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Carrie Underwood is InStyle

Carrie Underwood is InStyle

American Idol champ Carrie Underwood is the May 2008 cover girl for InStyle.

“My personal style changes day to day,” Carrie says of her revolutionary change in style. “But at the end of the day, I love sweats. I do enough glamming up for awards show and whatnot. So I can wear sweats whenever I want and it kind of evens itself out.”

Carrie adds, “I don’t think about awards shows until the day they’re there. I try not to stress about them too far in advance. That day, it’s just all about looking pretty. So I sit back and let everyone do all the work.”

She also lists Charlize Theron, Katherine Heigl and Reese Witherspoon as some of her fashion icons.

Check out the video of Carrie‘s cover shoot with Instyle here. Pick up the issue on newsstands today!

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  • james


  • ashla

    So beautiful.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    positive comment – nice forehead.

  • Jared

    Geez that’s just gross, could the InStyle cover be more shitty?

  • Kimmy

    She is so beautiful and so real!
    I love her:)

    PLEASE POST some more Jonas Brothers stuff Jared:)

  • Lelani

    So pretty!! I love her 8)

  • chelsey

    Beautiful! Shes got good style.

  • Just The Dirt

    I don’t like country music, but I would pretent to like it for her.

    Sexy Celebrities

  • james

    beautiful & stupid like all blondes grl

  • james


  • mediterranean

    Plastic fantastic. its like a barbie!


    She’s soooo beautiful!!! Love her!!! <3333

  • Beth

    I recently heard a first hand account, from someone who worked with her, of what an absolute bitch this girl is.

  • M*tt

    I love me an airbrushed woman

  • flutters

    She’s gorgeous! I love the white dress. I like the interview too. Thanks for posting Jared!

  • hello

    shes so pretty, to me she looks like a spears


    carrie underwood has NO STYLE. for style to “change day to day” is impossible. style is something that stays the same everysingle day no matter what differetn sort of clothing you are sporting. In some sort of way if you have real style it will always be there in everything you wear, or even do, or say.

    She does not have that. Im a pretty big fan of her music, but she has no personality.

  • tabitha

    Charlize Theron does have the best style in hollywood. She’s my style icon too. Although I don’t get to go to red carpets so I couldn’t wear what she wears. lol.

  • Anais

    I love her! <33
    She’s soooo pretty!

  • lila

    Carrie is an amazing live performer – SO much better than I expected.

  • kimberly

    james – beautiful? yes. stupid? NO! wayy far from it j a c k a s s! shes one of the smartest blondes youll ever know.

    m*tt- airbrush? thats all natural. natural breauty!!

    hello – no offense to the spears’…but carrie is way prettier than any of the spears.

    i just picked of the issue yesterday! i love it. the instyle photoshoots are incredible!! the interview was awesome to read!! they couldve picked any better person to be on the cover. it’ll raise there sells for sure!


    I’m SORRY but I’m sick of hearing about her she is soooo sold on herself, I don’t think she is that great, she just thinks she is the best of the best and she is sooooo NOT!!!!! ( get a real life carrie )!!!!

  • Jason1

    Geez that’s just gross, could the InStyle cover be more ******?some mention a news on a site, caters to successful and rich women seeking handsome and charming men. there are a lot of charming men joining in the site to find their real love.

  • lucy

    omg shes in a couple magazines she was in womans world and this one. go carrie

  • bataglio

    always looks so sad under all that plastic…

  • anonymous

    Wow…InStyle’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel by putting this fake, pastic country hick on the cover. She’s got about as much style as a cardboard cutout, and as much personality as well. Put a real style icon on the cover, please…not this fake product of the PR machine.

  • mark miller

    I have listened before to all of her songs and most are great and clean and sends a good message. Although at my church alot of the congregation are asking me if Carrie is a “Christian” and I tell them yes as far as I know and from what I have read. Now if she truly is, then she should be ashamed of some of the songs that she has sung and or wrote, either way she sings them and they are played dozens of times on the radio. The first song she should be very ashamed about is: ( Before He Cheats-) it sends the wrong message to everyone to go and smash up your ex-boyfriends car if he cheats on you and it has been reported by various Police Departments that there have been some teenage idiots male and female that have already done this just because they heard this song and look up to Carrie. Now it is very wrong to cheat and commit adultry, but you move on and thats it, the old saying is true what comes around goes around…. The next song is:( Last Name-) what is she thinking singing a very sexually immoral song such as this, it just promotes having “drunken one night stands” and then going to Las Vegas to get Married and not because of love, but because of drunken stupidity. CARRIE, YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER THAN THIS!! You obviously do not care about your faith in “Christ” but you should at least care enough about the young girls who look up to you as a role model, but it’s clear you don’t……Get yourself right with “The Lord” before it’s to late for you to do so…. I am going to post this on many different message boards until she denounces those songs publicly in a statement………

  • Marko

    I wonder why InStyle put Carrie on the cover? She has no style… She is just another blonde chick. InStyle should have chosen Charlize Theron – she looks 1000 times better and has more style than Carrie.

  • RAY

    I don’t think Carrie’s “Last Name” video is sexual. Even though she tries to act sexual in the video, it doesn’t work. In fact, the video was well below my expectations of how I thought it would be. The video looked too innocent to be considered going out for “a one night stand getting wasted”. I am fed up with all the Before He Cheats crap anyway! It’s been, what at least 2 years since that song came out! Stop linking almost every song on Carnival Ride to Before He Cheats, Carrie! You’ve had your spot in the limelight for that song! Put that song and its video behind you now, geez!! Still though, it’s too bad that all of the fame went to Ms. Underwood’s head. She DOES think she is the best and she thinks every one of her singles will chart to #1 or close. Have each one of her singles done that so far? YES. Will she have some bad singles down the road? Probably. Every musical artist runs into some bumps, and they can’t be completely successful! Her so-called (now ex) boyfriend, Chace Crawford. She broke up with him OVER A TEXT! GIVE ME A BREAK!!

  • Penelope

    Mark Miller, guess what? I AM SICK OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU THAT TRY TO MAKE ANYONE WHO DOES ANYTHING THE SLIGHTEST BIT “BAD” SOUND LIKE THE DEVIL. Religion is not everything. I am sick of people that push it on everything. Get over yourself.