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American Idol 7 -- Who Got Kicked Off?

American Idol 7 -- Who Got Kicked Off?

Click inside to find out which contestant got kicked off of tonight’s American Idol

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The other person in the bottom two: Syesha Mercado


Andrew Llyod Weber Group Song – “All I Ask of You” (Watch here)

Andrew Lloyd Weber talks about the Idols (Watch here)

– “Tainted Love” Ford commercial (Watch here)

Leona Lewis performs “Bleeding Love” (Watch here)

– It’s between Brooke White and Syesha Mercado (Watch here)

Carly Smithson gets the boot (Watch here)

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  • anna♥

    i kinda liked her,

    i love david archuleta though, he’s my fave by faar<3

  • sarah

    WOW, i thought she was really good.

  • insider

    fixed,,,,,should have been BROOK

  • Risa

    At least David didn’t get out. <3

  • gabby

    are you freakin serious???


  • Connie



  • Kim

    awww, i wanted that seisha to leave!!!! She has got to go next week!

  • ella

    Darn. I think Jason needs to go away

  • ana

    I agree, it should have been Brooke. Carly is a lot better than her.

  • me

    this is cruel!
    Jason shoulda been eliminated, his performance last night was horrendous.

  • elise

    i am really surprised. her performance was my favorite last night.

  • Jae

    i don’t usually follow AI but I watched last night, this girl kicked ass…how do you stop in the middle of your song having to start over and still manage to stay on the show? Blondie has got to go…

    this is part of the problem with allowing the general public to vote, they don’t know what the hell they’re doing…the blonde probably has some huge hometown voting for her getting her through whether she’s talented or not.

  • crazie4ever

    at least jason and David A are safe…
    sad Idol, very sad.

  • Sarah

    Are you kidding me?!?! she was the most talented girl on the show!!!

  • Tanda


  • Kate

    Why hasn’t Brooke gone home yet?
    Carly is much better and she has this thing that Brooke lacks, it’s called a personality.

  • KAsia

    i’m a brooke fan but i thought she should have went home

  • J

    jason sooo should have gone home or syesha

  • Megan

    even though i don’t watch it…
    but still

  • lex

    Carly did so good last night. I voted for her a few times. Syesha and Jason are my favorites. It should’ve been Brooke. She’s done bad the last couple weeks.

  • Kim

    why r u people hating on Brooke??…is it b/c she made 1 small mistake, leave her alone!!! It should of been Syesha who should leave…we do not need another fantasia to be the next idol.

  • anonymous

    Brooke may have started over but once she did she was much better than Jason Castro for the evenng. I never really got attached to Carly. Her husband with his entire face tattooed kind of weirds me out for an American Idol representative. Then of course Carly has the whole arm tat and that is one of the many. We only see that one.

    She has a nice voice though nothing unusual for the radio though.

  • Desiree

    It should have been Brooke..

  • 345


  • babysis

    i’m ok with her getting kicked off, she wasn’t ever that good but i though it would be brooke but i think people felt sorry for her her.

  • Laura

    She wasn’t my favorite, but she is really good !
    I can’t believe she’s out ! Brooke or Syesha should have gone home !
    It’s not fair.
    well, at least it wasn’t David Cook !


    he rocks !

  • http://msn lips, tits ass OH WTF.

    I’M SO MAD. Why the F U C K was Brooke not in the bottom 2?.And why the hell is she not gone tonight?

  • anonymous

    I think that Jason is the one who should have gone home this week not Carly .

  • Whitney

    The show is no longer about talent – it is about popularity – Brooke White is and has been awful…..she should go by default for sucking.

  • Amanda

    Dancing With The Stars is better.

  • Anna Chung

    whoa…that is not cool.
    cuz i would have thought it was her and the davids in the end….
    that’s just not right…

  • anonymous

    jason should be next to go home….:) david archuleta is SO gay! but he has talent.

  • joeysgirl

    poor girl…anyway someone gotta go and definitily David Cook must be the winner!! he’s the best of the season!!

    David Cook rocks!!!

  • Cieex3

    yeah but like simon said, she at least showed some humanity.
    no ones perfect. someones gotta mess up sometimes.
    David A did, he forgot the lyrics half way in the song.
    people still love him.

  • Grace

    i dont like AI this season

  • deegee

    Noway…. I like carly… she’s good. brooke the one should out. what’s wrong with American idol.

    Poor Carly.

    Hope it’s not gonna happen to David Cook… my Cookiee … keep rockin’

  • wow

    Brooke should have been the one to go. How many times is she going to restart songs on national television? You don’t do that when you are performing live on tv. In concerts, maybe. She keeps forgetting lyrics WTF? Carly was lively. she’ll be ok.

  • Travis

    I think it’s definitely a popularity contest which is strange since you would think Syesha would have the black vote yet she remains to be in the bottom groups each time. But whatever. I think Carly will go somewhere and now that she’s off I’m rooting for David Cook.

  • Jasonfan37

    Thank god Jason is safe!! Just because he has a bad performance one week doesn’t mean he should go home. It wasn’t his genre so off course he didn’t do as well. But Syesha and Brooke have been in the bottom 3 for the past couple of weeks because they haven’t been consistently good. They should have gone home.

    Jason for the win!!!! :)

  • Kailey

    i was actually glad that she went home. she was annoying to me. i couldn’t STAND looking at her tattoos every week. i don’t know. i just didn’t like her. i just hope David Archuleta should win! he’s the best one.

  • lily

    Jason is so adorable and cute! He has such a great personality and he’s so talented especially when he sings with his guitar. He’ll be a great acoustic artist even if he doesn’t win AI.

    Vote Jason!!

  • nina

    Are you serious?
    I mean c’mon.
    Did people see Brooke’s performance last night?
    I mean wow, she should have totally went home.
    Ugh, Carly was the best chick left.

  • marianne

    omg. wow. she’s like an awesome singer.

  • Keria

    “Her husband with his entire face tattooed kind of weirds me out for an American Idol representative. Then of course Carly has the whole arm tat and that is one of the many. We only see that one”

    how can you judge someone based on that? that’s soo rude and ignorant. Just because someone has tattoo’s doesn’t make them a bad “idol”. No one seems to mention the fact that David A’s father is with a new woman every week… Pretty sure Carly was one of the sweetest ones on there. She is extremely talented. Yup. She’s going to do well anyway.

  • Susan

    Awwww man….I’m still watching this. No fair Jared. You ruined it for me. lol

  • Kayla

    I met David Archuleta before!!!

  • victoria.

    this sucks. Brooke should have went home. She has the least talent in all of them. how did she get this damn far?! i hope she goes home next week.

  • idk

    this show is bullshit. david castro and jason archuletta need to leave.

  • mark

    is andrew loyd webber gay? he seems so much more feminine now. i guess sarah brightman broke his heart and he went the wrong way. notice how ryan kept TOUCHING him?? hmmmmmm..

  • merysun

    Carly has much talent … I Think she deserves TO BE albeit in the final. Since Argentina has my support

    sorry my English is very bad