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Tom and Katie Celebrate Victoria's 34th

Tom and Katie Celebrate Victoria's 34th

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (in Balenciaga) arrive at the Via Veneto restaurant in Santa Monica for a party hosted by David Beckham for wife Victoria‘s 34th birthday on Sunday.

Eva Longoria, Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, Kate Beckinsale, Len Wiseman, Usher, and Sean Combs were all in attendance for the huge star-studded party.

Victoria Beckham‘s actual birthday was April 17th.

Check out the other pics of the Beckhams also arriving at Via Veneto.

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  • Jane

    Katie looks great!!

  • Laila

    I love Katie’s dress. So much for the rift the tabs made up. They both look lovely.

  • Kristin


  • Bubbaness

    She looks ridiculous. Matronly.

  • legs

    she looks old. but atleast they both look happy.

  • Anonymous
  • solaris

    The party should be in the night, isn’t it? Why do they wear sunglasses?
    Jared, I think they must have read your blog. And when they saw there were so many people said that Katie looked sad, and tired, no light in her eyes anymore …………………..then sunglasses are a must.
    BTW, what a hard thing to do…to smile when your heart cries for freedom… dear sweet Katie…..

  • dal

    They look wonderful!

    Yeah the tabs probably made that up when her name was tied to a Broadway show. If she was going to do one- of course she would be looking for a place to stay in NYC.

    The tabs need to get a life and move on.

  • dal

    All the celebs wear sunglasses because of all the papparazzi blinding them with their cameras.

    Have you seen how many of them follow the Cruises? Its a nightmare.

    Again, they look great.

  • Jennifer

    I’m 27 years old mother of two and would give anything to look like Katie. Cute dress.

  • Ivana

    She is pretty, but not happy!!!

  • solaris

    @ 9

    Funny, I must have missed the sun glasses on Oscar Night. Talking about flashes from Camera….Cannes, Oscar Night, BAFTA, they have more there…but not a single sunglasses…

  • Ely

    Im 27 years old with 2 kids, and I look better than Katie lol. She looks kinda tacky here, and you can tell someone else (older, perhaps a dorky, controlling man) dressed her. The dress would look so much sexier with other shoes, maybe showing some toes or something. Shes had much better days, lets be serious

  • Ivana

    Why they wearing glasses in middle of night, Solaris is right… Again.

  • Jennifer

    Well, stars usually wear glasses at night. who knows what the reason is….maybe to look good…p daddy is wearing one too.

  • starbucks

    Tom looks so hot!

  • julie

    Why is he always wearing the same suit?

  • wowwy

    he’s such a Little Man..

  • once again

    Very early 1970s? look on Katie.

  • Tia

    I like her style. Very classic look, like they used to have in the early Hollywood. I think she is up there with Audrey Hepburn, style wise. Its nice to see her among all the trashy looking celebrities in Hollywood.

  • RIMMA Kats

    victoria is actually 39

  • zoe

    so katie doesnt dress her age, we all know that! but its honestly not that bad. i think she looks nice here- very sophisticated in that yellow dress. its silly how they wear sunglasses but the cameras flashes are veryy irritating especially if they go off every second.

  • what is wrong here?

    Why can’t you be more like Victoria? I hate you being cute and sappy! Grow up and be stuck up! This was my evil plan all along. I really am in love with her, NOT YOU! But she wouldn’t have me. ~ Tom

    But Tom, (sniffles) how can you do this to me? I have idolized you my whole life! I don’t know how to be like Victoria…. ~ Katie

    Then become her best friend and copy her ways!! Do it gradual, very gradual and hopefully the world won’t catch on. And by the way, wear these sunglasses tonight…. I don’t want anyone to see those horribly disfiguring tears for me forcing you to wear this ouitfit to look more like her. Victoria never cries. Mkae sure you smile for thje cameras! She is unhuman and you soon will be too …….Wahahahahah!!!! ~Tom

  • valerie

    Stunning dress ! Great couple !!! Happy for them !!!

