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Jake Gyllenhaal Hides Away

Jake Gyllenhaal Hides Away

Under a cap and behind sunglasses, Jake Gyllenhaal gives his best effort to dodge paparazzi while catching a departing flight out of LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday.

USA Weekend recently interviewed Jake‘s older sister Maggie about her upcoming movie, The Dark Knight. When asked if she remember the first comic books she ever read, Maggie says, “I didn’t read comic books. And my brother [Jake] read Mad Magazine, which wasn’t the same. I’m not really a major comic book reader. [Laughs.]”

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Credit: MO; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • thebestever


  • Sam

    comic books =[
    he looks good=]

  • lala


  • jlm

    first. i heart him

  • just me…

    Jared where is Wenworth?…..I miss him so much!!! :(

  • Anon

    Hah!!! Ryan has the kids =Jake flies home. Looks like Reese and her Jakey can’t stand to be apart!!!!! If he was mine, I’d want him right there, too!

  • Tiny

    I’m sure Jake stayed away from his fake girfriend!

  • Lola



  • lady t

    I can’t wait to see new pics of Jake and Reese. I watched Walk the Line last night and I’m going to watch The Day After Tomorrow tonight. I love them together. They really make sense. I hope it’s lasting and true. God bless them…

  • fronds

    lady t I agree with you! I hope they do too.

  • shorty

    he’s aiiiiight

  • erika

    In other words, Maggie is saying she was too good to read comic books; they were beneath her.

  • jughed

    Anyone know what style of Nike’s Jakey-poo is wearing? :D

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    i’m still waiting for his career to take off.

  • legs

    he looks ok. haha

  • Sebastian

    he’s mine girls…dreamland lol.

  • Sunny

    Looks like Ryan had the kids this weekend, so that’s why Jakey Poo flew home for the weekend to be with Reese.

  • kelly

    “Hah!!! Ryan has the kids =Jake flies home. Looks like Reese and her Jakey can’t stand to be apart!!!!! If he was mine, I’d want him right there, too!”

    That’s so obvious!

  • me

    No umbrella holder Jake? Oh, I see he’s in doors! ;)

  • anom

    He is hot! I don´t blame Reese calling him when the kids are out!
    I read Mad in my teenage. Now, I understand why this man, beside gorgeous, has a big sense of humor and intelligence!

  • o

    anybody know what jeans are those?

  • sd

    He looks good!

  • Ivana

    He always looks so good, sometimes i get feeling that he is sleeping with his cell phone…..

  • solaris


    That is your words. Maggie said, she is not a major comic reader. Plain and simple. Do not twist it.

    If you ever read a good comic book, not the super hero stuff, you will realize that they are as good as a good literature. Ever read Asterix and Obelix? Or comic from Frank Miller? Tin Tin? Donald Duck?

    You sound like somebody who never read any. But, that is only my opinion.

  • Ivana

    Alan Ford was one of my favorite comic book…..
    In early 80′s that comic begin such popular among kids….

  • anonymous

    Seeing Jessica brought her dog to SC she seems in no rush to get back to LA to be with Justin in between filming like Jake .
    I wonder if Resse or Justin will make time to go see them in the Carolinas !

  • Ivana

    I just notice that Jake turn to grey, must be a hugh shock for him when Heath died…. They both had enormous energy and something charismatic…..

  • monica

    i <3 jake

  • sd

    #27, I really doubt he’s thinking about Heath too much anymore!

  • Ivana

    sd maybe you are right, after all life goes on…

  • caus

    Nowadays Hollywood has a festival of ignorants and stupid actors.
    There are lot of nepothism too. The most part of actors and actresses of Hollywood films are sons or daughters of directors or another actresses or actors.
    I ca understand because they are in decadence!
    Where is all the beauty actresses that Hollywood had in the past.
    The elegant man. The real actors whose dance and single. Or the other ones whose transmit for us the emotions of a beautiful drama or a good comedy….
    It everything in the past. I will try to watch the bollywood or the chinese films. Or films about nature. Perhaps will be better!

  • Tisha

    Why do you kee changing your name no31

  • ***

    To be honest Jake came into the business through nepotism! A lot of actors did actually!

  • sam

    Even if he was born into a film family, Jake has proved on his own that he has talent and is a great actor.

  • anom

    Nepotism again! Come on!

