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Gwen and Gavin Celebrate Victoria's 34th

Gwen and Gavin Celebrate Victoria's 34th

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale arrive at the Via Veneto restaurant in Santa Monica hosted by David Beckham for wife Victoria‘s 34th birthday.

Gavin, 42, and a very pregnant Gwen, 38, brought two large presents to the party.

Be sure to peep the other pics of Eva Longoria, TomKat and the Beckhams arriving at the same party.

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# 1

not that it really matters, but why do the beckhams continually seem to have to hang with the a listers? Isn’t it a bit cocky? Sheez, she’s just an old spice girl with a lot of work done, and he’s a really, really famous soccer player from the UK. (soccer isn’t really popular in the USis it?) They just seem so desperate for popular makes me vomit

# 3

The only A-lister’s there is Will Smith. lol

# 5

Gwen and Gavin – Tomkat – the Smiths – Longoria : big party for Victoria ! Notice that Brangelina have NO FRIENDS ! They are so good , sooo saints , sooooo great BUT … they are always ALONE ! WHY ????

# 6

Victoria is only 34? she looks older than Gwen.

# 7

wow. just because brangelina don’t parade around with famous friends doesn’t mean they are loners. brad’s BFFs with don cheadle and george clooney anyways. jeez

anyways.. i wish i were at this party! HAHA and yes, Will and Tom are the only A-listers. obbvviiii

# 8

Victoria is 38

# 9

viva viva @ 04/21/2008 at 10:44 am
the becks, tom-kat and longoria are BUSSINES FRIENDS they are desesperate to have A-listers friends, they want and loves attention.
brad and angie are private people

Like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would be caught dead with Victoria Beckham. GMAFB

Kate Beckensale, Eva Longoria, Gavin Rossdale, Katie Holmes, Jada Smith are A-listers? Hell, even Tom these days you’re hard pressed to call an A-lister. Will Smith is the only true A-lister in that group.

She-who-shall-not-be-named @ 04/21/2008 at 11:34 am

The Beckhams don’t really have real friends, they came to America buying friends with their money and fame. 2morrow morning if they wake up without a cent, will these rich people still be friends with them?

Knowing DVB, they surely have sent a B’Day invite to Brandgelina, but Brad and Angie have higher priorities in life rather than being seen with A-listers and snobs. Unlike Vicky B who brags about how she’s hands-on with her kids, but her actions are different.

My eyes wanted to pop, apperently Diddy Combs attended the party with Kim Porter hanging on his arms. Did this stupid woman run back again to Diddy?..WTF!!??

Gwen looks great. And why always someone must mention Brangelina every thread..


Victoria Beckham & David Beckham Don’t even No Gwen or Gavin y did they have an invite Hahaha Thts lyk me inviting a stranger 2 my birthday party it wouldn’t happen

I h8t Victoria Beckham / I used 2 lv her but she’s soo wrapped up in the A list lifestyle now tht she’s a shadow of her former self in the spice girls early days … Its sooo sad … Money can buy flash cars – Big houses – Expensive clothes – But It can’t buy happiness which she found out a couple of years ago / She just can’t c life without the Beckham name because without tht she’s nothing just Victoria Adams the skinny twig who starves herslf

LV this site though Just jared x x x x

You just have to laugh at Victoria. The owner of Kitson’s went on tv last week and told the whole world how he had to scold her. He told her she needed to support her crap line because no one is buying it. He also said he told her to “grow the f up!”

Why aren’t the other Spice girls invited to Victoria’s B’Day? They have been bragging how much they love each other will remain the best of friends. At least Mel B lives in L.A, and she was very much available to attend. She is on x17 video going clubbing the same night with her husband when she could have been at Victoria’s party. Or Mel B isn’t A-list yet?
NOW it’s all clear the Spice Girls reunion was for the money and all the rubbbish they ever shoved down our throats were just a PR tool for as much as it needed to last.

