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Cameron Diaz Celebrates Dad Emilio

Cameron Diaz Celebrates Dad Emilio

Cameron Diaz shows she’s in especially good spirits outside a funeral home in Los Angeles on Monday.

Just yesterday, Cam, 35, was also in a good mood at the “Celebration of Life” memorial in honor of her father, Emilio, who passed away on Tuesday from pneumonia. The party was held at Mahé restaurant in Los Angeles. Guests included ex-boyfriends Justin Timberlake and John Mayer.

In lieu of flowers, Ms. Diaz has suggested donations be made to or in Emilio‘s name.

Glad to see Cam bouncing back so soon!

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  • liz

    im am first!!!

  • anna

    i’m second…

  • Kitten

    Jared, your headlines are always trying to make things appear worse or more scandalous then they are. You’re such a disgusting a*sh*le. It’s a memorial for her father and she was celebrating his life, not “death”.

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, Kitten. Love you too. I changed the headline for this entry, though. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • angeline

    I love how Cameron and Justin are still friends, even though they broke up x] Jusint Timberlake FTW!

  • _nika

    good terms, hein.. thats good.

  • Alicia

    After my mother died we had a wake and shared the good stories we had about her, including some funny ones. There was laughter and sadness. My mother wouldn’t have wanted us crying, she even said that to us. So it wasn’t an entirely depressing service and day. Of course there was sadness, it’s natural but do you really think Cameron is going to cry her eyes out in public? I don’t. However, I’m sure she’s not happy her father is gone.

  • Starlys

    I usually love your site, but this particular heading is pretty tasteless and rude.

  • Suzy q

    She was celebrating his life not his death – comme on Jared!

  • Kitten

    Then I’ll downgrade you from a*sh*le to jerk. Seriously tho, have some sensitivity next time. Losing a loved one is hardly fun or anything to celebrate. On the other hand, I’m sure her father’s life was something to celebrate. Good for you, for changing the headline, that was decent Jared.

  • alia

    She looks good for such a horrible situation…I have a feeling she’s not showing her true feelings…although, everyone moarns in different ways.
    It’s nice to see Mr. Timberlake there for support…they always seemed like really good friends, even though they are ex’s…
    may her father rest in peace.

  • cubanita

    Was Justin going to dig the grave? Stained jeans & work boots, nice.

  • jess
  • miley sucks

    why the hell is jt there?

    for god sakes he broke her heart,

    the least he can do is stay away

  • O.M.G.


  • You/Me

    This is absolutely what I love about her. Yeah it sucks to lose a loved one but celebrating their life is so much more a way to honor them than wallowing in grief.
    I was so glad they did the beach thing for Heath Ledger a well. This is the way to show the departed how much they were truly loved. God Bless Cameron and her family for celebrating like this. And I think its great that JT showed up.
    And d********mnnnnn John Mayer looks good. Don’t think I’ve ever seen him look so sexy before! :-)

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    jt and john are good guys.

  • Helena

    It’s good to see she’s happy.

  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    May her father RIP.

  • nunya bizness

    Hey jackass, these pictures were all taken on different days. She was not wearing the black outfit to the memorial, nor was she wearing the lightblue or gray shown in the photos of her getting out of the car. The pics of John M. & Justin are authentic from Sunday though.

  • Samia

    HOW can she be smiling and laughing like that??? It looks so bad and out of place. I know I wouldn’t be smiling for a very, very long time if my dad died. Horrible pics. :(

  • http://justjared 256

    how i wish for jt and cam to go back together i cant imagine a reason that they broke up they always seem so happy togetther he looks miserable with jessica most of the time

  • http://justjared 22

    im sorry for cameron’s loss i love her

  • shorty

    i love cam, she looks good

  • bataglio

    i get the concept of celebrating one’s life vs. mourning the death, but it still appears ‘off’ to be full-on cracking up at a parent’s funeral

  • ihavenolife

    she looks so cheerful it’s almost like she’s on somethin’.

  • nit picky

    sorry to be nit picky but Mahe Restaurant is NOT in LA. It’s in Orange County (Seal Beach). Yes…there IS a difference and I wish people would start getting that right because it’s really annoying to those of us who are native OC residents.

  • 007

    She looks happy?

  • legs

    cam has always been positive.
    go cam!

  • Mary

    I guest John and Cam are back on again. Funny how John Mayer wants everyones sloopy seconds.

  • M

    Some of the pictures are a bit much, especially the ones of her laughing, on what looks to be two different occasions. Neither looks like a sharing memories laugher either.

    FYI, Heath’s service was held about 3 weeks after his death, so it wasn’t days later.

  • Emily

    that’s so wonderful to see JT there. =) and how can cameron be smiling like that people ask? i think her father would want her to be smiling. i mean, the day my grandpa died, of course my cousins and i all cried, but in the back of the church we found a foosball table and played some games… it’s what they’d want us to do – be happy.

  • Maya

    Justin needs to dump she hulj Jessica Biel and get back with Cameron!!

  • Jay

    I’m glad she is smiling if she can honestly do that. She needs to find her own peace and not through men. She probably don’t want the media showing sad pictures of her crying over her dad. Those pictures would circulate forever.
    I like Justin with Jessica B not with Cameron. I think she needs to be with a guy a little more her age but yet a free spirte kind of guy and not John Mayer who will just use her plus he is far too immature.

  • dj

    Mary, I really don’t think John and Cameron are back on. He was just there as a friend, just like Justin.

  • Helena

    #28, she looks happy because she’s celebrating her father’s life. Remember those pictures of Michelle Williams looking rather happy after Ledger’s funeral? Same thing.

  • Dieter

    she probably got a valium shot in her ass – a friend of mine got that as well when her mother died – she was laughing the whole funeral: good for her

  • Dieter


  • emma-australia

    That was so sweet of Justin and John to come – such respectable men. <3

  • karla

    AWW poor cameron but i bet his dadis in a better place it would make me sooooooo happy if JT and cameron would get together…. tear tear why Did they break up….oh a ho called scarlett johannson BITCH any way john mayer and JT are very good friends supporting cameron..

  • ellie’

    Just love Cameron shes always so happy, so pretty and so talented

  • camila

    she was not bald, didn’t you watch the movie?????? it’s ridiculous and false when appears she taking out her hair ¬¬, obviously she didn’t take her hair out!