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Miley Cyrus' Bra is Green With Envy

Miley Cyrus' Bra is Green With Envy

Miley Cyrus is back at it again with some rather revealing shots of herself pulling up her top and in the arms of a young friend (boyfriend?).

The 15-year-old Hannah Montana star sure is growing up fast! Maybe a little too fast?

Remember the last batch of Myspace photos with Miley posing her in panties?

All these pics can’t be Photoshopped, right? RIGHT?

Just Jared on Facebook
miley cyrus bra 01
miley cyrus bra 02
miley cyrus bra 03
miley cyrus bra 08
miley cyrus bra 11
miley cyrus bra 16

Credit: disneychannel
Posted to: Miley Cyrus

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  • krung krung

    i hope she’ll get pregnant by tomorrow w/triplets.

  • mypinl

    damn wat crazy bitch goes n does this. i bet if fans that r her admirers will take pics like this n when they get caught, they’ll probly say “mileys doing this so I should 2!” psh gimme a break

  • jb :)

    They do not have fault (?)
    The fame them rises the head and finish doing that kind of thing

  • Piss on her butt

    I bet she loves eating weaner. I bet she takes it up her butt regularly. Go Girl, Go Girl, Go Girl…. Shake em dice an roll em Shake em dice an roll em.

  • LINA

    o my god i lker still

  • Hsm fan

    If your children or you as kids have to look up to celebrities as role model, something is wrong with your own parenting skills or something is wrong with your own parents. Because, the role model should be your mother, father, grandparents, uncle, aunt, sister, brother, or any other family kinship.

    She is a kid herself, along with the other teen celebrities. Miley just happen to be famous and talented. Most teenagers of her age have done something similar to this before. Miley has taken for her own private reason, however, someone that she trusted have put it in the internet. Which is the same situation that happen to V. Both of these two celebrities are victims with the pictures stolen from them and unauthorized to publicly expose on the internet. Both Miley and V did not do anything wrong.

  • jackie

    OMFG my fave celeb is turning into a slut…..:(

  • dan

    omg this girl is only 15 and shes already doing it.
    i can see her as the future lindsay lohan

  • kforme

    The thing I find fishy about this situation is the fact that Miley is really good friends with this Mandy girl. Ok, Miley is 15 and this Mandy girl is 21. There is such a major maturity jump from 15 to 21 it’s not even funny! This Mandy girl is apparently using Miley to boost her fame level because how many 21 year olds hang out with 15 year olds. there is no way they can like the same guys or have that much in common. At 21 you’re legal and I can’t see how much fun hanging out with a 15 year old can be except if she is raking in millions like Miley is. Miley probably thinks she’s cool because at 15, you look up to girls in their twenties. If you think about it thats like a freshman is highschool hanging out with a Junior in college. Yay for that.

    This Mandy chick probaby said “Miley this is my cool older guy friend.” And Miley probably thought she was so cool when she was doing this. She obviously isn’t the brightest crayon in the box or just doesn’t have many real friends. Which is sad.

  • tay

    These pictures are really disgusting…
    you’d think after the 3rd time her nasty pictures were leaked, she’d know not to do it again.
    Where the heck are her parents?!
    What’s next?
    Nude pictures?!?!
    You’d think that she’d have enough sense to get a HOT guy to pose with her…

  • lul

    the first time this happend with her i felt sorry for her but this time i think she is just stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Megan

    as much as i love her
    i have to admit that is very slutty
    oh well, its her life
    iloveyou miley =]

  • Paige

    Wow… this just made me not like her even more. and for all those people comparing it to Vanessa Hudgens, i dont think its anything like that. Vanessa wasn’t rich and famous when hers were taken, Miley is and im sure she is well aware that she has little kids looking up to her, but she obviously doesn’t care since she is taking pictures like these. if i had little girls looking up to me as a role model, i wouldn’t be taking pictures like these. this is just another way of getting attention (like she doesn’t have enough already) i feel sorry for all the young fans out there.

  • evrafter

    Yeah…but ummm..they ARE photoshopped. The ding dong who did them could AT LEAST use people’s bodies with the same fingernail polish color in the pics. Two have the same color nail polish….probably same girl’s body used in both….the other…easily Miley pulled from a different picture (now with black polish). Interesting that the dude has a different shirt in the pictures OBVIOUSLY taken at the same time. What? They love having SOMEONE take pics of them on those same pillows? Good grief.

