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Clay Aiken Clings to Tyra Banks

Clay Aiken Clings to Tyra Banks

Clay Aiken helps talk show host Tyra Banks celebrate her 500th episode by giving her audience tickets to Spamalot in NYC on Monday.

Clay has been performing in Spamalot since Jan. 18, and is scheduled to continue through May 4.

Clay, 29, who has sold more than 6 million albums, co-authored a best-selling book, and played six sold-out concert tours, said that he really couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful group of people to work with in Spamalot.

His latest album, On My Way Here, is scheduled to be released May 6th.

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Photos: Warner Bros/Michael Loccisano, WENN
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  • someone

    omg! for a second i thought that was chris crocker! :O

  • Ha!

    I know his haircut is for Spamalot, but man he kind of grosses me out.

  • junky

    He is starting to look a lot like PeeWee Herman, with the raised eyebrows. He is morphing into a very strange creature.

  • LINA


  • Nicole

    Which one is the girl?

  • Arab.Aquarius

    Hmmm… no comment is needed really, lol

  • madeline

    What on earth are you people talking about? Clay is one more handsome man. He wears a wig for Spamalot. This isn’t Spamalot hair. I do prefer it with a bit of wave in it, but there’s nothing wrong with his hair. And he looks nothing whatsoever like PeeWee Herman. You people need to have your eyes examined.

    Tyra has good taste. And this pretty young girl fan is a lucky young lady.

  • yobi

    i thought it was chris crocker too! and this ‘guy’ is soooo gay. fucking admit it already!!!

  • ihateclay

    OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME! HE LOOKS DIGUSTING THERE!! he looks like a creeeper.

  • Ismael

    GAWD. He looks fugly. I thought he was chick.

  • Ha!

    He’s not handsome, he’s pretty. And I don’t know WHAT to say if his hair isn’t cut like that for Spamalot. Wow.

  • Carolyn

    Clay looks really cute in those pictures. His smile seems very warm and open. He doesn’t look like being a celebrity has changed him.

  • sophie

    I think all of you who are making fun should put your pics
    up so we can judge them. Doubt any of you are the next top model. Good Lord get a life already.

  • lilly

    is he gay or something??

  • bejeebus

    i may not be able to sleep tonight after seeing these pix. these do not provide fodder for pleasant dreams.

  • Pat

    Great to see the very nice professional photo of Clay and Tyra together — the media often choose less flattering ones of Clay. He’s been terrific in Spamalot. where he wears several different wigs for the characters he plays.

  • Shanna

    He’s so cute! I love him!

  • Bob

    Has Clay come out of the closet yet? Because he sure looks like a flamer in those pictures.

  • littlemissnomanners

    Totally gay!




    Any woman claiming Clara Gaykin is handsome has to be a fat, fug southern belly who’s in denial and thinks she stands a chance..

    He is gay and clearly the female.. Get over it!!

  • Alex
  • Helen

    I absolutely LOVE him. He has the best voice ever and he’s really REALLY cute. Yes, the hair is kind of odd, but it can be changed easily and his face is REALLY cute and he has a heart of GOLD. Clay ftw!!!

  • http://JJ.COM lynn

    #20 How in the hell do you know what the f**k you are talking about? Do you spend time with this man. You must be a fag yourself. I am so sick of you, One day it is Tom Cruise a gay Another day you calling someone else. Telling the thread that they need to come out of the closet. I think you need to keep yourself in the closet. Why is it that gay people have to go out and ask other people to come out of the closet to make yourself feel better. You need to let everybody handle their lives the way they want to. I just do not know why the inmates let you have the computer or did you kill all of them.

  • Molly

    He looks like a spawn of Ellen and David Spade with a sex change.

  • Erica

    he looks like a female here and sad to say eve his singing vice is sounding like a female more and more…i can’t stand listening to his latest cd and he seems to have deteriorated as a singer and vocalist…

  • Gia

    I have to agree, I do not like the hair. I don’t like the color on him or the style. I wish he would try a haircut like Keith Urban or Billy Ray Cyrus. It would cover his ears, that’s why he likes it long. Clay is a wonderful entertainer and a very kind hearted guy. I cannot believe the mean things people can say. Does it make you feel better to bring someone else down? GEEZ

  • Eyewitness snooze

    Oh! I thought that was Tilda Swinton!

  • susan

    Clay looks great. Looking forward to this show. Can’t wait for the new CD—–I LOVE HIM !!!

