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Gwyneth Paltrow is an Iron Woman

Gwyneth Paltrow is an Iron Woman

Gwyneth Paltrow glows in a sparkly mini at the premiere of her superhero flick Iron Man at the Cinemaxx on Tuesday in Berlin, Germany.

Who’s that on her dress? Elizabeth Taylor?? The 35-year-old shoe fashionista also didn’t try any new daring footwear this time around–she stuck to classic black Christian Louboutin pumps.

When asked what friends and family members thought about her doing this kind of film, Gwyneth said, “A lot of people were really confused when they heard I was doing Iron Man. They thought I was doing an Ironman triathlon.”


Of course, lead actor Robert Downey Jr. attended as well. Iron Man blasts into theaters everywhere on Friday, May 2.

25+ pictures inside of Iron Woman Gwyneth Paltrow

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  • me

    I really like her. Only wish she had picked better names for her kids!

  • Helena

    I like the dress, I don’t know why people pick on her here, though. She definitely doesn’t look homely here, that’s for sure!

  • Kristy

    she was looking really cute until these pics

  • shannon

    Do not like the hair!

  • rita

    aww gwen had to bend her knees for robert! Nice of her; I wouldn’t NOT wear heels either.. it’s ok Robert, I STILL LOVE YOU

    I want her dress btw, it’s rocking.

  • realgirl

    HORRIBLE. Ugh, she does not pull this off at all. She’s best with classic tailored looks. This hair style ages her too. All around thumbs down. Who does he make-up? They need help. She’s so blaze’.

  • Liberal Mom

    YUCK! What is with the super short skirts?

  • uh oh

    I think she looks pretty bad. Dress does nothing for her.

  • Dana

    She has great legs but this is not a style that flatters them.

  • Steph

    Her makeup looks decent for once. Everything else is awful.

  • Rob

    I’m disappointed. She usually dresses with more class.

  • frank

    Blythe Danner looks hot!

  • Audrey

    Please jared, STOP WITH ALL THE GWYNETH POST! it is wayyy to much.

  • swinton

    That tranny looks just like Gwyneth Paltrow!

  • mickey

    She is trying so hard to live up to the “hot girl” role that she is supposed to have in the movie, but she isn’t hot, she is just stuck up and odd looking. I’m sure it is killing her having to sign autographs, but with big name stars like Depp, Clooney, and Jolie giving out autographs freely all stars kind have to do that now so they don’t look like jerks.

  • Katie

    Her legs look gorgeous but I don’t like the dress length

  • claire

    Gwynnie, you forgot your pants.

  • legs


  • just me…

    Oh gosh…Is that a dress?!!!

    At 35-year-old she need to dress with more class!!

    Come on Gwyneth that’s not your style, its a Mariah Carey style!!!

  • sweet pea

    I think she looks beautiful from the waist down. from the wait up…She looks like a soccer mom trying too hard.

  • fashion check

    Her hair is all wrong for the dress. She hsould have wore it in soft tendrils like at the photocall.

  • I know why!!!

    I know why Gwyneth and Jennifer Aniston show their legs as much as possible. Because they definitely can’t compete with the rest of Angelina Jolie :)

    These two stupid women have not realized still that gorgeous Angelina doesn’t give a sh*t about how she looks. She cares only for her loved ones and what she can do for the people who need a help to survive. And that’s why our dear Brad finally has settled down with the real woman with a thinking brain and caring heart.

    Keep on showing your legs because you don’t have anythingelse.

  • haze

    she really loves to show off those legs!

  • Salut

    i think the hair & makeup are too matronly for the dress



  • q-tee

    she should not have swept her hair up; her neck is too thick. shoulder length would have been perfect!

  • bejeebus

    i asked nicely and you still did it to me. thanks a lot.

  • granny freeze

    Wow! My boy looks hot! Soooo tranny-licious!!

  • jolielove

    I know why!!!
    Okay, even I can see that you are a bit freakish. Calm down and step away from your computer.

  • Ana

    Sorry. She still looks like a drag queen.

  • Iron Maiden

    Her again? Why so few shots of the star, Robert Downey, Jr?

  • bae

    I have seen this dress before…who is the designer?

  • !

    It’s nice to see a celeb aging naturally instead of the normal plastic frozen faces we see all the time.

  • Regina

    You people always have something to moan about.

  • Izzy

    I think Gwynnie is looking a touch “refreshed”

  • OMG

    Oh MY LORD!!!!!

  • Gossip Girl

    Where is the rest of her dress??

  • lynvee

    Gwyn is at par with JA, they’re both uugg. Anyways, they both have no brains and no beauty so the only way they could attract people is to expose themselves.

  • Delish

    She must be desperate. Next thing you know we’ll be seeing p*ssy shots when she gets out of the limo.

  • mho

    The dress would be perfect for the disco not a movie premiere

  • Here’s The Deal

    I know why!!! @ 04/22/2008 at 3:36 pm _____________________________________

    I’m a big fan of Angelina’s too, but do you really have to bring her up in a thread that has absolutely nothing to do with her? Just because Gwyneth was once with Brad doesn’t mean that now she’s jealous of Angelina. She and Brad both moved on, settled with new partners, had kids………..their relationship is like ancient history now.

    And what do you mean that she has “nothing else”? You make it sound like every woman who has split with Brad is doomed. FYI, Brad Pitt is not the key to happiness. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of his too, but just because a woman is no longer with him doesn’t mean that she’ll never find happiness again. Gwyn has a husband, two kids…….is that just “nothing”?

    I’m not a fan of Gywneth’s……..but I don’t have anything against her either. She and Brad have nothing to do with one another….like I said, they split ages ago………so you bringing Brad/Angelina into this is just dumb.

    That being said, I now have to say this: Jared, why the excessive posting about Gwyneth???

  • celeb watcher

    Hideous **********!

  • The Devil

    Dressing like a hooker=not classy.

  • It girl

    please id the dress!!!!

  • frankj

    wooow she looks amazing. best legs in the business. end of.

  • Bella

    I feel like I’m looking at backstage pictures where she’s waiting to put on her gown The dress is too short and she looks uncomfortable. She does not have the confidence to pull it off.

  • bejeebus

    i’m confused….let me preface my comment by saying that i’m so over this woman that i care NEVER to see her again and i have begged jared to stop posting on her. that being said, why are people saying she looks like a hooker, trashy, desperate etc. yes, the dress is horrible and completely offends my retinas but she has the figure for it. she’s 35, not 70. she can dress in a short dress if she wants. i don’t see her nether bits or nips showing so big freaking deal. jeez.

  • say what you will…

    Why always bring up Angelina? Damn, you people are morons. For the record, Jennifer Aniston is the oldest of all three, but looks the youngest.

  • LA


  • yawn

    yawn..please stop with the Aniston Jolie posts. Why do ppl always bring these two up?

    Agree, the dress looks bad.