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Avril Lavigne Talks Acting, Celebrity Crushes and Junk Food

Avril Lavigne Talks Acting, Celebrity Crushes and Junk Food

And here is part II of Avril Lavigne‘s interview with Just Jared. (Be sure to check out part I if you missed it.)

(Sidenote: Av was on Arizona’s John Jay & Rich radio show earlier this morning. She gives a brief shout-out to!! Listen here.)

JJ: What’s the musical direction of your next album? How are you evolving musically?

AL: I would like to sit and and write some acoustic stuff. That’s what I want to do but that doesn’t mean that’s what my record is gonna be. It means creatively, that’s what I want so I need to do that for myself and then I’ll just see. I don’t know, I cant really tell. I’m just touring for six more months and so your body goes through cycles and change so I have no idea.

JJ: The acoustic stuff would really showcase your voice, which is fantastic live.

AL: I think it would be good to have some of that stuff on the record, just to show people, instead of the song being so all about the track and hiding my voice. But I don’t know about the entire record being like that. We’ll see. Maybe like half.

JJ: Your clothing line, Abbey Dawn, was a nickname from your dad? How did he get that nickname?

AL: He worked in Kingston, and it was like a street name or something. It was this area called Abbey Dawn and I don’t know. He just called me Abbey and Abbey Dawn. All my friends in high school called me Abbey, and when I first started out, my alias name was always Abbey Dawn in my hotel rooms, so it was something that stuck with me my entire life. I always used to think if I had a girl I’d called her Abbey but now I have a clothing lined that I call Abbey…

JJ: What’s your favorite thing you like to do with [Sum 41 husband Deryck Whibley]?

AL: Just chill and be at home [in LA].

JJ: What’s the sweetest thing he’s done for you?

AL: He’s just really sweet all the time [giggles]. He’s just a really sweet dude.

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JJ: On the road, what’s your favorite junk food?

AL: Yea, when I go through Canada, I get ketchup chips and dill pickle chips because it’s Canadian. And then, I like to be really healthy though because being a singer, you can’t really get sick or you won’t be able to sing. Like, I’m sick right now unfortunately.

JJ: Do you have a personal chef? What do you do for food all the time?

AL: No, my bus is really decked out. We have a huge fridge and stove and all that. Basically I just get up and eat a salad. I have a kitchen so I’ll just make what I want. We have catering too, so we’ll just send someone to get me a salad or vegetables. I have a steamer on my bus too, so I’ll steam veggies. I totally go through my thing where I’m like super healthy, but then I go through my phases where I’m like “Okay, I’m gonna pig out.”

JJ: How far are you from having kids?

AL: Oh, like 10 years…I don’t see that for a very long time. I have lots that I want to do.

JJ: Are you going to pursue acting at all?

AL: Yup! When I get off tour I have some opportunities. My schedule was in conflict [with this one role] unfortunately, but when I get off tour I’d like to do a movie or two.

JJ: Have you taken any acting classes or did it just come naturally?

AL: I would like to take acting classes, but I haven’t.

JJ: Do you have any celebrity crushes?

AL: Nope.

JJ: I don’t believe that! What’s your favorite movie?

AL: Well, I have a whole bunch. I like Home Alone, that was like my favorite movie for a long time. I like Girl, Interrupted a lot.

JJ: You don’t have a girl crush on Angelina Jolie?

AL: No, I don’t. I think she’s really pretty but I don’t have a crush on her.

JJ: And what are your favorite websites that you frequent?

AL: Just Jared! (laughs) I don’t go on the Internet very much. I do check out Myspace, and other people’s MySpaces. But every time I’m on the Internet, I’m looking
for information or recipes. I like downloading songs.


And that was basically the end of the interview! Hope y’all enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!! Avril was such a sweetheart and hopefully we’ll get more opportunities to work together.

P.S. I’m holding up Avril‘s guitar picks and covering my eyes with them! ;)

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    the main reason im going to her tour is cos JB are gunna be there :P hahaha.

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    Hey Jared! Your blog and convo with Avril was talked about on ET Canada tonight. :)

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    Wow you asked a few of my questions. :) Sweet!

    Poor Avril…I’d hate to have to perform a show when I was sick. :( Which show was this?

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    gay or asian? BOTH.

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    Hi Jared!

    Thanks very much for asking Avril about her “Abbey Dawn” nickname.

    I did some research for my website a couple weeks ago – just before she came here to do a concert in Kingston – and believed I had tracked down the source of Avril’s “Abbey Dawn” nickname…

    And although it doesn’t sound like she knows a LOT about the real Abbey Dawn itself (which isn’t a surprise, because it was founded back in the 1920s and since disappeared), what she did say confirms the information in my post is correct! :-)

    BTW, I updated that entry and added links to your two part interview here with Avril. Congratulations and thanks again!

    ~ Courtney Hart

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    I love Avril! She is THE best!!!!!!!!!!!! She is really pretty too! Some people on here are just stupid! lol sorry, but you are, come on Avril should be a lot more popular then what she is, and I think she is more popular than Jobros. Cos, ok, I know them and I like them but I think Avril is a billion times better! And my friends all like Avril too, but only a couple know and like jobros so yeah! K, bye… Love u Avril keep up the good work!!!!

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