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Patrick Dempsey @ 'Made of Honor' Premiere

Patrick Dempsey @ 'Made of Honor' Premiere

Patrick Dempsey gets the support of his wife Jill Fink at the celebrity screening of Made Of Honor at the Soho Hotel on Monday in London, England.

Made of Honor opens everywhere on Friday, May 2. Here’s the plot: A guy (Dempsey) in love with an engaged woman (Michelle Monaghan) tries to win her over after she asks him to be her maid of honor.

25+ pictures inside of Patrick Dempsey @ Made of Honor Premiere…

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patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 02
patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 03
patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 04
patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 05
patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 06
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patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 16
patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 17
patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 18
patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 19
patrick dempsey made of honor premiere 20
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Photos: Ben Stansall/Getty, WENN
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  • Ted

    this movie looks so awful

  • Gerry

    Thanks JJ for posting all these great pix of the gorgeous PD.

  • Carla

    she ALWAYS looks miserable this isn’t a new thing.

  • Stace

    someone start the divorce countdown she looks pissy in every photo she takes

  • Teri

    my best friends wedding knock off, made of honor will suck.

    #30Rose: Kiss ass much? What the fuck are you Jillian Dempsey? Get a freaking life,

  • Rose

    Teri, your freaking life seems to be bashing movies you haven’t seen and people you know nothing about.

  • Danil

    Well, I heard about him and I have no idea who is wife is… but I see 2 people who are clearly not enjoying each other.
    I don’t think they look happy, he looks indifferent and she looks pissed, I wouldn’t be ok if my boyfriend had this look on his face when he’s with me

  • Irena Murena

    nikola, Catherine, i have to agree with you!!! I am not saying she is ugly or a failure woman, i am saying that she NEVER SMILES, she looks unpleasant, pissed off. if he’s happy… is an other issue. I really don’t like her, despite her success. And I am not sure she makes him happy… at all. I hope i am wrong, for him, but… i won’t be sorry if they will divorce.

  • Eleane

    I really don’t understand people who say that they look happy…. We don’t know them, we don’t know if they’re happy or not in their marriage, but when you look at these pics they’re not looking happy, they don’t look like a happy couple.
    She doesn’t look happy to be there and he doesn’t look like he’s holding the love of his life in his arms.
    Once again I’m not saying they’re not happy or about to divorce, I don’t know and honestly I don’t care, but please, be honnest with yourself, in those pics they look miserable together.

  • Solen

    I love PD and I like JD, but honestly I have to agree with some people here, recently they’re not the happy couple they used to be.

  • http://none es

    Anna shut up. if it looked so “stupid” then why did you take the time to read this? god. you dont even know if the movies any good because you havent seen it. okay. so stop with the negative comments. :)
    Oh & ladies patrick is taken. We’ve been married for awhile now :D lol kidding. haha but yeah hes sexy. he gets sexier as he gets older

  • quelqu’un

    I agree with those saying she looks somewhat unpleasant and rarely smiles. Maybe she just hates the red carpet thing.
    As for them being happy, the many interviews I’ve read state cleary that they are. Really the man can’t stop talking about her, how wonderful she is and how amazing their relationship is.He worships her. Besides you can’t tell if a couple is happy or not solely based on pictures.

  • Carol

    They looked very happy in Milan at the Versace show, the Oscar red carpet and the Avon press conference. I think this is the first pics I’ve seen of them since then,. This was a very quick intercontinental trip for them as he had to get right back to the GA set. Maybe they were tired. Even celebs get jet lag. I’m not seeing this as a ongoing problem

  • Caro

    In hollywood you can say your spouse is the love of your life, that you’re happy and in love and get divorce few weeks later.
    I remember Brad Pitt saying these kind of things about Jen when he was screwing Angelina…geez I remember seeing them hand in hand one week before they announced their split !
    He’s mcdreamy, he has to be the perfect man, the perfect husband and the perfect father… I really can’t see him saying : I don’t love my wife… he’s Disney’s prince charming.

  • Sandy

    On the other hand maybe he is the perfect husband and father. All of his recent leading ladies, EP,HS, AA and MM have made comments to indicate that and unlike us, they know him. He certainly appears to be devoted to his family and wants to be in a position to move them from lala land to Maine.

  • nikola

    I don’t know these people. It’s not my place to tell whether they actually are happy or not. And honestly, it should not be anyone’s business.

    I don’t come to justjared to bash I come here to look at the pics and comment on what I can see. SEE. Not read. Not hear.

    I see two people whose body language is in such outstanding discord it needed to be pointed out.

    Oh, and people, this is Hollywood. These are not the people living next door to you we are talking about. It’s time to lay off the dreaminess. Don’t believe everything you read and don’t be spoon fed with lame worn out phrases. Or do so and please the publicists. They are the ones who truly deserve a pat on the back.

  • McGis

    have you noticed that she “gets support” just in big parties? oscars, avon (when he advertize her), movie premieres; but when he rides or he opens a free clinic for cancer, she disappears. I am not sure she went to London to support him, i actually think she went there tho promove herself. I am sorry for their kids, really, but i don’t like her and i think they won’t last.

  • Sandy

    She did not attend the Enchanted premeire in Paris, London or New York, only LA. So much for your theory on priemeres. He rides the bike long distances as training for racing and general health and I would hardly expect her to join him. When he opened the clinic he flew in on the red eye from LA that am and flew back that afternoon. He had to be back on the GA set. She is a business executive with 3 children including 15 month old twin boys, so she has a life of her own to attend to.

  • McGis

    yes, but she has no problem leaving his kids to go in milan or in london!!! she has to work just when she wants!!! it’s jus MY impression (not just mine actually). anyway, i don’t like her, she’s unpleasant and if she has to go on public with that face, she REALLY better stay home;both for us, who wath, and for her (poor) husband.

  • Sandy

    I think Patrick is awesome and so is his wife. She has an angular face so doesn’t like the way she looks in photos when she smiles broadly. Can’t fault her for that. He seems very warm and charming, and so funny. Hope the film scores big.

  • holly

    I cannot believe how jealous some of you are. He is a gorgeous movie star at the top of his game and a devoted father and husband; she’s a successful businesswoman, mother and beautiful wife. Stop trying to pee on their parade. He clearly adores her seeing as he can’t stop gabbing on about her in every interview. Stop being such jealous bitches. He’s not yours – he’s hers. Now get over it and leave this lovely couple in peace.

  • laura

    i dont liker her too…she doesnt look happy.
    they have to divorce.

    he looks better with ellen pompeo than with his wife

  • greysfan

    He looks hot as always, but indeed, his wife….
    She might be a great woman, but why does she never fully smile?
    If I would have him as my husband, I probably wouldn’t be able to stop smiling ;)
    But like the comment above me, Jill does look much better in that pic;

  • Celia

    I saw the movie, and I loved it!!!!! Go see it!

  • Maddie

    I’m sorry… but they always look unhappy together. Ever since around season 2ish of Grey’s Anatomy they haven’t looked happy. Even in candid photos. He also talks about her a lot less in interviews and the only things I’ve heard him says is “i owe her a lot” or “she’s a great mother”. That doesn’t really sound like they are still in love… Also, their body language in photos and interviews is always distant.

    In all honesty… He has more chemistry with Ellen Pompeo on and off the screen than he has with his own wife… Don’t even get me started on my Dempeo theory!

    I don’t see Patrick and Jill lasting much longer… it seems like they are just staying together for the kids.