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Gossip Girl Ratings Get No Love

Gossip Girl Ratings Get No Love

Penn Badgley and Jessica Szohr shoot scenes for their not-such-a-hit drama Gossip Girl on Monday in New York City.

Not such a hit? Well, according to overnight Nielsen ratings, only 2.44 million viewers tuned in to the return of Gossip Girl last night, which is only slightly better than its last original episode on January 9. However, GG did help The CW score its highest ratings ever in the Monday 8-9pm time period among adults 18-34 (1.9/6) and women 18-34 (2.9/8).

So what did taking down streams of new Gossip Girl episodes online do? Absolutely nothing!

Check out this new interview with Penn at And it’s been reported that model and magazine heiress Lydia Hearst, 23, will be on the season finale of Gossip Girl. She will the play the role of interior director Amelia and has a moment with Chuck (Ed Westwick).

And what happened last night?? Wasn’t someone supposed to be of “the gay persuasian”?

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  • Tesss

    Cool , I like Gossip Girl. =D

  • suzy

    it’s on the CW. its never gonna get high ratings.

  • Gossip girl


  • Orange Clockwork

    Good. Hope it gets canceled.

  • poor gossip girl..canceled

  • Molly

    Maybe stuck up beautiful rich kids aren’t what the viewers want to see… just a thought

  • Elle

    Uh, the poor ratings are probably due to the fact that most people didn’t even know it was on!!

    Seriously, I would have watched if I knew there was a new episode last night but how could I have guessed? They need to put more ads on TV about Gossip Girl, I don’t even know when it’s on anymore.

  • Katherine

    I did not realize the season started!! I will set my DVR!! Love Gossip Girl!

  • nay

    last nights’ episode was really bad and the shows getting to weird for my taste, I’m probable not going to watch it anymore.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]


    the ratings will go up. it is the best show on tv right now.

  • nay

    its on every monday at 8/7 centural

  • kat

    seriously who watches the CW anyway

  • T

    Penn looking hot as usual

  • Toby

    It’s all relative, you can’t expect The CW to score high ratings, it never will.

  • WTF


    i mean i love GG.. come on if you watch this page a lot you will see that JJ said ”new season starts on 21/MON i mean.. JJ said it a LOT. well i wanna see who is gayyyy.. and the upper east side is becoming a little weird.. everybody is kissing everybody i mean.. nate & vanessa (WHAT?) Dan & the new girl whats her face.. i dunno is getting weird. and i agree with #14.

  • Tara

    LOOOOOOVE THIS SHOW. And seriously, I do! :-)

  • Diana

    i’m so mad! I can ONLY watch GG online and now I can’t! someone please make the cw be willing to put new episodes online again.

  • Helena

    Lol at #10, you don’t watch much TV, do you?

    I see it getting the same fate as The OC.

  • http://none es

    gossip girl is my favorite show :)
    if it gets cancelled ill be extremely upset.
    and dont use the excuse that cw didnt advertise the new episodes much. Thats all I saw this past whole week and the week before. Anyway, I hope it stays on tv. One bad night won’t ruin such a good show.

  • Kate

    One Tree Hill got higher ratings than GG

    Gossip Girl is fluff TV, nothing special. Considering all the constant promo & hype the ratings are very poor, even for the CW.

  • jul

    i was so disapointed last night wtf the acting was horrible

  • Bubbaness

    I watched the last fifteen minutes of my life and it was horrible.

  • Amanda

    Elle (#7), the reason why GG got poor ratings last night was not because of the fact that nobody knew it was on (come on, can you honestly say that you haven’t seen any of the countless GG comericals on the CW and the OMFG promotion in magazines and the net). The reason why GG bombs is because it’s a crappy show. All they do is have sex! Where’s the quality in that? Its’s so sad that the CW has spent so much time and money on this worthless show and it doesn’t even make it to 2.5 million. I hope the CW cancels this show, but knowing how many mistakes they have made this season, I doubt it!

  • carl

    I hope it gets cancelled. The show really sucks.

  • well

    it’s a overhyped piece of caca on a fake network

    It will be gone next year

  • Alessita


    gossip girl can’t be canceled
    i think they have a good rating
    but is not the the best i mean

    i love gossip girl…i wanna see more..
    i think is the fault of the strike cuz they were
    out a long time…and some people just
    get over the show

    please if u love GG


    is my own gossip girl page

  • ElenaBelle

    yeah It really does suck,I’ve tried on two separate accounts to get into it the pilot and last night just to see what the OMFG was about but I couldn’t get through 5 minutes,the acting sucks it’s Corney its just people reading dialogue no chemistry no matter how racy they make the story lines those kids just aren’t lovable.

  • Anon

    The interesting thing is that by tomorrow it will be the #1 show on Itunes. So I’m guessing they will make money from the show on DVD…

  • DeeJay

    Well I like GG. I watched it last night. And I loved it! And that is all I can do for the show. I think a lot of ppl DVR/TIVO/VCR the show. And that doesn’t help the ratings. Well it is what it is.

    PS- That 70′s Show was never a ratings gold mind. But look how long that show was on.

  • california girl

    OMFG what if Serena is the GAY person (lesbian) maybe she and that Georgina Chick were “experimenting” and that’s probably why she and Dan break up!!!!! Kind of like Marissa and Alex on The O.C…….