[☆F a m o u s☆] @ 04/21/2008 at 12:39 pm

Catherine, i just wanna know how the hell you know david & robo-ho don’t know them?!?

you don’t know shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. lol

you’re just a pissed off loon who’s mad because your favorite celeb couple has no fcuking friends – other than clooney.

to all of you that said that Brad and Angelina (i didn’t want to talk about them actually, but since you guys brought them up…) won’t care a bit about the Beckhams and won’t befriended them…i think y’all not really follow up the news when it comes!

both Brad and Angelina were once said during a red carpet interview that they want to have more children until they can form a football (soccer) team, then they’ll invite Beckham & his team to play against them. (this shows that Brangelina already know who Becks is & admire him).
then Brad continued to say that he & Angie wanted Becks to teach their son Maddox, personally, some football, after Beckham went to US. so how do you say that?!

what matters the most is that both the Beckhams and Brangelina are good ppl and they love their family! and if they were friends, that’s good!

why are you guys so shocked that the Beckhams befriended with who’s who in hollywood?? if they can be friends with Elton John and all of the A-listers in the UK, so they can be friends with the Hollywood too!

besides..the Beckhams are indeed the Royal Family of the common ppl in London. some even say that it’s just unfortunate that the Beckhams don’t have the real royal blood. otherwise they probably be the next King & Queen by now. haaaahahaha!! ;p

and how do you know that the Beckhams don’t even know Gwen & Gavin? they probably friends for years now! and i won’t be shocked if they befriended Madonna as well! haaaahahhaha! ;D

bet betty @ 04/21/2008 at 1:43 pm

Why. On. The. Earth. Would. Brangelina. Be. Friends. With. Aging. Sucker. and. His. (^^%^&*&)*(_)(_&%^&%. At. the. First. Place?


Angel4285 @ 04/21/2008 at 1:55 pm

Not to be a stickler, but it’s Victoria’s 39th birthday, not her 34th, although I’m sure she pretended it was.

Lol, I’m pretty sure those A-listers want to be Victoria’s friend. Whether you want to admit it or not, the globe over is obsessed with her. I know Americans just hate it if a non-American is one of the most popular world icons (yes, I’m American btw). She has great style and is a trend-setter. She is obviously hanging with some other trend-setters (Gwen), and her husband is a Brit, plus I’m pretty sure Kate gets her style tips from her (for instance, the hair, which has become a requested hairstyle the globe over)

Lol, Brad and Angelina don’t need to be “scensters” to be cool. I know many of you rely on association so heavily to be slightly interesting or get invited to anything. So sad.

Victoria is THIRTY NINE



viva viva @ 04/21/2008 at 10:44 am Gwen and Gavin – Tomkat – the Smiths – Longoria : big party for Victoria ! Notice that Brangelina have NO FRIENDS ! They are so good , sooo saints , sooooo great BUT … they are always ALONE ! WHY ????


Because no body wants to friends with a CHEAT and A HOME WRECKER. They never deserve a good friend together.

victoria is not 39 jesus

hmmm @ 04/21/2008 at 5:58 pm viva viva @ 04/21/2008 at 10:44 am Gwen and Gavin – Tomkat – the Smiths – Longoria : big party for Victoria ! Notice that Brangelina have NO FRIENDS ! They are so good , sooo saints , sooooo great BUT … they are always ALONE ! WHY ????


Because no body wants to friends with a CHEAT and A HOME WRECKER. They never deserve a good friend together.


and they would be making friends with them because???
B&A would rather spend their time with their family or helping others than waste their time partying. duh.

BTW, i love gwen and gavin.


Rachel aka the best!! @ 04/23/2008 at 4:58 pm

It’s nice they showed up. I think that Vikki Beckham and Dave should be happy. but I have NO DOUBT IT IS SO HER ATLEAST 5TH 34TH BIRTHDAY PARTY.

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