers or vanessas by any means, its a tragedy watchin some1 else fall like britney spears!
    she is friekin 15, and she already is havin controveries!

  • katie

    miley stop! </3

    shes alot of the people my ages’ role model and this just hurts. bad.

  • Mariana

    she’s a bitch!

  • lena

    well… like MOTHER, like daughter. Knowing her dear mummy’s past explains alot. Even these photos. You can’t tame the skanky if it’s innate you guys.

    She may be “saving” herself for marriage… but who’s to say that she hasn’t done everything BUT have sex. I like Miley, but she doesn’t really seem to understand how easy it is to tarnish one’s image by mouthing off to the media how much better of a role-model she is, then all the other wannabe young female celebs. You just don’t bring it up, if you don’t plan to own up to it – 24/7, 365.

    She should have stayed mum on the subject – kept it all personal and private, and play the “I’m only human, I make mistakes like everyone else – but I do try to do what I know is right” card… poor Miley… she’ll learn the hard way.

  • hana

    o my god what the hell is she doing i mean disney is gonna fire her (well i hope)

  • kylie


  • bitch

    Yess Marissa, we all might do this, but were not famous and the pictures are not shown to the whole world! :)

  • the shiznack

    the fact that these look new cus of her hair colour just adds to the point the Miley is a famewhore and loves the attention

    she is a C.U.N.T

    lmao i only used that word cus all the little teeny boppers’ head will explode

    this fool needs to jog on

  • Sarahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  • LMAO

    She’s 15 but she’s a COUNTRY HILLBILLY 15 which means that she’s late in the baby making department. She should have three kids by now and two ex-husbands. Her voice sounds like a 2 pack a day voice of a 40 year old. Maybe that guy on the bed with her is her first husband. All that pouting on the red carpet means that she’s on the hunt for a hubby.

  • hmm…

    i thought she would stop…she’s being kind of hypocritical saying that she’s a devout christian and doing stupid stuff like this…i mean..hasnt she learned…i dont wanna blame the parents but do they know? i still love her though…i just think she’s stupid…

  • Jae

    **If these photos are real**
    I love the fact that everyone who seems to support Miley can’t spell, doesn’t use proper punctuation, and just screams “teenie bopper groupie”. Your reasoning is ridiculous and juvenile. You sound like whining teenagers: “but mooooooom everyone is doing iiiiitttttt!” just because certain people do it does not make it acceptable or excusable, and anyone who thinks it is really needs a lesson in humility, morality, and shame.

    Why wear a top at all Miley? Take it all off now, save yourself the trouble. You’re a joke.

  • kacci

    y bring vanessa into this, rlly
    vanessa took the photos way b4 she was famous or a role model, miley is 15 and look at her

    i dont want ppl to think i am defending v cuz i am a fan, i am a miley fan 2, but i have to tell the truth

  • hmm…

    and also…its not normal….becuz she’s not normal….she has an abnormal life…ppl are constantly watching her…and i know 16 yearolds and they have never thought or done stuff like this

  • sara

    hahha i love #136′s comment, it’s so true!

  • the shiznack

    i wonder what daddy cyrus thinks of his jezebel of a daughter

    ok so it worked for paris hilton, kim whoredashian, vannessa hudgens, audrina patridge and all the others heffers

    all those girls like to comment on setting examples – well i guess miley was the only one listening

  • Jonas Fan


    SHe is sooooooooooo STUPID
    i cant wait to find out what her parents think of these pictures

    I mean common who cares if other teens her age take these kinda picture
    Miley is setting the worst example in the world for younger kids

  • nicole

    she next vanessa hudgens!! she is a looser!

  • good

    good. she was getting annoying anyway.

  • matt

    Whoa, whore much for attention? Sad little girl.

  • http://losmochis jenniifeR):

    You happen Miley

    Bad for you that you prejudice that many people admire you and stop doing so why are these kind of photos,,,, which opened last you do not want to think or hope that not all of this kind more photos

    miley next britney noooooooooo pleasee

  • carla

    Why the hell does she keep taking lame photos of herself.
    Just to get attention. That’s why.

  • booyay

    man she’s ugly.

    I dont understand why shes so popular, her and those crappy jonas brothers

  • Steph

    haha ur welcome! i posted these in a comment to my friend yesterday and today everyone has them

    ur welcome

    hahaha miley

  • katy

    i thought would be different.
    if she ends up like lindsey lohan, i wouldn’t be suprised.

  • stop

    i have no words!!!!! mile yyou digust me

  • anon

    The pictures aren’t that bad but really why are you showing your bra? Is it because its’s a designer bra? at 15 she’s not sexy so what gives?

  • Boji

    All I can say is that celebrity kids do tend to grow up too fast given their environment and exposure. What she did was not wise thinking but more on impulse. Being too much in the limelight seems to be getting to her. She is just discovering her sexuality and this photo with this boy is a bit racy but then again it is meant to be private and not for the world to see. From the looks of things, she is into this guy. So whoever leaked this out, did it of out of pure jealousy and is trying to damage her image.

    No parent can control their teenage child and follow them 24/7. so this was an impulsive moment for her. Well, she is after all growing up and moving towards adulthood. Remember her song”Nobody’s Perfect”

    Am not a fan just an adult observer.