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Miley Cyrus' Bra is Green With Envy

Miley Cyrus' Bra is Green With Envy

Miley Cyrus is back at it again with some rather revealing shots of herself pulling up her top and in the arms of a young friend (boyfriend?).

The 15-year-old Hannah Montana star sure is growing up fast! Maybe a little too fast?

Remember the last batch of Myspace photos with Miley posing her in panties?

All these pics can’t be Photoshopped, right? RIGHT?

Just Jared on Facebook
miley cyrus bra 01
miley cyrus bra 02
miley cyrus bra 03
miley cyrus bra 08
miley cyrus bra 11
miley cyrus bra 16

Credit: disneychannel
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  • Princessmichaela90

    okay. you people are stupid saying this isnt “acceptable” seriously. just get over it.
    shes just being a teenager. i aint saying she is being a typical 15 year old but she is doing what alot of teenagers do. just leave her alone.
    i love miley no matter what. but in her best interests she really should stop taking photos or at least stop putting them on the internet.

  • Stacy

    I’m with #28! No matter what happens and doesn’t really happen…I’m ALWAYS gonna support Miley! I could care less about these pics because they are JUST PICTURES!! People still support that vanessa girl and look she had NOTHING ON!! Thats 100 times worse than ANYTHING that could be said about Miley! I WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT MILEY and SHES NOT A S**T!! Seriously stop that I’m only a year older than her…….

  • Princessmichaela90

    oh and dont say shes “gonna be the next briitney spears” or “first vanessa now miley whats happening?”
    vanessa once took photos of herself before she was even known to the public and apoglised for it and you never saw any more photos.
    miley has taken more then just a few photos. but ill love her no matter what,
    and hell britney was and is much worse then miley. i dont see miley drinking or smoking or getting pregnant.
    if you people have nothing better to worry about then famous teens. go worry about jamie-lynn shes the one in need of serious help

  • eddie jones

    Yeah I have to agree with the parents in her. This is not acceptable for a disney channel role model. Pictures like this being posted to the internet can be easily seen as forms of child abuse & pedophilia.

  • kaycie

    aww miliey

    but ilove the jonas brothers more

    i have some rocking videos=]

  • Normal – not suit 4 a celeb

    This sort’ve behaviour for girls aged 15 – 17 is normal now days.
    Im not sure as to why young girls do it, i never did.

    But my sister is her age, and shes showed me pics of girls she knows who take pics just like these.

    She said, There are some skanky girls who take these pics to be provacative, and then there are the girls who take these pics mocking the skanky girls. Like… Oh hey look im doing a (insert name) shot!! hahahahaha! But typically they delete the pics, or never show anyone.

    Mileys prob is shes a celeb. But people should understand..she’s a teen, shes not perfect. She’s still 15. Sure..Miley should know that the pics could get leaked, but..people make mistakes. It’s only natural.
    At least she wasnt as silly as Vanessa Hudgens!!!

  • Boji

    For all you immature brats, stop bringing Vanessa into the picture and comparing her with Miley. Just give miley your support but there is no need to go dissing another celebrity just to make miley look good.

    I’m a Vanessa Fan and I’ve done nothing but try to bolster Miley and treat her fairly. I don’t dislike Miley , but I do take offence when you run down Vanessa without rhyme or reason.

    Being a true fan, does not mean you have to discredit another just to justify the support for your idol., comprehende.

    Miley gave Vanessa public support and I’m sure Vanessa would do too, if not for her busy schedule in Utah. So quit it, will ya.

  • rock star

    i am still her fan!

  • rock star

    she rocks

  • 007

    I swear. She purposely let these pictures leak out. What a slut… (sorry that’s an understatement)

  • emily

    Why are ya’ll making abig deal out of it, so what if shes’ doing this, it’s her life, so let her live it her own way!

  • itsclarbitch

    people. chill man. its not that big of a deal. she has a good body. well like if ya have a good body, flaunt it.

  • broken_heart

    ok…..i realized now that miley is a **** i loved her very much…i thought the previous racy pics were fake but now am sure that **** miley is the upcoming britany ..MILEY YOU FUCK!!!

  • katie

    i fully support her no matter what everybody makes mistakes and if they didnt i think it would be abit well weird!!!!
    and shes still a role model to me!

