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Britney Spears Banks on a Comeback

Britney Spears Banks on a Comeback

Britney Spears heads to East West Bank in Beverly Hills on Tuesday in an interesting pairing of cowboy boots and floral print dress.

The pop princess, 26, is hoping that her next appearance on How I Met Your Mother will help her to get back into the good graces of the public.

10+ pictures of Britney Spears banking on a comeback…

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britney banks on comeback 01
britney banks on comeback 02
britney banks on comeback 03
britney banks on comeback 04
britney banks on comeback 05
britney banks on comeback 06
britney banks on comeback 07
britney banks on comeback 08
britney banks on comeback 09
britney banks on comeback 10
britney banks on comeback 11
britney banks on comeback 12
britney banks on comeback 13

Photos: Michael Wright/WENN
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  • acki

    yeah go girl….

  • acki

    yeah go girl

  • lol


  • beth

    I hope Britney’s house gets burned to the ground with her inside it. That would be sweet

  • wow

    go britney, she can definitely make a comeback! she already has a great album in her hands, she only needs to do the promotion like she did with her previous albums and put out great music videos; like back in the day. and it was supposed to debut at #1 back when it was released, but she was robbed, it still upsets me. because if they would have let her album go to number one, she would have ended a bad year of negative made-up press…ahhh, but there is a word called karma, and it will be on her side…

  • wow

    go britney, she can definitely make a comeback! she already has a great album in her hands, she only needs to do the promotion like she did with her previous albums, and put great music videos; like back in the day. and besides that album, blackout was supposed to debut at number one, but she was robbed at the very last minute…ahhh it still upsets me, but there is a word called karma, and it will be on her side.

  • wow

    oops, sorry for posting twice…


    gr8 work britney!! add me on youtube guys i have gr8 vids!!!

  • jesse


  • O.M.G.





  • lily green


  • Tracy

    What’s in that bottle the old guy has? Is that a spit-cup? A CLEAR spit-cup? That is so nasty I don’t even know where to begin. White trash.

  • http://msn penny

    Luv Herr!

  • haman

    Britney looks so good lately and she’s doing much better!
    it’s good to see her so well!! all of the best. we love you Brit and your album is AMAZING!!! xoxoxo

  • haman

    LUV her too

  • right

    i don’t care for britney but i think it’s great she’s getting her life back on track. i only wish her the best

  • wtf

    Jared… Stop calling her princess or I’ll throw up!

    Ooops… Too late.

  • Elle

    She’s Looking well. I hope everything works out for.
    And I do hope that the paps start to leave her alone. I know since she’s a celeb they will always be there, hopefully not as much.

  • Sherisher

    Florals are pretty hot right now. If that outfirt was on a different person, we wouldn’t think twice about it.


    Why do she put weave in her hair then put it up like she can’t stand hair hanging down? Why don’t she take the tracks out and wear her natural hair and keep it trimmed short????????
    I like Britney but she is another one that I think should move overseas and stay there a few years if she is not going to get her boys back. To bad she is hook up with a loser thats going to give her trouble about money untill the boys turn 18. It’s sad but K-fed needs to get a job and to support his own lazy butt. His concern over those kids really is about money.

  • Sadie

    K-crap is white trash. you don’t even see him carrying his own kids always the nanny and bodyguards. I believe he stay drunk in bed all the time. He don’t get the ripping that Britney gets.

    I like Britney and think she is really trying so hard to get her life back on track. The courts should order drug and alcohol testing on him I bet that jerk would fail.

  • LT

    Burn the boots!!!!!!!

  • http://none=phaha Jessica

    I think that she looks awesome, I’m so glad her parents stepped in to actually be parents and got her back on the right track. I can’t wait for another comeback. Love you Brit!

  • michelle

    Ugh she needs to stop. She is so annoying and she is horrible!

  • celebaddict

    It looks like Britney has removed her engagement/wedding rings and swapped them for a flower ring?
    I always wondered why she still wore her wedding bands?
    She looks good, much healthier and happier, good for her.

  • MovieWatcher

    work seems to be good for her but I think her casting is more of a gimmick to get viewers

  • Vilma

    Why can’t she lose the extra baby weight?
    It can’t be that hard!!!

  • exposh

    fat fat fat

  • http://none es

    Jesse honey why are you calling her trailer trash. You didnt even spell it right! It’s T-R-A-I-L-E-R. Get it right sweetheart :) Britney is going through a rough time, but she’s trying. Give her some credit for the positive things she does! If yall hate her so much, then dont bother reading these stories about her!

  • the_boyfriend

    She’s looking really good lately. I love her.

  • Casey

    Keep up the good work, Britney! She certainly loves her “good luck” boots!

  • montana mike

    people keep saying the only reason kevin wants the kids is for the money–well britney has all the money in the world, and has done nothing towards getting things right with the boys. you keep saying that she is making a comeback and will be #1 again–when the boys grow up and find out their mother cared more about her career than about them-that #1 crap won’t mean anything

  • madam

    being britney the way she is, every time i see her wearing cowboy boots, i imagine how dirty it must be inside them

  • baby girl

    brit is a but

  • baby girl

    she a loser and she is but for shaving her hair

  • Maddyboy

    She needs to go away already.

  • baby girl

    why does she have kids if she cant handle them what a bitch

  • baby girl

    why does she have kids if she cant handle them what a bitch

  • meangirls

    IS good to see her getting her life back on track but her looks can nvr make a comeback . Too fat.

  • lame

    #33-39…what a bunch of haters, if you don’t like her, why are you even commenting in this post…

  • Jennifer

    People need to leave Britney alone. She’s getting her life back on track, is looking much better, and she’s spending time with her boys. When do we ever see Kevin with his boys? Because he doesn’t want paps around? Too late for that… he married Britney. He should be used to it. As for her being fat… she looks really good when wearing tight tanktops and workout pants. Seen her recent gym pics? This shirt just makes her look fat because it’s long and flowy in the stomach. It doesn’t mean she’s pregnant or fat.

  • Holly

    who really cares if she is fat..seriously its her body not anybody elses..whats wrong with having a bit of fat on your body..she has had 2 kids btw..and all of yous that are saying she was a bad mother to her do we really know..all the pap shows us is the bad days of the celebs, and its not as though they actually know what they are talking about when they write their stupid articles..they only want to make money they dont care if they lie and make up stuff about the celebs..Britney has had a hard year i think its great that she is making a comeback and i think she is doing awesome!! well done Brit..Just give her a break..who are u too judge i bet you guys arent perfect and have been forgiven for mistakes..forgive her for her mistakes and give it a rest..

  • Brit !

    Hi Guys. I wanna thank all my supporters, yes I know I have disappointed a lot of you but I cant help that. Everybody makes mistakes and unfortunately I am not perfect and I make mistakes too. As for you people who are commenting on my weight, seriously who are you to judge that. It is my body after all and I do not have to please you with how I look. I would rather be happy in myself.
    Thanks guys.
    xo Brit !!

  • Rosielips

    She needs to spend more time being a mom to those beautiful.. Just stay out of lime light. She already have the fame and money. No need to to back…its ok to go away now.

  • Rosielips

    we love u Britney….but its time for you to be a real mom to those kids. They need you more than your fans needs you. I’m just praying that the money is not more important than your family well being.