  • ed

    LOL at num 23
    yea..i think Tom wants Katie to be more like Victoria… that’s why he let her keep that bob for so long… he loves him some Victoria

  • solaris

    Julie, TC doesn’t wear the same suit. He has tons of suit, only they all have the same colour….You know, perfect is good. Control is better.

    Katie, my dear sweet Katie…take my hand, we can be free from all this reminder…take my hand my dear sweet Katie, I will take you to the land of Free….

  • anonymousse

    in the close up profiles, she looks exactly like Paula Abdul.

  • solaris

    If anybody is willing to see the thread of Gavin and Gwen….they do not wear sunglasses. So, just like I thought, and some of us too, this sunglasses are to cover the sadness in Katie’s eyes, my poor dear sweet Katie………

    “PPZ do not like Gavin and Gwen, Sol.”the follower of the Cult said.
    “But the flash of the Camera hurt their eyes, too.” I protested.
    “Sol, the flash of the camera is drown by the gravity of the aurora of our leader, only. They will not hurt anybody else.”
    “Ja, Ja! And you believe it…./”
    “We are programmed to believe and to deliver the message…”

  • realgirl

    Tell me she isn’t copying Victoria down to every detail. Scary. The haircut, the gold mini dress, the sunglasses and now the shoes! A carbon copy. And does Tom secretly want to be Becks? Weird if you ask me, and kinda Single White Female-ish.

  • Arab.Aquarius
  • dean

    I thought katie the runner was supposed to do the Boston marathon. She WAS entered. Why did she back out? Could tiny tommy not find a way for her to cheat and enter at the 21st mile?

  • Denise

    You guys are too much.. I don’t really like him much anymore, but I think she looks great. I see a lot of celebs wear sunglasses at night and don’t get it either. But I think the tabs are making something out of nothing with them…

  • libraesque

    #8 FYI, tc OWNS a place in NY already….so if it’s being reported that kh is looking for a place to stay then……you figure it out.

    And whytf do these two d o u c h ebags wear sunglasses at night?

    I guess the rumors of a fall out are right since they weren’t at her private party on her actual b-day

  • caligirl

    She probably looks sad becuz the public does nothing but bash her. You haters need to get a life!!

  • bugsy

    Tom Dresses like he’s a gangster from the 80s.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    everyone loves t.i.c.k.s.

  • PenelopeCruz



    I still love you my Hottie boy!

  • Me

    Why does Katie remind me of a stuffy old lady. Why. She so young! and preety. Pleeeeeease bring it down a notch. so your married to Tom Cruise, don’t act like your 45. Geez.

  • 007

    They both look fantastic!

  • kat

    What UGLY shoes!!!!

    Her accessories NEVER even come claose to matching.

    Thin casual hoop earring too. What a mess. She has no idea how to dress, a disaster.

  • weldon

    i road in somewhere that she was turnind 39 th
    bad sources!~

  • Donna

    How I miss them and they are hot!

  • yippee

    Thanks JJ. Tom looks so handsome and Katie is so Jackie O.

  • Lois

    Any info. on Katie’s shoes
    and sunglasses?


  • aussie

    Happy news and beautiful pics upon visiting this site.

  • bet betty

    Why. Does. Robobride. always. Manage. to. look. So. Cheap. No. Matter. Whatever. She. Wears?

  • Joanna

    Who really knows the complete truth when it comes those two? But you got to admit Tom Cruise does act creepy and crazy, and Katie does look rather pale, skinny and robotic a lot of the time in pictures, but who knows maybe she is very happy being his robot wife.

  • crusade

    Belated Happy Birthday to cutiepatooootie Suri. I love this family.

  • Jane

    Both look chic and hot. We appreciate this Jared.

    Their weekend was busy. whew.

  • sailing

    Im officially a TomKat fan. Great couple in and out. Tom looks so gorgeous and Katie a classic beauty as