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Avril Lavigne Talks Tattoo, Husband and Good Eats

Avril Lavigne Talks Tattoo, Husband and Good Eats

Just Jared (plus entourage) went to see Avril Lavigne in concert earlier this month at Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York. And it was crazy fun from start to finish!

The 23-year-old Canadian singer rocked out on her pink drum set, endeared with her piano-playing and jammed on her bejeweled electric guitar. Avril‘s voice also carried beautifully across the coliseum. It sounds fantastic live. If you watch her in concert yourself, you’d be impressed. Just be prepared for excessive amounts of marching and fist-pumping! Ra-ra-ra!

The whole night was crazy from start to finish, so I didn’t have time to chat with Avril then. But on Friday, Avril phoned up with Just Jared for a little heart-to-heart. Thanks to all my awesome readers who sent in their hundreds of questions. I asked her a few of them!

Avril opened up about her new tattoo, what she eats on the road and what she loves to do on her downtime with Sum 41 husband Deryck Whibley. Here’s how the interview went down (she was calling from Atlanta, GA):

JJ: Do you have a concert tonight?

AL: Yes, I do! But I just had two days off, which never happens. So my friend Allie and I went to NYC for two days and we just drove in and got here just a couple of hours ago. I’m trying to get ready for the show–we’re all like running around.

JJ: How did you spend those two days in NYC?

AL: I got a tattoo! I got a star on my [right] forearm, and Allie, my friend got like a little tattoo too. (Pictured here: Avril‘s new star tattoo)

JJ: What else did you do in the Big Apple?

AL: We just got our nails done and went shopping and then just partied and went to Koi. Because I’ve been on the road, I haven’t had sushi in for so long.

JJ: What number tattoo is this for you?

AL: Seven?

JJ: Are you gonna cover your body with tattoos or are you just getting little ones?

AL: All of my tattoos are super dainty and in little spots. I haven’t done the big tattoo yet.

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JJ: Your next three months are practically booked–you have concerts almost every night. How do you keep things fresh and new so it doesn’t get boring?

AL: Well that’s just how touring is, right? You play the same show every single night. So that’s kinda the reason why I wrote this record–really upbeat and fun so that is would always be fun. And that’s why I brought our dancers–there’s a lot of running around and it just stays fresh for me because of the crowd every night is so different. My goal every concert is to get the crowd going as much as I can.

JJ: How do crowds react differently in different parts of the States, or even the world?

AL: Every crowd is so different, from different countries, There are some crowds that are really over the top–like Paris. It’s like a moshpit. Europe is always crazy, the fans are just insane. The European lifestyle is to let go and be free. No one holds back so the concerts are always a hundred times more louder and intense…it’s totally different there.

I also play in South America, so I went to Brazil on my last tour and that was like crazy also. And then Asia. They’re really amazing over there. They’re really funny because they’re really quiet and reserved. Like in Japan, in between songs, they’ll be really quiet. Or if you’re playing a slow song they’ll be really quiet. But then when I play something like “Sk8er Boi”, they’re like bopping everywhere. So its really different everywhere, but I like that. It’s kinda neat to see.

JJ: How did the last tour differ from the current tour? How did you prepare differently?

AL: I didn’t even prepare for my last tour. I just went on tour and played my songs. Every night, I was always taking notes on my last tour and videotaping the show and sitting down and trying to make it better. This time, I started planning this tour and the tour treatment a year before the tour started. I was thinking about what set list, what covers to play, what kind of crowd stuff I wanna do. I knew I wanted to play the drums, so I was like, ‘What song am I gonna play it on?’

I prepared the treatment in a [Microsoft] Word document and then I brought in set director Jamie King. I just gave him my set list and told him what I wanted to do and he helped me make it all happen. Before my tour, I was really young, so I didn’t really know what worked. Like, I always had my voice, so I would just go onstage and sing but now my thing is I really want to be a good performer, not just a singer.

JJ: Who do you like seeing on tour yourself?

AL: Green Day was really good. I think Sum 41 is really good live. Of course I went and saw the Spice Girls. I don’t get out to a ton of concerts, but I like to if I can.

JJ: Do you like playing in the smaller intimate venues or doing the bigger shows with more theatrics?

AL: Well they’re both completely different. I love being in an arena that has like 10,000 people and huge crowds. I want to do a show at like the Viper room so badly. You know what I mean? Like go up on stage and thrash myself around, go jump into the crowd. You can effing swear, get drunk on stage and do whatever you want basically.

It’s not as serious but I like both. When I can do an acoustic set, I can sit down and sing. And then when I have a huge arena full of people, there’s nothing like that. It’s the coolest feeling in the world, but I also like to play small intimate shows because I feel you can connect a little more. And that’s something I had to learn–how to connect to a big audience versus the small one.

JJ: How do you manage your personal relationships such as your marriage while you’re touring?

AL: It’s all about the Blackberry, texting, email and Skype…

JJ: How did touring with the Jonas brothers come about? Was it your idea? Management?

AL: Well I’m only doing eight shows with them. Right now, my North American tour is two and a half months, so I’m doing that just with Boys Like Girls. And then I go to Europe for two months. I could be wrong but I’m kinda helping The Jonas Brothers out by introducing them over there. We’re gonna do eight shows there together.


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