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Patrick Dempsey @ 'Made of Honor' Premiere

Patrick Dempsey @ 'Made of Honor' Premiere

Patrick Dempsey gets the support of his wife Jill Fink at the celebrity screening of Made Of Honor at the Soho Hotel on Monday in London, England.

Made of Honor opens everywhere on Friday, May 2. Here’s the plot: A guy (Dempsey) in love with an engaged woman (Michelle Monaghan) tries to win her over after she asks him to be her maid of honor.

25+ pictures inside of Patrick Dempsey @ Made of Honor Premiere…

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patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 02
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patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 04
patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 05
patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 06
patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 07
patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 08
patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 09
patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 10
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patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 13
patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 14
patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 15
patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 16
patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 17
patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 18
patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 19
patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 20
patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 21
patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 22
patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 23
patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 24
patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 25

Photos: Ben Stansall/Getty, WENN
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  • Tina

    good actor

  • Tina

    good actor



  • Mary

    Wow, he’s reallyyyyyy hoooottttt~!!!!!!

  • melanie

    This movie seems kind of dumb.

  • Jennifer

    I wanna see it.

  • Jennifer

    The Movie Sounds Funny And Cute And Romantic

  • Catherine

    wow, She looks like such a B*****
    What is wrong with her puss face?
    If I were her, I would kiss his A**
    He is so gorgeous, famous and successful.
    Next time….leave her home

  • Anna

    this movie is so stupid bad

  • Roomiina

    i looooooooove your page, its wonderful

  • SS

    Sounds like My Best Friends Wedding

  • legs

    he’s hot.

  • angie

    What woman would ask a straight man to be their “maid of honor?” I can see it if he were gay, but his character is not gay. And I don’t even think a gay man would be called a “maid.” How about just “best friend of honor?”

  • Amy

    I’ve already watched this movie. It was called “My Bestfriends Wedding” and PD is so overrated.

  • J

    he’s sexy

  • J

    oh and I can’t wait to see him come back as Dr. Derek Shepherd. Grey’s Anatomy comes back 4/24/08!!!!

    He’s so multi talented. I’d love to see him play a race car driver on screen as well.

  • Lori

    His wife looks miserable in EVERY picture I have ever seen of her.

  • Erica

    You know those women who come off as huge bitches before saying anything? Two words: Jill Fink.

  • [marie]

    Number 14 you beat me to it…=)

  • Bob

    What’s with the 5-oclock shadow look? Couldn’t he find a razor to take care of that stubble?

  • Stefanie

    omg I am going to see it tonight! hopefully he’ll come too!! :D

  • shoegal421

    she was financially responsible for the household when he was out of a job before grey’s…she is a successful stylist/makeup artist who created her own makeup line (delux).

  • Stefanie

    what’s your problem with Jill?? you’re just jealous! she’s not the media kind of type.. she doesn’t really like being photographed and all that! but she does it anyways! for Patrick!! you can tell that she doesn’t feel comfortable in the spotlight! she’s a make up artist, she likes to stay out of the spotlight! she’s beautiful! I think she’s great!!

  • Lulu

    #8 & #17 maybe you should look at the results of the InSyle 2008 Oscar red carpet poll. She looks beautiful and they were voted cutest couple. The camera doesn’t love her like it does him but that doesn’t make her a B**** in any sense of the word.,,20180100_20180118,00.html

  • nikola

    Wow. What a miserable couple.

  • Carol

    This is not the same movie as MBFW, he is a player who realizes she is the one when she is out of the country on a business trip, he is appalled
    that she comes back engaged. Yes they are old best friends but never intended to marry. Also Julia doesn’t end up marrying her best friend, Btw, MM has said that the had a male best person at her own wedding.

  • violet

    AWW!!! Thanks for posting!

  • Lulu

    Wow, he is super handsome, hot and sexy. She is a beautiful, talented and very successful business woman. Not my idea of a miserable couple.