    I agree with Sam cause Jake had goods performances in his movies.

    A big star needs three things in Hollywood: talent, good agent and mainly luck!

    Talent and good agent, he has. Luck, only time can say if he will have or continue having!

  • Jules

    I am very curious to see how well Reese and Jakes’ upcoming movies Four Christmases and Brothers and Nailed turn out at the box offices here in the near future.

  • caus

    The film whose Jake Gyllenhaal are failure. He and Reese Witherspoon give lot of loss for film industry.
    All these ators and actesses whose their relatives help in their careers are a big parasites.
    It is because last year in Germany more then 14 million people didn’t go to the cinemas last week.
    I don’t know why the artist of Hollywood travel to Berlin to promove their films.!!!
    The film Brothers is a copy of a european film and the people in Europe would like to see their own actors and actresses in their films!!! Not man or woman whose call for the mother or father to make a film.. They can play in their Kindergarten in other place!

  • Solaris

    Weil caus, Berlin ist eine herrliche Stadt, wo man frei sein kann. Man darf alles probieren, und ich meinte ALLES. Wenn eine Famiie wie Fam. Gyllenhall einen Film machen, dann sagen wir: lassen sie doch tun! Man soll das Fell des Baeren nicht verkaufen, bevor man ihn geschossen hat!
    Weil caus, Berlin ist meine Stadt, und wir behandlen einen Star wie ein Star!
    Weil caus, Berlin ist der Star selbst!
    und weil caus, Berlin ist einfach unwiderstechlich!!

    Schoene Gruesse von Berlin!

  • caus

    The germans is a traditional asslicker!. Look of historic films with themes like 2° war and you can watch how the germans made the same with Hitler a ex -unemployed whose had lot of frustation in his life…
    Nowadays you can do in Berlin what do you want. I know Berlin in other situation before the wall disappear! Nowadays in Berlin we have lot of Roben Hoods whose steal the people and assault their house too. All free people!
    We must give value for prominent whose has prestige.
    It is very dificoult to have Prestige because we must build something in our life…
    Prestige we

  • non

    Caus, you are a failure because you make idiotic comments.

  • caus

    Nepotism in Hollywood

    Blythe Danner and television director Bruce Paltrow = Gwneth Paltrow

    Jon Voigh – Angelina Jolie
    Aunt of Angelina Jolie Rosemary Clooney = <George Cloney

    Sofia Coppola is daughter of Francis Ford Coppola and cousin of Nocolas Cage (born Nicholas Cage)

    Goldie Hawn with daughter Kate Hudson

    Drew Barrymore = Jaid and John D. Barrymore and Ethel and Lionel Barrymore

    Liza Minelli = Judy Garland and Vincent Minelli

    Michael Dauglas = Kirk Douglas

    Jamie Lee Curtis daughter of Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis

    Jane Fonda = Henry Fonda

    Joachim Phoenix = bruther die drug overdosis!

    Robert Downey Jr. = filmmaker Robert Downey


    Hollywood is a festival of nepotism at present. It a real circus!

    Those films about Mavel Heroes are following the real tradition of acrobatic circus!

  • solaris

    Oh, it is amazing how you judge people by its films! Did you ever see “Das Boot” from Petersen? Or “Der neunte Tag?” Did you ever read anything, anything at all from Berthold Brecht? Do you know somebody called Rudy Dutschke?

    Except Japan, where in this world could get up on their feet after their city was destroyed in a short time, and then became the world economy power?

    If you dream about the world free of nepotism, then you should move out to Jupiter or Mars. They are still empty. You can start something new there.

    And V, I mean Caus, don’t talk about Berlin if you are not here. Mindesten, kannst du ja die Sprache lernen. Wenn nicht Deutsch, denn probier mal deine Englisch ein bisschen verbessern!
    Ich kriege Kopfschmerzen seinetwegen!

  • Chris

    First an umbrella, now apparently a wheel chair. Does Jake have to be pushed around in a wheel chair? Anyhoo, his studio should be transporting him by private jet wherever he goes. Only hoi polloi travel on scheduled flights. Jake’s status in Hollyweird must be slipping. No private jets, but he still ranks a wheel chair. I am sure he got most of his ideas from MAD mag. He has that kind of brain and personality. Just a crazy kid at heart.