    Sad that little kids will think these are real, though.

    I really wish people would leave a good person alone. And I really wish people would have just a little more faith that there are good people out there.

  • Crackerjack

    as for the guy
    whos the weird t drunk looking guy

  • Emma W

    i am so disgusted

  • danni

    ^Thank you! I agree with evrafter

  • Here’s The Deal

    Lmfao. What is it with these Disney teen stars?

    Hey…Miley….was this “for Jesus”, too?

  • hahahello

    omgosh. i cant wait to see wht shes gonna say about these ones. there quite, um interesting. my question is, is that she probably new ppl would have a fit over these pics, but yet she posts them with the huge risk of having them get leaked out! why? well, whtevr. its her choice

  • hahahello

    omgosh. i cant wait to see wht shes gonna say about these ones. there quite, um interesting. my question is, is that she probably new ppl would have a fit over these pics, but yet she posts them with the huge risk of having them get leaked out! why? well, whtevr. its her choice

  • nanana

    Those definitely aren’t photoshopped and I hope someone who could use the program that well wouldn’t be wasting their time trying to expose Miley Cyrus. There are better things to do in life.

  • gsfa

    This is way too much, i mean of course she is not naked but what i mean is that she keeps taking the pictures. For example, Vanessa’s pictures, she had like a set of a couple pictures, which made some people lose the respect for her, but those were it, no more, and well Miley there’s like a set of new pictures every month. It seems to like she doesn’t really care because she keeps doing it, or maybe she wants to gain older fans. I don’t really know and i am not anyone to judge her but she needs to learn from her previous lessons.

  • Pam


  • Mrs.jonas

    Ahhh That sucks I love her but she needs to stop i supported her with the first incident but now its just not alright no more…..I hope thats not her boyfriend cause he is ewww and she is super gorgeous. and i tought she “liked” Nick Jonas……Ahhh whatever i Love Miley!:D ♥

  • chick

    disney need to fired this nasty trick, she continue to leak tasteless pics like this of her self, hopefully her stupid self get fired, and loses all her fans

  • Paige!

    as long as shes saying off my jonas brothers, she can do whatevah she wants!!

  • RealityCheck

    Well these are the first signs…

    next thing you know, she’s pregnant!
    she’s gonna turn out like Lilo or something.

    Good Luck, with ruining your life!

  • lee

    ^ apparently theres one more going around with her new beau.
    o man feel bad that her “so called” friends to this to her

  • taylorr

    as you can see my website is

    i USED to have a fansite of her i still support her and all but ive kinda had it with these photographs they make me pretty upset to show little girls to do this i mean come on miley, your all i love god, if you did then why would you be posting these things?

    also i am just repeating what miley said.

    i am still good friends with jamie lynn spears and vanessa anne hudgens but i will never turn out like them..

    with these pictrues thats straight where shes going right down the drain. wiht her job.

    and while shes doing this where the heck are her parent shuh?

  • tierney

    Bit of a butterface? Yeahhh.

    I’d be disowned if anyone ever found my risque photos.
    Better yet, the whole nation. Esp everything stays on the internet practically forever.
    So, who knows. One day when I have kids, my kids could be playing on the computer and all of a sudden, there’s a pop up of mom.

  • Kourtney

    i dont know about you but I to this day (I’m 18) have NEVER EVER taken a picture naked, or just in my underwear or even just flashing my underwear. I think it is absolutely stupid that everyone just “assumes” that every teenager does this. I also know none of my best friends have either, and Im sick of everyone assuming every single teenager is a skank who sends nude photos of herself to her boyfriend all the time. maybe thats what you like to do in your spare time but thats not me at all..

    i think that miley is taking these pics and putting them out there on purpose. i thinks she wants to get rid of her hannah montana image and shes already said shes “outgrown” hannah montana. i think shes trying to get away from it and she probably thinks if she continues doing things like this disney will let her off the hook. but seeing as how they let vanessa hudgens nude pics just be brushed under the rug, i dont think disney is going to physically fire miley without a fight.

    or maybe miley really is beng her normal self and these pics accidentally got released onto the net.

    either way these disney girls need to shape up and remember all the little girls who love them and look up to them as their role models, miley cyrus cant afford to dissappoint her fans.. again..

