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Zac Efron Meets Young Cancer Patient

Zac Efron Meets Young Cancer Patient

High School Musical fan Connor Steventon meets star Zac Efron as a special surprise for his birthday on March 1.

Sadly, Connor, 13, died on March 19 after a two-year battle with cancer. His memory will live on with plans to form a charity in his name.

Connor‘s mom Tracy Mason shared a little about how Connor got to meet Zac: “About six weeks before his birthday I thought, ‘He is going to be 13, what can I do that’s really special?’ He had everything, didn’t want or need anything and was mad about High School Musical. When I saw on iomtoday (Isle of Man Today) that Zac was coming over I thought we have got to make that happen somehow. Before his birthday he had started to go downhill, sleeping a lot, and I thought we would have a High School Musical party and asked Zac to come and surprise him. [When Zac agreed to come,] Connor‘s little eyes nearly fell out of his head.”

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  • Alexa



    Zac is so cute, i love him ..

  • Alexa

    Yes he is really cute !

  • Tinkerbella

    that a true zac efron moment dont you agree he is the best and soo caring even thow he probably has a very bussy life

  • Tinkerbella

    that a true zac efron moment dont you agree he is the best and soo caring even thow he probably has a very bussy life

  • michelle

    oh wow. that was nice of him to agree to meet that little boy. zac is so kind. thats why I love him. can’t wait to see 17 again and HSM 3!

  • zanessa110


  • katie


  • Mrs.JoeJonas

    That is so sweet of Zac poor little boy may he rest in peace

  • dalia

    My thoughts and prayers are with Connor and his family…may he rest in peace the sweet little boy..And what a genuine guy Zac is..Gotta love how big his heart is.

  • roMA

    this so sad, I wish his family luck and rest in peace conner, that was nice of you zachary, I hope the mother is happy and knows that she has done somthing wonderful for her son, I feel so sad…

  • mari

    how sad:( i feel so sorry for him and his family.


    aww thats nice of him to be so sweet to that little boy its so nice to see these stars care about other ppl beside them selfs.


  • Malia

    How very sad to lose a child at such a young age. Bless Zac for taking the time to make this kid’s last moments happy. Just goes to show what a nice, big-hearted guy Zac is.

  • _nika

    its sad that people die everyday of some awful disease.

  • Alice! Õ/

    sooo cute! *.*

    I love him!

    hot, hot, hot!

  • *~*Tanzii*~*

    Awwwh.. i feel like crying now, For once i actully like Zac.. lol
    My prayers go out to Conners Family..

  • mike

    ha i sent that to Jared…its so sad about that kid….he had a whole future a head of him….at least he got to meet someone who was important to him…

  • 007

    Good job Zac!

  • Thais

    zac efron é muitooo foofooooooooo!
    queria que ele me conhecece!!!!!!

  • Sam

    RIP for the little boy, that’s horrible. And very sweet of Zac to do that.





  • emilie

    thats sweet,
    sad that Connor passed away though
    its always hard hearing about someone that died at such a young age

  • lindsay

    OMG thats so sad but that was really nice of ZAC!!

  • http://yahoo Yes

    Sad :(


  • Ju

    that’s so nice of him

    i love Zac (L)

  • me

    Poor little soul. :( May he rest in peace.

  • jj


  • Katka

    OMG, it´s so sad :( zac is so super… that is so nice of him….

  • jb

    One of the hardest thing as a parent is to see your child suffering. I’m truly sorry for your lost. I’m glad you were able to grant Connor one last wish. Zac you are truly an amazing person to bring joy to Connor’s life. I’m sure it meant the world to him for you to visit. Thanks your being you!!

  • menna


  • gigi

    nossa . que horror , meus pêsames pra família de Connor. que ele descanse em paz ;

    de qualquer modo . muito fofo da parte do Zac faze esse ato ; ADORÊI .

    - lovêya .

  • gigi

    nossa . que horror , meus pêsames pra família de Connor. que ele descanse em paz ;

    de qualquer modo . muito fofo da parte do Zac faze esse ato ; ADORÊI .

    - lovêya .

  • http://myspace zanessfan!

    Aw that is so sad to get killed that young of an age.Wow
    That is so sad

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]


  • LINA

    i love zac

  • Steph

    It doesn’t matter who the celebrity is or whether you are or not… This person (who happens to be Zac Efron) did such a wonderful thing, just to make Connor happy. I commend Zac Efron :)

    RIP Connor….

    And.. FAMOUS… Your heart must be so hardened if that’s all you can comment about on in this thread… As a matter of fact, I feel sorry MOST for you :(

  • http://myspace zanessfan!

    I hope that you all’s family will be ok
    This makes me so sad because of how young he was to pass away

    God bless your family

  • Molly

    Well that’s pretty sweet. It’s always nice to make a child’s dream come true. RIP connor.

  • me

    I am happy that the little boy was able to meet somebody he cared so much about. I am sadden by what happened in the end though. Zac is such a wonderful and caring guy who really loves his fans.

  • me

    JJ thank you for posting this (these are the stories I want to hear about not that Zac got gas or Zac went out to eat with Vanessa)

  • Niny

    Aww R.I.P Connor =[
    Zac is so sweet!

  • Maria Angelica

    Zac I really hope you can sometime read this: this kind of things from you makes me love you more, and for a little second I think I know your way boy… Such a lovely man are you honey! Thanks. You not only are so down to earth in every little thing I see from you, you are a sweet and thankfull man who can give back somethings he has received in ways like this… simply, quiet… so nice from you…
    My thoughts and prayers are with Connor and his family too, they have to know their child couldn’t be happier in that special birthday…
    Thanks again Efron… you are… divine!
    Sorry my basic English.
    Maria Angelica, Argentina

  • yaya

    thats a very sad story. may that little boy r.i.p and i think it is great and thoughtful that zac efron showed up.

  • zanessa_1

    omg tht is so nice of zac and i feel so sorri for conner. I have just turned 13 3 days ago and im scared of dying so i feel so sad for him and his family. RIP Conner. I hope his family is ok . AND well dun zac 4 carin about sum1 less fortuanate than himself GO CONNER AND ZAC AND ZANESSA lol

  • http://vanashbrenique sam

    awww…..that was so nice of Zac to do! I can’t wait to see HSM3 with zac and vanessa (whose also very kind and thoughtful herself).
    zanessa forever!!!! <33333333333333333

  • Gabriela

    oow he is SO cute! Even he so busy with his work, he found a time to go visit Connor! that’s why I love him! =)

  • emily

    what an amazing person he is, and what a memorable 13th birthday that boy must have had.

  • kayla

    Aw zac your so cute!! I love him! hes got such a nice heart!!!♥ (its a pretty hott heart too!! ((lol))