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Ashlee Simpson is in Bikini Shape

Ashlee Simpson is in Bikini Shape

Ashlee Simpson is red hot on the June 2008 cover of Shape.

“I never thought I’d be on the cover of a magazine in a bikini,” the 23-year-old singer tells the mag. “I try to listen to what my body craves. Sometime it tells me to eat more fruit, but sometimes it tells me to eat Skittles!”

When asked how she says in such great shape, Ashlee said, “Exercising makes me feel stronger and sexier. It just makes my whole day better. I have more energy to perform, my head is clearer—which helps me write my lyrics—and I sleep better. What more can you ask for? …I love it when my arms are toned, so we use weights to target them—and we do lunges to give my small butt more shape.”

Added the future Mrs. Pete Wentz, “Engaged life is fantastic. We are having a blast and are definitely thrilled.”

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  • Lillianne

    What did they do to her face? Photoshop is supposed to make you look better not worse.

    I don’t even think those are her eyeballs.

  • Just c

    They seem to have photoshopped her into Kristin Davis!

  • KAsia

    i didnt think she was in that great shape
    [no offense intended] lmao
    she looks good though

    second i think

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    boooooo! you cant even see the pu̇sse-bulge

    uh, on a positive note – she’s better looking than chessica.

  • sarah

    well i guess she’s not preggers?

  • michelle

    I liked the old Ashlee back when she had her MTV show but she’s still cool.

  • sweetie pie

    she actually looks…
    call me crazy.

  • realgirl

    that body is SO not hers. Wonder who it is though…and BTW, she is absolutely pregnant.

  • danielle

    She’s really annoying and looks ugly on this cover.

  • Vicki

    no way thats her. ill be praying for her at And for Pete Wentz too.

  • smurf528

    magazine shoots are almost always done a couple months earlier than when they’re gonna be put on news stands…so she could possibly be pregnant

  • Susan

    #2…I thought the exact same thing. Kristin Davis to a T.

  • truvy

    Who is that person on the magazine? It sure as hell isn’t A**hole Simpson. Looks like they took her and Ashley Tisdale and mixed the two together.

  • eleyse

    um… i never took her to be one to work out and to me, this cover’s a joke as well as an insult if SHAPE thinks they can fool the public into thinking she works out. they totally photoshopped her body to make her look toned and shapely. I’m pretty sure she has a list of obsessive eating limitations too. (not to imply she has an eating disorder) And I’m pretty sure with that list as a diet, she couldn’t last 30 minutes on a treadmill.

    Sorry, I don’t respect her, as you may be able to tell.

  • Maru

    Beautiful Ash!! Simplemante beautiful!

  • drey

    what happened to her face, head?? looks like they transposed her whole head on a body… looks so weird.

  • Val

    Smells like photoshop…

  • sarah

    Wow that is NOT Ashlee’s body.
    A lot of celebrities are airbrushed when they are on the covers of magazines.
    Yep it is photoshop.

  • Vshizzle

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………..who cares about her?????

  • urgh

    Wow, now that Transvestica no longer rakes in the dough Papa Joe is pulling the EXACT play by play media stunts to promote Asshole. Go away Simpsons, we all hate you!!!!!

  • Nicole

    She’s sooo annoying! I wish she would go away! She has no talent, she’s not pretty, why is she famous? I wish the entertainment industry would give some of these other girls, that have a talent, a chance!

  • jade

    That doesn’t look like Ashlee to me. I liked the way she use to look.
    She didn’t like her nose,the way it was and had to go and get plastic surgery done. Now she looks just like any blonde celebrity, nothing different. She looked better before!

  • legs

    i love the red bathing suit. lol

  • Bo

    You mean this is the best photo shop job they can do. What a joke on this ugly monkey. All of papa ho’s are ugly with no talent.

  • Ann

    I guess her cd is not selling so they are trying more stunts. I guess the Simpson are hard up for money.

  • http://justjared nina

    I like Ashlee.But i don’t like her wearing bikini…espicially red one.Tengok bodoh giller siut!!(Malay word 4 It looks stupid on her).But don’t worry,I still like her…wearing normal outfit.

  • Marta

    Shape covers are always very photoshoped.

  • intel

    WOW…P-H-O-T-O-S-H-O-P! That is so NOT Asslee Simpson.

  • eddie jones

    let’s not forget what airbrushing and plastic surgery also does.

  • Helena

    Photoshopped cĂșnt.


    she looks way pretty and not prego lol


  • arah

    she totaly copied!!!!!! hilary duff@ dude!
    she totaly trying to get more attenchin@!!!
    wtf… she looks like she;s being forced to smile….

  • arah

    ok… and like seriously she has noo… talent… really..
    she sucks… hell at singing… why does she want to a singer..
    and like okay i get it some of her songs are good and catchy.. but reallly…hear her really sing… and i MEAN SING… (AS IN GOOD SINGER, UMMM NOO DONT THINK SO..) no wonder she got boood in the football place.. thing

  • Gina

    Does anyone know who is the designer of that bathing suit?? I love it!

  • tess

    you guys are stupid. she looks hot because she worked hard for a hot body. it’s her body. just because she’s pregnant now doesn’t mean she was showing at the time of the photo shoot. i think we would all kill for that flat stomach! i think she’s absolutely gorgeous!

  • tess

    p.s.- i love her new song.