  • Mrs. Nick Jonas

    Okk People Seriously You don’t think this normal
    For people her age! Jeez Just cus she famous.
    It’s her life Let make her own mistakes!
    And i’ll always support her because she’s my idol:)

  • Sophia

    I was giving her the benefit of the doubt before but is slowly losing her respect. I know how much my sister and girls her age look up to her, does she know this? She’s acting very irresponsibly. At least Vanessa Hudgens only made her mistake once, and then apologised for it, Miley is just continuing.

  • Whoa!

    Whoa! She has big Boobs for her age! And so hot! Too bad she tooked pictures with a fugly face guy!

  • dcstarinthemaking

    wow she’s just turning into a regular s-l-u-t huh? wuts her problem? If she wants to do things like this why can’t she wait til she’s older? I’m 17 years old and I love her music. wth is her father and mother? well her mom looks drugged out anyway so she’s probably not around to care but hello billy ray get ur daughter she’s out of control. I saw a comment that some girl said that she took pics like that with her bf ummmm sweety ur not famous no one knows who u are. If u haven’t noticed miley cyrus is one of the most famous young stars in the world right now. Its hard to believe that she only just came to disneychannel just 2 short years ago. Hannah montana isn’t that old ppl. Now I know a lot of ppl wanna support her and I guess I kinda do and I didn the first time with the myspace shots but come on miley. and don’t u ppl try comparing her to vanessa becuz these are two differnt stars with two differnt lives. grow down miley not up becuz if u think about it in the real world miley would only be in 9th or10th grade she’s not as old as she wants to be. She needs to clean up he act or atleast start doing porn

  • Nina from england

    She’s soooo dumb – and she knows what she’s doing..she just want people to know shes not hannah montana anymore.
    And every young celebrity seems to the same stupidness – naked pics, illicit videos blah blah blah same old same old – they all need to get a life

  • blah balh

    she’s posted SOO many pictures of herself on the myspace thing
    it’s such a publicity thing
    too bad it never makes the big headlines

    miley cyrus is pretty
    but she’s a total wannabe

    i mean – who wants attention so bad that they post pictures like THAT of themselves on the internet!
    she obviously knows NOT to post those pictures on the net because:
    1. she’s a celebrity – and celebrities have to be careful of what the submit on the internet
    2. this is like the FIFTIETH time she’s posted pictures of herself on myspace or whatever!

  • blah balh

    she’s posted SOO many pictures of herself on the myspace thing
    it’s such a publicity thing
    too bad it never makes the big headlines

    miley cyrus is pretty
    but she’s a total wannabe

    i mean – who wants attention so bad that they post pictures like THAT of themselves on the internet!
    she obviously knows NOT to post those pictures on the net because:
    1. she’s a celebrity – and celebrities have to be careful of what the submit on the internet
    2. this is like the FIFTIETH time she’s posted pictures of herself on myspace or whatever!

  • Kikigirl101

    Not again! I thought she learned a lesson from last time!! Why would she do this again. Everyone says ‘no body’s perfect’, so you can excuse the first time but the second time is just plain stupid! It that is her BF he’s REALLY ugly!!!

  • MaxxyBoyLuvs_Miley!

    GUYS! SHES NOT A ***** !!!

  • Someplece


    She is just like the rest of us…

  • MovieMadness

    People need to get it out of thei heads that ALL teen girls do this and that it is acceptable. 1. All teen girls do NOT do this(me and many others) and 2. It is NOT acceptable. You don’t have to be slutty to be liked. A 15 year old should not be showing of her body like that…its a shame

  • MaxxyBoyLuvs_Miley!

    Shes not a ***** !

  • Furby

    Damn, someone finally gets it.

  • yui

    there is nothing on those pictures
    leave her….

  • MovieMadness

    They probably were leaked. She is trying to move away from Hannah Montana, so maybe she felt she needed to skank it up a little bit more. just puttin it out there…

  • kim

    Where are her parents? Lots of teenagers push the envelope of propriety. Thats what teenagers do. Its the parents job to teach them where the line is. Shame on her parents.

  • hollywood_hugefan

    miley u rock and don’t listen to all this comment u rock love yew=]

  • katie

    oh. my. gosh. WHAT IS SHE DOING!? i’m sure if her parents found this she would be grounded for like ever

  • kirsten

    .why would miley do this?. .so that she can get everybody’s attention?..haha..she’s still young but she’s already doing this especially since evryone loves her especially kids…well i could say she’s the next britney spears..or the vanessa wannabe..wahaha…

  • kayla

    in the picture with the bra her arm is tanner than her hands….idk but i think that one is photoshopped.
    as for the other ones i doubt it since she was seen hanging with that guy in pictures from a fansite of hers.
    and when were her nails orange?
    the picture with the bra has her bangs so it had to have been recently, if she didn’t have orange nails during the time she got bangs then it can’t be real.

