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Jennifer Aniston & Owen Wilson Kissing

Jennifer Aniston & Owen Wilson Kissing

Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson lock lips in a passionate kiss on the set of Marley & Me in Miami, Florida on Tuesday.

The pair were shooting at Miami International Airport where it appeared that Owen‘s character was dropping off Jen‘s character.

Jen, 39, & Owen, 39, looked very comfortable together as they joked and laughed off camera throughout the shoot.

Marley & Me is due to be released on Christmas Day this year!

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Photos: Ray Nichols/Splash News, Mark Davis/Getty
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  • Maxim

    doesn’t look that passionate to me

  • Rima



  • Rima

  • Rima

    Angham is Egypt’s number 1 celebrity!!

  • Rima

    Check her latest music video!!

  • legs

    lol @ #1.

  • Rima

    Who is Jennifer Aniston! Her role in Friends was the best! Other than that she sucks!

    nways, visit Angham’s official website!!

  • Farwa

    I really liked the kiss!

    PS: hey, thanks for the introduction to Arabic pop songs! I love this singer (Angham)… Her music is like Mariah Carey

  • null

    It always cracks me up when people say, “they looked very comfortable together…” That’s the least they could do! They’re actors, for goodness’ sake.

  • maybe so

    Not as passionate as Owen and Kate kissing last weekend for Kate’s birthday!!

  • minx

    Aniston is totally into Owen (not just on the set). Kate Hudson should watch her back.

  • fofo

    are they really going out not on the set off the set.

  • http:/lea Lea

    Elissa from Lebanon is waaaaaay better than Angham (imo)
    See her here:

  • random

    they seem like an odd match

  • Marina

    Lindos simplemente lindos los dos!! no veo la hora de ver esta pelicula!! parece que tienen una química increíble!

  • jojo2873

    Lea, your thing that you call Elissa looks like CHER! hahaha
    She’s so damn ugly!

    I prefer the other one called Angam.. She’s cuter and looks not so fake like Cher.. I wonder where didn’t she pay tribute to cher doing Shoop Shoop LOOOL

  • fish

    I will NOT see this movie

  • AnYmOuS


  • AnYmOuS


  • Shar

    Passionate??? WTF Jared, are u looking at the same pictures as me, ther’s nothing passionate about that kiss. And that’s not a bad thing considering they’re only acting and he loves Kate Hudson!!!!

  • Huge Dog Lover

    I read the book, Marly and Me, and I would not miss this movie for the world. If it is half as good as the book, then it will be worth the price of admission.

  • cheeky

    Very mundane and boring.

  • Take it to the bridge

    Even though it’s only a movie he’s still a luck git

  • citi

    Having Aniston in this movie surely RUINS the book !!!
    sigh !!!!

  • http://http NORMAN’S MOM

    stopping by to say: ENOUGH!
    sick & tired of sheman, remove her!

  • rolf

    I`m so sorry for Aniston – no one love her.

  • Mrs. O. Wilson

    I love Owen. And I’m a big fan of Jen. I’d love it if they hook up (unless he is hooking up with me! ;-) )

    Just as long as he dumps that suicide inducing bitch, Kate Hornfeathers!

    Luvya Jen and Owen.

    P.S. The kiss is not passionate, but really sweet (even though my heart is burning with jealousy)

    Also that Roy O’Bannon meets Rachel Green post is really funny

  • lana

    they should have a baby, LOL!!

  • bella666

    Jennifer seems to see the camera.

  • bella666

    Vince Vaughn
    Paul Sculfor
    Jake Gyllenhaal
    Orlando Bloom
    Brian Bourma
    Owen Wilson
    Orlando Bloom
    Back to Owen Wilson

    And I would not be surprised if the half of her (alleged) affairs has the same publicist (Huvane) like Jennifer.

  • right

    bella – they are making a movie, the only speculation
    comes from blogs and those who write on them. Why does Huvane have to always be a part of it, or are we spitting venom over “something/someone” else?

  • Ceci

    They are going to be a REAL LIFE COUPLE very soon.

  • o boy

    JA should have stayed in TV land

  • lylian

    :lol: :lol:

  • sshii_baby

    Hot kiss?!! kidding me right? how come she is kissing passionately with her eyes open? lol..

  • bella666

    Sorry, This was only a scene of Marley and Me. I thought there would be rumours over a new friend again.

  • Unknownlogy

    LOL! Owen Wilson is out of Jen’s league for crying out loud.

  • Rachel aka the best!!

    I am so sick of Owen Wilson.
    He’s bloody everywhere now!

  • Angel eyes

    They look very brother and sister like. Not hot.

  • Jill

    Her “big comeback” movie “He’s Just Not That Into You” has been pushed back at least two months, from August to October, maybe later. The reason they’re giving is that the studio doesn’t want this movie to go head to head with “Sex And The City”. The real reason is that HJNTIY did so badly in the previews that nobody wants to see it.

  • Louise

    Calling this a “passionate kiss” is laughable, Isn’t Jennifer kissing his cheek?

  • http://justjared fan

    i love jennifer aniston

  • Anonymous

    Jennifer Aniston’s Former Flame Confirms Split

    While rumors have been circulating for weeks that Jennifer Aniston had broken things off with Brian Bouma, E! News got an exclusive interview with the film crew grip about his alleged relationship with the actress.

    From his home in Vancouver, Brian tells E! News that, “yes,” he and Jen began dating earlier this year while she was filming the drama Traveling in Canada.

    But he would not divulge further, except to say, “We are not seeing each other anymore.”

    However, sources have revealed to E! News that Brian has been quietly flying down to Miami to see the 39-year-old actress on the set of her new movie Marley & Me.

  • dee

    I think that Jennifer looks greats. She eat right, exercises, and does yoga. Most importantly she stays out other people’s way. She’s looking for someone to share her life and hopefully start a family with this special someone. Why do people keep coming her to Angelina? Angelina has a pretty face and probably fake breast. She has no ass. It’s all bony. That’s what Brad wanted and he should be the only one that matters because thank GOD no one else will need to see it. Please don’t make any more movies with your body showing. It sucks. You have these meant that are just crazy for your bony ass. People need to be happy for them and especially Jennifer Aniston because she truly is one CLASSY LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • dee

    Rima, how can you say that Jennifer is nobody? We see her everything on tv. Are we seeing body Angelina who is probably one of the most insecure people in the world. She’s so insecure that she doesn’t have any friends. Why? Because her and her bony ass have to be the center of attention. Jennifer has a whole lot of friends. All sizes and all types. If Angelina’s site is so wonderful, then, what the heck are you doing on Jen? Worried about the competition. You and her must truly be worried.

  • just for fun

    Jennifer is a nobody in the big screen’s world. Her acting is blah, never broke out of Rachel Green mode. Rachel Green is a stupid, shallow girl and Friends is a stupid show. So, Jennifer appears as smart as her most famous role. I could never finish her movies. So boringly predictable and schmaltzy.

    Why must you think anyone criticizing Jennifer an Angelina’s fan?

  • just for fun

    Btw, why is JA in competition w/ AJ? For Brad Pitt, the man she divorced or the man who left her? dee, are you pining for your ex? That’s funny. I would never take back an ex. Desperate, aren’t you?

  • AlessandraJordan

    she better be careful he might threated to kill himself just like the other hoe. (kate hudtson)

  • xi

    Dont like her – she is ugly and stupid

  • O.J.