  • caus


    You have headache for another motive.
    You are English teacher then you can correct me sometimes? I can speak german and I can read documents and book in German too but I don’t speak very well. I can speak french too. I can speak portuguese and I can comunicate in spanish too. When I go to Spain I speak portuguese. When I go to nort Italy I speak portuguese with iltalian and the italian speak in italian with me.
    You can write in german with me and I will answer in English!

    Germany became lot of money from Marshall plan. The generation that there were at this time was another one.
    Germany at this time had their scientist and their exelents engineer. The people at this time worked a lot and beleave in work.
    Nowadays Germany is a nation of people whose don’t like work.
    The schools are a disaster. The enterprises go out to Chine or some end of world.
    The young people haven’t wish to do anything. If Germany would be bombed at present they can’t build the country again!
    Look Vietnan, Camboja, El SAlvador, Alfganistan, Irak. They are total destroyed!

    I didn’t understand. Why I must read all these writers?

  • Ivana

    Solaris “Das Boot” with Jurgen Prochnow, is best war movie, that i ever seen, it is so natural with excellent music of Klaus Doldinger, i enjoyed in every minute of that movie….I have him on DVD and i am so proud…

    Cause, nepotism is begin such normal thing, it is so normal to have someone with hugh connections, it makes life easier and comfortable.
    I know it sounds unfair to see Paris Hilton, with all that money doing nothing, when people in Ethiopia, India and Africa starving to death… But life sucks!!!
    You can’t do anything to change that….

  • non

    Chris, it really does not seem like Jake used the wheelchair. There are no pics of him in it at all. And I think it is a good thing that Jake doesn’t always take a private jet.

  • anom

    I bet Reese´s new movie will do great box office in America cause Vince Vaughn is little darling of american audience.

    Brothers probably don´t be apreciate in America, even more it will be better than four Christmas, maybe in rest of the world like it.

    Nailed is tottaly mistery cause has Jessica Biel in cast (?).

    wtv, people american liked Juno and got an Oscar so everything can happen!

    I am curious but I will watch every movie´s Jake (even Nailed) only cause him!

  • solaris

    You have to understand the history of a nation before you criticize them. Obviously you know only a little about Germany, and you already call them traditional ass licker.

    You want to know about a soul of a German you have to stay here and study about them. You wonder about Berlin, then come here and see the life for yourself.

    Germany is a nation where people take pride of what they do. If you buy something with “made in Germany”, it will almost be like a guarantee of its good quality.

    Dutschke was not a writer. Brecht was one of the best writer in Germany who could somehow project the soul of a German.

    Every generation has different understanding of life. You can not simply compare one era with other. You have to understand the circumstances.

    And Caus, you really talk nonsense! The economy is very hard for everybody for the moment. The big companies always leave a country if they think that the cost are too high, and look for the cheaper country. For the moment they go to Asia, and not only China, because they are simply cheaper than Europe.

    The young people haven’t wished to do anything? You certainly talked to the wrong young people, if you had talked to any of them at all.

    Sorry for the others. I don’t want to talk about Germany, but sometimes somebody simply have to stand up for what he/she believes or loves.

  • caus

    Believe me…I know Germany more then you imagine.
    Have you ever seen this film “We feed the world”. There are this DVD in Stadtbibliothek of Germany. This film show how the world trade function. This film show how a tomato is produced in Spain with subvention of Europeans and this tomato go to Senegal sheaper then the tomatos of this poor country.
    This story that the enterprise would like to go to Asia or Soputh America because the people over there work for less money I don’t believe.
    The oligarchy whose dominat the world would like that every worker of world be slaves like the chinese and india people.
    The funsion of enterprise has only the objective to transform the world marked in monopoly to exploit the people. Look of the companies of energy in Germany!!!
    They make with germans what they want…The germans is a folk that everybody dominate because nowadays they don’t have courage to fight…
    The german product aren’t the best quality at present! The other countries will not wait for Germany make progress…
    You must go to another countries and observ what is happening in the world… You can go to Turkey for instance…this country surprised me a lot!

  • caus

    Hollywood transform in a bad circus. Their clowns (film comedy) and their jugglers ( film with special efect) are ridiculous.
    Perhaps the stupid american like them to have fun in their spare times when they don’t robber or murderer or practice prostitution during their work!