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Miley Cyrus Signs Seven-Figure Book Deal

Miley Cyrus Signs Seven-Figure Book Deal

Miley Cyrus has signed a seven-figure deal with Disney Book Group to write a book about her early life in Tennessee, her move to Los Angeles and the solid relationship she has with her parents (especially with her momager, Tish).

“I am so excited to let fans in on how important my relationship with my family is to me,” says Miley, 15. “I hope to motivate mothers and daughters to build lifetimes of memories together, and inspire kids around the world to live their dreams.”

Says Jeanne Mosure, global publisher of Disney Book Group, “Miley is a genuine international sensation and we are delighted to deliver her first book to families around the world. She is a terrific role model, and we are incredibly proud to give kids everywhere the opportunity to connect with her in an entirely new way. It’s rare that you hear from someone her age that they want to talk about their family. How she sees her family in light of everything that she’s exposed to on a daily basis is pretty incredible.”

The Miley Cyrus book hits stores in spring 2009, when the Hannah Montana movie is also scheduled for release.

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  • julie

    1st! I love Miley!

  • bethany

    first :D love her!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    lol @ paying for her name. cause she aint writing shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

  • sali

    she got no manners!

  • nay

    is she going to get away with the picture thing?

  • jing

    she’s so unfortunate looking. Her nose is just horrible.

  • michelle


  • wtf?

    take the money and run Miley because we know that book will be in the 99 cents bin soon enoough and you won’t sell 1,000 much less million needed to make them break even.

  • Paula

    Unbelievable. She´s only 15. Surely she can wait a good couple of years before writing about her life…..

  • ugh

    she’s a rude loudmouth with no manners. who wants to read about life as the daughter a a rich country singer? Paris Hilton much?

  • littlemissnomanners

    terrific role model???! WTF, are they saying? Haven’t they seen her recent pix in the internet???

  • lol

    Paula @ 04/22/2008 at 12:26 pm

    Paula her middle name is greedy….She loves money….

    What at embarrasment for Disney pay a 15 year old who could barely speak a seven million figure book deal….

  • anon

    That picture of her with her toungue out says it all. Playboy should buy that picture.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    GOOD FOR MILEY!!! Just imagine what could have happened to Lindsay if she had been raised right and managed right. Shame.

  • kelly

    Wonder if that publisher from Disney said all that before or after the latest naughty pics came out?

  • booyay

    what the hell, shes 15 she doesnt need her own autobiography,

    talentless horse toothed hack

  • Luvn_hollywood11

    I wonder is Disney still thinks the same about her being a perfect role model after the pictures’s that surfaced yesterday? Disney neither her reps have made a stament on the pictures I think her fan’s at least deserve an explanation. Alot of people believe it is not her but a look-alike if it is please cleat it up. So many young girls look up to her next thing you know you will be seeing all her young fans wanting to flaunt what their momma’s gave them. I guesse know Miley can’t live up to Hilary Duffs reputation she once said she wanted to be a good role model to young girls like Hilary Duff but she just proved her fans wrong :(

  • me


    She deserves it. Who cares if she is only 15? she has done and seen more than most would in a lifetime.

  • sam

    PERSONALLY, I dont feel as though the pictures make her a bad role model. Those were meant to be private, and got out due to a friends of hers leaking them.

    What she does publicly is what should be judged. And she’s always sweet, personable, and always talks about religion and family. THATS what kids will immitate.. not pictures. They wont even have access to those.. and those were Miley just being a stupid teen- everyone goes through that, celeb or not!

  • kate

    I love this girl.

    When I was a young teen, I DEFINITELY did things I now regret. I think thats the case with Miley and the pictures, just a stupid mistake on her part. Its realllyyy not as bad as people are making it out to be. I mean, look at vanessa hudgens- this doesnt even compare!

  • Frenchy

    I fear that someone is holging out on more pictures until her new movie comes out and this new book.

    I don’t get her really because I don’t think she has talent. What are they paying her for? Was she raised in a religious compound away frmo society? Now that’s a book..Something that most of us could not imagine. What sould she possible have to say? But then I’m not 15 so……

  • kate

    Of course there are things to say- life on the road,growing up, religion,career, being a teen star etc etc…..

  • ashlee

    who cares

  • lala

    has anyone seen the pictures of her on the internet? she was laying on a guys lap with her shirt up!! and she was flaunting her bra!! that doesn’t seem like a good role model. isn’t she like only fifteen? how is she going to write a book on her life? its probably going to have 100 pages on how singing for her fans and signing autographs are so cool… my younger sister really looked up to her and now she can’t because of the racy pictures and rumors spreading around. I just think she should clean up her act because many kids around the world look up to her as a role model

  • littlemissnomanners

    “sam @ 04/22/2008 at 12:37 pm

    And she’s always sweet, personable, and always talks about religion and family. THATS what kids will immitate.. not pictures. ”
    and those were Miley just being a stupid teen- everyone goes through that, celeb or not!”

    YOU THINK SO?????! be real… kids these days are so impressionable. they copy mostly everything they see on TV, Movies, internet..

    how does “Miley just being a stupid teen” makes her a terrific role model

  • 007

    Wow. I’m speechless. The world is coming to an end O_O.

  • paria

    an auto at 15- haha…Seems like Disney is finding every possible endeavor to make loads of money off of her. Next there will be a Miley autobiographical movie, inspirational books and on and on. Disney needs to give it a rest and let the girl have some breathing room!

    And as far as the pics go, why should anyone be surprised by this? Look at all the pressure on her. She’s one of Disney’s little angels and they sponsor her as this immaculate girl who makes no mistakes and is scandal free. She’s human and she is bound to screw up now and then. How many of us did things we regretted at 15? The only difference is that we didn’t have a camera on us 24/7 to glorify it. We didn’t have to worry about leaks to the media. So banishing her as a credible role model seems a bit unfair.