  • taylorr

    oh and lee where did you find that picture?


  • wow

    againnnn? isn’t this like the third time this happens? the first time, i actually felt sorry for her, because i thought she wasn’t thinking about the consequences; but now she’s just asking for the criticism! where are her parents? and can i just remind people that she is just 15 yrs. old! sorry, but girls that age shouldn’t be posing for pictures like that. and i agree, that mandy girl is bad for her, isn’t she like 20? hilary duff never posed for pics like this when she was miley’s age, heck not even lindsay…this girl needs to get it together.asap! she’s a role model for little girls. those pics look real, doesn’t she have red hair?

  • FAME

    dude miley is a fucking teenager. of course shes gonna have pictures like this i mean comeon what teenage girl doesnt have pictures like this? like everyone. just because she’s famous means she shouldnt have a life? i didnt think so. shes just trying to be a kid. its terrible some asshole would let these pictures leak but hey shes far from perfection wich makes her a better rolemodel then some fake ass peice of shit.

  • cami

    OH MY GOSH!! MILEY CYRUS is disgusting!!!!

    Okay all you people saying that “ohh Vanessa had worst pics than Miley” need to shut up! yeahh it was a naked photo of her .. BUT it’s not like she’s going around posting them on her myspace like Miley did with the other pics .. that was completely private that no one was supposed to see.. ON the other hand miley Cyrus is a attention hogging little baby w.hore!

    Anndd you people saying “she’s 15″ it’s NORMAL!!! . ahah you have got to be kidding me.. I’m friends with people who are 15 .. and unless they’re complete S L UTS then it’s not normal .. who the hell poses with a guy with her stomach sticking out like that .. and who takes a pic of themseves with their bra!

    gossh she’s freaking annoying.. little girls look up to her and she’s not a good example at all .. When asked about these photos all she’s gonna say is “i’m 15 .. that’s what we do” uhmm ho honey .. only total gross attention hogging s luts like you do that kay?

    If anything Vanessa is a better role model .. I mean she atleast only had those photos of her .. which was a big mistake aside from that one photo she’s done nothing wrong. unlike Miley freaking cyrus ..

    im ashamed of her parents too .. and more than anything . me being a Christian is ashamed that she is somehow related to me in Gods eyes .. Come on “purity ring” yeah .. right! haah.. she’s such a faker! omgsh .. what a hypocrit!

  • dan


  • cristina

    The guy is kinda funny!!! :-D Look how he looks on the pic!!!!

  • Shizzbangitzz[:

    Woah:[ thats just sad; shes turning into brittney spears;
    i knew it from the start that she will; she lost everything.
    she had everything in her hands and she just took effin dumb
    pictures, shes pretty stupid herself, she wants to feel sexy as
    in every one will like her and all that but she thaught wrong;
    i bet you a MILLION bucks; shes gonna flunK!
    I wonder if they ever did it?
    And she wants attention;;;;
    Lmfao. im serious; she will be soon.

    Btw, The dood looks Uglyy;

  • BabiiVFanforeva a huge fan of mileys alwaiis and foreva!!

    i noe if any normal teenager took photos like would not matter to ppl..but cos shes miley cyrus..everyone seems to care..shes a normal teen..let her have fun..

    its not that bad..everybody overreacting..

  • ellen

    If she wants to show everyone how mature she is, she could start showing her maturity by realizing why it is she is famous, what her career is built around, and guard that image with all she has. There is nothing that shows your immaturity more than trashing up and throwing away the solid foundation you’ve built a lucrative career upon.

  • Boji

    Talking abt looks. When a person is attracted to someone there must be other qualities besides looks. This guy may not be that goodlooking but he must have a helluva attractive personality for Miley to take notice of him. For your info, Nick is not that goodlooking either but there’s something abt him besides his fame that is attractive, maybe his demeanour, or his voice, who knows?!

    Someone did say Miley wants to break away from her little girl goody two shoes image. Can’t say I blame her, she is growing up after all. Besides these are private photos and I’m sure a 3rd party has leaked them out. Nothing to gain here, except to try and discredit her and expose her to her tween fans. Haven’t we seen this being done before to none other than one of our disney stars.?

    Her true fans will continue to support her for her talents and quirky personality. The fly by night, I’m not so sure.

