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Gerard Butler Not Dating Cheryl Burke Either!

Gerard Butler Not Dating Cheryl Burke Either!

Gerard Butler grabs a quick cup of morning coffee in Los Angeles on Tuesday before heading off back to work on his latest romantic comedy, The Ugly Truth.

Rumors have been swirling around the internet that Gerry, 38, has been involved with Dancing With the Stars cast member Cheryl Burke.

Cheryl shot down those perky rumors on Ryan Seacrest‘s KIIS-FM morning show: “Who’s Gerard Butler?…You know, everyone says hello and goodbye and kisses each other. Don’t you, Ryan?…[Gerard] actually lives in my apartment building. And we’ve been friends for, you know, a few months…so does Cristían [de la Fuente]. We all live in the same apartment building…weird, huh?”

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  • me

    I wouldnt want to date him either.

  • Amanduh

    Can I iron his shirt with my hot body :-)

  • Waverly

    We all know what little sluts both of them are. Its natural for them to hook up when no one better is around.

  • Nicole m

    Cheryl turned into a snob.

  • Kim

    I KNEW Gerard couldn’t have that bad taste in women! Let’s face it, Cheryl is one fugly girl.

    BTW! Does anyone know where I can see a pic of Lolita? I would LOVE to see what she looks like. :D

  • Josie Ann

    Ditto, Amanduh, Ditto!!!! Only, he’s gotta still be in his shirt, LLLOOOOLLL!

  • Spoogey

    what a manwhore, i love it!! he’s hotttt…. not as hot as this cartoon yellow snowman though:

  • !

    he’s getting moobs. not so hot anymore.

  • Bailey

    Those are moobs kiddo, they’re called pecs.

    You can see pics of lolita on or

  • nmj

    Good God – who dresses him?? I can’t even register how hot his build is….when he’s wearing GOOF runners with Dad pants :(

  • alison

    If those are moobs why do I want to touch them so much. No, those are pecs… verra verra nice ones, IMO Otherwise known as hard chest muscles. ya know?

  • ceci.n.KevinJ

    HOTTIE <3

    I Love Gerard Butler!

  • Holly

    Hottest man alive!!!!!

  • Critic

    Cheryl Burke is a homewrecker. She knew Drew was married and a new father when she went down on him and got caught. You don’t hear Matthew or Joey deny it – coz it happened.

  • noyb

    The man is hot, but that outfit is a disaster.

  • Swansong

    Hahahahaha…. what can you expect from a bachelor! Gerry Butler is the hottest nerd I have ever seen! Really, he’s adorable!

  • ahna

    OH LAWD!!! What happened? Looks like he rolled out of bed. Wrinkled shirt. Wrinked pants. Dark socks….and the white shoes. Pat Boone, anyone? Uh…..Where’s his stylist?

  • ahna

    OH LAWD!!! What happened? Looks like he rolled out of bed. Wrinkled shirt. Wrinked pants. Dark socks….and the white shoes. Pat Boone, anyone? Uh…..Where’s his stylist?

  • legs


  • crazy4u

    LOL– thats our hunk–trying to hide it with his usual sense of style.

  • crazy4u

    LOL–I love his pecs or manboobs for those of you who just have to tear this guy apart. I think you’re just jealous, but thats MO. However, his sense of style —just when you think it can’t get worse—ya have to love the guy for that reason alone.

  • Stel

    I wish he lived in my apartment building…*sigh* :)


    I want him to eat the cream puff in my enchanted forest.

  • Alyn

    Did anyone of the people criticizing him for his outfit think that maybe that was his characters outfit.

  • Anon

    Cheryl is not Gerry’s style. He likes women who are really pretty, but not real assertive and not real bright. He wants someone who will look at him with adoring eyes and do what he says. He is very old school. His friends are guys. He isn’t going to let a woman get that close. Only female confidant he has is Mum.

  • scottdavis0676

    Sorry, I fail to see the “hotness” which is Gerald Bulter. I am a heterosexual male, so maybe my perspective is a bit off LOL! I wouldn’t want to look like him. I have a similar build only I’m much leaner in the torso. His face is very unremarkable. I’d take McCaughney, Pitt, Clooney, or even Becks looks’ over this guy ANYDAY. Maybe I just needed to seem him in his salad days to “appreciate” the spectacle which Gerald seems to be LOL.