  • Britney

    I’m kind of surprised. Personally, I thought that was one of the best episodes last night. I really loved it – great comeback. I think the reason it can’t get a high amount or viewers is because of the channel it’s on. I never heard of the CW before I watched Gossip Girl nor when it started could I find the channel it was on. It’s a great show it only has 14 episodes though so hopefully they keep it going. I love it =D

  • kay

    i love Gossip Girl it’s a pretty good show and last night’s episode was not too bad hopefully it’ll get better

  • MIlly

    GG is an amazing show and I love it!

  • DAnielle

    Yeah, what’s the deal with the no gay character thing??

    I was so curious!!

    :( Very disappointed.

    Still…… can’t wait for next week!


  • naomi

    I’m hoping that people will start watching it on TV rather than the net(which streaming is now dunzo) and get the ratings it deserves! Also, Canada didn’t have Gossip Girl on TV last night(through their provider CTV). I’m not sure if Canada is included in the Neilson ratings(but my guess is it’s not), but just because GG had poor ratings in the past, doesn’t mean that noone outside the US was watching, just sadly noone in Canada that didn’t get the CW couldn’t last night. However, last night was a pretty wicked episode, but I was seriously irritated that Jenny was redeemed at the end just cause that stupid girl likes Nate and she’d rather be the new Queen B rather than Blair… I can’t wait for Blair to ruin them all! Also, what was with all the hype about one of the guy’s coming out, none of them actually came out and said it, however Serena’s little brother did mention a boy he’s now “friends” with, so I bet that was his way of saying he’s gay without actually saying the words “I’m gay and that’s my boyfriend”.

  • xoxo

    I love GG



  • Oprah’s strap on…

    For the ratings to be upped, the cast needs to do something seriously drastic in the personal lives and have it splashed all over the magazines or better still starting hooking up with each other and have it accidently on purpose leaked, cloak and dagger style! That’ll get the ratings up, great show though, don’t cancel it, let it ride out until more people catch on!!! Come on rest of the cast, don’t just leave it up to Chace to do all the hardwork!!!

  • not a fan

    Ewww……how any of you can think this is a great show, tells me how low our standards have gotten. There is NO talent, HORRIBLE acting, TERRIBLE writing, etc, etc.

  • Louise

    The CW doesn’t get high ratings. About 2.4 million is average for most of their shows. ANTM is their top show and only gets about 4 million viewers.

  • Matty

    apparently everyone who watches Gossip Girl is on this comment page. The show is just bad…and not in a fun way. They need to pull on plug on it already.

  • tvjunior

    Too bad it didn’t rate well – maybe all the hype actually ended up working against it.

  • Olivia

    GG is my absolute fav. show. From what Josh said at the Paley Festival was that the ratings didn’t matter & that the success was NOT based on the viewer ratings, but rather the connection between the show and the fans who watch it. I don’t believe it will get cancelled. (I really hope that Dan & Serena fix things before the finale, it’s an ambitious shot but I am really not having Georgina break them up.) Love GG! I am sooo glad it’s back. Been waiting since Jan. so yay! :)

  • eyeslikealeopard

    hahaaaaaa. a lot of you seem to be clueless.

    first of all, GG won’t be cancelled. it has already been picked up for a full season in the fall. it has a loyal following, whether you think so or not. the ratings from nielsen weren’t high, but those ratings dont show all of the houses that DVR the show or record it, which most people do these days. who the hell watches shows live anymore? (and this show is on The CW– not NBC, ABC, or CBS)

    also, GG episodes are always in the top downloads on iTunes.

    secondly, they don’t just have sex on the show, to the person who commented about that. and the acting isn’t horrible. it’s an interesting show with hot people and good storylines. “The OC” was successful for a reason and had great fanfare, just like this show has and will continue to receive.

  • Jay

    Jessica is f*cking BEAUTIFUL!

  • elljay

    that sucks. i love gossip girlll, i hope it doesn’t get canceledd.
    but seriously people, if you really liked gossip girl you would know when it was going to premiere, plus i’ve seen commericals on bravo, mtv (?) and on the radio. they were definately trying. but people, if you visit this site not knowing gossip girl was starting, thats sort of pathetic. jared has gossip girl posts almost dailyyy.! that i enjoy thank you very much (: pluss on almost ever one of his posts he says when the next one is. so get in tune people! lets get those ratings up. haha

  • shannon

    all i can say was one tree hill got good ratings that made me happy and on the GG note many ppl i kno well me and my friends read the book series and thier is a reason why all books were bestsellers and the writers f****ed up the writing im not saying their suppose to follow everthing but the books are really good and the show is alright i mean for goodness sakes there were 10 book they have enough material to go on for years but the mess it up with how they think it should be just for drama! fools!

  • Alyssa

    Fools! Ah well, here’s the 1 minute version, even if the full episodes aren’t online:
    All the pretty people and none of the extraneous plot bits.

  • vicki


  • blah balh

    i wonder how serena will react to the ‘new girl’ [who's apparently her arch enemy] kissing her very own boyfriend

    vanessa’s really pretty tho =]

    she has really good dress sense
    i wish i had blue eyes…