  • Kanani

    yea fame is commin to her head…people say that vanessa is a slut..hello lookie here its not the first time she’s done this..and she’s younger than vanessa ,vanessa took the piks wen she was 16…miley is 15 yea i dont really like her!

  • DrZen

    sum plz tell me where this pics came from
    the myspace url

    im gettin angry

    tell me fukers

  • sylvie

    she is absolutely disgusting.
    what a wh ore. ew. i used to really like her, back in about early 2007, then..
    she becomes the NEW BRITNEY SPEARS! WHOO!

  • sylvie

    she is absolutely disgusting.
    what a wh ore. ew. i used to really like her, back in about early 2007, then..
    she becomes the NEW BRITNEY SPEARS! WHOO! lets give it up for MILEY SLUTRUS.

  • Jojo

    Dude its so not normal. Shes laying on a guy with her shirt up. Did u see where his hands are? On her hips prob her ass and her pussy too. This is just on camera what happens off camera. Girls get prego @ 16 does it mean its ok for miley to do it? Jaime is prego she didnt have anything provocative on the net. y is she showing cleavage in the first place. this is like kiddy porn where the fuck are the parents? That guy looks 18 whatever let her rise and watch her dramatic fall from grace.

  • Eviie

    #48 – let me tell you something. I’m 14 and i am proud to say and i will PUBLICLY say, that i love Miley. And i support her.

    We are all fucking teenagers in our life. If you haven’t done something silly in your teenage life then you were severly abnormal and lonley. Some kids do drugs, others have sex, some take pictures and alot do alot of other crazy stuff. Miley took pictures. Which is alot better than what alot of teens are seen doing. Who cares if she’s hugging her boyfriend? And the one with her stomach showing? Mhm… well you see that much skin at the beach so does it really matter… yeah you may say “But she’s a rolemodel!” try being told that at 15 years old. It’s hard. She’s not going to live her life in a cage and never live the regular normal average life of a teenager. It isn’t fair to keep her boxed up. She’s just like anyone else. I completely support Miley. I’ve tooken pictures similar to these and if i had them leaked i sure as hell would be disappointed. People really need to realize that at least she wasn’t fully NAKED nor was she doing anything like drugs or promoting sex.

    She has a good body, i guess she might as well flaunt it. I rather her be flaunting her body then turn into an anorexic or something. The one with the green piece of her bra? Big whoah. She’s not even showing nipple making it completely okay. In none of the pictures did she put on a seductive face or anything. She’s a teenager, shes trying to live her life and have fun. It’s not okay to seperate her in the category of teenagers because she has a right to do this.

    I do however say she needs to be careful on who she should trust! Apparently, these people aren’t the type who can be trusted. That’s all i’m saying Miley needs to keep an eye on her friends because as unfortunate as it is… alot of people are out to get her. Which is absurd!

    And let me also add, all the girls that are posting here are mostly JB fans. To those girls? I’d like to say that you need to shut up. It’s clearly obvious that all of you were jealous of her dating Nick. Grow the hell up.

    Anyone who is posting here that isn’t a fan better keep their mouth shut. You aren’t like us fans who follow her throughout her career and know the way she is. We’ve seen her alot before, and Miley is a beautiful, young, talented actress/singer who is also a regular teenager. I’m actually glad shes not out there being perfect, because that’d deffinately would make me dislike her. I can’t imagine Miley being a perfect little barbie doll, i’d totally just switch the channel.

    But this shows that she’s human… she makes mistakes. And actually, i won’t consider it a mistake. I’d consider it being a teenager. And all you teenagers that keep saying “That’s a lie i’m 15 and blah blah blah” okay, well maybe you’d make a stupid thing like that when your 19… your still going to be considered a “teen” your going to do stupid things in your teen years. It’s okay. The world’s not over. Miley i support you girl, i love ya! I’m 14 and i see nothing wrong with this… take all the pics you want just don’t trust anyone like you do now… cause this kind of crap happens and people begin to judge you. When they know not even anything except that your name is Miley.

  • rebel

    Say hello to Lindsay Lohan, the Second!

  • katie

    its a career booster if anything. remember all the publicity Vanessa Hudgens got???

  • Demi

    she’s suppose to be a role model for kids??!!!
    i don’t think parents will be to pleased with this.

    She’s gotta realise that even if these were just taken with mates… they’re gonna get onto the web for everyone to see no matter what.
    She better start thinking about what she does!