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Gisele Bundchen is Shady

Gisele Bundchen is Shady

Brazilian bombshell Gisele Bundchen stays behind her sunglasses as she stops off for lunch on Melrose Place in Hollywood before going on a shopping spree at Marc Jacobs.

The day before, Gisele, 27, was seen checking out of Casa Del Mar Hotel in Santa Monica.

Last week, Ms. Bundchen was photographed holding boyfriend Tom Brady and his ex Bridget Moynahan‘s son, John. It’s the first picture of Brady and his son together.

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Credit: Max Butterworth/PA; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • kay

    can you ID that grey jacket, JJ?

  • kay

    oh and the sunglasses! lol

  • maxine


    woot! woot!

  • lol


  • maxine


    woot! woot!!

  • maxine

    whoops….thot it didn’t go thru da 1st tym!! =D roflness

  • rebel

    i really like what she’s wearing in the first 3 pictures :)

  • legs

    i love her sunglasses

  • mighty

    wow she looks great

  • gizzyy

    i love her.she looks so great , she has great personality and she seems to be genuine….

  • Holly

    I thought she and Tom had rented a house in the area. What is up with the checking out of a hotel. Just goes to show you that you cannot believe a thing in the tabloids. She had no bags coming out of the hotel. I bet she had a meeting there and because of that the press now assumed she was checking out. Dumb! Meanwhile, is Tom with John and Bridget? That is just weird!

  • bluebell

    she is gorgeous, I wish I have her body!

  • eddie jones

    im still trying to figure out what’s todo about this girl. She’s very average for a girl in california. What makes her a supermodel? That she’s from brazil? heh

  • Anon

    Who finds this woman attractive at all? Her face is ‘homely’, ‘plain’, and when she is without make-up, ‘muttly’. There are thousands more in Malibu that have the same skinny shape. Plus, she’s been in this business since 14, slept her way to the top, and you know that any relationship with her isn’t going to last.

  • Dude looks like a lady

    Every time I see her I think of that song by Aero Smith (I think it was them) DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY.

    GiSlut is the Aniston of “supermodels” great hair, great body, and a face that even after major plastic surgery is still very messed up. She is very manly looking and her fame is because of her body and pics with her clothes off. Overrated Eurotrash

    For those who love her look – she looks like she needs a bath and there’s a stain on her shirt. What personality? When does she ever talk and when she does what does she say? Can you even understand her?

  • jengirl

    her boobs are fake?
    look @ the pic to the left of the main article.
    very unnatural looking!

  • tb

    Gisele is in Cali. You know what that means. Tom must be in CA. So he might be spending time with his son. Good for him.

  • starbucks

    Love the black jeans – she looks amazing. As always!

  • sarah

    Jay, I don’t know about the jacket, but it’s a normal blazer and can be found anywhere.

    The sunglasses must be Vogue, for which she is the official spokesperson and is in contract to only wear them.

  • lovelylady

    u guys can bitch back and forth about how u think she looks like a man and isnt prretty…its hilarious really, becaus eshes still a million dollar supermodel who has made tons of $$$ and seen more than u losers ever will in a life time…AND she gets to tap tom brady’s fine ass…and let me hear ANY GIRL say hes not hot…
    so get over it and instead of concentrating on gisele’s nose or her so called “trannyness” get your asses off the computer, run on a treadmill, get some plastic surgery…maybe if u get attractive you’ll stop bashing on ppl who are happier than you are

  • kirkby

    wow she looks stylish.thats the supermodel

  • andré

    sooo beautiful.

  • josh joulom


  • She’s a dude

    She is so a dude and looks like garbage. Doesn’t matter who’s she dating or sleeping around with, and how much money she makes it doesn’t change what she really is.

    btw – check yourself. this is a website blog where comments are welcome good or bad people posting their opinions. So check yourself before you start giving out your unwanted advice. Also get your eyes checked, if you think she’s beautiful you need help.

  • Kiki

    Seriously not beautiful and she is always wearing the same raggedy clothes. I hope she is going to Marc Jacobs store and gets some help.

    You want to talk beauty look to Heidi Klum or Bar or the many other models out there who without the need of surgery look amazing.

    Sorry this one is famous for not wearing clothes, her branding and popularity is fading but that was her call I think she said she doesn’t want to model much anymore.

    And for anyone who thinks she’s lucky to be with Tom, think again. She’s too good for Tom and will get burned, yes he’s good looking but the guys a deadbeat. She was better off with Leo. Tom is trouble.

  • Aniston

    She so is the Aniston of modeling, great body and hair but the face is not always looking good. Big sun glasses suit her very well, the bigger the better and you know they will never fall off that honker of nose she has. Even after major surgery she is still left with that big thing. Wow, just how big was it? I heard the surgent wasn’t finished but had to stop because he was so exhausted from chiseling for hours and hours. It was the Mount Everest of noses and the boobs are fake too. Wow and she still looks like this and has to do soft pornographic photo shoots to get attention. So sad how far some will go and how far they fall.

  • wondergirl

    I dont get the appeal at all. Chick has no chi chi’s, no ass, no shape and she looks like someone punched her in the face. Whatever to those who thinks she looks “soooo great”. Liars

  • Adriana L

    This chick looks like a dude. Being skinny is NOT attractive. The reason it’s considered attractive in the HIGH Fashion world is because High Fashion is dominated by gay men and straight women and that’s what they find attractive. The gay men like the fact that she has the face and body of a teenage boy and the women like that she’s skinny AND plain looking (non-threatening) YUCK!

  • JAK

    same hairdo 3 days in a row & really ratty looking.
    Sorry but she doesn’t look like any supermodel to me.

  • ihavenolife

    beautiful, just beautiful. ::drool::

  • barbara

    why is Gisele’s sad?? tell me why??

  • So Sad looking!!!!

    I heard they were engaged? At least that’s what she was telling people.

    Why so sad?!?!?!, you’ve found yourself an American Hottie(as considered by some)!

  • lilly

    She now holds the title of the “Other Woman”.

  • Pedro

    Simply, beautiful, wonderful, perfect, cool, and finally die of envy because she can.

  • enfant terrible

    the sunglasses are polo ralph lauren sunglasses. i know it, because i have the same. :D i can just give you the link of a german online store because i’m from germany ;) violà:

  • bejeebus

    her body is flawless

  • nd

    I hear that all the time from her haters. she looks like a man. Yea right and I’m princess Di LOL. You’ve been brainwashed your entire ignorant life with KEN & BARBIE as ideal. what the hell do you know about beauty. She’s definitetly no PASTY PALE BARBIE DOLL; that’s for sure.
    Men outnumber women in my family 2 to 1. Most masculine men have square jaws. Gi has an elongated face. Men don’t have pouty lips with an upturned upper lip like gisele have. Most men don’t have twin peaks cheeckbones. Her body is definitely not male. If you said she had a big nose like most men than you’d have an argument.
    Then again haters never make any sense because they just need to spew out venoms.
    BTW she’s a supermodel b/c she is THE BEST AT WHAT SHE DOES. All the great photogs and fashion insiders says she’s great to work with b/c she gets the shot fast and have no diva drama .

  • Lyra

    Eddie jones, waht is the problem that she is from Brazil?

  • http://lyrasdsd Lyra

    She is from brazil!!!! i am from brazil too!!!!

  • Passerby

    @She’s a dude:

    She actually is really good looking and uh, you are either pretty pathetic and insecure or blind if you think otherwise. Of course, you probably have a problem with her because she doesn’t look anything like you at all, therefore she’s totally ugly, or some screwed up logic like that. Yeah, and we’re the ones with problems.