  • nmj

    Who the hell is Gerald?

  • ahna

    #24. It’s possible (but, I don’t think so). Plus, I’ve seen him in those shoes before (go to GB GALS). That’s pure Gerry right there. He must’ve had a rough night with one of his biotches: Cheryl or Lolita.

  • garock

    Who the hell is Gerard?

  • Sunshine

    Looks like he rushed out of the house and grabbed the first thing he could find in clothes dryer. MEN! LOL!!! ahahaha :)
    Dress pants with dark socks and runners? LOL! Ya gotta love his style.
    CB is not his type. GB likes beautiful models, ya very shallow.

  • mia

    Gerry looks great when he knows he’s going to meet the public. Very masculine and stylish. When he is running around town, it’s baggy pants and tee shirts and 3 – 4 day’s stubble. That’s Gerry.

    What is sexy about Gerry besides being 6’2″, with beautiful greenish blue eyes, an adorable Scottish burrrr, and a look that can melt butter, is his self-deprecating manner when being interviewed. He has an absolutely charasmatic personality and a large amount of geniune humility. That’s the way to a womans heart anytime, anywhere – whether you are an actor or a bus driver.

  • Insider

    Gerard Butler is not dating Cheryl or Cameron Diaz. The fact is that he’s in quite a new relationship with actress Laura Harring.

  • Holly golightly

    The Scot and his personality are an acquired taste # 26, and it looks to me like there are many out there who have acquired the the necessary taste buds to appreciate him.

    Just ask Jared why he’s so popular on this sight lately.
    I’ll bet the hits are substantial.

  • Holly golightly


  • nora

    he has bigger boobs than me.

  • Grace

    Gerard has such a sexy mouth. Give me a kiss baby.

  • luciana

    He’s smashing model Jasmine Burgess last I heard, Insider. ‘The Group’ hasn’t deliberated on Harring yet.

  • Flisbeth

    Such a lovely sight that man!

  • http://justjared Jellybean

    #37 – no he isn’t smashing JB or LH


    Even with “dad pants” or moobs he’s still handsome. I don’t actually see any moobs though.

  • suz

    I’m thinking that being a star is all about mystique. Reading about this beautiful star/man in these kind of threads is reducing his star cachet to the “girls gone wild” brand of exposure. It’s so sad to see. Is it unavoidable? Can’t he fake out these photogs and find secret ways to make himself scarce?

    Your star power is your treasure Gerry – don’t squander it on the streets of LA.

  • nmj

    I don’t see moobs, just PECS. He’s in awesome shape. He just can’t dress….

  • admin

    He’s gay. And for a gay man, he should be drawn + quartered for dressing like that!

  • Cara

    LOL! He doesn’t have man-boobs. Haven’t you ever taken a bad photo? He is actually quite fit. Even the hottest of the hot can run around in less than stylish clothes. Gerry has the best personality and attitude around. Absolutely adore him!

  • batty for gERard

    have a cup of F*** off

    IMO he is the most beautiful man to have ever walker this earth.

    Oh hell no i know you didn’t refere to lolita in that was. I think you had better try again..

    just because ur gay doesn’t mean that Gerad, and the rest of the world is.

    and to all that are bashing Gerard? jealous much? just because he’s perfect and you not!

    to all that adore Gerard…… ^5

    to the ones that don’t…. go kiss a sharks butt

  • alexandra

    in these pictures he is a little bit dirty,but he is irresistible,and the hottest man ALIVE!!!!

  • postwatcher

    I love seeing Hollywood humanized. He looks like a guy! Love it!

  • dragonlady521

    He could be wearing a potato sack and he would be sexy. He is attractive because he is comfortable with himself and he is down to earth, with a self-deprecating sense of humor. Just because I find him pleasing to look at, does not mean that I don’t think he is a very talented actor. He has the ability to convey a tremendous range of emotions without saying a word. Regardless of the material he is given to work with, he gives a stellar performance, IMHO. I appreciate him for many reasons; his looks are just one of them.

  • Lolita fan

    Well, apparently Gerry and fugface Cheryl Burke has a fling (or something) after all.
    Look here:

    Cheryl seems to be the kind of girl who kisses and tells.

  • Lolita fan

    Luciana #37,
    Where did you hear about Gerry and Jasmine Burgess? Not that I know who she is LOL!

    How do you know that he isn’t??