  • Cece

    Bob, you obviously don’t watch Greys Anatomy, He was probably only in London for the evening, and had to get back to the GA set. Since his character is never clean shaven. continuity would require him to come back with his 5 o’clock shadow.

  • Rose

    Jillian Dempsey is one of the most respected make up artists in LA. He had stated that she is the love of his life, her support and encouragement
    have made his current success possible. He considers her to be super Mom to their three children and the glue that holds their family together;
    She is not particularly photogenic, but this page from the Avon site has a
    good pic, and she looks lovely and beautiful.

  • Stefanie

    she’s beautiful!!!!
    I really hope Patrick will have a stopover here in Zurich tonight :D :D :D!!

  • nikola

    I don’t care how successful and talented she is, nor do I care how hot sexy and superhandsome he might be. I call it like I see it. Together they look miserable.
    The urgent need to defend and stick up for them 24/7 is getting ridiculous. If they can’t help themselves none else can.

  • zoe

    love him on grey’s anatomy! =)
    not exactly a fan of her but she does look nice considering she’s 40 something. they have a hapy family so leave them alone! or her more like…

  • Janet

    People can be so unkind. They seem a lovely couple, and not completely cought up in the Hollywood hype which is refreshing.

    And as already stated if they are filming Grey’s he can’t change the look just cos he’s on a flying visit to London for one night that would be daft.

  • Stefanie

    I think he looks hot with his beard thing :)
    and I totally agree with Janet!!! it’s refreshing!! they’re not like other couples who always have to be in the spotlight and show how cute they are and blaahh!

  • Carol

    As I see it they look great and I don’t care how miserable looking you find them.

  • Emma

    I can’t care less about Dempsey or his wife, but I have to agree, these two always look miserable together recently…I don’t think it’s a question about if she’s shy or not, they used to look happy before.

  • Stefanie

    @emma, she looked the exact same when she was pregnant with the twins at the PCA.. she’s mostly like that in public..
    they look really happy on private photo shoots.. but not on public stuff like this.. sooo..
    and even if.. they just flew in from LA.. they might aswell be a little tired???

  • Laura

    Patrick is the epitome of hot !!!!

  • Catherine

    Wow, she’s a make-up artist. What an accomplishment.
    Rocket science.
    If I were her and looked that good after having 3 kids, I’d be smiling from ear to ear. If she hates Show Biz, she should stay home.

  • Kim

    You would never know he was here in England. Total unknown. The fact that they had to hold a ‘celebrity’ screening to attract some publicity instead of the usual Leicester Square premiere says it all !

    Never understand what Americans see in him. He’s a washed-up 80s soap opera pretty boy. No talent as a serious actor.

  • Stefanie

    she’s coming with him to show her support and because he’s her husband!!

    I am not American and down here he’s pretty known!

  • Janet

    Well you have to blame British TV if “Greys” is only shown on satelitte small channel stations here.

    Thank god for DVD’s though so we can watch without adverts. I hate watching it on Channel 5!!!

  • bejeebus

    they are a good looking couple.
    i gotta say that i thought he was hot all the way back from his “can’t buy me love” days. yet, i don’t watch grey’s. must have been the cowboy hat and the riding lawnmower that did it for me.

  • Lulu

    Well Kim, what we see is a one of the sexiest men on earth who has been nominated for emmy, SAG and Golden Globe(foreign press) awards, so some entities think he has talent. He did come back from oblivion but is on top of the world for now. He was recently named “Star of the Year” by People Magazine, doesn’t sound washed up to me.

  • Ashley

    the two of them are h-o-t hotttt.
    love the blue suit

  • Valerie

    They are one very attrtactive couple. He is so handsome and she is beautiful.

  • Karla

    God I love Patrick! My friend & me are counting the days until we get to go watch this film!
    & he’s in the UK, yayy!
    Thanks for the pics x

  • jane Doe

    they looks beautiful together , a very great couple .
    Bashers , don’t forget , he’ld be nothing without her !
    Leave them out of your c***

  • Sara

    “Jillian Dempsey is one of the most respected make up artists in LA”

    BULL SHIT where did that come from Patrick Dempsey fangurl handbook?