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Shakira's Campaign for Education

Shakira's Campaign for Education

Shakira speaks as an honorary chairperson for the “Global Campaign For Education” at the Capital in Washington D.C. on Tuesday.

The Colombian singer, 31, shared her experience growing up in the developing world where parents are desperate to provide education for their children.

“Education can really save lives”, said Shakira. She also mentioned that according to her sources, 226 million teenagers can’t attend secondary school due to violence or being forced to work.

10+ pictures of Shakira campaigning for education…

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Photos: Carrie Devorah / WENN
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32 Responses to “Shakira's Campaign for Education”

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  1. 1
    *hotgurl* Says:

    woooooow she is beautiful in these pics……… IM FIRST? YEAAAAAA

  2. 2
    WOOW Says:


  3. 3
    UGH typo! Says:

    Shakira is ColOmbian!- with AN O, NOT A U!

  4. 4
    LetsMusic Says:

    She’s great!!! I’m colombian 2 so i’m proud of her..

  5. 5
    alice Says:

    she is sexy and charming. BTW, is it wrong for a handsome young man to have the relationship with an older woman?? Obviously, it is a world-shaking relationship on the Internet like Most blogs and news are focusing and discussing on this kind of relationship. How do you think of such a thing?

  6. 6
    Renee Says:

    It is always nice to see celebrities use their fame for good. Providing quality education for children so they can lead the lives they are meant to live is up to us. Children are the future of our world and if we don’t help them, how can we expect them to shape a hopeful and positive future. Shakira’s actions as an honorary chairperson will help provide awareness and hopefully prompt people to take action in helping our youth.

  7. 7
    robusto Says:

    Sister Mary is the new damn Perez!

  8. 8
    Casey Says:

    Beautiful and sexy young woman….

  9. 9
    layl Says:

    she is so HAAWWWT

  10. 10
    lllexx Says:

    colombian pride, shakira u make us proud.

  11. 11
    lllexx Says:

    colombian pride, shakira u make us proud.

  12. 12
    lllexx Says:

    colombian pride, shakira u make us proud.

  13. 13
    lylian Says:

    The global campaign for education is a great platform for pushing for education of the masses. Good on shakira for working with them. Gene Sperling is the chairman. Angelina Jolie’s work on behalf of education for the refugee children are also using GCE to assist.

  14. 14
    Amy Says:

    That’s FAY GAN speaking in the picture with shakira! she’s with me in Global Citizen Corps! Support Education: End Poverty.

  15. 15
    Ralu Says:

    she’s so beautiful ….

  16. 16
    jesse Says:


  17. 17
    rien Says:

    I am listening to Josh Groban for the moment. Can somebody help me, please, anybody who speaks spanish. What is the meaning of
    “Si volvieras a mi?” I would be very thankful if somebody can translate the whole text for me. His voice drives me crazy. I cried without knowing what he said. I know, it is pathetic. (wailing…)

  18. 18
    rien Says:

    Oh, I forgot. Here is the text (snob):

    Como sobrevivir?
    Como calmar mi sed?
    Como seguir sin ti?
    Como saltar sin red?

    Con ese adios tan salvaje y cruel
    Me desojaste la piel
    La enternidad en final se quedo
    Y un desierto es mi corazon…

    Ay si volvieras a mi
    Encenderia el sol mil primaveras
    Si regresaras por mi
    Seria un milagro cada beso que me dieras
    Pero hoy te vas
    Y no hay vuelta atras

    Que habra despues de ti?
    as que estas lagrimas
    Si hasta la Huvia en el jardin
    Toca musica sin fin
    sombria y tragica

    Hoy de rodillas le pido a dios
    Que por el bien de los dos
    Algo en tu pecho se quiebre al oir
    A este loco que se muere de amor…

    I have to wail now…uaaaaaa!
    I do not understand a single word, and I can stop crying.

  19. 19
    remember da truth Says:

    jesse learn to spell. Your lack of education means you should be paying attention to what Shakira is doing!

    I love Shakira! She is an amazing talent, writes poetry, plays music as well as sings, and has always been involved in her community. That is why she is with an intelligent man who is also doing something for HIS country.

  20. 20
    NYchica Says:

    I love Shakira! She’s always standing up for a good cause. Education is important! love her.

  21. 21
    zac fan Says:

    Shakira Rocks !!!!!!!!!!

  22. 22
    Kx3 Mommy Says:

    Shakira is a beautiful and amazing woman…she’s a celeb with a heart. She founded la Fundacion de los Pies Descalzados. <3 Shakira

    Si volvieras a mi means if you came back/ returned to me. I’m not a native speaker so feel free to correct me with my translation if I translate incorrectly. No soy una hablanta nativa…pueden corregirme si mi traduccion no esta en lo cierto.

    How to survive?
    How to soothe my thirst?
    How to continue without you?
    How to jump without a net?

    With that savage and cruel good bye
    (desojar..I don’t recognize that word) my skin
    The end of eternity remained
    and my heart is a desert.

    Oh if you returned to me
    The sun would light a thousand springs.
    If you returned to me
    every kiss that you gave me would be a miracle.
    But today you leave
    and there’s no turning back.

    What will there be after you?
    (“as” is not a Spanish word) these tears.
    Until the rain in the garden
    plays somber and tragic music without end.

    Today on my knees I ask God
    that for the good of both of us
    That something in your breast (heart) breaks upon hearing
    this crazy person who is dying of love.

    Hope this helps! It’s hard to translate between languages and still have the same effect, but at least you can now have a better understanding of what he’s saying.

  23. 23
    es Says:

    lol i just left jesse a little comment in the britney spears article. the kid cant spell! Shakira is amazing

  24. 24
    MovieWatcher Says:

    I like the way she carries herself

  25. 25
    Kami Says:

    im colombian 2. my whole entire family loves Shakira including myself:)

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