    I am not a Miley fan, but I think she is being held to an unfair level of perfection. The great thing about a role model is that no one is perfect. Even our greatest leaders and idols have parts of their past that is checkered. No one is an absolute saint thru and thru. But that should be why we admire them. They survive the good and the ugly to come ahead strong!!

    And please, if anyone offered any of you seven figures for your life story, you’d sell it in a minute!! Disney knows they have a gold mine in Miley and they are using every avenue to make lots of profit!! And the girl is just smart- she is making all her money while she’s young…later, if she decides to quit the industry, she will be living comfortable…I say bravo to Miley!!

  • kate

    I want!

  • congrats

    I like Bindi Irwin much better. She is so much smarter than all those young girls who are older tthan her. She is very very articulate. At least her show is educational.


    what slut!

    here are more pictures of her UGLY boyfriend

  • michelle

    How lame! I’m a fan of her music but I don’t really like her as a person anymore. Especially after all of those photos. I should say the same thing I guess about Vanessa Hudgens but I like her better and I got over her whole photo scandal.

  • Alex
  • dan


  • Kaitlin

    wow leave her alone, she’s an amazing role model. she says herself she wants to inspire children around the world. jeesh, she’s got a heart of gold back off.

  • Natx3

    HA what!?! A TERRIFIC role model my a s s!!

    Yeah taking slutty pictures of yourself and posting them on myspace, yeah thats a great role model! I’m sure everyone wants to see little 6 year olds taking pictures like that!

  • Natx3

    hahahahahha wow jared you even stared out s l u t t y.
    come on now.

  • kate

    Amen at #27!!

  • sam

    #35- She doesnt even have a myspace. what the heck are you talking about? she is obviously just trusting the wrong people, and the pictures are getting into the wrong hands.

    AND yes- to whoever asked me the question. Even role models make mistakes.. especially 15 year olds. She isnt even an adult yet.

  • vicki Pasadena, CA

    Why, why why???? Nothing she could EVER say would matter to anyone. She looks like a hooch, cannot really sing, and will probably end up pregnant and on drugs before she reaches 21. Get your teens a better role model.

  • Melissa

    Wow we have alot of HATERS out in this world.. For all of you that wrote negative mean comments, don’t hate because she has money and talent, and you all are either working a minimum wage job or sitting on welfare. She is 15 and I am sure she has more intelligence then all of you HATERS put together. Why does it matter to you what she does with her life, do you pay HER bills? I doubt it.. Grow up!

  • http://myspace olivia

    she is the worst role model ever!
    those pictures are horrible, let me tell you i wont be buying that book!
    People say she is such a good role model for kids, well what are you going to do when your kid starts running around like a tramp and taking pictures like that!.
    You would think that if she loves her career so much then she would be really careful. she claims she is not the next britney spears and i deffinitly think she is.
    Disney is scared to drop her because she makes millions of dollars for them but just wait when people start to get mad.
    she has no right to be running around like this just ruining her career. i would like to hear her response to all of these pictures she obviously doesnt care, because no one is yelling at her.
    she needs to be on a tight leash and not be let off. here she is signing this multi million dollar bill and i dont think she deserves it at all!

  • http://myspace olivia

    and she sucks at singing!!!!!
    i mean i could right the garbage she writes in 2 minutes for atleast ten songs

  • susan

    For whatever reason she did this, a 15 year old girl (I don’t care WHO she is) should NEVER be acting this way or taking these kinds of photos. Where were her parents? And I don’t think the one of her showing her bra nor the one of her laying across that boy’s lap are her; look extremely close and you’ll see several differences. But that still doesn’t excuse the other shots. I have two daughters, and they never acted like that! I would have locked them in their rooms!

  • anna p

    i can just imagine how many “likes” and “umms” are going to be in this book if she actually writes it . not interested, next .

  • mimi

    Seven figures? WHY??????

  • TheTabloidsChic
  • Molly

    ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME??? Holy christ, the world is coming to an end. Next thing you know, she’ll be president.

  • Grace

    why are ppl making such a big deal about those pics? yes i do understand she is a rolemodel and the pics werent the best idea but EVERYONE makes mistakes….i consider my mom and a bunch of other people my rolemodels but they will all be the first persons to tell you that they have made mistakes….and just because they made mistakes DOES NOT mean they are bad rolemodels or are bad people…people make mistakes and thats just the fact of life….it doesnt matter how many times pictures have been leaked of miley because it doesnt always take you one try to learn something….so basically im saying that you people need to stop and think about what you are saying before you say something so negative because whether you have taken pictures like that or not is not the thing…the thing is you have made mistakes and people have forgivin you so you need to be nice and remember that everyone makes mistakes even if they are celebs and just because you are a celebrity doesnt make you any less prone to making mistakes….but yea i think this book will be pretty cool….and i wish miley the best of luck in her career!!

  • jen

    HAHAH this makes me laugh wat kinda hillbilly would right a book its prolly all gomna be abotu her picgs and crap

    and then prolly shows some pictures of thoose nasty picutres of here

    what kinda role model is that she is def the next britteny but atleast britney rebled at 20 and over not freakign 15!!!


  • wtf?

    My ass.

    Like she seriously deserves to have a biography about herself when she’s got every fucking thing in the world already. Whenever I go to Walmart it’s like attack of the Miley clones! What has she done that was good to this country and to the minds of children? Yeah, she was on Idol Gives Back but wtf? She was acting like a total slut.

    I seriously wish that 16 year old boy on the plane would have killed her.