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The Beckhams: Viva Via Veneto!

The Beckhams: Viva Via Veneto!

After putting the kids to sleep, David Beckham and wife Victoria gussy up and head out for a Sunday dinner at Italian restaurant Via Veneto in Santa Monica, Calif. The couple celebrated Victoria‘s 34th birthday with friends.

Earlier in the evening, David took his two older sons, Brooklyn and Romeo, to the Lakers game. The youngest one, Cruz, stayed home with Mama Victoria.

On Saturday, Becks gave teammate Landon Donovan precise passes, which helped give the LA Galaxy a 2-2 tie with the Houston Dynamo.

“I’ve always said my game is about getting assists. It was great for Landon to get two goals,” Beckham said, smiling. “Goal scorers want to score, so it’s good to make them go home happy.”

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  • dan dan

    first :)

  • Mel

    Is it just me, or do her boobs look odd?

  • 1003


  • American

    They always look odd, #2

  • LT

    Tres Chic! I love that they are bringing glamour back
    to L.A. other than the red carpet…most celebs are so casual
    and dressed down. They are really in vogue and set the bar high.
    Bravo! Yes…her boobs are too round and high…she should get them re-done.

  • kay

    they look HOT. i love posh’s hair here. she looks great, odd boobs and all.

  • Here’s The Deal

    Is it my imagination, or has Posh gained some weight? Whatever it is, she’s looking good. :)

  • Alex

    she doesn’t look as stick-ly as she does most of the time. i like it, maybe she’s purposely putting on a few pounds after she saw david checking out the cheerleader with the epic a ss.

  • RC


  • American

    Agree on all counts, #8

  • Love Them

    they both look really good. i just think it is weird that they are so dressed up just to go to dinner. i kow it is a nice restaurant but what guy wants to wear a vest & tie if he doesn’t have to. it is like victoria dresses him & he has to do what she says! victoria has great fashion sense but i wonder if she ever gets tired of dressing up everyday. i hate having to wear a suit & heels almost everyday for work. there is no way i would be sporting 4 inch heels everyday like victoria just for the heck of it.

  • selin

    Mama mia !! Tres elegant and very chic ! and damn glamourous !!! What a great couple !! I am speechless here !

  • me!!

    glamour? chic? this people are EURO TRASH! they should go back to the UK! nobody cares about them in america! we already have a lot of attention whores (lindsay, paris etc) in USA!

  • danni

    david beckham is so HOTT! I was at the game on Saturday it was amazing!

  • eeek!

    I am’ not really a Posh fan, but please don’t take this as anything other than constructive criticism….these are not flattering photos of her. She is way to thin, her neck looks like it can hardly hold her head up. Besides gaining some needed weight, she could benefit from some posture training. I must also say most of her outfits are classy, this one included. IMO

  • p

    she’s not way too thin. america is just a fat nation.

  • selin


    yeah you have enough wh**res around..thats why u don’t understand the differency..

  • You/Me

    Geez, could his wedding ring be any bigger? lmao…
    I like them, they seem to have a genuine love for each other and their children. I wish Victoria would not put so much emphasis on image but hey, nobody is perfect and the lady has great taste in fashion.

  • buckeyegurl

    Coming from an American, I think they are fabulous. They look so glamorous and elegant here.

  • selin

    # 13

    yeah u have enough *hores around..thats why u dont understand the differency

  • Mr. & Mrs. Shallow

    While living in Los Angeles, she needs to have her implants replaced as it’s disgusting to see two “frog eyes” half-peering out of beautiful designer dresses. Guess that’s part of the mannequin look, eh?

  • cathy

    Posh always look he same, posing overdressed ugly. He just looks like a man struggling to hide his gayness. Both are ugly and forever posing, never see them looking nautral when they are out, just posing for the paps, who of course they telephoned to let them know THEY AR E GOING OUT FOR DINNER , YIPPEE wot news.

  • lena

    they look hot
    look at david, he is amazing
    and victoria’s dress is beautiful

  • Rae

    I love Victoria’s dress. She does look better than normal here, even with the pushed up boobs. I hope it’s a little bit of weight gain. I love David’s style almost as much as Victoria’s. I like a man who can dress and who will. Great looking couple.

  • Ruth

    She should sue the plastic surgeon who did her boobs. They look absolutely dreadful!

  • dona

    i love them!!!

  • ed

    great dress vic…wat a perfect couple

  • zoe

    they look good as a couple but seriously, the pushing up bra thingy has to stop. i always love victoria’s style- dress here is gorgeous!

  • legs

    he’s hot.

  • 007

    Victoria looks so serious >_>

  • Ceci

    YUCK SHE (Victoria) IS SOOOOO UGLYY!!!

  • vic

    i see only B(O) (O)BS !!!

  • Souhila

    They’re scary

  • bobbi

    I try not to comment negatively but with her being so thin, those fake boobs look just horrible on her.

  • Jean

    Becks is hot, shame theres no match pictures of him.

  • go sox

    I think they look great!! It’s SO NICE to see a couple dress up and go out for the night for some time alone. When you’re parents, that time is very precious. And what’s wrong with dressing up “just to go out to dinner”? America has turned into slobs- jeans ARE NOT appropriate everywhere. Victoria’s dress is so pretty, and I like her hair like that! (I’m not a fan of her haircut.) David looks good, as always. I say, WOO-HOO to the Beckhams!!

  • Jenny

    looks like vickie got so much botox she can’t even smile for the camera

  • snowwhite

    They are so hot!!!
    And Victoria is more beautiful with some kilos more…
    Her dress is fabulous

  • H

    Like the dress.

  • julie

    Ouch….my chest hurts looking at her!!

  • starbucks

    They look amazing!

  • groundhogday

    Those fake boobs have got to go. Yes, my chest hurts looking at her too.

  • elle

    Great dress & shoes but she just can’t help being ugly and he can’t help being gay.

  • Elizabeth

    They both look amazing, except for the fact that her boobs look strange (as usual).

  • Helena

    She looks silly, didn’t she wear the same outfit in green before, she also had her hair pushed back.

  • mimi

    Great dress, awful boobs. She would look soooo much better with natural, smaller boobs. Girls that skinny just look ridic with boobs like those.

    It would also be nice if they would stop being so fake! They’re attractive, and she’s even likeable and funny…if it weren’t for the constant need for attention, the *horing themselves out, the constant posing. yuck all around.

    becks looks great; i’m not 100% convinced on the suit, tho.

  • mari

    They look great! I love the dress and his jacket!
    BUT whats one her chest?????
    I cant understand why she thinks they fit far body.

    they look soooooo ugly!

    if she had natural breats, she would look much better!

  • Lulu

    I will never understand how, going to a restaurant, or go out with your kids, or going shopping, is whoring yourself out.
    Oh i forgot, celebrities aren’t normal people, they are suppose to stay locked inside their house, because if they dare living and enjoying their life like anybody else, it’s means they are seeking attention.

  • Treey

    I can’t believe she claims her breasts are real. First off, they don’t look real. But if you can get past that part, you would then realize that a woman of that size (very skinny) cannot maintain so much breast mass. Madonna is the same way. She is so thin and works out so much, but she has full medium sized breasts. There is no way her breasts are real either. Victoria should have them brought down a cup.

    On a side note, smile Girl, it’s your birthday!

  • Elle

    Who’s her husband cheating with now…someone who actually looks like a woman and not a A f–ing worthless collection of body parts, likely.
    All the cosmetic surgery in the world won’t make that ‘woman’ attractive.