  • luckyL

    They should date

  • rosie gee

    Clay looks so hawt there, and the album bits sound so awesome!

  • Sasha


  • Alison

    I think he is a very sweet nice guy, but he looks more feminie than Tyra!

  • scottdavis0676

    I admit, he does look a bit androgynous here. However, he DOES have a good looking face. Notice I didn’t say “handsome,” but attractive nonetheless. I can relate to him growing his hair out to cover his ears. My protrude as well and it has always been a sore spot with me. Longer hair alleviates the problem. B.T.W. His song “Invisible” rocks!

  • shannon

    What a cute picture! I didn’t know they were friends.

  • lila

    I think the Claymates truly believe that Clive Davis makes Clay wear make-up, unflattering hair styles, sing like a woman and of course keep hidden his very very secret girlfriends. Clay is a fine person most of the time, but his fans are truly delusional. Tyra seems to enjoy Clay and I think the photos are cute.



  • brianna

    Kelly clarkson has the nastiest fans. Jealously has turned them all into haters. They travel in hurds and post the same old crap. They came up with the Pewee Herman stupid referance. Most of the ones posting here are old and fat themselves. I’ve seen them at Kelly’s concerts and know that they run Kelly fan boards. Penny and Sandy are big heffing cows.
    Clay is handsome. Every one of my school friends have seen his new look and say he is HOT.
    As far as the gay rumors, the jealous fans started them.

  • bjstur

    Clay looks great! Cant wait for the new cd. Tyra loves Clay and I can see why!

  • diggit

    Quoting from post #20

    “Any woman claiming Clara Gaykin is handsome has to be a fat, fug southern belly who’s in denial and thinks she stands a chance..”

    The young slim fan standing next to him thinks he is handsome.

  • Carol

    Nice of Clay to help Tyra celebrate her 500th show.

    Tyra knows good talent.

  • Me

    I think he looks a little like David Spade in that pic!

    Cool that he got to help Tyra celebrate. Cool that Tyra asked Clay to be part of that show.


    Clay has an amazing voice, a killer sense of humor, tremendous acting talent and is very very handsome. I am neither fat nor old….my friends are all ages. To you haters I say ” I wish you the very best life has to offer….hope, joy, dreams and peace….because obviously you have none of those things or you wouldn’t be so angry and hurtful”.
    Baraka bashad!

  • Blue10

    Clay Aiken is an extremely handsome man – anyone who says differently needs to get glasses! Some of your comment s are mean-spirited!! Like I have said many times, if you don’t like him, there are many other singers to enjoy. Jealousy gets you nowhere!!

    I don’t understand meanness!!

    And he certainly has NEVER looked like A FEMALE!!! GET REAL!!!

  • Byron

    whoa whoa whoa, hold on here…. is Clay Aiken.. trying to be the next Ellen? wait, is she aware of this?

  • corky

    The new CD sold 12,000+ in less than 1/2 an hour! Sounds like a woman??? Someone needs to see an audiometrist! Too big a word? Ear technician (can order your hearing aid for you).
    The blond hair is very close to his natural color and God Himself decided on that one. Think you’re smarter than He is?

    You nay-sayers would not be happy if he admitted that he’s everything you (mistakenly) claim he is! Letitgo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cindy

    Well bash me all you want but I am not old, fat, or ugly. I might not be America’s Next Top Model but I’m not hideous either. I am a Clay Aiken fan too! So leave him alone…for the one millionth time already…just leave him alone. He hasn’t done anything to hurt any of the haters. Not one single solitary thing so I’m not sure why the haters have to put him down.

    He looks adorable in these photos and SO happy with Tyra. I think they’d make a very cute couple, if they aren’t already.

    No one says that RCA makes Clay hide his private life. I think Clay chooses to hide it because it’s just that…his PRIVATE life. I.E. that means it’s none of our business. I can assure you all this much though…he’s a straight man. Through and through.

    But by all means…believe what you want. I know I don’t have a snow ball’s chance in hell with him…which by the way has nothing to do with his sexuality and everything to do with the fact that he’s a celebrity and I don’t live anywhere near him.

    Now…I think that those of you who want him to be gay, to come out of the closet, yada yada yada are the one’s who need to stop being delusional and jealous of the fact that he’s straight and you’ll never have a chance with him either!

    Your true fans love you Clay! Always and forever!!

    Okay…I’m done now.