  • tooyoung

    Just J. should remove this pictures from their site. Miley is 15 yrs old, which makes her a minor in most, if not all states. Although she is wearing clothes, these pics are provocative.

    Miley, needs to get a grip, and so do her parents. She has a clothing line marketed towards girls age 5-12, Barbie dolls, and other toys.

    All of this “she is a typical 15 year old”, is bull. Her parents and managers let her products be marketed to young girls. Miley should have more respect for herself and her fans.

  • Mileyfanatic

    eeewwww i luv miley cyrus bt stilll eww hw can she do this actually this is her life bt shes ruinin it still luv her bt oone advice dont do this to ur life

  • Andrea

    OMG! That’s nothing bad, She’s not nude, just barely showing her bra, but for little kids who look up to her it is. but for us teenagers noo biggie we do it all the time. And I thought she didn’t have a BF! It was maybe just pics, dosent mean they’re dating! And those pictures were pretty recent! Well I hope everyone can cool down on her and move on already!

  • jasmine


  • mefromthenetherlands

    all the people that are saying that it is normal for a 15 year old to take pics like that are talking bullshit. i’m 16 and i never took pics like that and i’m not planning to either. and i’m pretty sure noone of my friends has or will take those kind of pics. but maybe we’re not normal. and even if i would take some pics like that i wouldn’t put it on myspace.

    anyway besides that i don’t really think those pics are that bad, but for someone that has little kids looking up to her, it’s not the best decision to make those kind of pics.
    but it’s her life and yeah some teenagers like trying out different things that they end up regretting. so let her live her life.
    i still love her and her show/music. that’s all that matters. the rest is her business.

  • luckyL

    Lol, at acting like you want to give the photographer a bl**job and taking provocative pics for the internet, normal behavior for teen girls. Remember girls, it’s normal behavior for you to reduce yourself to a sexual object lol

  • luckyL

    If only she wouldn’t pretend she is a wholesome b****. I respect Britney more. She isn’t a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Lol, I remember when Lohan said the paps will keep you from doing stupid things and profiling like a good girl too. I love THS. I’m looking forward to Miley’s once she gets her first DUI.

  • luckyL

    I like her hair though!

  • Anne

    wings4music you are right!!! She is posing like a p*** star! That isn’t a normal bahavior for a 15 year old girl.

  • shelby

    what is wrong with her!?!?!

  • luckyL

    I wish people would stop using the “everybody” blanket statement normalize their/their idol’s tacky behavior. People say the same s*** about drugs and so on to move the masses to their side. Sorry, it seems like a few of us here are actually on planet Earth.

    I don’t hate her, I just need her to be honest. I’m waiting for the trash mags to publish these like Vanessa’s internet mayhem, or perhaps they’ve copped a deal with Disney. I wonder what the delay is?

  • luckyL

    I defended her with the last pics, but I’m so over it now. This isn’t p***, but it’s repeated tacky, unwise and unnecessarily provocative behavior. I’m pretty sure many of her young. impressionable fans are her myspace friend

  • ananomys

    wow,u people are over-reacting wayyyy to much.they are just body is perfect,and hollywood life is not saying thats an excuse,but bif deal,its not like shes naked,and whoever put this on it just wants people to dislike her.just for yall,STOP TRYING TO RUIN THE STARS LIVES.cuz thats what ur doing,and trust me im sure miley would never read that and take it to heart,and u know whats funny,shes famous and yall are bad mouthing her,haha yea she can do something bout for all u who are bad mouthing her………………………….stick that strw in your juice box and SUCK IT!

    so milez,im here,and your pictures are fine.screw all the other mother fuckers.

  • miranda

    i love miley…
    but i dont like her atittudes recently
    she is young, nice and famous
    why she takes these ugly photos? :S

  • luckyL

    Oh yeah, and the difference between her and Vanessa, is Vanessa addressed accordingly PRIVATE photos that leaked, with an apology, AND has not done anything since, why Miley is publicly doing this s***, unapologetically and Repeatedly. Also, Vanessa is older and has given more grounded and realistic interviews and not profiling like she’s America’s Sweetheart.

  • luckyL

    LOL, not even Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen did this s***